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3  Copyright 2010, SIL International
4  All rights reserved.
6  This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
7  it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
8  by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of License, or
9  (at your option) any later version.
11  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
12  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
14  Lesser General Public License for more details.
16  You should also have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
17  License along with this library in the file named "LICENSE".
18  If not, write to the Free Software Foundation, 51 Franklin Street,
19  Suite 500, Boston, MA 02110-1335, USA or visit their web page on the
20  internet at http://www.fsf.org/licenses/lgpl.html.
22 Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the terms of the
23 Mozilla Public License (http://mozilla.org/MPL) or the GNU General Public
24 License, as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2
25 of the License or (at your option) any later version.
26 */
27 #pragma once
29 #include "graphite2/Font.h"
30 #include "inc/Main.h"
31 #include "inc/Pass.h"
33 namespace graphite2 {
35 class Face;
36 class Segment;
37 class FeatureVal;
38 class VMScratch;
39 class Error;
41 class Pseudo
42 {
43 public:
47 };
49 class Justinfo
50 {
51 public:
54  m_aweight(weight) {};
55  uint8 attrStretch() const { return m_astretch; }
56  uint8 attrShrink() const { return m_ashrink; }
57  uint8 attrStep() const { return m_astep; }
58  uint8 attrWeight() const { return m_aweight; }
60 private:
65 };
67 class Silf
68 {
69  // Prevent copying
70  Silf(const Silf&);
71  Silf& operator=(const Silf&);
73 public:
74  Silf() throw();
75  ~Silf() throw();
77  bool readGraphite(const byte * const pSilf, size_t lSilf, Face &face, uint32 version);
78  bool runGraphite(Segment *seg, uint8 firstPass=0, uint8 lastPass=0, int dobidi = 0) const;
80  uint16 getClassGlyph(uint16 cid, unsigned int index) const;
82  uint8 numUser() const { return m_aUser; }
83  uint8 aPseudo() const { return m_aPseudo; }
84  uint8 aBreak() const { return m_aBreak; }
85  uint8 aMirror() const {return m_aMirror; }
86  uint8 aPassBits() const { return m_aPassBits; }
87  uint8 aBidi() const { return m_aBidi; }
88  uint8 aCollision() const { return m_aCollision; }
89  uint8 substitutionPass() const { return m_sPass; }
90  uint8 positionPass() const { return m_pPass; }
91  uint8 justificationPass() const { return m_jPass; }
92  uint8 bidiPass() const { return m_bPass; }
93  uint8 numPasses() const { return m_numPasses; }
94  uint8 maxCompPerLig() const { return m_iMaxComp; }
95  uint16 numClasses() const { return m_nClass; }
96  byte flags() const { return m_flags; }
97  byte dir() const { return m_dir; }
98  uint8 numJustLevels() const { return m_numJusts; }
99  Justinfo *justAttrs() const { return m_justs; }
100  uint16 endLineGlyphid() const { return m_gEndLine; }
101  const gr_faceinfo *silfInfo() const { return &m_silfinfo; }
105 private:
106  size_t readClassMap(const byte *p, size_t data_len, uint32 version, Error &e);
107  template<typename T> inline uint32 readClassOffsets(const byte *&p, size_t data_len, Error &e);
125  void releaseBuffers() throw();
126 };
128 } // namespace graphite2
#define stretch(a)
Definition: aptex-macros.h:287
static void step(struct edge *edge)
Definition: error.hpp:20
uint8 attrStretch() const
Definition: Silf.h:55
uint8 m_astep
Definition: Silf.h:63
uint8 attrShrink() const
Definition: Silf.h:56
uint8 m_astretch
Definition: Silf.h:61
uint8 attrStep() const
Definition: Silf.h:57
uint8 m_ashrink
Definition: Silf.h:62
uint8 m_aweight
Definition: Silf.h:64
uint8 attrWeight() const
Definition: Silf.h:58
Justinfo(uint8 stretch, uint8 shrink, uint8 step, uint8 weight)
Definition: Silf.h:52
uint32 uid
Definition: Silf.h:44
uint32 gid
Definition: Silf.h:45
uint16 endLineGlyphid() const
Definition: Silf.h:100
uint8 substitutionPass() const
Definition: Silf.h:89
uint8 bidiPass() const
Definition: Silf.h:92
uint8 aCollision() const
Definition: Silf.h:88
uint8 aPassBits() const
Definition: Silf.h:86
uint8 numJustLevels() const
Definition: Silf.h:98
Justinfo * m_justs
Definition: Silf.h:113
uint8 m_aCollision
Definition: Silf.h:120
uint8 aMirror() const
Definition: Silf.h:85
gr_faceinfo m_silfinfo
Definition: Silf.h:123
uint32 * m_classOffsets
Definition: Silf.h:111
uint8 positionPass() const
Definition: Silf.h:90
uint8 m_pPass
Definition: Silf.h:116
uint8 m_aBreak
Definition: Silf.h:119
uint16 m_gEndLine
Definition: Silf.h:122
uint8 aBreak() const
Definition: Silf.h:84
Justinfo * justAttrs() const
Definition: Silf.h:99
uint8 maxCompPerLig() const
Definition: Silf.h:94
uint8 m_aMirror
Definition: Silf.h:119
uint16 getClassGlyph(uint16 cid, unsigned int index) const
Definition: Silf.cpp:338
Silf(const Silf &)
uint8 m_numJusts
Definition: Silf.h:115
uint8 m_aUser
Definition: Silf.h:119
Pseudo * m_pseudos
Definition: Silf.h:110
const gr_faceinfo * silfInfo() const
Definition: Silf.h:101
uint16 findPseudo(uint32 uid) const
Definition: Silf.cpp:305
uint32 readClassOffsets(const byte *&p, size_t data_len, Error &e)
Definition: Silf.cpp:233
uint8 m_jPass
Definition: Silf.h:116
uint8 m_numPasses
Definition: Silf.h:114
uint8 numPasses() const
Definition: Silf.h:93
uint8 m_bPass
Definition: Silf.h:116
uint16 numClasses() const
Definition: Silf.h:95
uint16 * m_classData
Definition: Silf.h:112
uint16 m_nLinear
Definition: Silf.h:121
byte flags() const
Definition: Silf.h:96
uint8 m_aPseudo
Definition: Silf.h:119
uint8 aBidi() const
Definition: Silf.h:87
byte dir() const
Definition: Silf.h:97
Silf & operator=(const Silf &)
uint8 m_flags
Definition: Silf.h:117
uint16 findClassIndex(uint16 cid, uint16 gid) const
Definition: Silf.cpp:312
bool runGraphite(Segment *seg, uint8 firstPass=0, uint8 lastPass=0, int dobidi=0) const
Definition: Silf.cpp:357
uint8 aPseudo() const
Definition: Silf.h:83
uint8 justificationPass() const
Definition: Silf.h:91
uint16 m_numPseudo
Definition: Silf.h:121
uint8 m_aBidi
Definition: Silf.h:119
uint16 m_nClass
Definition: Silf.h:121
uint8 m_iMaxComp
Definition: Silf.h:120
uint16 m_aLig
Definition: Silf.h:121
bool readGraphite(const byte *const pSilf, size_t lSilf, Face &face, uint32 version)
Definition: Silf.cpp:92
Pass * m_passes
Definition: Silf.h:109
uint8 m_sPass
Definition: Silf.h:116
uint8 m_dir
Definition: Silf.h:117
void releaseBuffers()
Definition: Silf.cpp:77
uint8 m_aPassBits
Definition: Silf.h:119
uint8 numUser() const
Definition: Silf.h:82
size_t readClassMap(const byte *p, size_t data_len, uint32 version, Error &e)
Definition: Silf.cpp:254
small capitals from c petite p
Definition: afcover.h:72
FT_Face face
Definition: cffdrivr.c:659
#define const
Definition: ftzconf.h:91
Definition: bits.h:30
gr_uint8 uint8
Definition: Main.h:38
gr_uint16 uint16
Definition: Main.h:40
gr_uint32 uint32
Definition: Main.h:41
#define version
Definition: nup.c:10
char shrink
Definition: nup.c:69
ShellFileEnvironment e
Definition: sh6.c:388
Definition: mendex.h:20
Definition: gd.c:2418