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t1part.h File Reference
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "protos.h"
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#define DVIPS
#define psfopen(A, B)   search(headerpath,A,B)
#define OPEN_READ_BINARY   "r"
#define UniRealloc   realloc
#define UniFree   free
#define NUM_LABEL   1024
#define BASE_MEM   16384
#define ADD_MEM   16384
#define FLG_LOAD_BASE   (1)


typedef unsigned char ub1
typedef unsigned long int ub4
typedef unsigned char typetemp


FILEsearch ()


char * headerpath
unsigned char grid []
unsigned char * line
unsigned char * tmpline
int loadbase
struct CharFirstCharB

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#define ADD_MEM   16384

Definition at line 91 of file t1part.h.


#define BASE_MEM   16384

Definition at line 90 of file t1part.h.



Definition at line 70 of file t1part.h.


#define DVIPS

Definition at line 21 of file t1part.h.


#define FLG_LOAD_BASE   (1)

Definition at line 93 of file t1part.h.


#define NUM_LABEL   1024

Definition at line 89 of file t1part.h.


#define OPEN_READ_BINARY   "r"

Definition at line 53 of file t1part.h.

◆ psfopen

#define psfopen (   A,
)    search(headerpath,A,B)

Definition at line 42 of file t1part.h.

◆ UniFree

#define UniFree   free

Definition at line 83 of file t1part.h.

◆ UniRealloc

#define UniRealloc   realloc

Definition at line 82 of file t1part.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ typetemp

typedef unsigned char typetemp

Definition at line 69 of file t1part.h.

◆ ub1

typedef unsigned char ub1

Definition at line 61 of file t1part.h.

◆ ub4

typedef unsigned long int ub4

Definition at line 62 of file t1part.h.

Function Documentation

◆ search()

FILE* search ( )

Definition at line 65 of file strsrch.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ FirstCharB

struct Char* FirstCharB

Definition at line 61 of file t1part.c.

Referenced by CheckChoosing(), ClearB(), dopsfont(), FontPart(), and LoadVector().

◆ grid

unsigned char grid[]

Definition at line 186 of file t1part.c.

Referenced by CheckChoosing(), ChooseVect(), CorrectGrid(), and LoadVector().

◆ headerpath

char* headerpath

Definition at line 181 of file dvips.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ line

unsigned char* line

Definition at line 29 of file process_score.c.

◆ loadbase

int loadbase

Definition at line 198 of file t1part.c.

Referenced by dopsfont(), and FontPart().

◆ tmpline

unsigned char * tmpline

Definition at line 96 of file t1part.h.