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preamble.h File Reference
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#define FORMAT_ARTICLE   1
#define FORMAT_REPORT   2
#define FORMAT_BOOK   3
#define FORMAT_SLIDES   4
#define FORMAT_LETTER   5
#define TITLE_TITLE   1
#define TITLE_AUTHOR   2
#define TITLE_DATE   3
#define CFOOT   1
#define LFOOT   2
#define RFOOT   3
#define LHEAD   4
#define CHEAD   5
#define RHEAD   6
#define RIGHT_SIDE   347
#define BOTH_SIDES   348
#define LEFT_SIDE   349


void CmdDocumentStyle (int code)
void CmdUsepackage (int code)
void CmdTitle (int code)
void CmdMakeTitle (int code)
void CmdPreambleBeginEnd (int code)
void PlainPagestyle (void)
void CmdPagestyle (int code)
void CmdHeader (int code)
void RtfHeader (int where, char *what)
void CmdHyphenation (int code)
void WriteRtfHeader (void)
void CmdHeadFoot (int code)
void CmdThePage (int code)
void setPackageInputenc (char *option)
void setPackageBabel (char *option)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define BOTH_SIDES   348

Definition at line 20 of file preamble.h.


#define CFOOT   1

Definition at line 12 of file preamble.h.


#define CHEAD   5

Definition at line 16 of file preamble.h.


#define FORMAT_ARTICLE   1

Definition at line 1 of file preamble.h.


#define FORMAT_BOOK   3

Definition at line 3 of file preamble.h.


#define FORMAT_LETTER   5

Definition at line 5 of file preamble.h.


#define FORMAT_REPORT   2

Definition at line 2 of file preamble.h.


#define FORMAT_SLIDES   4

Definition at line 4 of file preamble.h.


#define LEFT_SIDE   349

Definition at line 21 of file preamble.h.


#define LFOOT   2

Definition at line 13 of file preamble.h.


#define LHEAD   4

Definition at line 15 of file preamble.h.


#define RFOOT   3

Definition at line 14 of file preamble.h.


#define RHEAD   6

Definition at line 17 of file preamble.h.


#define RIGHT_SIDE   347

Definition at line 19 of file preamble.h.


#define TITLE_AUTHOR   2

Definition at line 8 of file preamble.h.


#define TITLE_DATE   3

Definition at line 9 of file preamble.h.


#define TITLE_TITLE   1

Definition at line 7 of file preamble.h.



Definition at line 10 of file preamble.h.

Function Documentation

◆ CmdDocumentStyle()

void CmdDocumentStyle ( int  code)

purpose: parse \documentstyle[options]{format} or \documentclass[options]{format}

Definition at line 464 of file preamble.c.

References diagnostics(), format, FORMAT_ARTICLE, FORMAT_BOOK, FORMAT_LETTER, FORMAT_REPORT, FORMAT_SLIDES, fprintf, free, g_document_type, getBraceParam(), getBracketParam(), options, setDocumentOptions(), strcmp(), and strdup_noblanks().

◆ CmdHeader()

void CmdHeader ( int  code)

purpose: converts the \markboth and \markright Command in Header information parameter: code: BOTH_SIDES, RIGHT_SIDE

globals : twoside,

Definition at line 735 of file preamble.c.

◆ CmdHeadFoot()

void CmdHeadFoot ( int  code)

purpose: performs \cfoot, \lfoot, \rfoot, \chead, \lhead, \rhead commands (fancyhdr) adapted from code by Taupin in ltx2rtf

Definition at line 986 of file preamble.c.

References CFOOT, CHEAD, diagnostics(), free, g_preambleCFOOT, g_preambleCHEAD, g_preambleLFOOT, g_preambleLHEAD, g_preambleRFOOT, g_preambleRHEAD, g_processing_preamble, getBraceParam(), getBracketParam(), LFOOT, LHEAD, NULL, RFOOT, RHEAD, and WriteHeadFoot().

◆ CmdHyphenation()

void CmdHyphenation ( int  code)

purpose: discard all hyphenation hints since they really only make sense when used with TeX's hyphenation algorithms

Definition at line 797 of file preamble.c.

References free, and getBraceParam().

◆ CmdMakeTitle()

void CmdMakeTitle ( int  code)

purpose: Creates a title page based on saved values for author, title, and date

Definition at line 615 of file preamble.c.

References alignment, CENTERED, CmdEndParagraph(), ConvertString(), CurrentFontSize(), FALSE, fprintRTF(), g_preambleAuthor, g_preambleDate, g_preambleTitle, g_preambleTitlepage, JUSTIFIED, NULL, PopTrackLineNumber(), PushTrackLineNumber(), snprintf, and strcmp().

◆ CmdPagestyle()

void CmdPagestyle ( int  code)

LEG030598 purpose: sets page numbering in rtf-output parameter:

globals : headings set to TRUE if the pagenumber is to go into the header pagenumbering set to TRUE if pagenumbering is to occur- default

Produces latex-like headers and footers. Needs to be terminated for:

  • headings chapter, section informations and page numbering
  • myheadings page nunmbering, combined with markboth, markright.

Definition at line 696 of file preamble.c.

◆ CmdPreambleBeginEnd()

void CmdPreambleBeginEnd ( int  code)

purpose: catch missed \begin{document} command

Definition at line 655 of file preamble.c.

References CallParamFunc(), diagnostics(), ERROR, free, getBraceParam(), ON, and strcmp().

◆ CmdThePage()

void CmdThePage ( int  code)

purpose: handles \thepage in headers and footers

Definition at line 753 of file preamble.c.

References diagnostics(), and fprintRTF().

◆ CmdTitle()

void CmdTitle ( int  code)

purpose: saves title, author or date information

Definition at line 587 of file preamble.c.

References g_preambleAuthor, g_preambleDate, g_preambleTitle, g_preambleTitlepage, getBraceParam(), TITLE_AUTHOR, TITLE_DATE, TITLE_TITLE, TITLE_TITLEPAGE, TRUE, and UpdateLineNumber().

◆ CmdUsepackage()

◆ PlainPagestyle()

void PlainPagestyle ( void  )

LEG030598 purpose: sets centered page numbering at bottom in rtf-output

globals : pagenumbering set to TRUE if pagenumbering is to occur, default

Definition at line 670 of file preamble.c.

References DefaultFontFamily(), fc-lang::fn, fprintRTF(), g_preambleTwoside, pagenumbering, and TRUE.

Referenced by CmdPagestyle().

◆ RtfHeader()

void RtfHeader ( int  where,
char *  what 

purpose: generates the header command in the rtf-output parameter: where: RIGHT_SIDE, LEFT_SIDE -handed page, BOTH_SIDES what: NULL - Convert from LaTeX input, else put "what" into rtf output

Definition at line 764 of file preamble.c.

References BOTH_SIDES, Convert(), diagnostics(), ERROR, fc-lang::fn, fprintRTF(), LEFT_SIDE, NULL, RIGHT_SIDE, TexFontNumber(), and gen-indic-table::what.

Referenced by CmdHeader().

◆ setPackageBabel()

◆ setPackageInputenc()

void setPackageInputenc ( char *  option)

◆ WriteRtfHeader()

void WriteRtfHeader ( void  )

purpose: writes header info for the RTF file

\rtf1 <charset> \deff? <fonttbl> <filetbl>? <colortbl>? <stylesheet>? <listtables>? <revtbl>?

Definition at line 1066 of file preamble.c.

References DefaultFontFamily(), diagnostics(), family, fprintRTF(), WriteColorTable(), WriteFontHeader(), WriteHeadFoot(), WriteInfo(), WritePageSize(), and WriteStyleHeader().

Referenced by ConvertWholeDocument().