wcalc  2.5
About: Wcalc is a natural-expression command-line calculator.
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output.h File Reference
#include "variables.h"
#include "list.h"
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void display_prefs (void)
void show_answer (char *err, int uncertain, char *answer)
void display_output_format (int format)
void display_status (const char *format,...)
void display_err (const char *format,...)
void display_interactive_help (void)
void display_command_help (void)
void display_val (const char *name)
void display_var (variable_t *v, unsigned count, unsigned digits)
void display_expvar_explanation (const char *str, const char *exp, List subvars, const char *desc)
void display_valvar_explanation (const char *str, mpfr_t *val, const char *desc)
void display_explanation (const char *exp,...)
void display_stateline (const char *buf)
void display_consts (void)

Function Documentation

◆ display_command_help()

void display_command_help ( void  )

Definition at line 68 of file help.c.


Referenced by main().

◆ display_consts()

void display_consts ( void  )

Definition at line 1665 of file main.c.

References consts, name_with_exp::explanation, and name_with_exp::names.

Referenced by explain().

◆ display_err()

void display_err ( const char *  format,

◆ display_explanation()

void display_explanation ( const char *  exp,

Definition at line 1644 of file main.c.

References colors, EXPLANATION, standard_output, uiselect, and UNCOLOR.

Referenced by explain(), explain_command(), and scan_exps().

◆ display_expvar_explanation()

void display_expvar_explanation ( const char *  str,
const char *  exp,
List  subvars,
const char *  desc 

◆ display_interactive_help()

void display_interactive_help ( void  )

Definition at line 21 of file help.c.


Referenced by yyparse().

◆ display_output_format()

void display_output_format ( int  format)

Definition at line 1518 of file main.c.

References BINARY_FORMAT, DECIMAL_FORMAT, display_status(), HEXADECIMAL_FORMAT, OCTAL_FORMAT, and standard_output.

Referenced by yyparse().

◆ display_prefs()

◆ display_stateline()

void display_stateline ( const char *  buf)

Definition at line 1659 of file main.c.

Referenced by loadStateFD().

◆ display_status()

void display_status ( const char *  format,

Definition at line 1503 of file main.c.

References colors, standard_output, STATUS, uiselect, and UNCOLOR.

Referenced by display_output_format(), and yyparse().

◆ display_val()

void display_val ( const char *  name)

◆ display_valvar_explanation()

void display_valvar_explanation ( const char *  str,
mpfr_t *  val,
const char *  desc 

◆ display_var()

void display_var ( variable_t v,
unsigned  count,
unsigned  digits 

◆ show_answer()

void show_answer ( char *  err,
int  uncertain,
char *  answer