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web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

bytes sanitize (self, bytes attr_value)
str display (self, vidx, links)
str display (self, vidx, links)
- Public Member Functions inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax
def __init__ (self, app, Optional[str] dn, SubSchema schema, Optional[str] attrType, Optional[bytes] attr_value, entry=None)
def dn (self)
def av_u (self)
bytes sanitize (self, bytes attr_value)
List[bytes] transmute (self, List[bytes] attr_values)
def validate (self, bytes attr_value)
str value_button (self, command, row, mode, link_text=None)
str form_value (self)
def input_fields (self)
web_forms.Field input_field (self)
str display (self, vidx, links)

Static Public Attributes

 pattern = re.compile(input_pattern)
tuple hash_algorithms = ('md5', 'sha1', 'sha256', 'sha512')
string fileExt = 'pub'
dictionary min_key_size
- Static Public Attributes inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.DirectoryString
string html_tmpl = '{av}'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax

Private Member Functions

def _extract_pk_params (self, attr_value)
bool _validate (self, bytes attr_value)
def _display_lines (self, vidx, links, pk_type, pk_comment, pk_bin, pk_fingerprints)

Static Private Member Functions

def _strip_padding (b64_val)
def _get_key_size (pk_type, pk_bin)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file opensshlpk.py.

Member Function Documentation

◆ _display_lines()

◆ _extract_pk_params()

◆ _get_key_size()

def web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey._get_key_size (   pk_type,

◆ _strip_padding()

def web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey._strip_padding (   b64_val)

◆ _validate()

bool web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey._validate (   self,
bytes  attr_value 

◆ display()

◆ sanitize()

bytes web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey.sanitize (   self,
bytes  attr_value 
Transforms the HTML form input field values into LDAP string
representations and returns raw binary string.

This is the inverse of LDAPSyntax.form_value().

When using this method one MUST NOT assume that the whole entry is

Reimplemented from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax.

Definition at line 44 of file opensshlpk.py.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fileExt

string web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey.fileExt = 'pub'

Definition at line 37 of file opensshlpk.py.

◆ hash_algorithms

tuple web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey.hash_algorithms = ('md5', 'sha1', 'sha256', 'sha512')

◆ min_key_size

dictionary web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey.min_key_size
Initial value:
= {
'ssh-rsa': 2048,
'ssh-dss': 2048,

Definition at line 39 of file opensshlpk.py.

Referenced by web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey._validate().

◆ pattern

web2ldap.app.plugins.opensshlpk.SshPublicKey.pattern = re.compile(input_pattern)

Definition at line 34 of file opensshlpk.py.

Referenced by web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax.validate().

◆ str


Definition at line 27 of file opensshlpk.py.

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