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opcodes.h File Reference
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#define binop(op)   const uint32 a = pop(); *sp = uint32(*sp) op a
#define sbinop(op)   const int32 a = pop(); *sp = int32(*sp) op a
#define use_params(n)   dp += n
#define declare_params(n)
#define push(n)   { *++sp = n; }
#define pop()   (*sp--)
#define slotat(x)   (map[(x)])
#define DIE   { is=seg.last(); status = Machine::died_early; EXIT(1); }
#define POSITIONED   1


 if (b==0||(a==std::numeric_limits< int32 >::min() &&b==-1))
 if (a< b) *sp
 if (a > b) *sp
ENDOP if (map - &smap[0] >=int(smap.size()))
 if (is)
is setGlyph & seg (output_class, 0)
 if (slot)
 if (is &&!is->isDeleted())
ENDOP if (smap.decMax()<=0)
 if (!newSlot)
 while (iss &&iss->isDeleted()) iss
else if (iss->prev())
newSlot before (iss->before())
seg first (newSlot)
newSlot next (iss)
 if (iss)
else if (newSlot->prev())
seg extendLength (1)
 if (map !=&smap[-1]) --map
ENDOP if (!is||is->isDeleted())
is markDeleted (true)
 if (is->prev()) is -> prev() ->next(is->next())
else seg first (is->next())
else seg last (is->prev())
seg extendLength (-1)
 while (num-- > 0)
 if (min > -1)
 if (mapb+is_arg !=map)
 if ((slat==gr_slatPosX||slat==gr_slatPosY) &&(flags &1)==0)
is setAttr & seg (val+res), smap
is setAttr & seg (res - val), smap
 EXIT (ret)
 if (!newSlot||!is)
 memcpy (newSlot, is, sizeof(Slot))
 memcpy (tempUserAttrs, is->userAttrs(), seg.numAttrs() *sizeof(uint16))
newSlot userAttrs (tempUserAttrs)
newSlot markCopied (true)


 do {} while (0)
ENDOP const byteparam = dp
 dp = 1
const int16 r
ENDOP const uint32 a = (*sp--)
sp = uint32(*sp) + a
ENDOP const int32 b = (*sp--)
ENDOP const uint32 f = (*sp--)
ENDOP const uint32 t = (*sp--)
ENDOP const uint32 c = (*sp--)
 map = newSlot
const unsigned int output_class = uint8(*param)
const int slot_ref = int8(param[0])
const unsigned int input_class = uint8(param[1])
uint16 index
slotref slot = (map[( slot_ref )])
Slot * newSlot = seg.newSlot()
Slot * iss = is
 is = newSlot
unsigned int num = uint8(*param)
const int8assocs = reinterpret_cast<const int8 *>(param+1)
int max = -1
int min = -1
const int is_arg = int8(param[0])
const size_t iskip = uint8(param[1])
const size_t dskip = uint8(param[2])
const attrCode slat = attrCode(uint8(*param))
const int val = (*sp--)
is setAttr & seg
uint32_t res = uint32_t(is->getAttr(&seg, slat, 0))
const int offset = int(map - smap.begin())*int(slat == gr_slatAttTo)
const uint8 idx = uint8(param[1])
const unsigned int glyph_attr = uint8(param[0])
const signed int attr_level = uint8(param[2])
const unsigned int feat = uint8(param[0])
ENDOP const uint32 ret = (*sp--)
 ENDOP { *++sp = 0x00030000
int16tempUserAttrs = newSlot->userAttrs()
const uint16 m
const uint16 v

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ binop

#define binop (   op)    const uint32 a = pop(); *sp = uint32(*sp) op a

Definition at line 70 of file opcodes.h.

◆ declare_params

#define declare_params (   n)
const byte * param = dp; \
#define n
Definition: t4ht.c:1290
Definition: opcodes.h:88
ENDOP const byte * param
Definition: opcodes.h:88

Definition at line 74 of file opcodes.h.


#define DIE   { is=seg.last(); status = Machine::died_early; EXIT(1); }

Definition at line 80 of file opcodes.h.

◆ pop


#define POSITIONED   1

Definition at line 81 of file opcodes.h.

◆ push

#define push (   n)    { *++sp = n; }

Definition at line 77 of file opcodes.h.

◆ sbinop

#define sbinop (   op)    const int32 a = pop(); *sp = int32(*sp) op a

Definition at line 71 of file opcodes.h.

◆ slotat

#define slotat (   x)    (map[(x)])

Definition at line 79 of file opcodes.h.

◆ use_params

#define use_params (   n)    dp += n

Definition at line 72 of file opcodes.h.

Function Documentation

◆ before()

newSlot before ( iss->  before())

◆ EXIT() [1/3]


◆ EXIT() [2/3]


References flags, POSITIONED, and smap.

◆ EXIT() [3/3]

EXIT ( ret  )

◆ extendLength() [1/2]

seg extendLength ( 1)

◆ extendLength() [2/2]

seg extendLength ( )

◆ first() [1/2]

else seg first ( is->  next())

◆ first() [2/2]

seg first ( newSlot  )

◆ if() [1/19]

ENDOP if ( !is||is->  isDeleted())

Definition at line 330 of file opcodes.h.

◆ if() [2/19]

if ( newSlot)

Definition at line 275 of file opcodes.h.

◆ if() [3/19]

if ( !newSlot||!  is)

Definition at line 651 of file opcodes.h.

◆ if() [4/19]

if ( (slat==gr_slatPosX||slat==gr_slatPosY) &&(flags & 1)   = = 0)

Definition at line 398 of file opcodes.h.

References flags, POSITIONED, and smap.

◆ if() [5/19]

if ( a  ,

◆ if() [6/19]

if ( )

WEB section number: 417

Here we output either the .bst given string if it exists, or else
the .bib |sep_char| if it exists, or else the default string. A
|tie| is the default space character between the last two tokens of
short enough; otherwise, a |space| is the default.
if ( ! double_letter)
else if ((cur_token == (last_token - 1))
while (sp_ptr < sp_xptr2)
APPEND_EX_BUF_CHAR (str_pool[sp_ptr]);
/*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ END OF SECTION 417 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*/
/*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ END OF SECTION 413 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*/
if ( ! use_default)
/*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ END OF SECTION 412 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*/
else if (str_pool[sp_ptr] == RIGHT_BRACE)
if (sp_brace_level > 0)
else if (str_pool[sp_ptr] == LEFT_BRACE)
APPEND_EX_BUF_CHAR_AND_CHECK (str_pool[sp_ptr]);
if (ex_buf_ptr > 0)
if (ex_buf[ex_buf_ptr - 1] == TIE)
WEB section number: 419
static bool between(const DPair &p1, const DPair &p2, const DPair &p3, double delta)
Definition: Bezier.cpp:168
#define the
Definition: aptex-macros.h:490
#define name
#define character
Definition: aptex-macros.h:176
END INCR(buf_ptr2)
Definition: bibtex-2.c:655
Definition: bibtex-2.c:656
Definition: bibtex-2.c:1135
Definition: bibtex-3.c:1988
Definition: bibtex-4.c:1807
#define LONG_TOKEN
Definition: bibtex.h:1421
#define BEGIN
Definition: detex.c:205
#define A
Definition: fmt.h:35
Boolean_T enough_text_chars(BufPointer_T enoughchars)
void buffer_overflow(void)
ASCIICode_T * ex_buf
Boolean_T use_default
PoolPointer_T sp_xptr1
ASCIICode_T * str_pool
BufPointer_T cur_token
ASCIICode_T * name_sep_char
PoolPointer_T sp_xptr2
BufPointer_T last_token
Integer_T Buf_Size
Boolean_T double_letter
LexType_T lex_class[LAST_ASCII_CHAR+1]
#define SPACE
Definition: general.h:107
#define two(fp)
Definition: gf2pbm.c:48
#define a(n)
Definition: gpos-common.c:148
#define SEP_CHAR
Definition: locid.cpp:252
set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set *set set set macro pixldst op &r &cond WK op &r &cond WK op &r &cond WK else op &m &cond &ia op &r &cond WK else op &m &cond &ia elseif elseif else error unsupported base if elseif elseif else error unsupported unaligned pixldst unaligned endm macro pixst base base else pixldst base endif endm macro PF base if bpp PF set rept prefetch_distance PF set OFFSET endr endif endm macro preload_leading_step2 base if bpp ifc DST PF PF else if bpp lsl PF and
static int32_t last
Definition: ppagelist.c:29
static int32_t first
Definition: ppagelist.c:29
static int RIGHT_BRACE(int ch)
#define END
Definition: repack.c:35
Definition: output.h:18
Definition: parser.c:43
#define is
Definition: tex2xindy.c:759
@ part
Definition: preamble.c:52
static void tie(FILE *input, FILE *output)
Definition: vlna.c:465

If the last character output for this name part is a |tie| but the previous character it isn't, we're dealing with a discretionary |tie|; thus we replace it by a |space| if there are enough characters in the rest of the name part.

Definition at line 94 of file bmp.h.

◆ if() [7/19]

if ( b   = = 0 || (a == std::numeric_limits<int32>::min() && b == -1))

Definition at line 135 of file opcodes.h.

◆ if() [8/19]

if ( is &&!is->  isDeleted())

Definition at line 248 of file opcodes.h.

References DIE, is, memcpy(), next(), NULL, prev, pdf-org::ref(), slot_ref, slotat, and tempUserAttrs.

◆ if() [9/19]

if ( is  )

Definition at line 204 of file opcodes.h.

References is, and smap.

◆ if() [10/19]

if ( is->  prev()) -> prev() ->next(is->next())

◆ if() [11/19]

if ( iss   )

Definition at line 306 of file opcodes.h.

References iss, and newSlot.

◆ if() [12/19]

else if ( iss->  prev())

Definition at line 293 of file opcodes.h.

References iss, and newSlot.

◆ if() [13/19]

if ( map = &smap[-1])

◆ if() [14/19]

ENDOP if ( map - &smap >=  int(smap.size())[0])

Definition at line 203 of file opcodes.h.

◆ if() [15/19]

if ( mapb+is_arg !   = map)

Definition at line 379 of file opcodes.h.

References dp, dskip, ip, iskip, and push.

◆ if() [16/19]

if ( min  ,

Definition at line 365 of file opcodes.h.

References is, max, and min.

◆ if() [17/19]

else if ( newSlot->  prev())

Definition at line 312 of file opcodes.h.

References newSlot.

◆ if() [18/19]

if ( slot   )

Definition at line 238 of file opcodes.h.

References input_class, is, output_class, and slot.

◆ if() [19/19]

ENDOP if ( smap.decMax()<=  0)

Definition at line 273 of file opcodes.h.

◆ last()

else seg last ( is->  prev())

◆ markCopied()

newSlot markCopied ( true  )

◆ markDeleted()

is markDeleted ( true  )

◆ memcpy() [1/2]

memcpy ( newSlot  ,
is  ,

Referenced by if().

◆ memcpy() [2/2]

memcpy ( tempUserAttrs  ,
is->  userAttrs(),
seg.  numAttrs) *sizeof(uint16 

◆ next()

newSlot next ( iss  )

Referenced by if().

◆ seg() [1/3]

is setGlyph& seg ( output_class  ,

◆ seg() [2/3]

is setAttr& seg ( res val)

◆ seg() [3/3]

is setAttr& seg ( val res)

◆ userAttrs()

newSlot userAttrs ( tempUserAttrs  )

◆ while() [1/2]

while ( iss &&iss->  isDeleted())

References newSlot.

◆ while() [2/2]

while ( num--  ,

Definition at line 358 of file opcodes.h.

References assocs, max, min, and slotat.

Variable Documentation

◆ a

ENDOP const uint32 a = (*sp--)

Definition at line 121 of file opcodes.h.

◆ assocs

const int8* assocs = reinterpret_cast<const int8 *>(param+1)

Definition at line 353 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by while().

◆ attr_level

const signed int attr_level = uint8(param[2])

Definition at line 466 of file opcodes.h.

◆ b

ENDOP const int32 b = (*sp--)

Definition at line 133 of file opcodes.h.

◆ c

ENDOP const uint32 c = (*sp--)

Definition at line 162 of file opcodes.h.

◆ do

do {} while (0)

Definition at line 84 of file opcodes.h.

◆ dp

dp = 1

Definition at line 88 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if().

◆ dskip

const size_t dskip = uint8(param[2])

Definition at line 377 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if().

◆ else

Initial value:
#define NULL
Definition: ftobjs.h:61
Slot * newSlot
Definition: opcodes.h:274

Definition at line 299 of file opcodes.h.


ENDOP { *++sp = 0x00030000

Definition at line 587 of file opcodes.h.

◆ f

ENDOP const uint32 f = (*sp--)

Definition at line 162 of file opcodes.h.

◆ feat

const unsigned int feat = uint8(param[0])

Definition at line 474 of file opcodes.h.

◆ glyph_attr

const unsigned int glyph_attr = uint8(param[0])

Definition at line 455 of file opcodes.h.

◆ idx

const uint8 idx = uint8(param[1])

Definition at line 431 of file opcodes.h.

◆ index

Definition at line 236 of file opcodes.h.

◆ input_class

const unsigned int input_class = uint8(param[1])

Definition at line 234 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if().

◆ is

is = newSlot

Definition at line 323 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if().

◆ is_arg

const int is_arg = int8(param[0])

Definition at line 375 of file opcodes.h.

◆ iskip

const size_t iskip = uint8(param[1])

Definition at line 376 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if().

◆ iss

◆ m

Initial value:
= uint16(param[0]) << 8
| uint8(param[1])
#define uint8
Definition: unibasics.h:53
#define uint16
Definition: unibasics.h:51

Definition at line 674 of file opcodes.h.

◆ map

* map = newSlot

Definition at line 210 of file opcodes.h.

◆ max

int max = -1

Definition at line 355 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if(), and while().

◆ min

int min = -1

Definition at line 356 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if(), and while().

◆ newSlot

ENDOP slotref newSlot = seg.newSlot()

Definition at line 274 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if(), and while().

◆ num

unsigned int num = uint8(*param)

Definition at line 352 of file opcodes.h.

◆ offset

Definition at line 423 of file opcodes.h.

◆ output_class

const unsigned int output_class = uint8(*param)

Definition at line 227 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if().

◆ param

ENDOP const byte* param = dp

Definition at line 88 of file opcodes.h.

◆ r

Initial value:
= int16(param[0]) << 8
| uint8(param[1])
#define int16
Definition: unibasics.h:52

Definition at line 99 of file opcodes.h.

◆ res

uint32_t res = uint32_t(is->getAttr(&seg, slat, 0))

Definition at line 403 of file opcodes.h.

◆ ret

ENDOP const uint32 ret = (*sp--)

Definition at line 536 of file opcodes.h.

◆ seg

is setGlyph & seg

Definition at line 391 of file opcodes.h.

◆ slat

const attrCode slat = attrCode(uint8(*param))

Definition at line 389 of file opcodes.h.

◆ slot

slotref slot = (map[( slot_ref )])
/dev/shm/warix/file_cache/windows/misc/w32tex-src.tar.xz/ktx/libs/freetype/include/freetype/freetype.h, and /dev/shm/warix/file_cache/windows/misc/w32tex-src.tar.xz/ptx/libs/freetype/include/freetype/freetype.h.

Definition at line 237 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by _cairo_lzw_compress(), _cairo_user_data_array_set_data(), _compute_xrender_bitmap_size(), _fill_xrender_bitmap(), add_hash(), af_autofitter_load_glyph(), af_loader_embolden_glyph_in_slot(), af_loader_load_glyph(), auxgetstr(), auxsetstr(), BDF_Glyph_Load(), callback_conv_args(), callback_slot2ptr(), cff_decoder_init(), cff_get_advances(), cff_glyph_load(), cff_slot_done(), cff_slot_init(), cid_slot_done(), cid_slot_init(), graphite2::SlotMap::collectGarbage(), count_char_packet_bytes(), debug_varname(), graphite2::Pass::dumpRuleEventOutput(), DvipsEncoding::encoding_of(), ffi_callback_set(), find_kinit(), FindLongestMatch(), FNT_Load_Glyph(), fori_arg(), fori_load(), ft_bitmap_glyph_init(), FT_DEFINE_GLYPH(), FT_Done_GlyphSlot(), FT_Get_Glyph(), ft_glyphslot_alloc_bitmap(), ft_glyphslot_clear(), ft_glyphslot_done(), FT_GlyphSlot_Embolden(), ft_glyphslot_free_bitmap(), ft_glyphslot_grid_fit_metrics(), ft_glyphslot_init(), FT_GlyphSlot_Oblique(), FT_GlyphSlot_Own_Bitmap(), ft_glyphslot_preset_bitmap(), ft_glyphslot_set_bitmap(), ft_lcd_padding(), FT_Load_Glyph(), ft_lookup_glyph_renderer(), FT_New_GlyphSlot(), ft_outline_glyph_prepare(), ft_raster1_get_cbox(), ft_raster1_render(), ft_raster1_transform(), FT_Render_Glyph(), FT_Render_Glyph_Internal(), ft_smooth_get_cbox(), ft_smooth_render(), ft_smooth_transform(), ftc_snode_load(), func_finduv(), SplashFTFont::getGlyphPath(), GetPasswordFunction(), hash_delete(), hash_delete_at(), hash_dump(), hash_find_item(), hash_find_slot(), hash_insert(), hash_insert_at(), hash_map(), hash_map_arg(), hash_rehash(), if(), graphite2::SlotCollision::initFromSlot(), iv_copy(), iv_del(), iv_foreach(), iv_get(), iv_put(), iv_rehash(), lj_ccallback_new(), lj_ccallback_ptr2slot(), lj_cf_debug_getlocal(), lj_cf_jit_util_tracek(), lj_debug_funcname(), lj_debug_slotname(), lua_geti(), lua_rawset(), lua_rawsetp(), lua_seti(), luabytecodecall(), luafunctioncall(), luaV_finishget(), luaV_finishset(), SplashFTFont::makeGlyph(), graphite2::ShiftCollider::mergeSlot(), mrb_gc_mark_mt(), mrb_mt_foreach(), mt_copy(), mt_del(), mt_get(), mt_put(), mt_rehash(), narrow_bpc_set(), PCF_Glyph_Load(), pfr_slot_done(), pfr_slot_init(), pfr_slot_load(), graphite2::SlotMap::pushSlot(), ra_spill(), read_char_packets(), rec_upvalue(), graphite2::FiniteStateMachine::reset(), graphite2::Pass::runFSM(), set_file_variables(), Metrics::shrink_encoding(), sload(), sloadt(), graphite2::SlotCollision::SlotCollision(), struct_aref_sym(), t1_decoder_init(), T1_GlyphSlot_Done(), T1_GlyphSlot_Init(), t42_glyphslot_clear(), T42_GlyphSlot_Done(), T42_GlyphSlot_Init(), tt_glyph_load(), and tt_slot_init().

◆ slot_ref

const int slot_ref = int8(param[0])

Definition at line 233 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if().

◆ sp

* sp = uint32(*sp) + a

Definition at line 121 of file opcodes.h.

◆ t

ENDOP const uint32 t = (*sp--)

Definition at line 162 of file opcodes.h.

◆ tempUserAttrs

int16* tempUserAttrs = newSlot->userAttrs()

Definition at line 652 of file opcodes.h.

Referenced by if().

◆ v

Initial value:
= uint16(param[2]) << 8
| uint8(param[3])

Definition at line 676 of file opcodes.h.

◆ val

const uint32_t val = (*sp--)

Definition at line 390 of file opcodes.h.