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3 #include <stdio.h>
4 #include <stdlib.h>
5 #include <stdint.h>
6 #include <string.h>
7 #include <stdarg.h>
8 #include "dep/sds.h"
10 typedef struct caryll_Buffer {
11  size_t cursor;
12  size_t size;
13  size_t free;
17 caryll_Buffer *bufnew(void);
20 size_t buflen(caryll_Buffer *buf);
21 size_t bufpos(caryll_Buffer *buf);
22 void bufseek(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t pos);
25 void bufwrite8(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint8_t byte);
38 void bufwrite_str(caryll_Buffer *buf, const char *str);
39 void bufwrite_bytes(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t size, const uint8_t *str);
43 void bufping16b(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t *offset, size_t *cp);
44 void bufping16bd(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t *offset, size_t *shift, size_t *cp);
45 void bufpingpong16b(caryll_Buffer *buf, caryll_Buffer *that, size_t *offset, size_t *cp);
46 void bufpong(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t *offset, size_t *cp);
52 #endif
Definition: action.c:1035
#define n
Definition: t4ht.c:1290
#define shift
Definition: exp3.c:154
unsigned short uint16_t
Definition: stdint.h:79
unsigned int uint32_t
Definition: stdint.h:80
unsigned char uint8_t
Definition: stdint.h:78
unsigned __int64 uint64_t
Definition: stdint.h:90
#define buf
const int * pos
Definition: combiners.h:905
float x
Definition: cordic.py:15
static int size
Definition: ppmlabel.c:24
static int offset
Definition: ppmtogif.c:642
void bufwrite16l(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint16_t x)
Definition: buffer.c:53
void bufping16b(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t *offset, size_t *cp)
Definition: buffer.c:201
void bufpong(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t *offset, size_t *cp)
Definition: buffer.c:211
void bufwrite_buf(caryll_Buffer *buf, caryll_Buffer *that)
Definition: buffer.c:156
void bufwrite32l(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint32_t x)
Definition: buffer.c:75
void bufnwrite8(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint32_t n,...)
Definition: buffer.c:123
void bufclear(caryll_Buffer *buf)
Definition: buffer.c:24
void bufprint(caryll_Buffer *buf)
Definition: buffer.c:224
void bufwrite32b(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint32_t x)
Definition: buffer.c:82
void bufwrite_str(caryll_Buffer *buf, const char *str)
Definition: buffer.c:141
void buflongalign(caryll_Buffer *buf)
Definition: buffer.c:176
void bufping16bd(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t *offset, size_t *shift, size_t *cp)
Definition: buffer.c:206
void bufwrite8(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint8_t byte)
Definition: buffer.c:49
void bufpingpong16b(caryll_Buffer *buf, caryll_Buffer *that, size_t *offset, size_t *cp)
Definition: buffer.c:215
size_t bufpos(caryll_Buffer *buf)
Definition: buffer.c:18
size_t buflen(caryll_Buffer *buf)
Definition: buffer.c:15
void bufwrite64l(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint64_t x)
Definition: buffer.c:89
caryll_Buffer * bufninit(uint32_t n,...)
Definition: buffer.c:112
void buffree(caryll_Buffer *buf)
Definition: buffer.c:10
void bufwrite24b(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint32_t x)
Definition: buffer.c:69
void bufwrite_bufdel(caryll_Buffer *buf, caryll_Buffer *that)
Definition: buffer.c:163
void bufseek(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t pos)
Definition: buffer.c:21
void bufwrite64b(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint64_t x)
Definition: buffer.c:100
void bufwrite24l(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint32_t x)
Definition: buffer.c:63
void bufwrite16b(caryll_Buffer *buf, uint16_t x)
Definition: buffer.c:58
struct caryll_Buffer caryll_Buffer
void bufwrite_bytes(caryll_Buffer *buf, size_t size, const uint8_t *str)
Definition: buffer.c:149
caryll_Buffer * bufnew(void)
Definition: buffer.c:4
void bufwrite_sds(caryll_Buffer *buf, sds str)
Definition: buffer.c:133
char * sds
Definition: sds.h:41
#define str(s)
Definition: sh6.c:399
size_t free
Definition: buffer.h:13
size_t cursor
Definition: buffer.h:11
uint8_t * data
Definition: buffer.h:14
size_t size
Definition: buffer.h:12