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Main.h File Reference
#include <cstdlib>
#include "graphite2/Types.h"
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struct  graphite2::telemetry


namespace  graphite2


#define __has_cpp_attribute(x)   0
#define GR_FALLTHROUGH   /* fallthrough */


typedef gr_uint8 graphite2::uint8
typedef gr_uint8 graphite2::byte
typedef gr_uint16 graphite2::uint16
typedef gr_uint32 graphite2::uint32
typedef gr_int8 graphite2::int8
typedef gr_int16 graphite2::int16
typedef gr_int32 graphite2::int32
typedef size_t graphite2::uintptr


bool graphite2::checked_mul (const size_t a, const size_t b, size_t &t)
template<typename T >
Tgraphite2::gralloc (size_t n)
template<typename T >
Tgraphite2::grzeroalloc (size_t n)
template<typename T >
T graphite2::min (const T a, const T b)
template<typename T >
T graphite2::max (const T a, const T b)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ __has_cpp_attribute

#define __has_cpp_attribute (   x)    0

Definition at line 176 of file Main.h.


void * operator new (size_t size){ return gralloc<byte>(size);} \
void * operator new (size_t, void * p) throw() { return p; } \
void * operator new[] (size_t size) {return gralloc<byte>(size);} \
void * operator new[] (size_t, void * p) throw() { return p; } \
void operator delete (void * p) throw() { free(p);} \
void operator delete (void *, void *) throw() {} \
void operator delete[] (void * p)throw() { free(p); } \
void operator delete[] (void *, void *) throw() {}
#define free(a)
Definition: decNumber.cpp:310
small capitals from c petite p
Definition: afcover.h:72
#define size_t
Definition: glob.c:257
static int size
Definition: ppmlabel.c:24

Definition at line 159 of file Main.h.


#define GR_FALLTHROUGH   /* fallthrough */

Definition at line 193 of file Main.h.



Definition at line 172 of file Main.h.