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lookups.c File Reference
#include "fontforgevw.h"
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static int uint32_cmp (const void *_ui1, const void *_ui2)
static int lang_cmp (const void *_ui1, const void *_ui2)
uint32SFScriptsInLookups (SplineFont *sf, int gpos)
uint32SFLangsInScript (SplineFont *sf, int gpos, uint32 script)
uint32SFFeaturesInScriptLang (SplineFont *sf, int gpos, uint32 script, uint32 lang)
OTLookup ** SFLookupsInScriptLangFeature (SplineFont *sf, int gpos, uint32 script, uint32 lang, uint32 feature)
static int LigaturesFirstComponentGID (SplineFont *sf, char *components)
static int PSTValid (SplineFont *sf, PST *pst)
SplineChar ** SFGlyphsWithPSTinSubtable (SplineFont *sf, struct lookup_subtable *subtable)
static void TickLookupKids (OTLookup *otl)
void SFFindUnusedLookups (SplineFont *sf)
struct lookup_subtableSFFindLookupSubtable (SplineFont *sf, char *name)
struct lookup_subtableSFFindLookupSubtableAndFreeName (SplineFont *sf, char *name)
OTLookupSFFindLookup (SplineFont *sf, char *name)
struct scriptlanglistSLCopy (struct scriptlanglist *sl)
struct scriptlanglistSListCopy (struct scriptlanglist *sl)
FeatureScriptLangListFeatureListCopy (FeatureScriptLangList *fl)

Function Documentation

◆ FeatureListCopy()

◆ lang_cmp()

static int lang_cmp ( const void _ui1,
const void _ui2 

Definition at line 39 of file lookups.c.

References DEFAULT_LANG.

Referenced by SFLangsInScript().

◆ LigaturesFirstComponentGID()

static int LigaturesFirstComponentGID ( SplineFont sf,
char *  components 

Definition at line 327 of file lookups.c.

References ch, pt, and SFFindExistingSlot().

Referenced by SFGlyphsWithPSTinSubtable().

◆ PSTValid()

◆ SFFeaturesInScriptLang()

◆ SFFindLookup()

◆ SFFindLookupSubtable()

struct lookup_subtable* SFFindLookupSubtable ( SplineFont sf,
char *  name 

Definition at line 594 of file lookups.c.

References name, otlookup::next, NULL, strcmp(), sub, and otlookup::subtables.

Referenced by MCConvertSubtable(), and SFFindLookupSubtableAndFreeName().

◆ SFFindLookupSubtableAndFreeName()

struct lookup_subtable* SFFindLookupSubtableAndFreeName ( SplineFont sf,
char *  name 

◆ SFFindUnusedLookups()

◆ SFGlyphsWithPSTinSubtable()

◆ SFLangsInScript()

◆ SFLookupsInScriptLangFeature()

◆ SFScriptsInLookups()

◆ SLCopy()

struct scriptlanglist* SLCopy ( struct scriptlanglist sl)

◆ SListCopy()

struct scriptlanglist* SListCopy ( struct scriptlanglist sl)

◆ TickLookupKids()

static void TickLookupKids ( OTLookup otl)

Definition at line 428 of file lookups.c.

References i, j, NULL, sub, and otlookup::subtables.

Referenced by SFFindUnusedLookups().

◆ uint32_cmp()

static int uint32_cmp ( const void _ui1,
const void _ui2 

Definition at line 30 of file lookups.c.

Referenced by SFScriptsInLookups().