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ctangle.c File Reference
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
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struct  name_info
struct  text
struct  output_state


#define banner   "This is CTANGLE (Version 4.2)" \
#define ctangle   false
#define cweave   true \
#define and_and   04
#define lt_lt   020
#define gt_gt   021
#define plus_plus   013
#define minus_minus   01
#define minus_gt   031
#define non_eq   032
#define lt_eq   034
#define gt_eq   035
#define eq_eq   036
#define or_or   037
#define dot_dot_dot   016
#define colon_colon   06
#define period_ast   026
#define minus_gt_ast   027 \
#define xisalpha(c)   (isalpha((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )
#define xisdigit(c)   (isdigit((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )
#define xisspace(c)   (isspace((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )
#define xislower(c)   (islower((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )
#define xisupper(c)   (isupper((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )
#define xisxdigit(c)   (isxdigit((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) ) \
#define max_include_depth   10 \
#define max_file_name_length   1024
#define cur_file   file[include_depth]
#define cur_file_name   file_name[include_depth]
#define cur_line   line[include_depth]
#define web_file   file[0]
#define web_file_name   file_name[0] \
#define length(c)   (size_t) ((c+1) ->byte_start-(c) ->byte_start)
#define print_id(c)   term_write((c) ->byte_start,length((c) ) )
#define llink   link
#define rlink   dummy.Rlink
#define root
#define spotless   0
#define harmless_message   1
#define error_message   2
#define fatal_message   3
#define mark_harmless   {if(history==spotless) history= harmless_message;}
#define mark_error   history= error_message
#define confusion(s)
#define show_banner   flags['b']
#define show_progress   flags['p']
#define show_stats   flags['s']
#define show_happiness   flags['h']
#define make_xrefs   flags['x'] \
#define update_terminal   fflush(stdout)
#define new_line   putchar('\n')
#define putxchar   putchar
#define term_write(a, b)   fflush(stdout) ,fwrite(a,sizeof(char) ,b,stdout)
#define C_printf(c, a)   fprintf(C_file,c,a)
#define C_putc(c)   putc(c,C_file) \
#define max_bytes   1000000 \
#define max_toks   1000000
#define max_names   10239 \
#define max_sections   4000
#define max_texts   10239
#define longest_name   10000
#define stack_size   500
#define buf_size   1000
#define long_buf_size   (buf_size+longest_name) \
#define equiv   equiv_or_xref \
#define section_flag   max_texts \
#define string   02
#define join   0177
#define output_defs_flag   (2*024000-1) \
#define cur_end   cur_state.end_field
#define cur_byte   cur_state.byte_field
#define cur_name   cur_state.name_field
#define cur_repl   cur_state.repl_field
#define cur_section   cur_state.section_field \
#define section_number   0201
#define identifier   0202 \
#define normal   0
#define num_or_id   1
#define post_slash   2
#define unbreakable   3
#define verbatim   4 \
#define max_files   256
#define translit_length   10 \
#define ignore   0
#define ord   0302
#define control_text   0303
#define translit_code   0304
#define output_defs_code   0305
#define format_code   0306
#define definition   0307
#define begin_C   0310
#define section_name   0311
#define new_section   0312 \
#define constant   03 \
#define isxalpha(c)   ((c) =='_'||(c) =='$') \
#define ishigh(c)
#define compress(c)   if(loc++<=limit) return c \
#define macro   0
#define app_repl(c)   {if(tok_ptr==tok_mem_end) overflow("token") ;*tok_ptr++= c;} \


typedef Bool__ boolean
typedef uint8_t eight_bits
typedef uint16_t sixteen_bits
typedef struct name_info name_info
typedef name_infoname_pointer
typedef name_pointerhash_pointer
typedef texttext_pointer
typedef output_statestack_pointer


boolean get_line (void)
void check_complete (void)
void reset_input (void)
boolean names_match (name_pointer, const char *, size_t, eight_bits)
name_pointer id_lookup (const char *, const char *, char)
name_pointer section_lookup (char *, char *, int)
void init_node (name_pointer)
void init_p (name_pointer, eight_bits)
void print_prefix_name (name_pointer)
void print_section_name (name_pointer)
void sprint_section_name (char *, name_pointer)
int wrap_up (void)
void err_print (const char *)
void fatal (const char *, const char *)
void overflow (const char *)
void common_init (void)
void print_stats (void)
static void store_two_bytes (sixteen_bits)
static void push_level (name_pointer)
static void pop_level (boolean)
static void get_output (void)
static void flush_buffer (void)
static void phase_two (void)
static void output_defs (void)
static void out_char (eight_bits)
static eight_bits skip_ahead (void)
static boolean skip_comment (boolean)
static eight_bits get_next (void)
static void scan_repl (eight_bits)
static void scan_section (void)
static void phase_one (void)
static void skip_limbo (void)
int main (int ac, char **av)


boolean program
int phase
char section_text []
char * section_text_end
char * id_first
char * id_loc
char buffer []
char * buffer_end
char * loc
char * limit
int include_depth
FILEfile []
char file_name [][1024]
char change_file_name []
int line []
int change_line
int change_depth
boolean input_has_ended
boolean changing
boolean web_file_open
sixteen_bits section_count
boolean changed_section []
boolean change_pending
boolean print_where
char byte_mem []
char * byte_mem_end
char * byte_ptr
name_info name_dir []
name_pointer name_dir_end
name_pointer name_ptr
name_pointer hash []
hash_pointer hash_end
hash_pointer h
int history
int argc
char ** argv
char C_file_name []
char tex_file_name []
char idx_file_name []
char scn_file_name []
boolean flags []
static text text_info [10239]
static text_pointer text_info_end = text_info+ 10239 -1
static text_pointer text_ptr
static eight_bits tok_mem [1000000]
static eight_bitstok_mem_end = tok_mem+ 1000000 -1
static eight_bitstok_ptr
static text_pointer last_unnamed
static output_state cur_state
static output_state stack [500+1]
static stack_pointer stack_end = stack+ 500
static stack_pointer stack_ptr
static int cur_val
static eight_bits out_state
static boolean protect
static name_pointer output_files [256]
static name_pointercur_out_file
static name_pointerend_output_files
static name_pointeran_output_file
static char cur_section_name_char
static char output_file_name [10000+1]
static boolean output_defs_seen = 0
static char translit [128][10]
static eight_bits ccode [256]
static boolean comment_continues = 0
static name_pointer cur_section_name
static boolean no_where
static text_pointer cur_text
static eight_bits next_control

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ and_and

#define and_and   04

Definition at line 23 of file ctangle.c.

◆ app_repl

#define app_repl (   c)    {if(tok_ptr==tok_mem_end) overflow("token") ;*tok_ptr++= c;} \

Definition at line 143 of file ctangle.c.

◆ banner

#define banner   "This is CTANGLE (Version 4.2)" \

Definition at line 18 of file ctangle.c.

◆ begin_C

#define begin_C   0310

Definition at line 129 of file ctangle.c.

◆ buf_size

#define buf_size   1000

Definition at line 93 of file ctangle.c.

◆ C_printf

#define C_printf (   c,
)    fprintf(C_file,c,a)

Definition at line 81 of file ctangle.c.

◆ C_putc

#define C_putc (   c)    putc(c,C_file) \

Definition at line 82 of file ctangle.c.

◆ colon_colon

#define colon_colon   06

Definition at line 35 of file ctangle.c.

◆ compress

#define compress (   c)    if(loc++<=limit) return c \

Definition at line 140 of file ctangle.c.

◆ confusion

#define confusion (   s)
fatal("! This can't happen: ",s) \
#define s
Definition: afcover.h:80
void fatal(const char *, const char *)
Definition: cwebboot.c:1374

Definition at line 68 of file ctangle.c.

◆ constant

#define constant   03 \

Definition at line 133 of file ctangle.c.

◆ control_text

#define control_text   0303

Definition at line 124 of file ctangle.c.

◆ ctangle

#define ctangle   false

Definition at line 20 of file ctangle.c.

◆ cur_byte

#define cur_byte   cur_state.byte_field

Definition at line 105 of file ctangle.c.

◆ cur_end

#define cur_end   cur_state.end_field

Definition at line 104 of file ctangle.c.

◆ cur_file

#define cur_file   file[include_depth]

Definition at line 49 of file ctangle.c.

◆ cur_file_name

#define cur_file_name   file_name[include_depth]

Definition at line 50 of file ctangle.c.

◆ cur_line

#define cur_line   line[include_depth]

Definition at line 51 of file ctangle.c.

◆ cur_name

#define cur_name   cur_state.name_field

Definition at line 106 of file ctangle.c.

◆ cur_repl

#define cur_repl   cur_state.repl_field

Definition at line 107 of file ctangle.c.

◆ cur_section

#define cur_section   cur_state.section_field \

Definition at line 108 of file ctangle.c.

◆ cweave

#define cweave   true \

Definition at line 21 of file ctangle.c.

◆ definition

#define definition   0307

Definition at line 128 of file ctangle.c.

◆ dot_dot_dot

#define dot_dot_dot   016

Definition at line 34 of file ctangle.c.

◆ eq_eq

#define eq_eq   036

Definition at line 32 of file ctangle.c.

◆ equiv

#define equiv   equiv_or_xref \

Definition at line 96 of file ctangle.c.

◆ error_message

#define error_message   2

Definition at line 64 of file ctangle.c.

◆ fatal_message

#define fatal_message   3

Definition at line 65 of file ctangle.c.

◆ format_code

#define format_code   0306

Definition at line 127 of file ctangle.c.

◆ gt_eq

#define gt_eq   035

Definition at line 31 of file ctangle.c.

◆ gt_gt

#define gt_gt   021

Definition at line 25 of file ctangle.c.

◆ harmless_message

#define harmless_message   1

Definition at line 63 of file ctangle.c.

◆ identifier

#define identifier   0202 \

Definition at line 111 of file ctangle.c.

◆ ignore

#define ignore (   void)    0

Definition at line 122 of file ctangle.c.

◆ ishigh

#define ishigh (   c)
((eight_bits) (c) > 0177) \
#define c(n)
Definition: gpos-common.c:150
uint8_t eight_bits
Definition: ctangle.c:152

Definition at line 137 of file ctangle.c.

◆ isxalpha

#define isxalpha (   c)    ((c) =='_'||(c) =='$') \

Definition at line 135 of file ctangle.c.

◆ join

#define join   0177

Definition at line 101 of file ctangle.c.

◆ length

#define length (   c)    (size_t) ((c+1) ->byte_start-(c) ->byte_start)

Definition at line 55 of file ctangle.c.

◆ llink

#define llink   link

Definition at line 57 of file ctangle.c.

◆ long_buf_size

#define long_buf_size   (buf_size+longest_name) \

Definition at line 94 of file ctangle.c.

◆ longest_name

#define longest_name   10000

Definition at line 91 of file ctangle.c.

◆ lt_eq

#define lt_eq   034

Definition at line 30 of file ctangle.c.

◆ lt_lt

#define lt_lt   020

Definition at line 24 of file ctangle.c.

◆ macro

#define macro   0

Definition at line 142 of file ctangle.c.

◆ make_xrefs

#define make_xrefs   flags['x'] \

Definition at line 75 of file ctangle.c.

◆ mark_error

#define mark_error (   void)    history= error_message

Definition at line 67 of file ctangle.c.

◆ mark_harmless

#define mark_harmless   {if(history==spotless) history= harmless_message;}

Definition at line 66 of file ctangle.c.

◆ max_bytes

#define max_bytes   1000000 \

Definition at line 84 of file ctangle.c.

◆ max_file_name_length

#define max_file_name_length   1024

Definition at line 48 of file ctangle.c.

◆ max_files

#define max_files   256

Definition at line 119 of file ctangle.c.

◆ max_include_depth

#define max_include_depth   10 \

Definition at line 46 of file ctangle.c.

◆ max_names

#define max_names   10239 \

Definition at line 87 of file ctangle.c.

◆ max_sections

#define max_sections   4000

Definition at line 89 of file ctangle.c.

◆ max_texts

#define max_texts   10239

Definition at line 90 of file ctangle.c.

◆ max_toks

#define max_toks   1000000

Definition at line 86 of file ctangle.c.

◆ minus_gt

#define minus_gt   031

Definition at line 28 of file ctangle.c.

◆ minus_gt_ast

#define minus_gt_ast   027 \

Definition at line 37 of file ctangle.c.

◆ minus_minus

#define minus_minus   01

Definition at line 27 of file ctangle.c.

◆ new_line

#define new_line (   void)    putchar('\n')

Definition at line 78 of file ctangle.c.

◆ new_section

#define new_section   0312 \

Definition at line 131 of file ctangle.c.

◆ non_eq

#define non_eq   032

Definition at line 29 of file ctangle.c.

◆ normal

#define normal (   void)    0

Definition at line 113 of file ctangle.c.

◆ num_or_id

#define num_or_id   1

Definition at line 114 of file ctangle.c.

◆ or_or

#define or_or   037

Definition at line 33 of file ctangle.c.

◆ ord

#define ord   0302

Definition at line 123 of file ctangle.c.

◆ output_defs_code

#define output_defs_code   0305

Definition at line 126 of file ctangle.c.

◆ output_defs_flag

#define output_defs_flag   (2*024000-1) \

Definition at line 102 of file ctangle.c.

◆ period_ast

#define period_ast   026

Definition at line 36 of file ctangle.c.

◆ plus_plus

#define plus_plus   013

Definition at line 26 of file ctangle.c.

◆ post_slash

#define post_slash   2

Definition at line 115 of file ctangle.c.

◆ print_id

#define print_id (   c)    term_write((c) ->byte_start,length((c) ) )

Definition at line 56 of file ctangle.c.

◆ putxchar

#define putxchar   putchar

Definition at line 79 of file ctangle.c.

◆ rlink

#define rlink   dummy.Rlink

Definition at line 58 of file ctangle.c.

◆ root

#define root
name_dir->rlink \
name_info name_dir[]
Definition: cwebboot.c:349

Definition at line 59 of file ctangle.c.

◆ section_flag

#define section_flag   max_texts \

Definition at line 98 of file ctangle.c.

◆ section_name

#define section_name   0311

Definition at line 130 of file ctangle.c.

◆ section_number

#define section_number   0201

Definition at line 110 of file ctangle.c.

◆ show_banner

#define show_banner   flags['b']

Definition at line 71 of file ctangle.c.

◆ show_happiness

#define show_happiness   flags['h']

Definition at line 74 of file ctangle.c.

◆ show_progress

#define show_progress   flags['p']

Definition at line 72 of file ctangle.c.

◆ show_stats

#define show_stats   flags['s']

Definition at line 73 of file ctangle.c.

◆ spotless

#define spotless   0

Definition at line 62 of file ctangle.c.

◆ stack_size

#define stack_size   500

Definition at line 92 of file ctangle.c.

◆ string

#define string   02

Definition at line 100 of file ctangle.c.

◆ term_write

#define term_write (   a,
)    fflush(stdout) ,fwrite(a,sizeof(char) ,b,stdout)

Definition at line 80 of file ctangle.c.

◆ translit_code

#define translit_code   0304

Definition at line 125 of file ctangle.c.

◆ translit_length

#define translit_length   10 \

Definition at line 120 of file ctangle.c.

◆ unbreakable

#define unbreakable   3

Definition at line 116 of file ctangle.c.

◆ update_terminal

#define update_terminal (   void)    fflush(stdout)

Definition at line 77 of file ctangle.c.

◆ verbatim

#define verbatim   4 \

Definition at line 117 of file ctangle.c.

◆ web_file

#define web_file   file[0]

Definition at line 52 of file ctangle.c.

◆ web_file_name

#define web_file_name   file_name[0] \

Definition at line 53 of file ctangle.c.

◆ xisalpha

#define xisalpha (   c)    (isalpha((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )

Definition at line 39 of file ctangle.c.

◆ xisdigit

#define xisdigit (   c)    (isdigit((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )

Definition at line 40 of file ctangle.c.

◆ xislower

#define xislower (   c)    (islower((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )

Definition at line 42 of file ctangle.c.

◆ xisspace

#define xisspace (   c)    (isspace((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )

Definition at line 41 of file ctangle.c.

◆ xisupper

#define xisupper (   c)    (isupper((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) )

Definition at line 43 of file ctangle.c.

◆ xisxdigit

#define xisxdigit (   c)    (isxdigit((eight_bits) c) &&((eight_bits) c<0200) ) \

Definition at line 44 of file ctangle.c.

Typedef Documentation

◆ boolean

typedef Bool__ boolean

Definition at line 151 of file ctangle.c.

◆ eight_bits

Definition at line 152 of file ctangle.c.

◆ hash_pointer

Definition at line 211 of file ctangle.c.

◆ name_info

typedef struct name_info name_info

◆ name_pointer

Definition at line 210 of file ctangle.c.

◆ sixteen_bits

Definition at line 153 of file ctangle.c.

◆ stack_pointer

Definition at line 269 of file ctangle.c.

◆ text_pointer

typedef text* text_pointer

Definition at line 257 of file ctangle.c.

Function Documentation

◆ check_complete()

void check_complete ( void  )

◆ common_init()

◆ err_print()

◆ fatal()

void fatal ( const char *  s,
const char *  t 

Definition at line 1374 of file cwebboot.c.

References err_print(), exit(), fatal_message, history, s, and wrap_up().

Referenced by common_init(), get_line(), overflow(), reset_input(), and scan_args().

◆ flush_buffer()

static void flush_buffer ( void  )

Definition at line 637 of file ctangle.c.

References C_putc, cur_line, printf(), show_progress, and update_terminal.

Referenced by out_char(), output_defs(), and phase_two().

◆ get_line()

◆ get_next()

◆ get_output()

◆ id_lookup()

name_pointer id_lookup ( const char *  first,
const char *  last,
char  t 

◆ init_node()

void init_node ( name_pointer  node)

Definition at line 533 of file ctangle.c.

References text_info.

Referenced by add_section_name().

◆ init_p()

void init_p ( name_pointer  p,
eight_bits  t 

Definition at line 539 of file ctangle.c.

References p, and void.

Referenced by id_lookup().

◆ main()

int main ( int  ac,
char **  av 

© 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others. License & terms of use: http://www.unicode.org/copyright.html

COPYRIGHT: Copyright (c) 1999-2003, International Business Machines Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.

© 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others. License & terms of use: http://www.unicode.org/copyright.html

COPYRIGHT: Copyright (c) 1999-2002, International Business Machines Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.

Definition at line 447 of file ctangle.c.

References argc, argv, banner, begin_C, c, ccode, common_init(), control_text, ctangle, cur_out_file, definition, end_output_files, format_code, i, ignore, init_node(), join, last_unnamed, max_files, name_dir, new_section, ord, output_defs_code, output_files, phase_one(), phase_two(), program, section_name, section_text, show_banner, sprintf, string, text_info, text::text_link, text_ptr, tok_mem, tok_ptr, text::tok_start, translit, translit_code, and wrap_up().

◆ names_match()

boolean names_match ( name_pointer  p,
const char *  first,
size_t  l,
eight_bits  t 

Definition at line 519 of file ctangle.c.

References first, cutout::l, length, p, strncmp(), and void.

Referenced by id_lookup().

◆ out_char()

◆ output_defs()

◆ overflow()

void overflow ( const char *  t)

Definition at line 1385 of file cwebboot.c.

References _, fatal(), and printf().

Referenced by add_section_name(), extend_section_name(), and id_lookup().

◆ phase_one()

static void phase_one ( void  )

Definition at line 1542 of file ctangle.c.

References check_complete(), input_has_ended, phase, reset_input(), scan_section(), section_count, and skip_limbo().

Referenced by main().

◆ phase_two()

◆ pop_level()

static void pop_level ( boolean  flag)

Definition at line 574 of file ctangle.c.

References cur_byte, cur_end, cur_repl, cur_state, section_flag, stack_ptr, and text_info.

Referenced by get_output(), and output_defs().

◆ print_prefix_name()

void print_prefix_name ( name_pointer  p)

Definition at line 1058 of file cwebboot.c.

References name_info::byte_start, first_chunk, cutout::l, p, prefix_length, s, and term_write.

Referenced by section_lookup().

◆ print_section_name()

void print_section_name ( name_pointer  p)

Definition at line 1014 of file cwebboot.c.

References name_info::byte_start, first_chunk, name_dir, NULL, p, q, s, and term_write.

Referenced by section_lookup().

◆ print_stats()

void print_stats ( void  )

Definition at line 1614 of file ctangle.c.

References byte_mem, byte_ptr, max_bytes, max_names, max_texts, max_toks, name_dir, name_ptr, printf(), text_info, text_ptr, tok_mem, and tok_ptr.

Referenced by wrap_up().

◆ push_level()

static void push_level ( name_pointer  p)

Definition at line 557 of file ctangle.c.

References cur_byte, cur_end, cur_name, cur_repl, cur_section, cur_state, NULL, overflow(), p, stack_end, and stack_ptr.

Referenced by get_output(), and output_defs().

◆ reset_input()

◆ scan_repl()

◆ scan_section()

◆ section_lookup()

◆ skip_ahead()

static eight_bits skip_ahead ( void  )

Definition at line 869 of file ctangle.c.

References c, ccode, get_line(), ignore, limit, loc, and new_section.

Referenced by get_next(), scan_section(), and skip_limbo().

◆ skip_comment()

static boolean skip_comment ( boolean  is_long_comment)

Definition at line 886 of file ctangle.c.

References c, ccode, comment_continues, err_print(), get_line(), limit, loc, and new_section.

Referenced by get_next().

◆ skip_limbo()

◆ sprint_section_name()

void sprint_section_name ( char *  dest,
name_pointer  p 

Definition at line 1035 of file cwebboot.c.

References name_info::byte_start, dest, first_chunk, name_dir, p, q, s, and strncpy().

◆ store_two_bytes()

static void store_two_bytes ( sixteen_bits  x)

Definition at line 545 of file ctangle.c.

References overflow(), tok_mem_end, tok_ptr, and cordic::x.

Referenced by get_next(), scan_repl(), and scan_section().

◆ wrap_up()

Variable Documentation

◆ active_file

FILE* active_file

Definition at line 394 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ an_output_file

name_pointer * an_output_file

Definition at line 313 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_next(), and phase_two().

◆ argc

int argc

Definition at line 1664 of file t4ht.c.

◆ argv

char** argv

Definition at line 9 of file config.h.

◆ buffer

char buffer[]

Definition at line 182 of file afm2pl.c.

◆ buffer_end

char* buffer_end

Definition at line 308 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by input_ln().

◆ byte_mem

char byte_mem[]

Definition at line 347 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by common_init().

◆ byte_mem_end

char* byte_mem_end

Definition at line 348 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by add_section_name(), extend_section_name(), and id_lookup().

◆ byte_ptr

char* byte_ptr

Definition at line 355 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by add_section_name(), common_init(), extend_section_name(), and id_lookup().

◆ C_file

FILE* C_file

Definition at line 387 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by common_init(), and wrap_up().

◆ C_file_name

char C_file_name[]

Definition at line 375 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by common_init(), and scan_args().

◆ ccode

eight_bits ccode[256]

Definition at line 330 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_next(), main(), skip_ahead(), skip_comment(), and skip_limbo().

◆ change_depth

int change_depth

Definition at line 324 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_change(), check_complete(), err_print(), get_line(), and reset_input().

◆ change_file

FILE* change_file

Definition at line 317 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_change(), get_line(), prime_the_change_buffer(), and reset_input().

◆ change_file_name

char change_file_name[]

Definition at line 320 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by reset_input(), and scan_args().

◆ change_line

int change_line

Definition at line 323 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_change(), err_print(), get_line(), prime_the_change_buffer(), and reset_input().

◆ change_pending

boolean change_pending

Definition at line 340 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_change(), and get_line().

◆ changed_section

boolean changed_section[]

Definition at line 339 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_change(), and get_line().

◆ changing

boolean changing

Definition at line 326 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_change(), check_complete(), err_print(), get_line(), and reset_input().

◆ comment_continues

boolean comment_continues = 0

Definition at line 335 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_next(), and skip_comment().

◆ cur_out_file

name_pointer* cur_out_file

Definition at line 313 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_next(), main(), and phase_two().

◆ cur_section_name

name_pointer cur_section_name

Definition at line 340 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_next(), scan_repl(), and scan_section().

◆ cur_section_name_char

char cur_section_name_char

Definition at line 314 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_next().

◆ cur_state

output_state cur_state

Definition at line 292 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by pop_level(), and push_level().

◆ cur_text

text_pointer cur_text

Definition at line 346 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by output_defs(), scan_repl(), and scan_section().

◆ cur_val

int cur_val

Definition at line 301 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_output(), out_char(), and output_defs().

◆ end_output_files

name_pointer * end_output_files

Definition at line 313 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_next(), main(), and phase_two().

◆ file

FILE* file[]

Definition at line 930 of file t4ht.c.

Referenced by __gmp_tmp_debug_mark(), _cairo_output_stream_create_for_file(), _cairo_output_stream_create_for_filename(), _Ex_ExpandField(), addFile(), cff_openStream(), convertpng(), createCommonDataFile(), dir_len(), do_jpeg(), dump_alttable(), HtmlPage::dumpComplexHeaders(), DumpGlyphToNameMap(), Package::extractItem(), FcConfigGetFilename(), FcConfigNewestFile(), FcConfigParseAndLoadDir(), FcFileScanConfig(), FcFreeTypeQueryFaceInternal(), FcStrCanonAbsoluteFilename(), FcStrCanonFilename(), FcStrDirname(), file_base_name(), GlobalParams::findCMapFile(), FontMap::FontMap(), ft_ansi_stream_io(), FT_Stream_Open(), gabc_notes_determination__init_buffer(), gabc_score_determination__init_buffer(), get_filename_table_size(), get_name(), get_tmpfile(), AnnotFileAttachment::getFile(), getinit(), HtmlOutputDev::getLinkDest(), GlobalParams::getUnicodeMapFile(), gregorio_kpse_find(), gregorio_vowel_rulefile__init_buffer(), handleFile(), if(), installed_truetype(), installed_type1(), installed_type1_dotlessj(), installed_type42(), iof_close_file(), iof_copy_file_data(), iof_file_close_input(), iof_file_free(), iof_file_reader_from_file(), iof_file_reclose_input(), iof_file_reopen_input(), iof_file_size(), iof_filter_file_reader(), iof_filter_file_writer(), iof_reader_to_file(), iof_reader_to_file_handle(), iof_write_file(), iof_write_iofile(), jbg_enc_init(), jpeg_open(), library_search(), locate_encoding(), main(), mrb_code_fetch_hook(), mrb_debug_list(), mrb_ftruncate(), mrb_init_file(), mrb_ptexenc_set_enc_string(), new_job(), openFile(), GlobalParams::parseUnicodeToUnicode(), pdf_file_new(), pdf_open(), pfed_dump(), pkg_createWithoutAssemblyCode(), png_image_begin_read_from_stdio(), png_image_write_to_stdio(), ppdoc_load(), print_encoding(), print_info_stopped_break(), read_debug_record(), read_file(), readFile(), woff2::ReadFont(), woff2::ReadFontCollection(), readList(), search_file(), selective_vpath_search(), SFApplyFeatureFile(), source_file_new(), strip_trailing_slashes(), T_FileStream_open(), tex_dump(), u_parseDelimitedFile(), update_odir(), while(), Package::writePackage(), writePageImage(), yy_init_buffer(), zzip_disk_entry_fopen(), zzip_entry_fopen(), and zzip_mem_entry_fopen().

◆ file_name

char file_name[][1024]

Definition at line 318 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_top_level_end(), input_file(), main(), print_bad_match(), push(), and yylex().

◆ flags

boolean flags[]

Definition at line 1168 of file t4ht.c.

Referenced by dump(), FigureAlternates(), if(), readin(), readttf(), scan_args(), and while().

◆ h

hash_pointer h

Definition at line 9 of file dviconv.c.

Referenced by __ac_X31_hash_string(), __gmpn_bdiv_dbm1c(), __gmpn_divexact_1(), __gmpn_modexact_1c_odd(), __gmpn_mul_fft(), __gmpn_mullo_basecase(), __gmpn_pi1_bdiv_q_1(), __gmpn_tdiv_qr(), __synctex_kern_visible_h(), __synctex_rule_visible_h(), __transform(), _blit_spans(), _blit_xrgb32_lerp_spans(), _cairo_arc_segment(), _cairo_bentley_ottmann_tessellate_boxes(), _cairo_box_from_integers(), _cairo_boxes_init_from_rectangle(), _cairo_matrix_transformed_circle_major_axis(), _cairo_pdf_surface_add_padded_image_surface(), _cairo_ps_surface_create_padded_image_from_image(), _cairo_rtree_node_insert(), _cairo_string_hash(), _cairo_uint32s_to_uint64(), _cmsCompileProfileSequence(), _cmsCreateSubAlloc(), _cmsHalf2Float(), _cmsSubAlloc(), _cmsSubAllocDestroy(), _CubicSolve(), _fill16_spans(), _fill32_spans(), _fill8_spans(), _fill_a8_lerp_opaque_spans(), _fill_a8_lerp_spans(), _fill_xrender_bitmap(), _fill_xrgb32_lerp_opaque_spans(), _fill_xrgb32_lerp_spans(), _init_from_image(), _inplace_opacity_spans(), _inplace_spans(), _inplace_src_opacity_spans(), _inplace_src_spans(), _InterpretPS(), _mono_spans(), _mono_unbounded_spans(), _SHA256_transform(), _synctex_data_decode_tlchvwhd(), _synctex_parse_new_ref(), _synctex_vertically_sorted_v2(), absDifferenceLow(), accumulateLow(), Dict::add(), NameToCharCode::add(), GHash::add(), add_block(), add_entry(), add_raster_data(), add_to_table(), addConstantGrayLow(), addGrayLow(), AddHintSet(), PDFCore::addToHistory(), adjacentOnPixelInRaster(), affineInterpolatedLow(), alloc_header(), alloca(), analysis_color_glyph(), TileCompositor::applySelection(), aptex_vdbg_bop(), aptex_vdbg_node_char(), aptex_vdbg_node_rule(), ar_adjust_ea(), ar_compress(), ar_delete(), ar_free(), ar_get(), ar_init(), ar_rehash(), ar_set(), ar_shift(), atan2deg(), avl_cat(), avl_del_first(), avl_del_last(), avl_split(), axboverc(), bbdopage(), bbspecial(), beginDocument(), beginPage(), SplashOutputDev::beginTransparencyGroup(), BezierOval(), Terminal::bgcolor(), bilinearInterpolatedLow(), TileCompositor::blit(), Splash::blitCorrectedAlpha(), Splash::blitImage(), Splash::blitImageClipped(), Splash::blitMask(), Splash::blitTransparent(), blockconvAccumLow(), blockconvLow(), blocksumLow(), blt_in(), bm_new(), bm_readbody_pnm(), bm_resize(), bm_writepbm(), bmeps_bb(), bmeps_begin_image(), bmeps_draft(), bmeps_header(), bmeps_jpg_wh(), bmeps_png_wh(), bmeps_pnm(), bmeps_pnm_bb(), bmeps_pnm_wh(), bmeps_tiff_bb(), bmeps_tiff_wh(), bmeps_wh(), bmp_outline(), bopcolor(), boxaReadStream(), boxaRemoveLargeComponents(), boxaRemoveSmallComponents(), boxaSizeRange(), boxClipToRectangle(), boxCreate(), build_page(), buildRule(), BuiltinFontWidths::BuiltinFontWidths(), calc_pdfpos(), ccbaDisplayImage1(), ccbaDisplayImage2(), ccbaReadStream(), ccbaWriteStream(), cff_make_fd_dict(), cffstrings_to_indexblob(), char_height(), PDFCore::checkInvalidate(), PSOutputDev::checkPageSlice(), classCompatible(), clear_hyppat_hash(), clear_state_hash(), TileCompositor::clearBitmap(), ClearHash(), clearkeys(), cleartable(), clearvalues(), closedir(), cmsCIECAM02Reverse(), cmsDesaturateLab(), cmsIT8SetDataFormat(), cmsLab2LCh(), cmsLCh2Lab(), FileSystem::collect(), combine_the_toks(), common_init(), compare_json_objects(), Splash::composite(), composite_box(), composite_opacity(), Splash::compositeWithOverprint(), compute_h_episema(), compute_hash(), computeBSize(), computeCSize(), computeDSize(), ConflictsWithMask(), consolidate_chaining(), consolidate_GDEF(), consolidate_gpos_cursive(), consolidate_gpos_single(), consolidate_gsub_multi(), consolidate_gsub_reverse(), consolidate_gsub_single(), consolidateFDSelect(), convertHSVToRGB(), convertJpegToPSEmbed(), convertJpegToPSString(), convertRGBToHSV(), convertTiffG4ToPSEmbed(), convertTiffG4ToPSString(), convertTiffMultipageToPS(), coord_range_x(), coord_range_y(), copy_node_list(), copy_sa_tree(), copy_variants(), CopyHPFile(), CreateFullColorWindow(), createGlyphOrder(), createstrobj(), crosses(), Terminal::cursor(), cut_vector(), dec(), decExpOp(), decode(), DCTStream::decodeImage(), depth(), destroy_sa_tree(), detach_node(), detect_outer_loop(), dev_dospecial(), dfd_movedown_v(), dfd_moveover(), dfd_setrule(), dfd_setrule_v(), dilateGrayLow(), Display(), disposeHandle(), distanceFunctionLow(), ditherTo2bppLow(), ditherToBinaryLow(), ditherToBinaryLUTLow(), do_character(), do_copy_node_list(), do_dvi_pages(), do_lang_hyphenate(), do_make_math_accent(), do_pos_special(), do_ps_text(), do_text(), do_unaligned_row(), do_vf(), DoBitmap(), DoGamma(), DoKillDim(), dopage(), RegexCompile::doParseActions(), Gfx::doRadialShFill(), DoSpecial(), dospecial(), dotest(), draw_image_boxes(), AcroFormField::drawBarcode(), drawBarcode(), Splash::drawImage(), DStemInfoCopy(), DStemInfoFree(), DStemInfosFree(), dump_bitmap(), dump_sa_tree(), DumpHints(), DumpRefsHints(), dviconv(), PsSpecialHandler::dviEndPage(), DVIToSVG::dviPop(), DVIToSVG::dviSetChar0(), DVIToSVG::dviSetRule(), DVIToSVG::dviXGlyphArray(), DVIToSVG::dviXGlyphString(), ea_get_by_key(), edgemax(), edgemin(), end_h_episema(), End_Profile(), HtmlPage::endString(), erodeGrayLow(), __gmp_binary_plus::eval(), __gmp_binary_minus::eval(), __gmp_binary_multiplies::eval(), __gmp_binary_divides::eval(), __gmp_hypot_function::eval(), GHash::expand(), Dict::expand(), extractJpegDataFromArray(), extractTiffG4DataFromFile(), FcLangSetHash(), FcListPatternHash(), FcListValueListHash(), FcPatternHash(), FcStrHashIgnoreBlanksAndCase(), FcStrHashIgnoreCase(), FcStringHash(), FcVStackElements(), fdilate_1_0(), fdilate_1_1(), fdilate_1_10(), fdilate_1_11(), fdilate_1_12(), fdilate_1_13(), fdilate_1_14(), fdilate_1_15(), fdilate_1_16(), fdilate_1_17(), fdilate_1_18(), fdilate_1_19(), fdilate_1_2(), fdilate_1_20(), fdilate_1_21(), fdilate_1_22(), fdilate_1_23(), fdilate_1_24(), fdilate_1_25(), fdilate_1_26(), fdilate_1_27(), fdilate_1_28(), fdilate_1_29(), fdilate_1_3(), fdilate_1_30(), fdilate_1_31(), fdilate_1_32(), fdilate_1_33(), fdilate_1_34(), fdilate_1_35(), fdilate_1_36(), fdilate_1_37(), fdilate_1_38(), fdilate_1_39(), fdilate_1_4(), fdilate_1_40(), fdilate_1_41(), fdilate_1_5(), fdilate_1_6(), fdilate_1_7(), fdilate_1_8(), fdilate_1_9(), fdilate_dm_5(), fdilate_dp_5(), fdilate_h_3(), fdilate_h_5(), fdilate_h_7(), fdilate_h_9(), fdilate_sq_3(), fdilate_sq_5(), fdilate_v_3(), fdilate_v_5(), fdilate_v_7(), fdilate_v_9(), ferode_1_0(), ferode_1_1(), ferode_1_10(), ferode_1_11(), ferode_1_12(), ferode_1_13(), ferode_1_14(), ferode_1_15(), ferode_1_16(), ferode_1_17(), ferode_1_18(), ferode_1_19(), ferode_1_2(), ferode_1_20(), ferode_1_21(), ferode_1_22(), ferode_1_23(), ferode_1_24(), ferode_1_25(), ferode_1_26(), ferode_1_27(), ferode_1_28(), ferode_1_29(), ferode_1_3(), ferode_1_30(), ferode_1_31(), ferode_1_32(), ferode_1_33(), ferode_1_34(), ferode_1_35(), ferode_1_36(), ferode_1_37(), ferode_1_38(), ferode_1_39(), ferode_1_4(), ferode_1_40(), ferode_1_41(), ferode_1_5(), ferode_1_6(), ferode_1_7(), ferode_1_8(), ferode_1_9(), ferode_dm_5(), ferode_dp_5(), ferode_h_3(), ferode_h_5(), ferode_h_7(), ferode_h_9(), ferode_sq_3(), ferode_sq_5(), ferode_v_3(), ferode_v_5(), ferode_v_7(), ferode_v_9(), Terminal::fgcolor(), fhmt_1_0(), fhmt_1_1(), fhmt_1_2(), fhmt_1_3(), fhmt_1_4(), fhmt_1_5(), fhmtgen_low_1(), TileCompositor::fill(), fill(), fill_boxes(), Splash::fillImageMask(), fillPagePrinterOptions(), filtered_vpackage(), finalAccumulateLow(), finalPositioningForAlignment(), Dict::find(), find(), GHash::find(), find_block(), graphite2::Zones::find_exclusion_under(), findn(), findSimilarSizedTemplates(), first_fit(), fmorphopgen_low_1(), FN(), font_char_from_lua(), font_char_to_lua(), font_commands_to_lua(), font_tex_direct_kerning(), font_tex_direct_ligaturing(), font_tex_kerning(), font_tex_ligaturing(), fontop_consolidateClassDef(), fontop_consolidateCoverage(), Splash::forceDeferredInit(), fptr_finalize(), fract(), freadHeaderTiff(), free_block(), free_code(), FT_Match_Size(), FT_Request_Metrics(), gc_alloc(), gc_collect(), gc_dump(), gdImageArc(), gdImageCopy(), gdImageCopyMerge(), gdImageCopyMergeGray(), gdImageCreateFromXbm(), gdImageEllipse(), gdImageFilledArc(), gdImageFilledEllipse(), gen_bitlen(), generate_row(), generateBinaryMaze(), ShadingImage::generateRadialBitmap(), get_cat_code(), get_extern(), get_hj_code(), get_sa_item(), TileCompositor::getBitmap(), getCropSize(), getCutPathForHole(), getdetails(), Bitmap::getExtent(), gethash(), GetHereDocuments(), GetHSV(), Splash::getImageScaler(), GlobalParams::getMaxTileHeight(), GetMLUFromProfile(), getnativechardp(), getnativecharht(), GfxCIDFont::getNextChar(), getnumlimit(), getoption(), GetPngSize(), GlobalParams::getPSPaperHeight(), getResA4Page(), getResLetterPage(), GetRGB(), Splash::getScaledImage(), getsize(), GfxCIDFont::getVerticalMetrics(), BuiltinFontWidths::getWidth(), PDFCore::getWindowPageRange(), TileMap::getWindowPageRange(), GHash::GHash(), gimpts_drawable_packpal(), gimpts_indexed_packpal(), gimpts_rgb2indexed(), glorpline(), glyf_glyph_dump_maskdefs(), glyph_height(), gm_new(), gm_resize(), gtStripContig(), gtStripSeparate(), gtTileContig(), gtTileSeparate(), h_clear(), h_delete(), h_free_table(), h_get(), h_init(), h_rehash(), h_replace(), h_set(), h_shift(), halve(), handle_consolidateTo(), hash(), Dict::hash(), BuiltinFontWidths::hash(), NameToCharCode::hash(), Hash(), GHash::hash(), Hash14(), hash_replace(), HasHash(), HashBytes(), HashBytesAtOffset(), CollationSettings::hashCode(), GfxFontDict::hashFontObject(), GfxFontDict::hashFontObject1(), HashWord(), hextoint(), HintNew(), HintsAppend(), HintsFree(), HintsRenumber(), hj_codes_from_lc_codes(), hnj_string_hash(), horizontalmove(), hpack(), Color::HSB2RGB(), hsv_rgb(), ht_adjust_ea(), ht_delete(), ht_dup(), ht_free(), ht_get(), ht_init(), ht_rehash(), ht_set(), ht_set_as_ar(), ht_set_without_ib_adjustment(), ht_shift(), ht_to_ar(), huft_build(), hyphenate(), i965_shader_add_rectangle(), ib_init(), ib_it_init(), id_lookup(), in_xpm_reader(), inflate_blocks(), PSOutputDev::init(), Terminal::init(), init_hash(), init_hilbert(), initex_cat_codes(), initHandle(), initheader(), initpage(), inline_image_length(), InsertHash(), int_downsample(), int_upsample(), integral(), internshrstr(), interpolate(), interpolate_cubic(), interpolate_linear(), is_4th_alpha(), jbDataRead(), jbDataRender(), jbDataWrite(), jbGetLLCorners(), jbig2enc_symboltable(), jis2sjis(), jpg_run(), just_copy(), kpathsea_tex_hush(), l_eval(), l_f(), lang_tex_direct_hyphenating(), lang_tex_hyphenating(), LinearInterp(), lj_cf_jit_attach(), lj_cf_table_new(), lj_opt_fold(), lj_str_new(), lj_str_resize(), lj_tab_new_ah(), localSearchForBackground(), NameToCharCode::lookup(), GHash::lookup(), lookup(), GHash::lookupInt(), lua_nodelib_direct_first_glyph(), lua_nodelib_direct_flatten_discretionaries(), lua_nodelib_direct_has_glyph(), lua_nodelib_direct_protect_glyph(), lua_nodelib_direct_protect_glyphs(), lua_nodelib_direct_setheight(), lua_nodelib_direct_setlink(), lua_nodelib_direct_unprotect_glyph(), lua_nodelib_direct_unprotect_glyphs(), lua_nodelib_first_glyph(), lua_nodelib_flatten_discretionaries(), lua_nodelib_has_glyph(), lua_nodelib_protect_glyph(), lua_nodelib_protect_glyphs(), lua_nodelib_unprotect_glyph(), lua_nodelib_unprotect_glyphs(), luaS_hash(), luaS_newlstr(), luaS_resize(), luaV_execute(), luaV_finishset(), luaV_gettable(), luaV_objlen(), luaV_settable(), LZWEncode(), main(), mainSimpleSort(), mainSort(), make_accent(), make_free(), make_math_accent(), make_radical(), make_vf_table(), SplashFTFont::makeGlyph(), makeseed(), HyperlinkManager::markLinkedBox(), math_kern_at(), mem_create(), mfluaPOSToffsetprep(), mfluaPREoffsetprep(), mfluaprintpath(), min_cover(), morphop_low(), move_right(), DVIToSVG::moveDown(), DVIToSVG::moveRight(), mpfr_atan_aux(), mpfr_div_1(), mpfr_div_1n(), mpfr_div_2(), mpfr_erf(), mpfr_exp_rational(), mpfr_lgamma(), mpfr_li2_asympt_neg(), mpfr_li2_asympt_pos(), mpfr_lngamma_aux(), mpfr_mpn_exp(), mpfr_mpn_rec_sqrt(), mpfr_mul_2(), mpfr_mul_3(), mpfr_sqr_2(), mpfr_sqr_3(), mpfr_sqrt2(), mpfr_sqrt2_approx(), mpfr_sum(), mpfr_yn(), mplib_execute(), mplib_fill(), mplib_finish(), mplib_get_path(), mplib_push_color(), mplib_push_dash(), mplib_push_path(), mplib_push_pentype(), mplib_push_transform(), mplib_special(), mplib_start_bounds(), mplib_start_clip(), mplib_stroked(), mplib_text(), mpn_dc_sqrt(), mpn_dc_sqrtrem(), mpn_limb_get_str(), mrb_define_method_raw(), mrb_gc_free_hash(), mrb_gc_mark_hash(), mrb_gc_mark_hash_size(), mrb_gc_mark_mt_size(), mrb_hash_foreach(), mrb_hash_has_value(), mrb_hash_keys(), mrb_hash_memsize(), mrb_hash_new(), mrb_hash_new_capa(), mrb_hash_shift(), mrb_hash_values(), mrb_init_hash(), mrb_load_detect_file_cxt(), mrb_method_search_vm(), mrb_mruby_hash_ext_gem_init(), mrb_remove_method(), multConstAccumulateLow(), nameGlyphByHash(), names_add(), new_HashIter(), new_hyph_exceptions(), new_list(), new_table(), new_trie_op(), newlstr(), next_has_ledger_line(), nextOnPixelInRaster(), nextOnPixelInRasterLow(), ng_adjust_hpos(), ng_adjust_vpos(), ng_gid(), ng_layer(), ng_set(), ng_set_packet(), ng_special_out(), node_del_first(), node_del_last(), Matrix::norm(), norm_min(), NoSignExtend(), NumberHints(), NumberMMH(), obj_eql(), obj_hash_code(), octreeGenerateAndPrune(), PSOutputDev::opiBegin20(), Gfx::opRectangle(), otfcc_build_gsub_ligature_subtable(), otfcc_gordConsolidateHandle(), otl_gpos_parse_markToLigature(), otl_gpos_parse_markToSingle(), otl_parseMarkArray(), otl_read_gpos_pair(), outchar(), P_getcmdline(), package(), Image::Indexed::packPal(), page_pgm(), page_setup(), SplashOutputDev::paintTransparencyGroup(), parseBases(), parseClassDef(), parseencodingfile(), pdf_copy_clip(), pdf_dev_rectclip(), pdf_dev_rectfill(), pdf_dev_rectstroke(), PfEd_Guides(), pfed_readguidelines(), pixaaDisplay(), pixaaDisplayByPixa(), pixAbsDifference(), pixAccumulate(), pixaCentroids(), pixaCreateFromPix(), pixAddConstantGray(), pixAddGray(), pixaDisplay(), pixaDisplayOnLattice(), pixaDisplayRandomCmap(), pixaDisplayTiled(), pixaDisplayUnsplit(), pixAffineInterpolatedGray(), pixAffineSampled(), pixaGenerateFont(), pixApplyInvBackgroundGrayMap(), pixApplyInvBackgroundRGBMap(), pixaRemoveLargeComponents(), pixaRemoveSmallComponents(), pixaSizeRange(), pixaSplitPix(), pixAssignToNearestColor(), pixBilinearInterpolatedGray(), pixBilinearSampled(), pixBlendCmap(), pixBlendColor(), pixBlendColorByChannel(), pixBlendGray(), pixBlendMask(), pixBlockconvAccum(), pixBlockconvGray(), pixBlockrank(), pixBlocksum(), pixClearPixel(), pixClipRectangle(), pixClipToForeground(), pixCloseFast(), pixCloseGray(), pixColorGray(), pixColorGrayCmap(), pixColorQuant1Pass(), pixColorSegmentCluster(), pixColorSegmentRemoveColors(), pixColorSegmentTryCluster(), pixCombineMasked(), pixConnCompBB(), pixConnCompPixa(), pixConvert16To8(), pixConvert1To16(), pixConvert1To2(), pixConvert1To32(), pixConvert1To4(), pixConvert1To8(), pixConvert2To8(), pixConvert4To8(), pixConvert8To32(), pixConvertGrayToColormap(), pixConvertGrayToColormap8(), pixConvertHSVToRGB(), pixConvertRGBToColormap(), pixConvertRGBToGray(), pixConvertRGBToGrayFast(), pixConvertRGBToHSV(), pixCountPixels(), pixCountPixelsByRow(), pixCountPixelsInRow(), pixCreateRGBImage(), pixCreateTemplate(), pixDilate(), pixDilateFast(), pixDilateGray(), pixDisplay(), pixDistanceFunction(), pixDitherTo2bppSpec(), pixDitherToBinaryLUT(), pixDitherToBinarySpec(), pixEmbedForRotation(), pixEndianByteSwap(), pixEndianByteSwapNew(), pixEndianTwoByteSwap(), pixEqual(), pixEqualWithCmap(), pixErode(), pixErodeFast(), pixErodeGray(), pixExtendByReplication(), pixFHMTGen_1(), pixFillMapHoles(), pixFinalAccumulate(), pixFindBaselines(), pixFindCornerPixels(), pixFindDifferentialSquareSum(), pixFindVerticalRuns(), pixFixedOctcubeQuantCmap(), pixFixedOctcubeQuantRGB(), pixFlipPixel(), pixFMorphopGen_1(), pixGenerateMaskByValue(), pixGenerateSelBoundary(), pixGenerateSelRandom(), pixGenerateSelWithRuns(), pixGetBackgroundGrayMap(), pixGetBackgroundRGBMap(), pixGetHoleBorder(), pixGetInvBackgroundMap(), pixGetLocalSkewAngles(), pixGetLocalSkewTransform(), pixGetOuterBorder(), pixGetPixel(), pixGetRGBComponent(), pixGetRGBLine(), pixGetRunCentersOnLine(), pixGetRunsOnLine(), pixGetTextBaseline(), pixGrayHistogram(), pixHMT(), pixHShear(), pixHShearIP(), pixInitAccumulate(), pixMaxDynamicRange(), pixMinOrMax(), pixMorphSequence(), pixMultConstAccumulate(), pixOctcubeHistogram(), pixOctcubeQuantMixed(), pixOctreeQuant(), pixOctreeQuantizePixels(), pixOpenFast(), pixOpenGray(), pixPaintThroughMask(), pixPlotAlongPta(), pixProjectiveInterpolatedGray(), pixProjectiveSampled(), pixRasteropHip(), pixRasteropIP(), pixRasteropVip(), pixReadFromTiffStream(), pixReadStreamJpeg(), pixReadStreamPng(), pixReadStreamPnm(), pixRemoveColormap(), pixRemoveMatchedPattern(), pixRemoveUnusedColors(), pixRenderContours(), pixRenderPta(), pixRenderPtaArb(), pixRenderPtaBlend(), pixRotateAMColor(), pixRotateAMColorCorner(), pixRotateAMColorFast(), pixRotateAMGray(), pixRotateAMGrayCorner(), pixRotateEuclidean(), pixRotateLR(), pixRotateTB(), pixRunlengthTransform(), pixScaleToGray(), pixScaleToGrayMipmap(), pixSeedfillGray(), pixSetAllArbitrary(), pixSetBorderVal(), pixSetMasked(), pixSetMaskedCmap(), pixSetOrClearBorder(), pixSetPadBits(), pixSetPadBitsBand(), pixSetPixel(), pixSetRGBComponent(), pixSetSelectCmap(), pixSetSelectMaskedCmap(), pixSetTextblock(), pixSnapColor(), pixSnapColorCmap(), pixSubtract(), pixSubtractGray(), pixThresholdOn8bpp(), pixThresholdPixels(), pixThresholdTo2bpp(), pixThresholdTo4bpp(), pixThresholdToBinary(), pixThresholdToValue(), pixTRCMap(), pixUnsharpMaskGray(), pixVShear(), pixVShearIP(), pixWritePSEmbed(), pixWriteStreamAsciiPnm(), pixWriteStreamJpeg(), pixWriteStreamPng(), pixWriteStreamPnm(), pixWriteToTiffStream(), pixZero(), PKputglyph(), png_image_size(), png_run(), polygon_init(), polygon_reset(), position_h_episema(), PSOutputDev::postInit(), pow_equals(), pr_dump(), PapersizeSpecialHandler::preprocess(), hb_utf16_xe_t< TCodepoint >::prev(), previous_has_ledger_line(), prim_lookup(), print_csnames(), printInfo(), DvisvgmSpecialHandler::processBBox(), DvisvgmSpecialHandler::processImg(), projectiveInterpolatedLow(), propagatemark(), ps_sethsbcolor(), psscan(), ptaGenerateBox(), ptaGetPixelsFromPix(), push_func_ref(), pushClassDef(), pushToCoverage(), put16bitbwtile(), put1bitbwtile(), put1bitcmaptile(), put2bitbwtile(), put2bitcmaptile(), put4bitbwtile(), put4bitcmaptile(), put8bitcmaptile(), putcharacter(), putcontig8bitCIELab(), putcontig8bitYCbCr11tile(), putcontig8bitYCbCr21tile(), putcontig8bitYCbCr22tile(), putcontig8bitYCbCr41tile(), putcontig8bitYCbCr42tile(), putcontig8bitYCbCr44tile(), PutEmfFile(), putgreytile(), PutJpegFile(), PutPngFile(), putRGBAAcontig16bittile(), putRGBAAcontig8bittile(), putRGBAAseparate16bittile(), putRGBAAseparate8bittile(), putRGBcontig16bittile(), putRGBcontig8bitCMYKMaptile(), putRGBcontig8bitCMYKtile(), putRGBcontig8bitMaptile(), putRGBcontig8bittile(), putRGBseparate16bittile(), putRGBseparate8bitMaptile(), putRGBseparate8bittile(), putRGBUAcontig16bittile(), putRGBUAcontig8bittile(), putRGBUAseparate16bittile(), putRGBUAseparate8bittile(), PSOutputDev::radialShadedFill(), rasteropHipLow(), read_bitfield_bits(), read_pk_char_header(), read_ppm_map(), read_raster_rle4(), read_raster_rle8(), JPXStream::readBoxes(), JBIG2Stream::readGenericBitmap(), JBIG2Stream::readGenericRefinementRegion(), JBIG2Stream::readGenericRefinementRegionSeg(), JBIG2Stream::readGenericRegionSeg(), JBIG2Stream::readHalftoneRegionSeg(), DCTStream::readMCURow(), DCTStream::readScan(), TFM::readTables(), JBIG2Stream::readTextRegion(), JBIG2Stream::readTextRegionSeg(), realf_setchar(), realf_setstring(), Rectangle(), redirect(), RefHintsMerge(), GHash::remove(), remove_locals(), GHash::removeInt(), poppler::page_renderer::render_page(), GHash::replace(), PageSize::resize(), rgb_color_from_hsv(), rgb_hsv(), FileSystem::rmdir(), rotateAMColorCornerLow(), rotateAMColorFastLow(), rotateAMColorLow(), rotateAMGrayCornerLow(), rotateAMGrayLow(), rotateLRLow(), rotateTBLow(), ruleaux(), run_put_next(), SaveHereDocumentInfo(), savePageSlice(), SCFigureSimpleCounterMasks(), SCGuessHHintInstancesList(), SCGuessVHintInstancesList(), ScrapHereList(), searchBinaryMaze(), searchGrayMaze(), seedfillBinaryLow(), seedfillGrayLow(), selCreateBrick(), OT::OffsetTable::serialize(), set_cat_code(), set_h_episema_height(), set_hj_code(), set_indices(), set_sa_item(), SetChar(), setdir(), LSR::setHashCode(), Color::setHSB(), setorientation(), setpdforigin(), SetRule(), T1Secondary::setting(), sha256_transform(), sha256HashBlock(), sha512_transform(), sha512HashBlock(), sharpit(), shorten(), drvCAIRO::show_image(), Metrics::shrink_encoding(), sidof(), SignExtend(), sin_bs_aux(), SortMMH2(), span_to_boxes(), span_to_traps(), spectralsynth(), SplResolveSplitHints(), sqxfw(), SSearch(), start_h_episema(), start_input_ppm(), SplashOutputDev::startPage(), StemInfoCopy(), StemInfoFree(), StemInfosFree(), str_pack(), str_packsize(), str_unpack(), string_lookup(), string_to_pseudo(), subtractGrayLow(), math::svd(), SwathUnion(), swathxsort(), synctex_edit_query(), synctex_iterator_new_edit(), t1_BoundingBox(), t1_BoxPath(), t1_MoveEdges(), TestHintMask(), TeX_readHeightDepth(), threshold(), thresholdTo2bppLow(), thresholdTo4bppLow(), thresholdToBinaryLow(), thresholdToValueLow(), TIFFRGBAImageGet(), toClass(), Image::Sampled::toIndexed0(), touches(), trans_from_rect(), trans_scale_to_size(), transform_box_extents(), traverseephemeron(), traversestrongtable(), traversetable(), traverseweakvalue(), trie_node(), tryhash(), Type2NotDefSplines(), UHintListFree(), UnblendFree(), undump_charinfo_variants(), undump_sa_tree(), UnnumberHints(), unpack_raster(), unpack_run(), unsave_cat_codes(), UntickHints(), update_bbox(), PSOutputDev::updateHorizScaling(), use_bilinear(), valid_catcode_table(), vert_break(), vf_sc(), vfd_movedown_v(), vfd_moveover(), vpackage(), vsplit(), while(), win32BeginPage(), writecff_CIDKeyed(), PSImage::writeEPSImage(), writeOTLScriptAndLanguages(), writepicture(), ycctorgb(), and GHash::~GHash().

◆ hash

name_pointer hash[]

Definition at line 361 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ hash_end

hash_pointer hash_end

Definition at line 362 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by common_init().

◆ history

int history

Definition at line 368 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ id_first

char* id_first

Definition at line 301 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ id_loc

char* id_loc

Definition at line 302 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ idx_file

FILE* idx_file

Definition at line 389 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ idx_file_name

char idx_file_name[]

Definition at line 377 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by scan_args().

◆ include_depth

int include_depth

Definition at line 315 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_change(), check_complete(), err_print(), get_line(), and reset_input().

◆ input_has_ended

boolean input_has_ended

Definition at line 179 of file ctie-k.c.

Referenced by check_change(), get_line(), main(), and reset_input().

◆ last_unnamed

text_pointer last_unnamed

Definition at line 287 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by main(), and scan_section().

◆ limit

char* limit

◆ line

int line[]

Definition at line 29 of file process_score.c.

◆ loc

char* loc

◆ name_dir

◆ name_dir_end

name_pointer name_dir_end

Definition at line 350 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by add_section_name(), extend_section_name(), and id_lookup().

◆ name_ptr

name_pointer name_ptr

Definition at line 356 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by add_section_name(), common_init(), extend_section_name(), and id_lookup().

◆ next_control

eight_bits next_control

Definition at line 347 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by scan_repl(), and scan_section().

◆ no_where

boolean no_where

Definition at line 341 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_next(), and scan_section().

◆ out_state

eight_bits out_state

Definition at line 306 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_output(), out_char(), and output_defs().

◆ output_defs_seen

boolean output_defs_seen = 0

Definition at line 320 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by phase_two(), and scan_repl().

◆ output_file_name

char output_file_name[10000+1]

Definition at line 315 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by phase_two().

◆ output_files

name_pointer output_files[256]

Definition at line 312 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_next(), and main().

◆ phase

int phase

Definition at line 294 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ print_where

boolean print_where

Definition at line 342 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_change(), and get_line().

◆ program

◆ protect

boolean protect

Definition at line 307 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by out_char(), and output_defs().

◆ scn_file

FILE* scn_file

Definition at line 391 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ scn_file_name

char scn_file_name[]

Definition at line 379 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by scan_args().

◆ section_count

sixteen_bits section_count

Definition at line 338 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by check_change(), and get_line().

◆ section_text

char section_text[]

Definition at line 299 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ section_text_end

char* section_text_end

Definition at line 300 of file cwebboot.c.

◆ stack

output_state stack[500+1]

Definition at line 294 of file ctangle.c.

◆ stack_end

stack_pointer stack_end = stack+ 500

Definition at line 295 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by push_level().

◆ stack_ptr

stack_pointer stack_ptr

Definition at line 296 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by get_output(), phase_two(), pop_level(), and push_level().

◆ tex_file

FILE* tex_file

Definition at line 388 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by common_init(), and wrap_up().

◆ tex_file_name

char tex_file_name[]

Definition at line 376 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by common_init(), and scan_args().

◆ text_info

text text_info[10239]

◆ text_info_end

text_pointer text_info_end = text_info+ 10239 -1

Definition at line 278 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by scan_repl().

◆ text_ptr

text_pointer text_ptr

Definition at line 279 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by main(), output_defs(), print_stats(), and scan_repl().

◆ tok_mem

eight_bits tok_mem[1000000]

Definition at line 280 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by main(), and print_stats().

◆ tok_mem_end

eight_bits* tok_mem_end = tok_mem+ 1000000 -1

Definition at line 281 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by store_two_bytes().

◆ tok_ptr

eight_bits* tok_ptr

Definition at line 282 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by main(), print_stats(), scan_repl(), and store_two_bytes().

◆ translit

char translit[128][10]

Definition at line 325 of file ctangle.c.

Referenced by main(), out_char(), and skip_limbo().

◆ web_file_open

boolean web_file_open

Definition at line 327 of file cwebboot.c.

Referenced by err_print(), and reset_input().