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mrb_parser_state Struct Reference

#include <compile.h>

Collaboration diagram for mrb_parser_state:

Public Attributes

struct mrb_poolpool
const char * s
const char * send
mrb_sym filename_sym
uint16_t lineno
int column
enum mrb_lex_state_enum lstate
unsigned int cond_stack
unsigned int cmdarg_stack
int paren_nest
int lpar_beg
int in_def
int in_single
mrb_bool cmd_start:1
char * tokbuf
char buf [256]
int tidx
int tsiz
size_t nerr
size_t nwarn
mrb_bool no_optimize:1
mrb_bool capture_errors:1
const struct RProcupper
struct mrb_parser_message error_buffer [10]
struct mrb_parser_message warn_buffer [10]
uint16_t filename_table_length
uint16_t current_filename_index
struct mrb_jmpbufjmp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 116 of file compile.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ all_heredocs

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::all_heredocs

Definition at line 147 of file compile.h.

◆ buf

char mrb_parser_state::buf[256]

Definition at line 143 of file compile.h.

◆ capture_errors

mrb_bool mrb_parser_state::capture_errors

Definition at line 159 of file compile.h.

◆ cells

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::cells

Definition at line 119 of file compile.h.

◆ cmd_start

mrb_bool mrb_parser_state::cmd_start

Definition at line 138 of file compile.h.

◆ cmdarg_stack

unsigned int mrb_parser_state::cmdarg_stack

Definition at line 134 of file compile.h.

◆ column

int mrb_parser_state::column

Definition at line 128 of file compile.h.

◆ cond_stack

unsigned int mrb_parser_state::cond_stack

Definition at line 133 of file compile.h.

◆ current_filename_index

uint16_t mrb_parser_state::current_filename_index

Definition at line 166 of file compile.h.

◆ cxt

mrbc_context* mrb_parser_state::cxt

Definition at line 125 of file compile.h.

Referenced by decl_lv_underscore(), and main().

◆ error_buffer

struct mrb_parser_message mrb_parser_state::error_buffer[10]

Definition at line 160 of file compile.h.

◆ f

FILE* mrb_parser_state::f ( void  )

◆ filename_sym

mrb_sym mrb_parser_state::filename_sym

Definition at line 126 of file compile.h.

◆ filename_table

mrb_sym* mrb_parser_state::filename_table

Definition at line 164 of file compile.h.

◆ filename_table_length

uint16_t mrb_parser_state::filename_table_length

Definition at line 165 of file compile.h.

◆ heredocs_from_nextline

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::heredocs_from_nextline

Definition at line 148 of file compile.h.

◆ in_def

int mrb_parser_state::in_def

Definition at line 137 of file compile.h.

◆ in_single

int mrb_parser_state::in_single

Definition at line 137 of file compile.h.

◆ jmp

struct mrb_jmpbuf* mrb_parser_state::jmp

Definition at line 168 of file compile.h.

◆ lex_strterm

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::lex_strterm

Definition at line 131 of file compile.h.

◆ lex_strterm_before_heredoc

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::lex_strterm_before_heredoc

Definition at line 150 of file compile.h.

◆ lineno

uint16_t mrb_parser_state::lineno

Definition at line 127 of file compile.h.

◆ locals

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::locals

Definition at line 139 of file compile.h.

◆ lpar_beg

int mrb_parser_state::lpar_beg

Definition at line 136 of file compile.h.

◆ lstate

enum mrb_lex_state_enum mrb_parser_state::lstate

Definition at line 128 of file compile.h.

◆ mrb

mrb_state* mrb_parser_state::mrb

◆ nerr

size_t mrb_parser_state::nerr

Definition at line 154 of file compile.h.

◆ no_optimize

mrb_bool mrb_parser_state::no_optimize

Definition at line 158 of file compile.h.

◆ nvars

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::nvars

Definition at line 169 of file compile.h.

◆ nwarn

size_t mrb_parser_state::nwarn

Definition at line 155 of file compile.h.

◆ paren_nest

int mrb_parser_state::paren_nest

Definition at line 135 of file compile.h.

◆ parsing_heredoc

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::parsing_heredoc

Definition at line 149 of file compile.h.

◆ pb

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::pb

Definition at line 141 of file compile.h.

◆ pool

struct mrb_pool* mrb_parser_state::pool

Definition at line 118 of file compile.h.

◆ s

const char* mrb_parser_state::s

Definition at line 120 of file compile.h.

◆ send

const char * mrb_parser_state::send

Definition at line 120 of file compile.h.

◆ tidx

int mrb_parser_state::tidx

Definition at line 144 of file compile.h.

◆ tokbuf

char* mrb_parser_state::tokbuf

Definition at line 142 of file compile.h.

◆ tree

mrb_ast_node* mrb_parser_state::tree

Definition at line 156 of file compile.h.

◆ tsiz

int mrb_parser_state::tsiz

Definition at line 145 of file compile.h.

◆ upper

const struct RProc* mrb_parser_state::upper

Definition at line 160 of file compile.h.

◆ warn_buffer

struct mrb_parser_message mrb_parser_state::warn_buffer[10]

Definition at line 160 of file compile.h.

◆ ylval

void* mrb_parser_state::ylval

Definition at line 152 of file compile.h.

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