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edgelist.h File Reference
#include "splinefont.h"
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struct  hints
struct  edge
struct  edgelist
struct  edgeinfo
struct  eilist


typedef struct hints Hints
typedef struct edge Edge
typedef struct edgelist EdgeList
typedef struct edgeinfo EI
typedef struct eilist EIList


void FreeEdges (EdgeList *es)
double TOfNextMajor (Edge *e, EdgeList *es, double sought_y)
void FindEdgesSplineSet (SplinePointList *spl, EdgeList *es, int ignore_clip)
EdgeActiveEdgesInsertNew (EdgeList *es, Edge *active, int i)
EdgeActiveEdgesRefigure (EdgeList *es, Edge *active, double i)
EdgeActiveEdgesFindStem (Edge *apt, Edge **prev, double i)
void ElFreeEI (EIList *el)
void ELFindEdges (SplineChar *sc, EIList *el)
void ELOrder (EIList *el, int major)
double EITOfNextMajor (EI *e, EIList *el, double sought_m)
int EISameLine (EI *e, EI *n, double i, int major)
int EISkipExtremum (EI *e, double i, int major)
EIEIActiveEdgesFindStem (EI *apt, double i, int major)
EIEIActiveListReorder (EI *active, int *change)
EIEIActiveEdgesRefigure (EIList *el, EI *active, double i, int major, int *_change)

Typedef Documentation

◆ Edge

typedef struct edge Edge

◆ EdgeList

typedef struct edgelist EdgeList

◆ EI

typedef struct edgeinfo EI

◆ EIList

typedef struct eilist EIList

◆ Hints

typedef struct hints Hints

Function Documentation

◆ ActiveEdgesFindStem()

Edge* ActiveEdgesFindStem ( Edge apt,
Edge **  prev,
double  i 

◆ ActiveEdgesInsertNew()

Edge* ActiveEdgesInsertNew ( EdgeList es,
Edge active,
int  i 

Definition at line 452 of file splinefill.c.

References active, edge::aenext, edgelist::edges, edge::esnext, i, NULL, edge::o_cur, and pr().

◆ ActiveEdgesRefigure()

◆ EIActiveEdgesFindStem()

EI* EIActiveEdgesFindStem ( EI apt,
double  i,
int  major 

◆ EIActiveEdgesRefigure()

EI* EIActiveEdgesRefigure ( EIList el,
EI active,
double  i,
int  major,
int _change 

Definition at line 792 of file autohint.c.

◆ EIActiveListReorder()

EI* EIActiveListReorder ( EI active,
int change 

Definition at line 891 of file autohint.c.

◆ EISameLine()

int EISameLine ( EI e,
EI n,
double  i,
int  major 

◆ EISkipExtremum()

int EISkipExtremum ( EI e,
double  i,
int  major 

Definition at line 849 of file autohint.c.

◆ EITOfNextMajor()

double EITOfNextMajor ( EI e,
EIList el,
double  sought_m 

Definition at line 720 of file autohint.c.

◆ ELFindEdges()

void ELFindEdges ( SplineChar sc,
EIList el 

Definition at line 723 of file autohint.c.

◆ ElFreeEI()

void ElFreeEI ( EIList el)

Definition at line 595 of file autohint.c.

◆ ELOrder()

void ELOrder ( EIList el,
int  major 

Definition at line 774 of file autohint.c.

◆ FindEdgesSplineSet()

◆ FreeEdges()

void FreeEdges ( EdgeList es)

Definition at line 61 of file splinefill.c.

◆ TOfNextMajor()

double TOfNextMajor ( Edge e,
EdgeList es,
double  sought_y