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sds.h File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdint.h>
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struct  sdshdr5
struct  sdshdr8
struct  sdshdr16
struct  sdshdr32
struct  sdshdr64


#define SDS_MAX_PREALLOC   (1024 * 1024)
#define SDS_TYPE_5   0
#define SDS_TYPE_8   1
#define SDS_TYPE_16   2
#define SDS_TYPE_32   3
#define SDS_TYPE_64   4
#define SDS_TYPE_MASK   7
#define SDS_TYPE_BITS   3
#define SDS_HDR_VAR(T, s)   struct sdshdr##T *sh = (void *)((s) - (sizeof(struct sdshdr##T)));
#define SDS_HDR(T, s)   ((struct sdshdr##T *)((s) - (sizeof(struct sdshdr##T))))
#define SDS_TYPE_5_LEN(f)   ((f) >> SDS_TYPE_BITS)


typedef char * sds


static size_t sdslen (const sds s)
static size_t sdsavail (const sds s)
static void sdssetlen (sds s, size_t newlen)
static void sdsinclen (sds s, size_t inc)
static size_t sdsalloc (const sds s)
static void sdssetalloc (sds s, size_t newlen)
sds sdsnewlen (const void *init, size_t initlen)
sds sdsnew (const char *init)
sds sdsempty (void)
sds sdsdup (const sds s)
void sdsfree (sds s)
sds sdsgrowzero (sds s, size_t len)
sds sdscatlen (sds s, const void *t, size_t len)
sds sdscat (sds s, const char *t)
sds sdscatsds (sds s, const sds t)
sds sdscpylen (sds s, const char *t, size_t len)
sds sdscpy (sds s, const char *t)
sds sdscatvprintf (sds s, const char *fmt, va_list ap)
sds sdscatprintf (sds s, const char *fmt,...)
sds sdscatfmt (sds s, char const *fmt,...)
sds sdstrim (sds s, const char *cset)
void sdsrange (sds s, int start, int end)
void sdsupdatelen (sds s)
void sdsclear (sds s)
int sdscmp (const sds s1, const sds s2)
sdssdssplitlen (const char *s, int len, const char *sep, int seplen, int *count)
void sdsfreesplitres (sds *tokens, int count)
void sdstolower (sds s)
void sdstoupper (sds s)
sds sdsfromlonglong (long long value)
sds sdscatrepr (sds s, const char *p, size_t len)
sdssdssplitargs (const char *line, int *argc)
sds sdsmapchars (sds s, const char *from, const char *to, size_t setlen)
sds sdsjoin (char **argv, int argc, char *sep)
sds sdsjoinsds (sds *argv, int argc, const char *sep, size_t seplen)
sds sdsMakeRoomFor (sds s, size_t addlen)
void sdsIncrLen (sds s, int incr)
sds sdsRemoveFreeSpace (sds s)
size_t sdsAllocSize (sds s)
voidsdsAllocPtr (sds s)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SDS_HDR (   T,
)    ((struct sdshdr##T *)((s) - (sizeof(struct sdshdr##T))))

Definition at line 88 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_HDR_VAR (   T,
)    struct sdshdr##T *sh = (void *)((s) - (sizeof(struct sdshdr##T)));

Definition at line 87 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_MAX_PREALLOC   (1024 * 1024)

Definition at line 35 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_TYPE_16   2

Definition at line 82 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_TYPE_32   3

Definition at line 83 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_TYPE_5   0

Definition at line 80 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_TYPE_5_LEN (   f)    ((f) >> SDS_TYPE_BITS)

Definition at line 89 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_TYPE_64   4

Definition at line 84 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_TYPE_8   1

Definition at line 81 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_TYPE_BITS   3

Definition at line 86 of file sds.h.


#define SDS_TYPE_MASK   7

Definition at line 85 of file sds.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ sds

typedef char* sds

Definition at line 41 of file sds.h.

Function Documentation

◆ sdsalloc()

static size_t sdsalloc ( const sds  s)

◆ sdsAllocPtr()

void* sdsAllocPtr ( sds  s)

◆ sdsAllocSize()

size_t sdsAllocSize ( sds  s)

◆ sdsavail()

static size_t sdsavail ( const sds  s)

Definition at line 108 of file sds.h.

References flags, s, SDS_HDR_VAR, SDS_TYPE_16, SDS_TYPE_32, SDS_TYPE_5, SDS_TYPE_64, SDS_TYPE_8, and SDS_TYPE_MASK.

◆ sdscat()

sds sdscat ( sds  s,
const char *  t 

Referenced by fdFromJson(), and loggerLogSDS().

◆ sdscatfmt()

◆ sdscatlen()

sds sdscatlen ( sds  s,
const void t,
size_t  len 

◆ sdscatprintf()

◆ sdscatrepr()

sds sdscatrepr ( sds  s,
const char *  p,
size_t  len 

◆ sdscatsds()

sds sdscatsds ( sds  s,
const sds  t 

Referenced by fvar_registerRegion().

◆ sdscatvprintf()

sds sdscatvprintf ( sds  s,
const char *  fmt,
va_list  ap 

◆ sdsclear()

void sdsclear ( sds  s)

◆ sdscmp()

int sdscmp ( const sds  s1,
const sds  s2 

◆ sdscpy()

sds sdscpy ( sds  s,
const char *  t 

◆ sdscpylen()

sds sdscpylen ( sds  s,
const char *  t,
size_t  len 

◆ sdsdup()

◆ sdsempty()

◆ sdsfree()

◆ sdsfreesplitres()

void sdsfreesplitres ( sds tokens,
int  count 

◆ sdsfromlonglong()

sds sdsfromlonglong ( long long  value)

◆ sdsgrowzero()

sds sdsgrowzero ( sds  s,
size_t  len 

Referenced by otfcc_buildName().

◆ sdsinclen()

static void sdsinclen ( sds  s,
size_t  inc 

◆ sdsIncrLen()

void sdsIncrLen ( sds  s,
int  incr 

◆ sdsjoin()

sds sdsjoin ( char **  argv,
int  argc,
char *  sep 

◆ sdsjoinsds()

sds sdsjoinsds ( sds argv,
int  argc,
const char *  sep,
size_t  seplen 

◆ sdslen()

◆ sdsMakeRoomFor()

sds sdsMakeRoomFor ( sds  s,
size_t  addlen 

◆ sdsmapchars()

sds sdsmapchars ( sds  s,
const char *  from,
const char *  to,
size_t  setlen 

◆ sdsnew()

◆ sdsnewlen()

◆ sdsrange()

void sdsrange ( sds  s,
int  start,
int  end 

◆ sdsRemoveFreeSpace()

sds sdsRemoveFreeSpace ( sds  s)

◆ sdssetalloc()

static void sdssetalloc ( sds  s,
size_t  newlen 

◆ sdssetlen()

static void sdssetlen ( sds  s,
size_t  newlen 

◆ sdssplitargs()

sds* sdssplitargs ( const char *  line,
int argc 

◆ sdssplitlen()

sds* sdssplitlen ( const char *  s,
int  len,
const char *  sep,
int  seplen,
int count 

◆ sdstolower()

void sdstolower ( sds  s)

◆ sdstoupper()

void sdstoupper ( sds  s)

◆ sdstrim()

sds sdstrim ( sds  s,
const char *  cset 

◆ sdsupdatelen()

void sdsupdatelen ( sds  s)