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afmodule.c File Reference
#include "afglobal.h"
#include "afmodule.h"
#include "afloader.h"
#include "aferrors.h"
#include <freetype/internal/ftobjs.h>
#include <freetype/internal/ftdebug.h>
#include <freetype/ftdriver.h>
#include <freetype/internal/services/svprop.h>
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#define FT_COMPONENT   afmodule


static FT_Error af_property_get_face_globals (FT_Face face, AF_FaceGlobals *aglobals, AF_Module module)
static FT_Error af_property_set (FT_Module ft_module, const char *property_name, const void *value, FT_Bool value_is_string)
static FT_Error af_property_get (FT_Module ft_module, const char *property_name, void *value)
 FT_DEFINE_SERVICE_PROPERTIESREC (af_service_properties,(FT_Properties_SetFunc) af_property_set,(FT_Properties_GetFunc) af_property_get) FT_DEFINE_SERVICEDESCREC1(af_services
&af_service_properties af_get_interface (FT_Module module, const char *module_interface)
 af_autofitter_init (FT_Module ft_module)
 af_autofitter_done (FT_Module ft_module)
 af_autofitter_load_glyph (AF_Module module, FT_GlyphSlot slot, FT_Size size, FT_UInt glyph_index, FT_Int32 load_flags)
 FT_DEFINE_AUTOHINTER_INTERFACE (af_autofitter_interface, NULL, NULL, NULL,(FT_AutoHinter_GlyphLoadFunc) af_autofitter_load_glyph) FT_DEFINE_MODULE(autofit_module_class
 sizeof (AF_ModuleRec)


const void *& af_autofitter_interface
const void FT_Module_Constructor af_autofitter_init
const void FT_Module_Constructor FT_Module_Destructor af_autofitter_done

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FT_COMPONENT   afmodule


Auto-fitter module implementation (body).

Copyright (C) 2003-2020 by David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg.

This file is part of the FreeType project, and may only be used, modified, and distributed under the terms of the FreeType project license, LICENSE.TXT. By continuing to use, modify, or distribute this file you indicate that you have read the license and understand and accept it fully. The macro FT_COMPONENT is used in trace mode. It is an implicit parameter of the FT_TRACE() and FT_ERROR() macros, used to print/log messages during execution.

Definition at line 69 of file afmodule.c.

Function Documentation

◆ af_autofitter_done()

af_autofitter_done ( FT_Module  ft_module)

Definition at line 469 of file afmodule.c.

References af_glyph_hints_done(), FT_UNUSED, and AF_GlyphHintsRec_::memory.

◆ af_autofitter_init()

◆ af_autofitter_load_glyph()

af_autofitter_load_glyph ( AF_Module  module,
FT_GlyphSlot  slot,
FT_Size  size,
FT_UInt  glyph_index,
FT_Int32  load_flags 

◆ af_get_interface()

& af_service_properties af_get_interface ( FT_Module  module,
const char *  module_interface 

Definition at line 433 of file afmodule.c.

References ft_service_list_lookup(), FT_UNUSED, and module_interface.

◆ af_property_get()

◆ af_property_get_face_globals()

static FT_Error af_property_get_face_globals ( FT_Face  face,
AF_FaceGlobals aglobals,
AF_Module  module 

◆ af_property_set()


FT_DEFINE_AUTOHINTER_INTERFACE ( af_autofitter_interface  ,
(FT_AutoHinter_GlyphLoadFunc af_autofitter_load_glyph 


FT_DEFINE_SERVICE_PROPERTIESREC ( af_service_properties  ,
(FT_Properties_SetFunc af_property_set,
(FT_Properties_GetFunc af_property_get 

◆ sizeof()

sizeof ( AF_ModuleRec  )

Variable Documentation

◆ af_autofitter_done

Definition at line 569 of file afmodule.c.

◆ af_autofitter_init

const void FT_Module_Constructor af_autofitter_init

Definition at line 568 of file afmodule.c.

◆ af_autofitter_interface

const void* & af_autofitter_interface

Definition at line 566 of file afmodule.c.

◆ autofitter


Definition at line 562 of file afmodule.c.



Definition at line 559 of file afmodule.c.



Definition at line 429 of file afmodule.c.