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sh6.c File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <setjmp.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "sh.h"
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#define str(s)   # s
#define xstr(s)   str(s)


void PrintVersionNumber (FILE *fp)


static char * Copy_Right1 = "%s %s SH Version 2.3 (%s) - %s (OS %d.%d)\n"
char * LIT_OSname = "MS-DOS"
static char * Copy_Right2 = "(16-Bit)"
static char * Copy_Right3 = "Copyright (c) Data Logic Ltd and Charles Forsyth 1990, 94\n"
int BaseOS
char ** ParameterArray = (char **)NULL
int ParameterCount = 0
int ExitStatus
bool ExpansionErrorDetected
bool InteractiveFlag = ((bool)0)
bool ProcessingEXECCommand
bool UseConsoleBuffer = ((bool)0)
int AllowMultipleLines
int Current_Event = 0
bool ChangeInitLoad = ((bool)0)
unsigned int ShellGlobalFlags = 0
int MaxNumberofFDs = 20
int DisabledVariables = 0
int StartCursorPosition = -1
int Swap_Mode = 0x0004 | 0x0001
bool RestrictedShellFlag = ((bool)0)
bool HistoryEnabled = ((bool)0)
voidFunctionTree = (void *)NULL
FunctionListCurrentFunction = (FunctionList *)NULL
voidAliasTree = (void *)NULL
int NSave_IO_E = 0
int MSave_IO_E = 0
int NSubShells = 0
int MSubShells = 0
int LastNumberBase = -1
int InterruptTrapPending
int Execute_stack_depth
voidVariableTree = (void *)NULL
char * LastUserPrompt
char * LastUserPrompt1
char IFS [] = "IFS"
char PS1 [] = "PS1"
char PS2 [] = "PS2"
char PS3 [] = "PS3"
char PS4 [] = "PS4"
char PathLiteral [] = "PATH"
char CDPathLiteral [] = "CDPATH"
char CurrentDirLiteral [] = "."
char ParentDirLiteral [] = ".."
char PathExtsLiteral [] = "PATHEXTS"
char HomeVariableName [] = "HOME"
char ShellVariableName [] = "SHELL"
char HistoryFileVariable [] = "HISTFILE"
char HistorySizeVariable [] = "HISTSIZE"
char * ComspecVariable = "COMSPEC"
char * ParameterCountVariable = "#"
char * ShellOptionsVariable = "-"
char StatusVariable [] = "?"
char SecondsVariable [] = "SECONDS"
char RandomVariable [] = "RANDOM"
char LineCountVariable [] = "LINENO"
char * RootDirectory = "x:/"
char * OldPWDVariable = "OLDPWD"
char * PWDVariable = "PWD"
char * ENVVariable = "ENV"
char BATExtension [] = ".bat"
char CMDExtension [] = ".cmd"
char VBSExtension [] = ".vbs"
char JSExtension [] = ".js"
char SHELLExtension [] = ".sh"
char KSHELLExtension [] = ".ksh"
char SUBExtension [] = ".sub"
char LGExtension [] = ".lg"
char EXEExtension [] = ".exe"
char COMExtension [] = ".com"
char COFFExtension [] = ""
char * NotFound = "not found"
char * BasicErrorMessage = "%s: %s"
char * DirectorySeparator = "/"
char LastWordVariable [] = "_"
char OptArgVariable [] = "OPTARG"
char OptIndVariable [] = "OPTIND"
char MailCheckVariable [] = "MAILCHECK"
char FCEditVariable [] = "FCEDIT"
char EditorVariable [] = "EDITOR"
char VisualVariable [] = "VISUAL"
char Trap_DEBUG [] = "~DEBUG"
char Trap_ERR [] = "~ERR"
char LIT_dos [] = "DOS"
char * LIT_NewLine = "\n"
char * LIT_BadID = "bad identifier"
char LIT_export [] = "export"
char LIT_exit [] = "exit"
char LIT_exec [] = "exec"
char LIT_done [] = "done"
char LIT_history [] = "history"
char LIT_REPLY [] = "REPLY"
char LIT_LINES [] = "LINES"
char * ListVarFormat = "%s=%s\n"
char * Outofmemory1 = "Out of memory"
char * LIT_Emsg = "%s: %s (%s)"
char * LIT_2Strings = "%s %s"
char * LIT_3Strings = "%s %s%s"
char * LIT_SyntaxError = "Syntax error"
char * LIT_BadArray = "%s: bad array value"
char * LIT_ArrayRange = "%s: subscript out of range"
char * LIT_BNumber = "[%d]"
char * LIT_Invalidfunction = "Invalid function name"
char * LIT_IsReadonly = "is read-only"
char LIT_Test [] = "[["
int MaximumColumns = 80
int MaximumLines = 25
char * sOpenReadMode = "rt"
char * sOpenWriteMode = "wt"
char * sOpenAppendMode = "wt+"
char * sOpenWriteBinaryMode = "wb"
char CurrentLexIdentifier [64+1]
YYSTYPE yylval
int yynerrs
ExeMode ExecProcessingMode
unsigned char CharTypes [255+1]
int OptionIndex = 1
int OptionStart
char * OptionArgument
char * DeviceNameHeader = "/dev/"
int MemoryAreaLevel
long flags = 0L
char null [] = ""
char ConsoleLineBuffer [524288+1]
ShellFileEnvironment e

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ str

#define str (   s)    # s

Definition at line 399 of file sh6.c.

◆ xstr

#define xstr (   s)    str(s)

Definition at line 400 of file sh6.c.

Function Documentation

◆ PrintVersionNumber()

void PrintVersionNumber ( FILE fp)

Definition at line 406 of file sh6.c.

References __DATE__, _osmajor, _osminor, Copy_Right1, Copy_Right2, Copy_Right3, fp, fprintf, fputs, LIT_OSname, name, OS_VERS_N, V2, and xstr.

Referenced by dover(), and main().

Variable Documentation

◆ AliasTree

void* AliasTree = (void *)NULL

Definition at line 153 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by DeleteAlias(), LookUpAlias(), PrintAllAlias(), SaveAlias(), and UnTrackAllAliases().

◆ AllowMultipleLines

int AllowMultipleLines

Definition at line 126 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by BuildParseTree(), CommandList(), ScanNestedSyntax(), and ScanSimpleCommand().

◆ BaseOS

◆ BasicErrorMessage

◆ BATExtension

char BATExtension[] = ".bat"

Definition at line 228 of file sh6.c.

◆ Break_List

◆ CDPathLiteral

char CDPathLiteral[] = "CDPATH"

Definition at line 200 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dochdir(), Initialise(), and SetVariableArrayFromString().

◆ ChangeInitLoad

bool ChangeInitLoad = ((bool)0)

Definition at line 129 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by GetConsoleInput(), and main().

◆ CharTypes

unsigned char CharTypes[255+1]

Definition at line 362 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by InitialiseCharacterTypes(), ScanNextToken(), and SetCharacterTypes().

◆ CMDExtension

char CMDExtension[] = ".cmd"

Definition at line 229 of file sh6.c.

◆ COFFExtension

char COFFExtension[] = ""

Definition at line 240 of file sh6.c.

◆ COMExtension

char COMExtension[] = ".com"

Definition at line 239 of file sh6.c.

◆ ComspecVariable

char* ComspecVariable = "COMSPEC"

Definition at line 208 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ExecuteScriptFile(), and Initialise().

◆ ConsoleLineBuffer

char ConsoleLineBuffer[524288+1]

Definition at line 382 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AddHistory(), CompleteFileName(), doecho(), dofc(), doread(), EMACS_BackwardToCharacter(), EMACS_Comment(), EMACS_DeleteCharacterBackwards(), EMACS_EOTOrDelete(), EMACS_FileCompletion(), EMACS_GetPreviousWord(), EMACS_GotoStart(), EMACS_InsertString(), EMACS_KillLine(), EMACS_KillToEndOfLine(), EMACS_LoadFromHistory(), EMACS_MainLoop(), EMACS_PreviousCharacter(), EMACS_ResetInput(), EMACS_RetreatNCharacters(), EMACS_SearchHistory(), EMACS_SearchMatch(), EMACS_Transpose(), FlushHistoryBuffer(), GEN_AdjustRedraw(), GEN_Redraw(), GenerateNewCursorPosition(), GetConsoleInput(), GetLineFromConsole(), GetLineFromDevice(), getsc_(), InitialiseInput(), InsertACharacter(), LoadHistory(), PageHistoryRecord(), Process_History(), ProcessAlphaNumericKey(), ProcessFunctionKey(), ReadALine(), ReDisplayInputLine(), ReStartInput(), ScanHistory(), UpdateConsoleInputLine(), VI_BackwardToWhiteSpace(), VI_BackwardWord(), VI_ChangeCase(), VI_ChangeCommand(), VI_CopyHold2Input(), VI_CopyInput2Hold(), VI_DeleteRange(), VI_DisplayWindow(), VI_EditLine(), VI_EndofWord(), VI_ExecuteCommand(), VI_ExecuteCompletion(), VI_ExecuteMove(), VI_FindCharacter(), VI_FindEventFromHistory(), VI_ForwardToEndOfNonWhiteSpace(), VI_ForwardToWhiteSpace(), VI_ForwardWord(), VI_GetEventFromHistory(), VI_InsertCharacter(), VI_InsertIntoBuffer(), VI_MainLoop(), VI_OutOfWindow(), VI_ResetLineState(), VI_ReWindowBuffer(), VI_SaveUndoBuffer(), VI_StateMachine(), VI_UndoCommand(), VI_YankSelection(), and WriteOutLine().

◆ Copy_Right1

char* Copy_Right1 = "%s %s SH Version 2.3 (%s) - %s (OS %d.%d)\n"

Definition at line 85 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by PrintVersionNumber().

◆ Copy_Right2

char* Copy_Right2 = "(16-Bit)"

Definition at line 101 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by PrintVersionNumber().

◆ Copy_Right3

char* Copy_Right3 = "Copyright (c) Data Logic Ltd and Charles Forsyth 1990, 94\n"

Definition at line 110 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by PrintVersionNumber().

◆ Current_Event

int Current_Event = 0

Definition at line 128 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AddHistory(), ClearHistory(), and OutputUserPrompt().

◆ CurrentDirectory

◆ CurrentDirLiteral

char CurrentDirLiteral[] = "."

◆ CurrentFunction

◆ CurrentLexIdentifier

char CurrentLexIdentifier[64+1]

Definition at line 346 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ScanNextToken(), ScanSimpleCommand(), and SynchroniseIOList().

◆ DeviceNameHeader

char* DeviceNameHeader = "/dev/"

Definition at line 377 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by S_open(), and SetUpIOHandlers().

◆ DirectorySeparator

◆ DisabledVariables

◆ e

Initial value:
= {
(int *)NULL,
(char *)NULL,
#define NULL
Definition: ftobjs.h:61
Definition: sh.h:1689
@ L
Definition: ubidiimp.h:45

Definition at line 388 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by __gmpf_get_str(), __gmpf_pow_ui(), __gmpfr_out_str(), __gmpn_invert(), __gmpn_perfect_power_p(), __gmpn_toom42_mulmid(), __gmpz_n_pow_ui(), __gmpz_pow_ui(), __gmpz_powm(), __gmpz_powm_sec(), __gmpz_powm_ui(), __gmpz_ui_pow_ui(), __transform(), __zzip_fetch_disk_trailer(), _cairo_bentley_ottmann_tessellate_polygon(), _cairo_color_to_be_color(), _cairo_half_from_float(), _cairo_output_stream_print_matrix(), _cairo_pdf_surface_emit_combined_smask(), _cairo_polygon_translate(), _cairo_script_surface_show_text_glyphs(), _dashes_equal(), _emit_dash(), _emit_line_width(), _emit_miter_limit(), _emit_scaling_matrix(), _emit_tolerance(), _FreeEdgeList(), _fromUnicodeWithCallback(), _HashMap_const_iterator< K, V >::_HashMap_const_iterator(), _pixman_edge_multi_init(), _polygon_insert_edge_into_its_y_bucket(), _scaling_matrix_equal(), _SHA256_transform(), _SplineCharLayerFindBounds(), _toUnicodeWithCallback(), _uhash_internalRemoveElement(), _uhash_put(), _uhash_rehash(), _uhash_remove(), _uhash_setElement(), active_list_can_step_full_row(), active_list_is_vertical(), active_list_merge_edges(), ActiveOverlap(), Dict::add(), XRef::add(), add_fontname(), add_heap(), add_s(), Efont::Type1Font::add_type1_encoding(), add_value(), add_xform_matrix(), graphite2::Zones::addDebug(), AddEdge(), RBBISymbolTable::addEntry(), AddGhostSegment(), XRef::addIndirectObject(), addInObj(), AddLineSegment(), ICUNotifier::addListener(), ClipperLib::Clipper::AddLocalMinPoly(), AddMajorEdge(), ClipperLib::Clipper::AddOutPt(), adjust_assign(), adobename_to_code(), after_math(), alloc_check(), AllocElem(), almost_equal(), app_display(), ClipperLib::Clipper::AppendPolygon(), approx_unit_arc(), EllipticalArc::approximate(), Splash::arbitraryTransformImage(), Splash::arbitraryTransformMask(), GraphicsPath< T >::WriteActions::arcto(), double_conversion::Double::AsNormalizedDiyFp(), Vector< void * >::assign(), assign_adjust(), assign_bitvec(), assignment(), axboverc(), AxoArc(), base16_encoded_lc(), base16_encoded_lc_ln(), base16_encoded_uc(), base16_encoded_uc_ln(), base64_encoded(), base64_encoded_ln(), base85_encoded(), base85_encoded_ln(), bbtree_left_or_right(), bcemit_binop_left(), bcemit_branch(), bcemit_branch_f(), bcemit_branch_t(), bcemit_method(), bcemit_store(), bcemit_unop(), before(), Bezier_Up(), body(), botor_add_edge(), build_scale_array(), ClipperLib::Clipper::BuildIntersectList(), cairo_drm_device_default(), Compiler::calcMaxLen(), can_do_full_row(), casefold_readable_file(), catch_handler_find(), catch_handler_set(), cf2_blues_init(), cf2_stack_init(), cff_ilGraphToBuffers(), cff_make_fdselect(), cff_numberSubroutines(), cff_statHeight(), ChangeFileDescriptorStatus(), check_bbox(), checkBaseExtBytes(), CheckDash(), checkname(), clear_hyppat_hash(), clear_state_hash(), CloseFile(), ClosestLineToLine(), closure_setup(), cmsDictNextEntry(), codedump(), codenot(), codestring(), codetestset(), codeunexpval(), CommandSubstitute(), compare_json_objects(), RegexCompile::compile(), ComputeCorrelates(), GfxState::concatCTM(), conditional(), consolidateTSI(), const_num(), const_str(), construct_include_path(), ClipperLib::Clipper::CopyAELToSEL(), CopyFile(), CopyFunction(), create_1d_filter(), create_proc_from_string(), CreateNewEnvironment(), FixedDecimal::createWithExponent(), dec(), deco(), TransformSimplifier::decompose(), graphite2::Face::Table::decompress(), decToString(), DefaultEvalParametricFn(), define_font(), define_new_function(), delete_target(), ClipperLib::Clipper::DeleteFromAEL(), ClipperLib::Clipper::DeleteFromSEL(), deleteFullRule(), destroy_glw_cid_entry(), destroy_glyph_unicode_entry(), dev_begin_xform(), dfs_insert_cells(), discharge2anyreg(), discharge2reg(), disposeMetaEntry(), do_file(), do_register_command(), do_subdir(), do_try_ttf_kern(), dochar(), doexec(), dolink(), ClipperLib::Clipper::DoMaxima(), Gfx::doShadingPatternFill(), Gfx::doTilingPatternFill(), Splash::drawImage(), dtdDestroy(), dtdReset(), DumpGlyphToNameMap(), DumpSubPaths(), dupfd(), e_d(), EdgeListReverse(), EISameLine(), EISkipExtremum(), EITOfNextMajor(), ElFreeEI(), Efont::Type1Encoding::elt(), emit_rot(), enc_from_platspec(), DvipsEncoding::encode(), DvipsEncoding::encoded(), DvipsEncoding::encoding(), end_point(), DVIToSVGActions::endPage(), Norms::enumRanges(), env_bidx(), envadjust(), eq_define(), graphite2::Vector< T >::erase(), err(), error(), graphite2::Face::error(), graphite2::Error::error(), RBBIRuleScanner::error(), RegexCompile::error(), escape_eol(), double_conversion::EstimatePower(), Calculator::eval(), evaluate_expressions(), execute_program(), DVIReader::executeAll(), exitcode(), exp1(), exp2reg(), expandClassDef(), SVGOutput::expandFormatString(), expanding(), expanding_p(), expr_discharge(), expr_free(), expr_index(), expr_init(), expr_kvalue(), expr_next(), expr_numiszero(), expr_str(), expr_table(), expr_toanyreg(), expr_tonextreg(), expr_toreg(), expr_toreg_nobranch(), expr_toval(), ext_post_line_break(), FamilyTableInit(), FcCacheOffsetsValid(), FcCompareDataInit(), FcCompareFamilies(), FcCompareSize(), FcConfigEvaluate(), FcConfigGetPath(), FcConfigMatchValueList(), FcConfigParseAndLoadDir(), FcConfigPatternAdd(), FcConfigPatternCanon(), FcConfigPatternDel(), FcConfigSubstituteWithPat(), FcConfigValues(), FcDefaultSubstitute(), FcDirScanConfig(), FcEditCreate(), FcEditDestroy(), FcElementReverseMap(), FcExprCreateBool(), FcExprCreateCharSet(), FcExprCreateConst(), FcExprCreateDouble(), FcExprCreateInteger(), FcExprCreateLangSet(), FcExprCreateMatrix(), FcExprCreateName(), FcExprCreateOp(), FcExprCreateRange(), FcExprCreateString(), FcExprDestroy(), FcGetDefaultObjectLangIndex(), FcInitDebug(), FcListAppend(), FcListPatternHash(), FcNameConvert(), FcNameParse(), FcNameUnparseEscaped(), FcPatternFilter(), FcPatternObjectAddWithBinding(), FcPatternObjectDel(), FcPatternObjectGetWithBinding(), FcPatternObjectInsertElt(), FcPatternObjectListAdd(), FcPatternRemove(), FcPtrListIterAdd(), FcPtrListIterInitAtLast(), FcPtrListIterRemove(), FcRangeHash(), XRef::fetch(), fiber_switch(), FigureStemActive(), Splash::fillImageMask(), final_marking_phase(), Dict::find(), MiKTeXCom::findFile(), FileFinder::findFile(), findGraphiteFeature(), TransliteratorRegistry::findInDynamicStore(), SplashXPath::finishSegments(), Efont::OpenType::Cmap::first_table(), fix_expand_value(), FixedDecimal::FixedDecimal(), FixSubPaths(), FontCache::fontinfo(), Metrics::force_encoding(), forlist(), free_heap(), FreeElem(), freeexp(), full_step(), FUNCTION(), functype_init(), gc_mark_children(), gdImageArc(), gdImageFilledArc(), generate_bezier(), ShadingImage::generateRadialBitmap(), geq_define(), get_integer_default(), TransliteratorRegistry::getAvailableSource(), TransliteratorRegistry::getAvailableTarget(), ClipperLib::ClipperBase::GetBounds(), getContext(), getencoding_seq(), getfirst(), PhysicalFont::getGlyph(), ClipperLib::GetMaximaPair(), TFMFont::getMetrics(), graphite2::NameTable::getName(), GDir::getNextEntry(), ClipperLib::GetNextInAEL(), XRef::getNumEntry(), GlobalParams::getPSEmbedCIDPostScript(), GlobalParams::getPSEmbedCIDTrueType(), GlobalParams::getPSEmbedTrueType(), GlobalParams::getPSEmbedType1(), GlobalParams::getPSFontPassthrough(), getSamplesFromString(), getsc_(), getstrtok(), ICUService::getVisibleIDs(), glenc(), glitter_scan_converter_add_edge(), gmatch_aux(), Splash::gouraudTriangleShadedFill(), GradImproveInter(), GripeCannotGetFont(), group_trace(), gsa_def(), HIoverlap(), hnj_hyphen_load(), hnj_serialize(), huft_build(), hyppat_insert(), hyppat_lookup(), incremental_sweep_phase(), infile(), inflate_codes(), FixedDecimal::init(), init_exp(), init_extents(), ClipperLib::InitEdge(), ClipperLib::InitEdge2(), initMetaEntry(), initScan(), graphite2::Zones::insert(), ClipperLib::Clipper::InsertLocalMinimaIntoAEL(), InverseCorrelates(), Matrix::invert(), invertcond(), invertjump(), Dict::is(), ClipperLib::IsHorizontal(), IsInflectionPoint(), ClipperLib::IsIntermediate(), ClipperLib::IsMaxima(), ClipperLib::IsMinima(), isnumeral(), XRef::isRefEncrypted(), EllipticalArc::isStraightLine(), OT::NameRecord::isUnicode(), GraphicsPath< T >::iterate(), IterateSolve(), join(), graphite2::Zones::jsonDbgOut(), jumponcond(), kern_shrink(), kern_stretch(), kpathsea_db_search(), kpathsea_db_search_list(), kpathsea_element_dirs(), l_R(), DVIToSVG::leaveEndPage(), letter_space_font(), list5_gen(), list6_gen(), lj_buf_putstr_lower(), lj_buf_putstr_rep(), lj_buf_putstr_reverse(), lj_buf_putstr_upper(), lj_buf_puttab(), lj_cf_string_gmatch_aux(), lj_cf_string_gsub(), lj_cf_table_concat(), lj_cf_unpack(), lj_meta_cat(), lj_opt_loop(), lj_strfmt_parse(), lj_strfmt_wfnum(), lj_trace_err(), lj_trace_err_info(), load_mapping_file(), LocaleDisplayNamesImpl::localeDisplayName(), localstat(), log2_(), log2_ceil(), log_search(), Dict::lookup(), CMapManager::lookup(), lookup_fontmap(), lookup_function(), Dict::lookupNF(), lua_nodelib_direct_setexpansion(), luaB_unpack(), luaF_newCclosure(), luaF_newLclosure(), luaK_dischargevars(), luaK_exp2anyreg(), luaK_exp2anyregup(), luaK_exp2nextreg(), luaK_exp2RK(), luaK_exp2val(), luaK_goiffalse(), luaK_goiftrue(), luaK_prefix(), luaK_self(), luaK_setoneret(), luaK_setreturns(), luaK_storevar(), luaL_findtable(), luaO_fb2int(), luaO_int2fb(), luaO_pushvfstring(), luaO_str2num(), luaS_newudata(), luaX_init(), lzw_encode_char(), lzw_free_dict(), main(), make_hextension(), makeErrorCorrectionCodewords(), mangle_seed(), mark_context_stack(), XRef::markUnencrypted(), match(), matchbalance(), mkdirs(), mpfr_atan2(), mpfr_cbrt(), mpfr_ceil_mul(), mpfr_cmp_si_2exp(), mpfr_cmp_ui_2exp(), mpfr_custom_init_set(), mpfr_digamma_approx(), mpfr_eint_aux(), mpfr_erfc(), mpfr_exp(), mpfr_fdump(), mpfr_fma(), mpfr_get_d(), mpfr_get_flt(), mpfr_get_str(), mpfr_get_str_aux(), mpfr_init_get_zexp(), mpfr_mpn_exp(), mpfr_rootn_ui(), mpfr_set_si_2exp(), mpfr_set_ui_2exp(), mpfr_set_z_2exp(), mpfr_setmax(), mpfr_setmin(), mpfr_sum(), mpfr_ubf_diff_exp(), mpfr_ubf_mul_exact(), mpfr_ubf_zexp2exp(), mpfr_yn_s1(), mpq_div_2exp(), mpq_mul_2exp(), mpq_set_d(), mpz_pow_ui(), mpz_powm(), mpz_powm_ui(), mpz_ui_pow_ui(), mrb_alias_method(), mrb_ary_reverse(), mrb_env_new(), mrb_env_unshare(), mrb_exc_get_id(), mrb_f_block_given_p_m(), mrb_method_search_vm(), mrb_proc_cfunc_env_get(), mrb_proc_new_cfunc_with_env(), mrb_str_chop_bang(), mrb_str_lines(), mrb_str_reverse_bang(), mrb_str_succ_bang(), mrb_vformat(), mrb_vm_ci_env_set(), mrb_vm_ci_target_class_set(), mrb_vm_exec(), mul_2exp(), name_mtime(), nbits_mpfr_exp_t(), ncat(), nd_add_m10e(), ne(), ne_angle(), negatecondition(), new_glyph_unicode_entry(), new_ttf_cmap_entry(), newname(), not_equal(), ICUNotifier::notifyChanged(), numberASubroutine(), obj_free(), open(), Efont::OpenType::Name::EnglishPlatformPred::operator()(), ToDoubleVisitor::operator()(), _HashMap_const_iterator< K, V >::operator++(), Efont::Type1Encoding::operator[](), optExecute(), Gfx::opXObject(), UVector::orphanElementAt(), otfcc_buildMeta(), otfcc_dumpMeta(), output_dump(), graphite2::ShiftCollider::outputJsonDbg(), pack_real(), DvisvgmSpecialHandler::XMLParser::parse(), parse_args(), parse_assignment(), parse_body(), Efont::Cff::Font::parse_encoding(), parse_encoding(), parse_file_seq(), parse_for_iter(), parse_integer(), parse_local(), parse_number(), parse_return(), parse_variable_definition(), parse_xrefstm_subsec(), PreparsedUCD::parseCodePointRange(), parseencodingfile(), ParseFloatNumber(), path(), penalty_pc(), pixman_edge_init(), pixman_edge_step(), pixman_line_fixed_edge_init(), pm_perror(), polygon_add_edge(), powlimb(), powsquaredlimb(), ppmd_circle(), ppscan_base16(), ppscan_crypt_base16(), ppscan_crypt_string(), ppscan_exec(), ppscan_name(), ppscan_string(), ppstring_buffer(), ppstring_inline(), prefixed_command(), PapersizeSpecialHandler::preprocess(), PdfSpecialHandler::preprocessPagesize(), Calculator::prim(), print_encoding(), print_extents(), print_file_name(), print_group(), print_pdffloat(), process_easy(), DvisvgmSpecialHandler::processBBox(), ClipperLib::Clipper::ProcessEdgesAtTopOfScanbeam(), ProcessErrorExit(), ClipperLib::Clipper::ProcessHorizontal(), DvisvgmSpecialHandler::processImg(), prompt_file_name(), PS_Curveto(), ptstiff3_save_image(), push_captures(), push_onecapture(), push_strings(), Efont::Type1Encoding::put(), DVIReader::putVFChar(), QuitCurrentEnvironment(), rd_F(), FontMap::read(), CMapReader::read(), read_cmap(), read_length(), read_mem_line(), readClassDef(), graphite2::Silf::readClassMap(), graphite2::Silf::readClassOffsets(), readCoverage(), readdvifile(), readencoding(), readFeatureNumber(), graphite2::Face::readGlyphs(), graphite2::Silf::readGraphite(), graphite2::Face::readGraphite(), readint_mrb_int(), ReadOneElem(), ReadOneMLUC(), ReadOneWChar(), graphite2::Pass::readPass(), graphite2::Pass::readRanges(), ReadReal(), graphite2::Pass::readRules(), graphite2::Pass::readStates(), RealNear(), reap_children(), RefCharFindBounds(), ReMapIOHandler(), Efont::Type1Font::remove_subr(), graphite2::Zones::removeDebug(), ClipperLib::RemoveEdge(), UVector::removeElementAt(), XRef::removeIndirectObject(), ICUNotifier::removeListener(), Efont::PairProgram::reserve_glyphs(), ClipperLib::ClipperBase::Reset(), Vector< void * >::resize(), retstat(), ClipperLib::ReverseHorizontal(), drvIDRAW::rgb2name(), root_scan_phase(), round(), RunACommand(), RunCommands(), sa_def(), SaveFileDescriptor(), savePageSlice(), scan_expr(), scan_file_name_toks(), scandir(), OT::NameRecord::score(), SCReinstanciateRefChar(), SearchXofY(), selective_vpath_search(), drvHPGL::SelectPen(), serializeNodeToBuffer(), set_cache_dir(), set_encoding_scheme(), Efont::Type1Font::set_subr(), setContext(), GfxState::setCTM(), ClipperLib::SetDx(), Compiler::setGroupPointers(), ClipperLib::Clipper::SetHoleState(), XRef::setModifiedObject(), GfxState::setTextMat(), ClipperLib::Clipper::SetWindingCount(), sha1_process_block(), sha1_transform(), sha256_transform(), sha256HashBlock(), sha512_transform(), sha512HashBlock(), PsSpecialHandler::shfill(), graphite2::KernCollider::shift(), drvJAVA2::show_text(), skipstrblank(), skipws(), SlopeLess(), smooth2(), UVector::sortedInsert(), spc_handler_xtx_do_transform(), DVIToSVGActions::special(), SplineAddExtrema(), SplineBisect(), SplineCharQuickBounds(), SplinePointListIsClockwise(), SplineSetsCorrect(), sqxfw(), state_insert(), state_lookup(), str_gsub(), str_list_concat(), str_list_uniqify(), str_llist_add(), str_reverse(), strerror(), strToDouble(), subdir_match(), Efont::Type1Font::subr(), sum_aux(), sum_raw(), math::svd(), HashMap< K, V >::swap(), t1_ChangeDirection(), TECkit_CreateConverter(), TerminateCurrentEnvironment(), TIFFReadScanline(), tinsert(), tmove(), TOfNextMajor(), tokenlist_to_cstring(), tokenlist_to_xstring(), tonumeral(), tprint_file_name(), trace_abort(), SampledFunction::transform(), EllipticalArc::transform(), transform_box_extents(), transform_path(), TransliterationRuleData::TransliterationRuleData(), tremove(), trueAnomaly(), try_untabgle_block(), ttf_byte_encoding(), ttf_copy_encoding(), ttf_reindex_glyphs(), ttf_seg_map_delta(), ttf_trimmed_table_map(), TTFget_first_glyphs(), Efont::Cff::Font::type1_encoding_copy(), ucharstrenum_next(), ucharstrenum_unext(), ucnv_flushCache_68(), uhash_close_68(), uhash_find_68(), uhash_removeAll_68(), uhash_removeElement_68(), unescape_char(), unic_byte(), unic_gsub(), unic_lower(), unic_sub(), unic_upper(), unpack(), Efont::OpenType::GposLookup::unparse_automatics(), Efont::OpenType::KernTable::unparse_automatics(), PSOutputDev::updateCTM(), ClipperLib::Clipper::UpdateEdgeIntoAEL(), PSOutputDev::updateTextMat(), ures_flushCache(), usage(), usprep_internal_flushCache(), utf8_deco(), utrace_getFunctions_68(), utrace_setFunctions_68(), uvenv(), graphite2::utf< C >::validate(), graphite2::_utf_iterator< C >::validate(), graphite2::_utf_codec< 32 >::validate(), graphite2::_utf_codec< 16 >::validate(), graphite2::_utf_codec< 8 >::validate(), ValidMathsExpression(), var_lookup_(), var_lookup_uv(), Vector< T >::Vector(), Vector< void * >::Vector(), verror(), ruby_fuzzer::protoConverter::visit(), win3ErrorHandler(), win3WarningHandler(), write_bar(), Efont::AfmWriter::write_char_metric_data(), writecff_CIDKeyed(), SplashBitmap::writeImgFile(), WriteOneElem(), WriteOneMLUC(), WriteOneWChar(), writeXofY(), XRef::writeXRef(), writezone(), wrt_E(), wrt_G(), xgetcwd(), XmlInitUnknownEncoding(), XMLString::XMLString(), Compiler::xmlString(), z_log(), zzip_dir_open(), zzip_dir_open_ext_io(), zzip_open_shared_io(), and zzip_opendir_ext_io().

◆ EditorVariable

char EditorVariable[] = "EDITOR"

Definition at line 249 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by SetVariableArrayFromString(), and VI_EditLine().

◆ ENVVariable

char* ENVVariable = "ENV"

Definition at line 223 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AllowedToSetVariable(), and main().

◆ ExecProcessingMode

◆ Execute_stack_depth

◆ EXEExtension

char EXEExtension[] = ".exe"

Definition at line 238 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by Initialise().

◆ ExitStatus

◆ ExpansionErrorDetected

◆ FCEditVariable

char FCEditVariable[] = "FCEDIT"

Definition at line 248 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dofc(), and SetVariableArrayFromString().

◆ flags

long flags = 0L

Definition at line 380 of file sh6.c.

◆ FunctionTree

void* FunctionTree = (void *)NULL

◆ HistoryEnabled

bool HistoryEnabled = ((bool)0)

Definition at line 149 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AddHistory(), dohistory(), DumpHistory(), main(), OpenHistoryFile(), and OutputUserPrompt().

◆ HistoryFileVariable

char HistoryFileVariable[] = "HISTFILE"

Definition at line 206 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by LoadHistory(), and OpenHistoryFile().

◆ HistorySizeVariable

char HistorySizeVariable[] = "HISTSIZE"

Definition at line 207 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AddHistory(), and LoadHistory().

◆ HomeVariableName

char HomeVariableName[] = "HOME"


char IFS[] = "IFS"

Definition at line 194 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by doread(), ExpandAWord(), LoadGlobalVariableList(), and SetVariableArrayFromString().

◆ InteractiveFlag

◆ InterruptTrapPending

int InterruptTrapPending

Definition at line 187 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ExecuteParseTree(), RunCommands(), and TerminateSignalled().

◆ JSExtension

char JSExtension[] = ".js"

Definition at line 231 of file sh6.c.

◆ KSHELLExtension

char KSHELLExtension[] = ".ksh"

Definition at line 235 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by FindFileAndExtension().

◆ LastNumberBase

int LastNumberBase = -1

◆ LastUserPrompt

◆ LastUserPrompt1

char* LastUserPrompt1

Definition at line 193 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by doread(), and OutputUserPrompt().

◆ LastWordVariable

char LastWordVariable[] = "_"

Definition at line 244 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ExecuteParseTree(), and Initialise().

◆ LGExtension

char LGExtension[] = ".lg"

Definition at line 237 of file sh6.c.

◆ LineCountVariable

char LineCountVariable[] = "LINENO"

Definition at line 214 of file sh6.c.

◆ ListVarFormat

char* ListVarFormat = "%s=%s\n"

Definition at line 264 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by PrintAlias().

◆ LIT_2Strings

char* LIT_2Strings = "%s %s"

Definition at line 267 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AllowedToSetVariable(), dowhence(), PrintFunction(), and TypesetVariables().

◆ LIT_3Strings

char* LIT_3Strings = "%s %s%s"

Definition at line 268 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dobuiltin(), and SetUpIOHandlers().

◆ LIT_AllowTTY


Definition at line 274 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ForkAndExecute(), and main().

◆ LIT_ArrayRange

char* LIT_ArrayRange = "%s: subscript out of range"

Definition at line 271 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by HandleArrayValue().

◆ LIT_BadArray

char* LIT_BadArray = "%s: bad array value"

Definition at line 270 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AssignVariableFromString(), ExtractNameAndIndex(), and HandleArrayValue().


char* LIT_BadID = "bad identifier"

Definition at line 255 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by doread(), ExtractNameAndIndex(), and TypesetVariables().

◆ LIT_BNumber

char* LIT_BNumber = "[%d]"

Definition at line 272 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by GetVariableArrayAsString(), and PrintEntry().



Definition at line 263 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by GetScreenParameters().

◆ LIT_done

char LIT_done[] = "done"

Definition at line 259 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by PrintFunction().

◆ LIT_dos

char LIT_dos[] = "DOS"

Definition at line 253 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by CheckProgramMode(), doshellinfo(), and GetApplicationType().

◆ LIT_Emsg

char* LIT_Emsg = "%s: %s (%s)"

Definition at line 266 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by BreakContinueProcessing(), doalias(), doshift(), GetUnitNumber(), main(), and TypesetVariables().

◆ LIT_exec

char LIT_exec[] = "exec"

Definition at line 258 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ForkAndExecute().

◆ LIT_exit

char LIT_exit[] = "exit"

Definition at line 257 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ForkAndExecute().

◆ LIT_export

char LIT_export[] = "export"

Definition at line 256 of file sh6.c.

◆ LIT_history

char LIT_history[] = "history"

Definition at line 260 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AddHistory(), and ReStartInput().

◆ LIT_Invalidfunction

char* LIT_Invalidfunction = "Invalid function name"

Definition at line 273 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by SaveFunction().

◆ LIT_IsReadonly

char* LIT_IsReadonly = "is read-only"

Definition at line 275 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AllowedToSetVariable(), RemoveVariable(), and TypesetVariables().


char LIT_LINES[] = "LINES"

Definition at line 262 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by GetScreenParameters().

◆ LIT_NewLine

char* LIT_NewLine = "\n"

Definition at line 254 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by GetConsoleInput(), getsc_(), and ReadALine().

◆ LIT_OSname

char* LIT_OSname = "MS-DOS"

Definition at line 97 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by doswap(), OutputUserPrompt(), and PrintVersionNumber().


char LIT_REPLY[] = "REPLY"

Definition at line 261 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ExecuteParseTree().

◆ LIT_SyntaxError

char* LIT_SyntaxError = "Syntax error"

◆ LIT_Test

char LIT_Test[] = "[["

Definition at line 276 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dotest(), and TestBinaryOperand().

◆ MailCheckVariable

char MailCheckVariable[] = "MAILCHECK"

Definition at line 247 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by CheckForMailArriving().

◆ MaximumColumns

◆ MaximumLines

int MaximumLines = 25

◆ MaxNumberofFDs

int MaxNumberofFDs = 20

Definition at line 131 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by CloseAllHandlers(), doshellinfo(), and ReMapIOHandler().

◆ MemoryAreaLevel

◆ MSave_IO_E

int MSave_IO_E = 0

Definition at line 181 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by RunCommands(), and S_dup2().

◆ MSubShells

int MSubShells = 0

Definition at line 184 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by CreateGlobalVariableList(), and RunCommands().

◆ NotFound

char* NotFound = "not found"

Definition at line 241 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ConvertErrorNumber(), dodot(), and dowhence().

◆ NSave_IO_E

int NSave_IO_E = 0

Definition at line 180 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by doshellinfo(), RestoreStandardIO(), RunCommands(), and S_dup2().

◆ NSubShells

int NSubShells = 0

◆ null

char null[] = ""

Definition at line 381 of file sh6.c.

◆ OldPWDVariable

char* OldPWDVariable = "OLDPWD"

Definition at line 221 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dochdir(), GetCurrentDirectoryPath(), and TildeSubstitution().

◆ OptArgVariable

char OptArgVariable[] = "OPTARG"

Definition at line 245 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dogetopts().

◆ OptIndVariable

char OptIndVariable[] = "OPTIND"

Definition at line 246 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by CheckOPTIND(), dogetopts(), ResetGetoptsValues(), and SaveGetoptsValues().

◆ OptionArgument

char* OptionArgument

Definition at line 370 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dofc(), dogetopts(), doset(), GetOptions(), GetUnitNumber(), and main().

◆ OptionIndex

int OptionIndex = 1

◆ OptionStart

int OptionStart

Definition at line 369 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dogetopts(), doset(), and GetOptions().

◆ Outofmemory1

char* Outofmemory1 = "Out of memory"

◆ ParameterArray

◆ ParameterCount

◆ ParameterCountVariable

char* ParameterCountVariable = "#"

Definition at line 209 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by AddParameter(), RestoreTheParameters(), and SaveNumericParameters().

◆ ParentDirLiteral

char ParentDirLiteral[] = ".."

Definition at line 202 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dochdir(), and S_stat().

◆ PathExtsLiteral

char PathExtsLiteral[] = "PATHEXTS"

Definition at line 203 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by BuildExtensionLists(), and SetVariableArrayFromString().

◆ PathLiteral

char PathLiteral[] = "PATH"

◆ ProcessingEXECCommand

bool ProcessingEXECCommand

◆ PS1

char PS1[] = "PS1"

◆ PS2

char PS2[] = "PS2"

Definition at line 196 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ClearUserPrompts(), GetConsoleInput(), and SaveCurrentHistory().

◆ PS3

char PS3[] = "PS3"

Definition at line 197 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by ClearUserPrompts(), and ExecuteParseTree().

◆ PS4

char PS4[] = "PS4"

Definition at line 198 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by EchoCurrentCommand().

◆ PWDVariable

char* PWDVariable = "PWD"

Definition at line 222 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by GetCurrentDirectoryPath(), and TildeSubstitution().

◆ RandomVariable

char RandomVariable[] = "RANDOM"

Definition at line 213 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by HandleSECONDandRANDOM(), LookUpVariable(), and SecondAndRandomEV().

◆ RestrictedShellFlag

bool RestrictedShellFlag = ((bool)0)

Definition at line 147 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by CheckForRestrictedShell(), and main().

◆ Return_List

Break_C* Return_List

◆ RootDirectory

char* RootDirectory = "x:/"

Definition at line 215 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by GenerateFullExecutablePath(), and S_getcwd().

◆ SecondsVariable

char SecondsVariable[] = "SECONDS"

Definition at line 212 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by HandleSECONDandRANDOM(), LookUpVariable(), and SecondAndRandomEV().

◆ SHELLExtension

char SHELLExtension[] = ".sh"

Definition at line 234 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by FindFileAndExtension().

◆ ShellGlobalFlags

◆ ShellOptionsVariable

char* ShellOptionsVariable = "-"

Definition at line 210 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dochdir(), dofc(), doset(), and SetShellSwitches().

◆ ShellVariableName

char ShellVariableName[] = "SHELL"

◆ sOpenAppendMode

char* sOpenAppendMode = "wt+"

Definition at line 292 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by OpenHereFile().

◆ sOpenReadMode

◆ sOpenWriteBinaryMode

char* sOpenWriteBinaryMode = "wb"

Definition at line 293 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dofc(), ReadHereDocument(), and VI_EditLine().

◆ sOpenWriteMode

char* sOpenWriteMode = "wt"

Definition at line 291 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by BuildCommandLine(), and DumpHistory().

◆ source

Definition at line 347 of file sh6.c.

◆ SSave_IO

Save_IO* SSave_IO

Definition at line 179 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by RestoreStandardIO(), RunCommands(), and S_dup2().

◆ SShell_List

Break_C* SShell_List

Definition at line 146 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by doexit(), ExecuteFunction(), ExecuteParseTree(), ProcessCommandTree(), and RunCommands().

◆ StartCursorPosition

◆ StatusVariable

char StatusVariable[] = "?"

◆ SUBExtension

char SUBExtension[] = ".sub"

Definition at line 236 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by FindFileAndExtension().

◆ SubShells

S_SubShell* SubShells

Definition at line 182 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by CreateGlobalVariableList(), DeleteGlobalVariableList(), and RunCommands().

◆ Swap_Mode

int Swap_Mode = 0x0004 | 0x0001

◆ Trap_DEBUG

char Trap_DEBUG[] = "~DEBUG"

Definition at line 251 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dotrap(), and RunTrapCommand().

◆ Trap_ERR

char Trap_ERR[] = "~ERR"

Definition at line 252 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dotrap(), and RunTrapCommand().

◆ UseConsoleBuffer

bool UseConsoleBuffer = ((bool)0)

Definition at line 124 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by dofc(), and GetConsoleInput().

◆ VariableTree

◆ VBSExtension

char VBSExtension[] = ".vbs"

Definition at line 230 of file sh6.c.

◆ VisualVariable

char VisualVariable[] = "VISUAL"

Definition at line 250 of file sh6.c.

Referenced by SetVariableArrayFromString(), and VI_EditLine().

◆ yylval

YYSTYPE yylval

Definition at line 348 of file sh6.c.

◆ yynerrs

int yynerrs

Definition at line 349 of file sh6.c.