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pswl.c File Reference
#include "defs.h"
#include "emit.h"
#include "global.h"
#include "bifont.h"
#include "ps.h"
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#define hex(c)   (c>='a' ? c-'a'+10 : c-'0')


 dev_wl_begfontdict (struct font_entry *fe)
void dev_wl_initfontdict (struct font_entry *fe, struct wlfntinfo *wlfi, int k, int c, int nc, FILE *kfp)
 dev_wl_endfontdict ()
 wl_endfontdict (void)
void dev_wl_initfe (struct font_entry *fe)
 wl_setchar (int c)
 wl_setstring (char *s, int len)
 wl_setchar_abs (int c)
 wl_setstring_abs (char *s, int len)
 dev_jswl_begfontdict (struct font_entry *fe)
void dev_jswl_initfe (struct font_entry *fe)
 jswl_setchar (int c)
 jswl_setstring (char *s, int len)
 jswl_setchar_abs (int c)
 jswl_setstring_abs (char *s, int len)
time_t time ()
char * ctime ()
 wl_type1_prologue1 (int fid)
 wl_type1_prologue2 (void)
 wl_type1_char (int c, char *cstr, int len)
 wl_type1_epilogue (void)


static char * FontBase ="Wadalab"
static char * version_str ="001.001"
static struct pd pd
static struct psbiops po
static char * StdHW ="32"
static char * StdVW ="32"

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ hex

#define hex (   c)    (c>='a' ? c-'a'+10 : c-'0')

Definition at line 27 of file pswl.c.

Function Documentation

◆ ctime()

◆ dev_jswl_begfontdict()

dev_jswl_begfontdict ( struct font_entry fe)

Definition at line 148 of file pswl.c.

References get_jstfm_psbiops(), LASTPACKPSCHAR, pd::pd_char, and po.

Referenced by read_jswl_fontinfo().

◆ dev_jswl_initfe()

◆ dev_wl_begfontdict()

dev_wl_begfontdict ( struct font_entry fe)

Definition at line 20 of file pswl.c.

References get_jfm_psbiops(), initpd, and po.

Referenced by read_wl_fontinfo().

◆ dev_wl_endfontdict()

dev_wl_endfontdict ( )

Definition at line 73 of file pswl.c.

References lastpd, and wl_endfontdict().

Referenced by read_wl_finfo().

◆ dev_wl_initfe()

◆ dev_wl_initfontdict()

void dev_wl_initfontdict ( struct font_entry fe,
struct wlfntinfo wlfi,
int  k,
int  c,
int  nc,
FILE kfp 

◆ jswl_setchar()

◆ jswl_setchar_abs()

jswl_setchar_abs ( int  c)

Definition at line 206 of file pswl.c.

References c, dev_setposn_abs(), jswl_setchar(), ps_h, and ps_v.

Referenced by dev_jswl_initfe().

◆ jswl_setstring()

jswl_setstring ( char *  s,
int  len 

◆ jswl_setstring_abs()

jswl_setstring_abs ( char *  s,
int  len 

◆ time()

time_t time ( )

Referenced by _cairo_pdf_interchange_set_create_date(), _cairo_ps_surface_emit_header(), addmidi_(), adjust_font_definitions(), AllDone(), aptex_trace(), aptex_utils_init_start_time(), asn_date(), Bitio_Flush(), bundle_write_xml(), CheckForMailArriving(), checkseed(), cmsCreateProfilePlaceholder(), compute_timezone_offset(), PDFDoc::createTrailerDict(), current_mrb_time(), cvt_unix_to_1904(), drvbase::DateString(), dateStringToTime(), GlobalParams::debugLogPrintf(), DefaultTTFEnglishNames(), DefaultXUID(), dir_contents_file_exists_p(), do_mkdtemp(), do_time(), dpx_delete_old_cache(), dpx_util_format_asn_date(), drvPPTX::drvPPTX(), Dump(), dvi_init(), EmitHeader(), f1eon_(), FcAtomicLock(), FcConfigCreate(), FcConfigUptoDate(), FcInitBringUptoDate(), FcRandom(), feon_(), file_timestamp_now(), fix_date_and_time(), DumpFormatter::format(), GenMPEGStream(), get_date_and_time(), get_seconds_and_micros(), get_start_time(), getDateTimeString(), getLocalTimeZoneOffset(), getrandomseed(), getUTCDateTimeString(), init_idctref(), init_start_time(), initprinter(), initrand(), initseed(), l_randomizePivot(), lj_cf_os_date(), lj_cf_os_time(), load_too_high(), log_search(), LookUpVariable(), main(), mangle_fontname(), IslamicCalendar::moonAge(), mrb_f_sleep(), NoteFrameDone(), NotifyDecodeServerReady(), NotifyMasterDone(), openTempFile(), os_date(), os_time(), otfcc_statFont(), output_applesingle(), output_macbinary(), OutputUserPrompt(), parseDateTimeString(), DayPeriodRulesDataSink::parseHour(), pdf_enc_init(), pdf_init_fonts(), print_data_base(), printInfoDate(), ProcessRefFrame(), DVIToSVGActions::progress(), ImageToSVG::progress(), PS_Head(), ps_to_eps(), random_m_srand(), readFinalZonesAndRules(), ReadFrame(), SecondAndRandomEV(), SendRemoteFrame(), set_job_id(), setjobid(), ShowRemainingTime(), SplineFontEmpty(), StartMasterServer(), time_get_ptr(), TimeStamp(), timeToDateString(), Grego::timeToFields(), uprv_getRawUTCtime_68(), uprv_timezone_68(), usrc_createWithHeader(), VAXdate(), VAXtime(), vzone_writeSimple_68(), write_png(), write_pre(), write_tiff(), ztrans_open_68(), ztrans_setTime_68(), and drvPDF::~drvPDF().

◆ wl_endfontdict()

wl_endfontdict ( void  )

◆ wl_setchar()

wl_setchar ( int  c)

Definition at line 108 of file pswl.c.

References begin_string(), c, gen-ucd-table::ce, curfontent, jis_to_idx94(), ps_move, pschar(), and wlfinfo.

Referenced by dev_wl_initfe(), and wl_setchar_abs().

◆ wl_setchar_abs()

wl_setchar_abs ( int  c)

Definition at line 128 of file pswl.c.

References c, dev_setposn_abs(), ps_h, ps_v, and wl_setchar().

Referenced by dev_wl_initfe().

◆ wl_setstring()

wl_setstring ( char *  s,
int  len 

Definition at line 122 of file pswl.c.

References Fatal(), and G_progname.

Referenced by dev_wl_initfe().

◆ wl_setstring_abs()

wl_setstring_abs ( char *  s,
int  len 

Definition at line 139 of file pswl.c.

References Fatal(), and G_progname.

Referenced by dev_wl_initfe().

◆ wl_type1_char()

wl_type1_char ( int  c,
char *  cstr,
int  len 

Definition at line 311 of file pswl.c.

References c, e_printf(), e_putchar(), i, and len.

Referenced by dev_wl_initfontdict().

◆ wl_type1_epilogue()

wl_type1_epilogue ( void  )

Definition at line 322 of file pswl.c.

References e_printf(), EMIT, end_eexec(), and outfp.

Referenced by wl_endfontdict().

◆ wl_type1_prologue1()

wl_type1_prologue1 ( int  fid)

Definition at line 248 of file pswl.c.

References EMIT, FontBase, outfp, and version_str.

Referenced by dev_wl_initfontdict().

◆ wl_type1_prologue2()

wl_type1_prologue2 ( void  )

Definition at line 273 of file pswl.c.

References begin_eexec(), e_printf(), EMIT, outfp, StdHW, and StdVW.

Referenced by dev_wl_initfontdict().

Variable Documentation

◆ FontBase

char* FontBase ="Wadalab"

Definition at line 12 of file pswl.c.

Referenced by wl_endfontdict(), and wl_type1_prologue1().

◆ pd

◆ po

◆ StdHW

char* StdHW ="32"

Definition at line 241 of file pswl.c.

Referenced by check_stems(), and wl_type1_prologue2().

◆ StdVW

char* StdVW ="32"

Definition at line 242 of file pswl.c.

Referenced by check_stems(), and wl_type1_prologue2().

◆ version_str

char* version_str ="001.001"

Definition at line 13 of file pswl.c.

Referenced by wl_type1_prologue1().