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TtfUtil.cpp File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include <cstddef>
#include <cstring>
#include <climits>
#include <cwchar>
#include "inc/TtfUtil.h"
#include "inc/TtfTypes.h"
#include "inc/Endian.h"
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namespace  graphite2
namespace  graphite2::TtfUtil


bool graphite2::TtfUtil::GetHeaderInfo (size_t &lOffset, size_t &lSize)
bool graphite2::TtfUtil::CheckHeader (const void *pHdr)
bool graphite2::TtfUtil::GetTableDirInfo (const void *pHdr, size_t &lOffset, size_t &lSize)
bool graphite2::TtfUtil::GetTableInfo (const Tag TableTag, const void *pHdr, const void *pTableDir, size_t &lOffset, size_t &lSize)
bool graphite2::TtfUtil::CheckTable (const Tag TableId, const void *pTable, size_t lTableSize)
size_t graphite2::TtfUtil::GlyphCount (const void *pMaxp)
int graphite2::TtfUtil::DesignUnits (const void *pHead)
bool graphite2::TtfUtil::GetNameInfo (const void *pName, int nPlatformId, int nEncodingId, int nLangId, int nNameId, size_t &lOffset, size_t &lSize)
bool graphite2::TtfUtil::HorMetrics (gid16 nGlyphId, const void *pHmtx, size_t lHmtxSize, const void *pHhea, int &nLsb, unsigned int &nAdvWid)
const voidgraphite2::TtfUtil::FindCmapSubtable (const void *pCmap, int nPlatformId=3, int nEncodingId=1, size_t length=0)
bool graphite2::TtfUtil::CheckCmapSubtable4 (const void *pCmap31, const void *pCmapEnd)
gid16 graphite2::TtfUtil::CmapSubtable4Lookup (const void *pCmapSubtabel4, unsigned int nUnicodeId, int rangeKey=0)
unsigned int graphite2::TtfUtil::CmapSubtable4NextCodepoint (const void *pCmap31, unsigned int nUnicodeId, int *pRangeKey=0)
bool graphite2::TtfUtil::CheckCmapSubtable12 (const void *pCmap310, const void *pCmapEnd)
gid16 graphite2::TtfUtil::CmapSubtable12Lookup (const void *pCmap310, unsigned int uUnicodeId, int rangeKey=0)
unsigned int graphite2::TtfUtil::CmapSubtable12NextCodepoint (const void *pCmap310, unsigned int nUnicodeId, int *pRangeKey=0)
size_t graphite2::TtfUtil::LocaLookup (gid16 nGlyphId, const void *pLoca, size_t lLocaSize, const void *pHead)
voidgraphite2::TtfUtil::GlyfLookup (const void *pGlyf, size_t lGlyfOffset, size_t lTableLen)
bool graphite2::TtfUtil::GlyfBox (const void *pSimpleGlyf, int &xMin, int &yMin, int &xMax, int &yMax)
voidgraphite2::TtfUtil::GlyfLookup (gid16 nGlyphId, const void *pGlyf, const void *pLoca, size_t lGlyfSize, size_t lLocaSize, const void *pHead)