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TT_FaceRec_ Struct Reference

#include <tttypes.h>

Collaboration diagram for TT_FaceRec_:

Public Attributes

FT_FaceRec root
TTC_HeaderRec ttc_header
FT_ULong format_tag
FT_UShort num_tables
TT_Table dir_tables
TT_Header header
TT_HoriHeader horizontal
TT_MaxProfile max_profile
FT_Bool vertical_info
TT_VertHeader vertical
FT_UShort num_names
TT_NameTableRec name_table
TT_OS2 os2
TT_Postscript postscript
FT_ULong cmap_size
TT_Loader_GotoTableFunc goto_table
TT_Loader_StartGlyphFunc access_glyph_frame
TT_Loader_EndGlyphFunc forget_glyph_frame
TT_Loader_ReadGlyphFunc read_glyph_header
TT_Loader_ReadGlyphFunc read_simple_glyph
TT_Loader_ReadGlyphFunc read_composite_glyph
TT_GaspRec gasp
TT_PCLT pclt
FT_ULong num_sbit_scales
TT_SBit_Scale sbit_scales
TT_Post_NamesRec postscript_names
FT_Palette_Data palette_data
FT_UShort palette_index
FT_Bool have_foreground_color
FT_Color foreground_color
FT_ULong font_program_size
FT_ULong cvt_program_size
FT_ULong cvt_size
FT_Int32 * cvt
TT_Interpreter interpreter
FT_Generic extra
const char * postscript_name
FT_ULong glyf_len
FT_ULong glyf_offset
FT_Bool is_cff2
FT_ULong horz_metrics_size
FT_ULong vert_metrics_size
FT_ULong num_locations
FT_ULong hdmx_table_size
FT_UInt hdmx_record_count
FT_ULong hdmx_record_size
FT_ULong sbit_table_size
TT_SbitTableType sbit_table_type
FT_UInt sbit_num_strikes
FT_ULong kern_table_size
FT_UInt num_kern_tables
FT_UInt32 kern_avail_bits
FT_UInt32 kern_order_bits
FT_ULong horz_metrics_offset
FT_ULong vert_metrics_offset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1462 of file tttypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ access_glyph_frame

TT_Loader_StartGlyphFunc TT_FaceRec_::access_glyph_frame

Definition at line 1491 of file tttypes.h.

◆ cmap_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::cmap_size

Definition at line 1487 of file tttypes.h.

◆ cmap_table

FT_Byte * TT_FaceRec_::cmap_table

Definition at line 1486 of file tttypes.h.

◆ colr

void * TT_FaceRec_::colr

Definition at line 1645 of file tttypes.h.

◆ cpal

void * TT_FaceRec_::cpal

Definition at line 1644 of file tttypes.h.

◆ cvt

FT_Int32 * TT_FaceRec_::cvt

Definition at line 1562 of file tttypes.h.

◆ cvt_program

FT_Byte * TT_FaceRec_::cvt_program

Definition at line 1558 of file tttypes.h.

◆ cvt_program_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::cvt_program_size

Definition at line 1557 of file tttypes.h.

Referenced by FT_Load_Glyph().

◆ cvt_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::cvt_size

Definition at line 1561 of file tttypes.h.

◆ dir_tables

TT_Table TT_FaceRec_::dir_tables

Definition at line 1470 of file tttypes.h.

◆ extra

FT_Generic TT_FaceRec_::extra

Other tables or fields. This is used by derivative formats like OpenType.

Definition at line 1576 of file tttypes.h.

Referenced by cff_decoder_prepare().

◆ font_program

FT_Byte * TT_FaceRec_::font_program

Definition at line 1554 of file tttypes.h.

◆ font_program_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::font_program_size

TrueType-specific fields (ignored by the CFF driver)

Definition at line 1553 of file tttypes.h.

Referenced by FT_Load_Glyph().

◆ foreground_color

FT_Color TT_FaceRec_::foreground_color

Definition at line 1543 of file tttypes.h.

◆ forget_glyph_frame

TT_Loader_EndGlyphFunc TT_FaceRec_::forget_glyph_frame

Definition at line 1492 of file tttypes.h.

◆ format_tag

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::format_tag

Definition at line 1468 of file tttypes.h.

◆ gasp

TT_GaspRec TT_FaceRec_::gasp

Optional TrueType/OpenType tables

Definition at line 1526 of file tttypes.h.

Referenced by FT_Get_Gasp().

◆ glyf_len

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::glyf_len

Definition at line 1580 of file tttypes.h.

◆ glyf_offset

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::glyf_offset

Definition at line 1581 of file tttypes.h.

◆ glyph_locations

FT_Byte * TT_FaceRec_::glyph_locations

Definition at line 1602 of file tttypes.h.

◆ goto_table

TT_Loader_GotoTableFunc TT_FaceRec_::goto_table

Definition at line 1489 of file tttypes.h.

◆ have_foreground_color

FT_Bool TT_FaceRec_::have_foreground_color

Definition at line 1542 of file tttypes.h.

◆ hdmx_record_count

FT_UInt TT_FaceRec_::hdmx_record_count

Definition at line 1606 of file tttypes.h.

◆ hdmx_record_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::hdmx_record_size

Definition at line 1607 of file tttypes.h.

◆ hdmx_record_sizes

FT_Byte * TT_FaceRec_::hdmx_record_sizes

Definition at line 1608 of file tttypes.h.

◆ hdmx_table

FT_Byte * TT_FaceRec_::hdmx_table

Definition at line 1604 of file tttypes.h.

◆ hdmx_table_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::hdmx_table_size

Definition at line 1605 of file tttypes.h.

◆ header

◆ horizontal

TT_HoriHeader TT_FaceRec_::horizontal

Definition at line 1473 of file tttypes.h.

Referenced by cff_get_advances().

◆ horz_metrics_offset

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::horz_metrics_offset

Definition at line 1627 of file tttypes.h.

◆ horz_metrics_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::horz_metrics_size

Definition at line 1598 of file tttypes.h.

◆ interpreter

TT_Interpreter TT_FaceRec_::interpreter

Definition at line 1566 of file tttypes.h.

◆ is_cff2

FT_Bool TT_FaceRec_::is_cff2

Definition at line 1583 of file tttypes.h.

◆ kern_avail_bits

FT_UInt32 TT_FaceRec_::kern_avail_bits

Definition at line 1619 of file tttypes.h.

◆ kern_order_bits

FT_UInt32 TT_FaceRec_::kern_order_bits

Definition at line 1620 of file tttypes.h.

◆ kern_table

FT_Byte * TT_FaceRec_::kern_table

Definition at line 1616 of file tttypes.h.

◆ kern_table_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::kern_table_size

Definition at line 1617 of file tttypes.h.

◆ max_profile

TT_MaxProfile TT_FaceRec_::max_profile

Definition at line 1475 of file tttypes.h.

Referenced by FT_Load_Glyph(), and TT_Process_Composite_Glyph().

◆ name_table

TT_NameTableRec TT_FaceRec_::name_table

Definition at line 1481 of file tttypes.h.

◆ num_kern_tables

FT_UInt TT_FaceRec_::num_kern_tables

Definition at line 1618 of file tttypes.h.

◆ num_locations

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::num_locations

Definition at line 1601 of file tttypes.h.

Referenced by FT_Load_Glyph().

◆ num_names

FT_UShort TT_FaceRec_::num_names

Definition at line 1480 of file tttypes.h.

◆ num_sbit_scales

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::num_sbit_scales

Definition at line 1532 of file tttypes.h.

◆ num_tables

FT_UShort TT_FaceRec_::num_tables

Definition at line 1469 of file tttypes.h.

◆ os2

TT_OS2 TT_FaceRec_::os2

Definition at line 1483 of file tttypes.h.

◆ palette

FT_Color * TT_FaceRec_::palette

Definition at line 1541 of file tttypes.h.

◆ palette_data

FT_Palette_Data TT_FaceRec_::palette_data

Definition at line 1539 of file tttypes.h.

◆ palette_index

FT_UShort TT_FaceRec_::palette_index

Definition at line 1540 of file tttypes.h.

◆ pclt

TT_PCLT TT_FaceRec_::pclt

Definition at line 1529 of file tttypes.h.

◆ postscript

TT_Postscript TT_FaceRec_::postscript

Definition at line 1484 of file tttypes.h.

◆ postscript_name

const char * TT_FaceRec_::postscript_name

Definition at line 1578 of file tttypes.h.

◆ postscript_names

TT_Post_NamesRec TT_FaceRec_::postscript_names

Definition at line 1536 of file tttypes.h.

◆ psaux

void * TT_FaceRec_::psaux

Definition at line 1516 of file tttypes.h.

◆ psnames

void * TT_FaceRec_::psnames

Definition at line 1503 of file tttypes.h.

◆ read_composite_glyph

TT_Loader_ReadGlyphFunc TT_FaceRec_::read_composite_glyph

Definition at line 1495 of file tttypes.h.

◆ read_glyph_header

TT_Loader_ReadGlyphFunc TT_FaceRec_::read_glyph_header

Definition at line 1493 of file tttypes.h.

◆ read_simple_glyph

TT_Loader_ReadGlyphFunc TT_FaceRec_::read_simple_glyph

Definition at line 1494 of file tttypes.h.

◆ root

FT_FaceRec TT_FaceRec_::root

Definition at line 1464 of file tttypes.h.

Referenced by tt_loader_done(), and TT_Process_Simple_Glyph().

◆ sbit_num_strikes

FT_UInt TT_FaceRec_::sbit_num_strikes

Definition at line 1613 of file tttypes.h.

◆ sbit_scales

TT_SBit_Scale TT_FaceRec_::sbit_scales

Definition at line 1533 of file tttypes.h.

◆ sbit_strike_map

FT_UInt * TT_FaceRec_::sbit_strike_map

Definition at line 1614 of file tttypes.h.

◆ sbit_table

FT_Byte * TT_FaceRec_::sbit_table

Definition at line 1610 of file tttypes.h.

◆ sbit_table_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::sbit_table_size

Definition at line 1611 of file tttypes.h.

◆ sbit_table_type

TT_SbitTableType TT_FaceRec_::sbit_table_type

Definition at line 1612 of file tttypes.h.

◆ sfnt

void * TT_FaceRec_::sfnt

◆ ttc_header

TTC_HeaderRec TT_FaceRec_::ttc_header

Definition at line 1466 of file tttypes.h.

◆ vert_metrics_offset

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::vert_metrics_offset

Definition at line 1628 of file tttypes.h.

◆ vert_metrics_size

FT_ULong TT_FaceRec_::vert_metrics_size

Definition at line 1599 of file tttypes.h.

◆ vertical

TT_VertHeader TT_FaceRec_::vertical

Definition at line 1478 of file tttypes.h.

◆ vertical_info

FT_Bool TT_FaceRec_::vertical_info

Definition at line 1477 of file tttypes.h.

Referenced by cff_get_advances().

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