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varargs.h File Reference
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#define va_dcl   unsigned va_alist;
#define va_start(pvar)   ((pvar) = (char *)&va_alist)
#define va_arg(pvar, type)   (((pvar)+=sizeof(type)),*(((type *)(pvar)) - 1))
#define va_end(pvar)   /* va_end is simple */


typedef char * va_list

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ va_arg

#define va_arg (   pvar,
)    (((pvar)+=sizeof(type)),*(((type *)(pvar)) - 1))

Definition at line 35 of file varargs.h.

◆ va_dcl

#define va_dcl   unsigned va_alist;

Definition at line 16 of file varargs.h.

◆ va_end

#define va_end (   pvar)    /* va_end is simple */

Definition at line 38 of file varargs.h.

◆ va_start

#define va_start (   pvar)    ((pvar) = (char *)&va_alist)

Definition at line 30 of file varargs.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ va_list

typedef char* va_list

Definition at line 22 of file varargs.h.