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rate.h File Reference
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#define VARIABLE_RATE   0
#define FIXED_RATE   1


int initRateControl _ANSI_ARGS_ ((void))
void targetRateControl _ANSI_ARGS_ ((MpegFrame *frame))
void MB_RateOut _ANSI_ARGS_ ((int type))
int needQScaleChange _ANSI_ARGS_ ((int oldQScale, Block blk0, Block blk1, Block blk2, Block blk3))
void incNumBlocks _ANSI_ARGS_ ((int num))
void SetRateControl _ANSI_ARGS_ ((char *charPtr))


int rc_bitsThisMB
int rc_numBlocks
int rc_totalQuant
int rc_quantOverride

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FIXED_RATE   1

Definition at line 22 of file rate.h.


#define VARIABLE_RATE   0

Definition at line 21 of file rate.h.

Function Documentation

◆ _ANSI_ARGS_() [1/6]

void setBitRate _ANSI_ARGS_ ( (char *charPtr)  )

◆ _ANSI_ARGS_() [2/6]

void incQuantOverride _ANSI_ARGS_ ( (int num )

◆ _ANSI_ARGS_() [3/6]

int needQScaleChange _ANSI_ARGS_ ( (int oldQScale, Block blk0, Block blk1, Block blk2, Block blk3)  )

◆ _ANSI_ARGS_() [4/6]

void updateRateControl _ANSI_ARGS_ ( (int type )

◆ _ANSI_ARGS_() [5/6]

void targetRateControl _ANSI_ARGS_ ( (MpegFrame *frame)  )

◆ _ANSI_ARGS_() [6/6]

int initRateControl _ANSI_ARGS_ ( (void )

Variable Documentation

◆ rc_bitsThisMB

int rc_bitsThisMB

Definition at line 120 of file rate.c.

Referenced by incMacroBlockBits(), initRateControl(), MB_RateOut(), and updateRateControl().

◆ rc_numBlocks

int rc_numBlocks

◆ rc_quantOverride

int rc_quantOverride

◆ rc_totalQuant

int rc_totalQuant

Definition at line 119 of file rate.c.

Referenced by initRateControl(), needQScaleChange(), and updateRateControl().