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graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader Struct Reference

#include <TtfTypes.h>

Public Attributes

fixed version
fword ascent
fword descent
fword line_gap
ufword advance_width_max
fword min_left_side_bearing
fword max_left_side_bearing
fword x_max_element
int16 caret_slope_rise
int16 caret_slope_run
fword caret_offset
int16 reserved [4]
int16 metric_data_format
uint16 num_long_hor_metrics

Detailed Description

Definition at line 231 of file TtfTypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ advance_width_max

ufword graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::advance_width_max

Definition at line 237 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ ascent

fword graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::ascent

Definition at line 234 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ caret_offset

fword graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::caret_offset

Definition at line 243 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ caret_slope_rise

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::caret_slope_rise

Definition at line 241 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ caret_slope_run

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::caret_slope_run

Definition at line 242 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ descent

fword graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::descent

Definition at line 235 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ line_gap

fword graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::line_gap

Definition at line 236 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ max_left_side_bearing

fword graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::max_left_side_bearing

Definition at line 239 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ metric_data_format

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::metric_data_format

Definition at line 245 of file TtfTypes.h.

Referenced by graphite2::TtfUtil::CheckTable().

◆ min_left_side_bearing

fword graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::min_left_side_bearing

Definition at line 238 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ num_long_hor_metrics

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::num_long_hor_metrics

Definition at line 246 of file TtfTypes.h.

Referenced by graphite2::TtfUtil::HorMetrics().

◆ reserved

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::reserved

Definition at line 244 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ version

fixed graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::version

Definition at line 233 of file TtfTypes.h.

Referenced by graphite2::TtfUtil::CheckTable().

◆ x_max_element

fword graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::HorizontalHeader::x_max_element

Definition at line 240 of file TtfTypes.h.

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