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alloca.c File Reference

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union  hdr


#define ADDRESS_FUNCTION(arg)   &(arg)
#define NULL   0
#define malloc   xmalloc
#define STACK_DIRECTION   0 /* Direction unknown. */
#define STACK_DIR   stack_dir
#define ALIGN_SIZE   sizeof(double)


typedef char * pointer
typedef union hdr header


pointer xmalloc ()
static void find_stack_direction ()
pointer alloca (unsigned size)


static int stack_dir
static headerlast_alloca_header = 0

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ADDRESS_FUNCTION (   arg)    &(arg)

Definition at line 67 of file alloca.c.


#define ALIGN_SIZE   sizeof(double)

Definition at line 148 of file alloca.c.

◆ malloc

#define malloc   xmalloc

Definition at line 91 of file alloca.c.


#define NULL   0

Definition at line 77 of file alloca.c.


#define STACK_DIR   stack_dir

Definition at line 114 of file alloca.c.


#define STACK_DIRECTION   0 /* Direction unknown. */

Definition at line 104 of file alloca.c.

Typedef Documentation

◆ header

typedef union hdr header

◆ pointer

typedef char* pointer

Definition at line 73 of file alloca.c.

Function Documentation

◆ alloca()

pointer alloca ( unsigned  size)

◆ find_stack_direction()

static void find_stack_direction ( )

Definition at line 117 of file alloca.c.

References ADDRESS_FUNCTION, dummy, NULL, and stack_dir.

Referenced by alloca().

◆ xmalloc()

pointer xmalloc ( )

Variable Documentation

◆ last_alloca_header

header* last_alloca_header = 0

Definition at line 161 of file alloca.c.

Referenced by alloca().

◆ stack_dir

int stack_dir

Definition at line 113 of file alloca.c.

Referenced by find_stack_direction().