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graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0 Struct Reference

#include <TtfTypes.h>

Inheritance diagram for graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0:

Public Types

enum  {
  Italic =0x01 , Underscore =0x02 , Negative =0x04 , Outlined =0x08 ,
  StrikeOut =0x10 , Bold =0x20
enum  {
  Italic =0x01 , Underscore =0x02 , Negative =0x04 , Outlined =0x08 ,
  StrikeOut =0x10 , Bold =0x20

Public Attributes

uint16 version
int16 x_avg_char_width
uint16 weight_class
uint16 width_class
int16 fs_type
int16 y_subscript_x_size
int16 y_subscript_y_size
int16 y_subscript_x_offset
int16 y_subscript_y_offset
int16 y_superscript_x_size
int16 y_superscript_y_size
int16 y_superscript_x_offset
int16 y_superscript_y_offset
int16 y_strikeout_size
int16 y_strikeout_position
int16 family_class
Panose panose
uint32 unicode_range [4]
int8 ach_vend_id [4]
uint16 fs_selection
uint16 fs_first_char_index
uint16 fs_last_char_index
uint16 typo_ascender
uint16 typo_descender
uint16 type_linegap
uint16 win_ascent
uint16 win_descent

Detailed Description

Definition at line 271 of file TtfTypes.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 301 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 301 of file TtfTypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ach_vend_id

int8 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::ach_vend_id

Definition at line 291 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ family_class

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::family_class

Definition at line 288 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ fs_first_char_index

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::fs_first_char_index

Definition at line 293 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ fs_last_char_index

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::fs_last_char_index

Definition at line 294 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ fs_selection

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::fs_selection

Definition at line 292 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ fs_type

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::fs_type

Definition at line 277 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ panose

Panose graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::panose

Definition at line 289 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ type_linegap

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::type_linegap

Definition at line 297 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ typo_ascender

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::typo_ascender

Definition at line 295 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ typo_descender

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::typo_descender

Definition at line 296 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ unicode_range

uint32 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::unicode_range

Definition at line 290 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ version

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::version

Definition at line 273 of file TtfTypes.h.

Referenced by graphite2::TtfUtil::CheckTable().

◆ weight_class

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::weight_class

Definition at line 275 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ width_class

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::width_class

Definition at line 276 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ win_ascent

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::win_ascent

Definition at line 298 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ win_descent

uint16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::win_descent

Definition at line 299 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ x_avg_char_width

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::x_avg_char_width

Definition at line 274 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_strikeout_position

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_strikeout_position

Definition at line 287 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_strikeout_size

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_strikeout_size

Definition at line 286 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_subscript_x_offset

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_subscript_x_offset

Definition at line 280 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_subscript_x_size

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_subscript_x_size

Definition at line 278 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_subscript_y_offset

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_subscript_y_offset

Definition at line 281 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_subscript_y_size

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_subscript_y_size

Definition at line 279 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_superscript_x_offset

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_superscript_x_offset

Definition at line 284 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_superscript_x_size

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_superscript_x_size

Definition at line 282 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_superscript_y_offset

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_superscript_y_offset

Definition at line 285 of file TtfTypes.h.

◆ y_superscript_y_size

int16 graphite2::TtfUtil::Sfnt::Compatibility0::y_superscript_y_size

Definition at line 283 of file TtfTypes.h.

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