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zzobfuscated.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <zzip/zzip.h>
#include <zzip/plugin.h>
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#define O_BINARY   0
#define _MSC_VER_NULL
#define argn   2


static zzip_ssize_t our_read (int fd, void *buf, zzip_size_t len)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])


static zzip_plugin_io_handlers our_handlers = { }
static const char *const our_fileext [] = { ".dat", ".sav", 0 }
static const char usage []

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#define _MSC_VER_NULL

Definition at line 31 of file zzobfuscated.c.

◆ argn

#define argn   2


#define O_BINARY   0

Definition at line 18 of file zzobfuscated.c.

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◆ main()

◆ our_read()

static zzip_ssize_t our_read ( int  fd,
void buf,
zzip_size_t  len 

Definition at line 39 of file zzobfuscated.c.

References buf, bytes, i, len, and read.

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Variable Documentation

◆ our_fileext

const char* const our_fileext[] = { ".dat", ".sav", 0 }

Definition at line 51 of file zzobfuscated.c.

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◆ our_handlers

zzip_plugin_io_handlers our_handlers = { }

Definition at line 50 of file zzobfuscated.c.

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◆ usage

const char usage[] ( void  )
Initial value:
" zzobfuscated <file> [in-zip filename]\n"
" - Demonstrates the use of installable file I/O handlers.\n"
" Copies <file> to \"obfuscated[.dat]\" while \"encrypting\" it by xor'ing\n"
" every byte with 0x55, installs file I/O handlers, and then uses the\n"
" zzip_open_ext_io function to read and print the file to stdout.\n"
" The file can be a normal file or an inflated part of a zip-archive,\n"
" to get 'README' from test.zip you may write \n"
" zzobfuscated test.zip README \n"

Definition at line 54 of file zzobfuscated.c.

Referenced by main().