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web2ldap.app.plugins.aedir.AEStatus Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

List[bytes] transmute (self, List[bytes] attr_values)
str display (self, vidx, links)
- Public Member Functions inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.SelectList
Dict[str, strget_attr_value_dict (self)
str display (self, vidx, links)
web_forms.Field input_field (self)
str display (self, vidx, links)
- Public Member Functions inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax
def __init__ (self, app, Optional[str] dn, SubSchema schema, Optional[str] attrType, Optional[bytes] attr_value, entry=None)
def dn (self)
def av_u (self)
bytes sanitize (self, bytes attr_value)
List[bytes] transmute (self, List[bytes] attr_values)
def validate (self, bytes attr_value)
str value_button (self, command, row, mode, link_text=None)
str form_value (self)
def input_fields (self)
web_forms.Field input_field (self)
str display (self, vidx, links)
- Public Member Functions inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.Integer
def __init__ (self, app, str dn, schema, str attrType, bytes attr_value, entry=None)
bytes sanitize (self, bytes attr_value)
web_forms.Field input_field (self)

Static Public Attributes

- Static Public Attributes inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.SelectList
- Static Public Attributes inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.DirectoryString
string html_tmpl = '{av}'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax
- Static Public Attributes inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.Integer
 min_value = None
 max_value = None
- Static Public Attributes inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.IA5String

Private Member Functions

bool _validate (self, bytes attr_value)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.Integer

Detailed Description

Plugin for attribute 'aeStatus' in all aeObject entries

Definition at line 2308 of file aedir.py.

Member Function Documentation

◆ _validate()

bool web2ldap.app.plugins.aedir.AEStatus._validate (   self,
bytes  attr_value 
check the syntax of attr_value

Implementors can overload this method to apply arbitrary syntax checks.

Reimplemented from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.Integer.

Definition at line 2321 of file aedir.py.

References web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax._entry, and web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.Integer.int.

Referenced by web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.Image.sanitize(), and web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax.validate().

◆ display()

str web2ldap.app.plugins.aedir.AEStatus.display (   self,

Reimplemented from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.SelectList.

Definition at line 2384 of file aedir.py.

◆ transmute()

List[bytes] web2ldap.app.plugins.aedir.AEStatus.transmute (   self,
List[bytes]  attr_values 
This method can be implemented to transmute attribute values and has
to handle LDAP string representations (raw binary strings).

This method has access to the whole entry after processing all input.

Implementors should be prepared that this method could be called
more than once. If there's nothing to change then simply return the
same value list.

Exceptions KeyError or IndexError are caught by the calling code to
re-iterate invoking this method.

Reimplemented from web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax.

Definition at line 2350 of file aedir.py.

References web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.LDAPSyntax._entry, web2ldap.app.schema.syntaxes.Integer.int, and web2ldap.app.plugins.aedir.AEStatus.str.

Member Data Documentation

◆ str


Definition at line 2312 of file aedir.py.

Referenced by web2ldap.app.plugins.aedir.AEStatus.transmute().

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