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pts_fax.h File Reference
#include "config2.h"
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struct  stream_cursor_read_s
struct  stream_cursor_write_s
union  stream_cursor_s
struct  stream_state_s
struct  stream_template_s
struct  stream_hc_state_s
struct  stream_CF_state_s
struct  stream_CFE_state_s
struct  stream_CFD_state_s


#define stream_DEFINED
#define PTSFAX_EOFC   ((int)(-1))
#define PTSFAX_ERRC   ((int)(-2))
#define max_stream_exception   4
#define stream_exception_repeat(x)   x, x, x, x
#define stream_proc_init(proc)    int proc _((stream_state *))
#define stream_proc_process(proc)
#define stream_proc_release(proc)    void proc _((stream_state *))
#define stream_proc_set_defaults(proc)    void proc _((stream_state *))
#define stream_proc_reinit(proc)    int proc _((stream_state *))
#define stream_proc_report_error(proc)    int proc _((stream_state *, const char *))
#define stream_state_proc_get_params(proc, state_type)    int proc _((gs_param_list *plist, const state_type *ss, bool all))
#define stream_state_proc_put_params(proc, state_type)    int proc _((gs_param_list *plist, state_type *ss))
#define stream_state_common
#define public_st_stream_state()
#define stream_hc_state_common
#define stream_CF_state_common
#define s_CF_set_defaults_inline(ss)
#define private_st_CFE_state()
#define s_CFE_set_defaults_inline(ss)    (s_CF_set_defaults_inline(ss), (ss)->lcode = 0)
#define cfe_max_width   (2560 * 32000 * 2 / 3)
#define private_st_CFD_state()
#define s_CFD_set_defaults_inline(ss)    s_CF_set_defaults_inline(ss)


typedef void(* gssss_memset_t) (void *s, int c, unsigned n)
typedef void *(* gssss_xalloc_t) (unsigned len)
typedef void(* gssss_free_t) (void *ptr)
typedef void(* gssss_memcpy_t) (void *dest, const void *src, unsigned len)
typedef struct stream_s stream
typedef struct stream_state_s stream_state
typedef struct stream_template_s stream_template
typedef struct stream_cursor_read_s stream_cursor_read
typedef struct stream_cursor_write_s stream_cursor_write
typedef union stream_cursor_s stream_cursor
typedef struct stream_hc_state_s stream_hc_state
typedef struct stream_CF_state_s stream_CF_state
typedef struct stream_CFE_state_s stream_CFE_state
typedef struct stream_CFD_state_s stream_CFD_state


int s_no_report_error ()


const stream_template s_CFE_template

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ cfe_max_width

#define cfe_max_width   (2560 * 32000 * 2 / 3)

Definition at line 465 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ max_stream_exception

#define max_stream_exception   4

Definition at line 129 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ private_st_CFD_state

#define private_st_CFD_state ( )
/* in scfd.c */\
gs_private_st_ptrs2(st_CFD_state, stream_CFD_state, "CCITTFaxDecode state",\
cfd_enum_ptrs, cfd_reloc_ptrs, lbuf, lprev)
shortint lbuf[9600]
Definition: pmxab.c:71

Definition at line 506 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ private_st_CFE_state

#define private_st_CFE_state ( )
/* in scfe.c */\
gs_private_st_ptrs3(st_CFE_state, stream_CFE_state, "CCITTFaxEncode state",\
cfe_enum_ptrs, cfe_reloc_ptrs, lbuf, lprev, lcode)

Definition at line 457 of file pts_fax.h.


#define PTSFAX_EOFC   ((int)(-1))

Definition at line 121 of file pts_fax.h.


#define PTSFAX_ERRC   ((int)(-2))

Definition at line 123 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ public_st_stream_state

#define public_st_stream_state ( )
/* in stream.c */\
gs_public_st_simple(st_stream_state, stream_state, "stream_state")

Definition at line 225 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ s_CF_set_defaults_inline

#define s_CF_set_defaults_inline (   ss)
((ss)->Uncompressed = false,\
(ss)->K = 0,\
(ss)->EndOfLine = false,\
(ss)->EncodedByteAlign = false,\
(ss)->Columns = 1728,\
(ss)->Rows = 0,\
(ss)->EndOfBlock = true,\
(ss)->BlackIs1 = false,\
/* Added by Adobe since the Red Book */\
(ss)->DamagedRowsBeforeError = 0, /* always set, for s_CF_get_params */\
(ss)->FirstBitLowOrder = false,\
/* Added by us */\
(ss)->DecodedByteAlign = 1,\
/* Clear pointers */\
(ss)->lbuf = 0, (ss)->lprev = 0)

Definition at line 428 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ s_CFD_set_defaults_inline

#define s_CFD_set_defaults_inline (   ss)     s_CF_set_defaults_inline(ss)

Definition at line 509 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ s_CFE_set_defaults_inline

#define s_CFE_set_defaults_inline (   ss)     (s_CF_set_defaults_inline(ss), (ss)->lcode = 0)

Definition at line 460 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_CF_state_common

#define stream_CF_state_common
/* The client sets the following before initialization. */\
bool Uncompressed;\
int K;\
bool EndOfLine;\
bool EncodedByteAlign;\
int Columns;\
int Rows;\
bool EndOfBlock;\
bool BlackIs1;\
int DamagedRowsBeforeError; /* (Decode only) */\
/*bool FirstBitLowOrder;*/ /* in stream_hc_state_common */\
int DecodedByteAlign;\
/* The init procedure sets the following. */\
unsigned int raster;\
unsigned char *lbuf; /* current scan line buffer */\
/* (only if decoding or 2-D encoding) */\
unsigned char *lprev; /* previous scan line buffer (only if 2-D) */\
/* The following are updated dynamically. */\
int k_left /* number of next rows to encode in 2-D */\
/* (only if K > 0) */
quarterword * raster
Definition: dvips.c:153
cmd_t K[128]
Definition: fmtutil.c:72
#define stream_hc_state_common
Definition: pts_fax.h:386

Definition at line 401 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_DEFINED

#define stream_DEFINED

Definition at line 92 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_exception_repeat

#define stream_exception_repeat (   x)    x, x, x, x

Definition at line 131 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_hc_state_common

#define stream_hc_state_common
/* The client sets the following before initialization. */\
bool FirstBitLowOrder;\
/* The following are updated dynamically. */\
unsigned int bits; /* most recent bits of input or */\
/* current bits of output */\
int bits_left /* # of valid low bits (input) or */\
/* unused low bits (output) in above, */\
/* 0 <= bits_left <= 7 */
register bit_buf_type register int bits_left
Definition: jdhuff.h:156
#define bits
Definition: infblock.c:15
#define stream_state_common
Definition: pts_fax.h:210

Definition at line 386 of file pts_fax.h.



Definition at line 209 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_proc_init

#define stream_proc_init (   proc)     int proc _((stream_state *))

Definition at line 159 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_proc_process

#define stream_proc_process (   proc)

Definition at line 163 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_proc_reinit

#define stream_proc_reinit (   proc)     int proc _((stream_state *))

Definition at line 178 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_proc_release

#define stream_proc_release (   proc)     void proc _((stream_state *))

Definition at line 168 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_proc_report_error

#define stream_proc_report_error (   proc)     int proc _((stream_state *, const char *))

Definition at line 183 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_proc_set_defaults

#define stream_proc_set_defaults (   proc)     void proc _((stream_state *))

Definition at line 172 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_state_common

#define stream_state_common
const stream_template *template_; /**** pts C++ */\
gssss_memset_t memset_;\
gssss_xalloc_t xalloc_;\
gssss_free_t free_;\
gssss_memcpy_t memcpy_;\
/* gs_memory_t *memory; */ /**** pts ****/ \
int min_left; /* required bytes for lookahead */ \
static char * error_string[]
Definition: otferror.c:34
Definition: pts_fax.h:209

Definition at line 210 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_state_proc_get_params

#define stream_state_proc_get_params (   proc,
)     int proc _((gs_param_list *plist, const state_type *ss, bool all))

Definition at line 194 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_state_proc_put_params

#define stream_state_proc_put_params (   proc,
)     int proc _((gs_param_list *plist, state_type *ss))

Definition at line 196 of file pts_fax.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ gssss_free_t

typedef void(* gssss_free_t) (void *ptr)

Definition at line 80 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ gssss_memcpy_t

typedef void(* gssss_memcpy_t) (void *dest, const void *src, unsigned len)

Definition at line 81 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ gssss_memset_t

typedef void(* gssss_memset_t) (void *s, int c, unsigned n)

Definition at line 77 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ gssss_xalloc_t

typedef void*(* gssss_xalloc_t) (unsigned len)

The function must not return out of memory.

Definition at line 79 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream

◆ stream_CF_state

◆ stream_CFD_state

◆ stream_CFE_state

◆ stream_cursor

◆ stream_cursor_read

◆ stream_cursor_write

◆ stream_hc_state

◆ stream_state

typedef struct stream_state_s stream_state

Definition at line 81 of file pts_fax.h.

◆ stream_template

Definition at line 81 of file pts_fax.h.

Function Documentation

◆ s_no_report_error()

int s_no_report_error ( )

Variable Documentation

◆ s_CFE_template

const stream_template s_CFE_template

Definition at line 1098 of file pts_fax.c.

Referenced by CCITTFaxEncode::CCITTFaxEncode(), main(), and CCITTFaxEncode::vi_write().