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protos.h File Reference

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arith c long FPmult (long u, long v)
long FPdiv (long dividend, long divisor)
long FPstarslash (long a, long b, long c)
basename c int main (int argc, char **argv)
basics c void fatal (char *fmt,...)
void msg (char *fmt,...)
bstring c int memset (void *s, int c, int length)
curves c int BezierTerminationTest (long xa, long ya, long xb, long yb, long xc, long yc, long xd, long yd)
static struct segmentStepBezierRecurse (struct bezierinfo *I, long xA, long yA, long xB, long yB, long xC, long yC, long xD, long yD)
struct segmentt1_StepBezier (struct region *R, long xA, long yA, long xB, long yB, long xC, long yC, long xD, long yD)
int emx_system (char *cmd)
encoding static c char * value_after (char *s, char *t)
int decimal (char *s)
char nextsymbol (void)
char * nextpsname (void)
void getenc (char **fontname, char **encname, char **ev, int *width)
void addcc (char *name, int charcode)
int getcc (char *name)
char * string (char *s)
void remove_string (void)
filenames static c char * charptr (char *name, char c)
int equal (char *s, char *t)
char * extension (char *str)
char * newname (char *name, char *ext)
char * ps2pk_basename (char *str, char *suffix)
int ps_resource (char *name)
int matching (char *font, int size)
fontfcn c int SearchDictName (struct ps_dict *dictP, struct ps_obj *keyP)
int initFont (void)
void resetFont (char *env)
int readFont (char *env)
unsigned char * fontfcnB (unsigned char *S, unsigned char *code, int *lenP, int *mode)
int fontfcnA (char *env, int *mode)
void QueryFontLib (char *env, char *infoName, unsigned char *infoValue, int *rcodeP)
hints c void t1_InitHints (void)
void t1_CloseHints (struct fractpoint *hintP)
static void ComputeHint (struct hintsegment *hP, long currX, long currY, struct fractpoint *hintP)
void t1_ProcessHint (struct hintsegment *hP, long currX, long currY, struct fractpoint *hintP)
static short SearchXofY (struct edgelist *edge, short y)
static int ImpliedHorizontalLine (struct edgelist *e1, struct edgelist *e2, int y)
static void FixSubPaths (struct region *R)
static void DumpSubPaths (struct edgelist *anchor)
static struct edgelistbefore (struct edgelist *e)
static void writeXofY (struct edgelist *e, int y, int x)
static void CollapseWhiteRun (struct edgelist *anchor, short yblack, struct edgelist *left, struct edgelist *right, short ywhite)
void t1_ApplyContinuity (struct region *R)
lines c void t1_StepLine (struct region *R, long x1, long y1, long x2, long y2)
void t1_Bresenham (short *edgeP, long x1, long y1, long x2, long y2)
int fontsize (double x)
double stepsize (double x)
objects c struct xobjectt1_Allocate (int size, struct xobject *template, int extra)
void t1_Free (struct xobject *obj)
struct xobjectt1_Permanent (struct xobject *obj)
struct xobjectxiTemporary (struct xobject *obj)
struct xobjectt1_Dup (struct xobject *obj)
struct xobjectt1_Copy (struct xobject *obj)
struct xobjectt1_Destroy (struct xobject *obj)
struct xobjectt1_Unique (struct xobject *obj)
void t1_Pragmatics (char *username, int value)
void t1_Consume (int n,...)
struct xobjectt1_TypeErr (char *name, struct xobject *obj, int expect, struct xobject *ret)
static char * TypeFmt (int type)
static int ObjectPostMortem (struct xobject *obj)
struct xobjectt1_ArgErr (char *str, struct xobject *obj, struct xobject *ret)
void t1_abort (char *str)
char * t1_ErrorMsg (void)
void t1_InitImager (void)
void t1_TermImager (void)
void reportusage (void)
paths c struct segmentt1_CopyPath (struct segment *p0)
void t1_KillPath (struct segment *p)
struct segmentt1_Loc (struct XYspace *S, double x, double y)
struct segmentt1_ILoc (struct XYspace *S, int x, int y)
struct segmentt1_SubLoc (struct segment *p1, struct segment *p2)
struct segmentt1_PathSegment (int type, long x, long y)
struct segmentt1_Line (struct segment *P)
struct beziersegmentt1_Bezier (struct segment *B, struct segment *C, struct segment *D)
struct hintsegmentt1_Hint (struct XYspace *S, double ref, double width, char orientation, char hinttype, char adjusttype, char direction, int label)
struct segmentt1_Join (struct segment *p1, struct segment *p2)
struct segmentt1_JoinSegment (struct segment *before, int type, long x, long y, struct segment *after)
struct segmentt1_ClosePath (struct segment *p0, int lastonly)
struct segmentt1_Reverse (struct segment *p)
static struct segmentReverseSubPath (struct segment *p)
static struct segmentDropSubPath (struct segment *p0)
static struct segmentSplitPath (struct segment *anchor, struct segment *before)
struct segmentt1_ReverseSubPaths (struct segment *p)
static int UnClose (struct segment *p0)
struct segmentt1_PathXform (struct segment *p0, struct XYspace *S)
void t1_PathDelta (struct segment *p, struct fractpoint *pt)
struct segmentt1_BoundingBox (short h, short w)
void t1_QueryLoc (struct segment *P, struct XYspace *S, double *xP, double *yP)
void t1_QueryPath (struct segment *path, int *typeP, struct segment **Bp, struct segment **Cp, struct segment **Dp, double *fP)
void t1_QueryBounds (struct segment *p0, struct XYspace *S, double *xminP, double *yminP, double *xmaxP, double *ymaxP)
struct segmentt1_BoxPath (struct XYspace *S, int h, int w)
struct segmentt1_DropSegment (struct segment *path)
struct segmentt1_HeadSegment (struct segment *path)
void t1_DumpPath (struct segment *p)
unsigned char lsbf (unsigned char u)
void dots (unsigned char u, int n)
int atoo (char *oct)
pkin static c short pkbyte (void)
static long pkquad (void)
static long pktrio (void)
static long pklong (void)
static short pkopen (char *name)
static short getnyb (void)
static short getbit (void)
static unsigned short pkpackednum (void)
static unsigned short rest (void)
static unsigned short handlehuge (unsigned short i, unsigned short k)
static void error (char *s)
pkout c void pk_open (char *pkname)
void pk_close (void)
static void pk_nybble (int x)
static void pk1 (int x)
static void pk2 (int x)
static void pk3 (int x)
static void pk4 (int x)
void pk_preamble (char *comment, float pointsize, int checksum, unsigned int h_res, unsigned int v_res)
int optimal_size (int W, int H, int cnt, int *count, int *dyn_f)
static void pk_runlengths (int W, int H, int(*next_pixel)(void))
static void pk_number (int x)
static void pk_bitmap (int width, int cnt, int *runlength)
void pk_char (int char_code, int tfm_width, int h_escapement, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, int h_offset, int v_offset, int(*next_pixel)(void))
static void pkstring (char *fmt,...)
int INT (float x)
char * magnification (int dpi, int BDPI)
void pk_postamble (void)
void ps2pk_postamble (char *fontname, char *encname, int base_res, int h_res, int v_res, float pointsize, char *args)
int next_pixel (void)
ps2pk c psargs c psearch c regions c void t1_KillRegion (struct region *area)
struct regiont1_CopyRegion (struct region *area)
static struct edgelistNewEdge (short xmin, short xmax, short ymin, short ymax, short *xvalues, int isdown)
struct regiont1_Interior (struct segment *p, int fillrule)
static int Unwind (struct edgelist *area)
void t1_ChangeDirection (int type, struct region *R, long x, long y, long dy)
static void newfilledge (struct region *R, long xmin, long xmax, long ymin, long ymax, int isdown)
struct edgelistt1_SortSwath (struct edgelist *anchor, struct edgelist *edge, struct edgelist *(*swathfcn)(void))
static struct edgelistsplitedge (struct edgelist *list, short y)
static void vertjoin (struct edgelist *top, struct edgelist *bottom)
struct edgelistswathxsort (struct edgelist *before0, struct edgelist *edge)
struct edgelistt1_SwathUnion (struct edgelist *before0, struct edgelist *edge)
struct edgelistswathrightmost (struct edgelist *before, struct edgelist *edge)
static int touches (int h, short *left, short *right)
static int crosses (int h, short *left, short *right)
static void cedgemin (int, pel *, pel)
static void cedgemax (int, pel *, pel)
static void edgemin (int, pel *, pel *)
static void edgemax (int, pel *, pel *)
static void discard (struct edgelist *left, struct edgelist *right)
void t1_MoveEdges (struct region *R, long dx, long dy)
void t1_UnJumble (struct region *region)
static int OptimizeRegion (struct region *R)
void t1_MoreWorkArea (struct region *R, long x1, long y1, long x2, long y2)
struct regiont1_BoxClip (struct region *R, short xmin, short ymin, short xmax, short ymax)
struct segmentt1_RegionBounds (struct region *R)
void t1_DumpArea (struct region *area)
void t1_DumpEdges (struct edgelist *edges)
static int edgecheck (struct edgelist *edge, int oldmin, int oldmax)
scanfont c int Init_BuiltInEncoding (void)
static int getNextValue (int valueType)
static int getInt (void)
static int getEncoding (struct ps_obj *arrayP)
static int getArray (struct ps_obj *arrayP)
static int getName (char *nameP)
static int getNbytes (int N)
static int getLiteralName (struct ps_obj *nameObjP)
static int BuildSubrs (struct ps_font *FontP)
static int BuildCharStrings (struct ps_font *FontP)
static int BuildFontInfo (struct ps_font *fontP)
static int BuildPrivate (struct ps_font *fontP)
static int GetType1Blues (struct ps_font *fontP)
struct ps_objGetType1CharString (struct ps_font *fontP, unsigned char code)
static int FindDictValue (struct ps_dict *dictP)
int scan_font (struct ps_font *FontP)
spaces c struct XYspacet1_CopySpace (struct XYspace *S)
static void ConsiderContext (struct xobject *obj, double(*M)[2])
void FXYConvert (struct fractpoint *pt, struct XYspace *S, double x, double y)
void IXYConvert (struct fractpoint *pt, struct XYspace *S, long x, long y)
void ForceFloat (struct fractpoint *pt, struct XYspace *S, long x, long y)
long FXYboth (double cx, double cy, double x, double y)
long FXonly (double cx, double cy, double x, double y)
long FYonly (double cx, double cy, double x, double y)
long IXYboth (long cx, long cy, long x, long y)
long IXonly (long cx, long cy, long x, long y)
long IYonly (long cx, long cy, long x, long y)
long FPXYboth (long cx, long cy, long x, long y)
long FPXonly (long cx, long cy, long x, long y)
long FPYonly (long cx, long cy, long x, long y)
static void FillOutFcns (struct XYspace *S)
static void FindFfcn (double cx, double cy, long(**fcnP)(void))
static void FindIfcn (double cx, double cy, long *icxP, long *icyP, long(**fcnP)(void))
void t1_UnConvert (struct XYspace *S, struct fractpoint *pt, double *xp, double *yp)
struct xobjectt1_Xform (struct xobject *obj, double(*M)[2])
struct xobjectt1_Transform (struct xobject *obj, double cxx, double cyx, double cxy, double cyy)
struct xobjectt1_Scale (struct xobject *obj, double sx, double sy)
void t1_PseudoSpace (struct XYspace *S, double(*M)[2])
void t1_MMultiply (double(*A)[2], double(*B)[2], double(*C)[2])
void t1_MInvert (double(*M)[2], double(*Mprime)[2])
void t1_InitSpaces (void)
void t1_QuerySpace (struct XYspace *S, double *cxxP, double *cyxP, double *cxyP, double *cyyP)
void t1_FormatFP (char *str, long fpel)
void t1_DumpSpace (struct XYspace *S)
strexpr c struct valmake_int (int i)
struct valmake_str (char *s)
void free_value (struct val *vp)
int is_integer (struct val *vp, int *r)
int to_integer (struct val *vp)
void to_string (struct val *vp)
void nexttoken (void)
struct valeval6 (void)
struct valeval4 (void)
struct valeval3 (void)
int strexpr (int *result, char *expression)
t1funcs c int Type1OpenScalable (char **ev, struct _Font **ppFont, int flags, struct _FontEntry *entry, char *fileName, struct _FontScalable *vals, unsigned long format, unsigned long fmask, double efactor, double slant)
static int Type1GetGlyphs (struct _Font *pFont, unsigned long count, unsigned char *chars, int charEncoding, unsigned long *glyphCount, struct _CharInfo **glyphs)
void Type1CloseFont (struct _Font *pFont)
static void fill (char *dest, int h, int w, struct region *area, int byte, int bit, int wordsize)
static void fillrun (char *p, short x0, short x1, int bit)
int Type1RegisterFontFileFunctions (void)
t1info static c void FillHeader (struct _FontInfo *pInfo, struct _FontScalable *Vals)
static void ComputeBounds (struct _FontInfo *pInfo, struct _CharInfo *pChars, struct _FontScalable *Vals)
static void ComputeProps (struct _FontInfo *pInfo, struct _FontScalable *Vals, char *Filename)
static void ComputeStdProps (struct _FontInfo *pInfo, struct _FontScalable *Vals, char *Filename, char *Fontname)
int Type1GetInfoScalable (struct _FontPathElement *fpe, struct _FontInfo *pInfo, struct _FontEntry *entry, struct _FontName *fontName, char *fileName, struct _FontScalable *Vals)
void T1FillFontInfo (struct _Font *pFont, struct _FontScalable *Vals, char *Filename, char *Fontname)
void T1InitStdProps (void)
t1io c struct F_FILET1Open (char *fn, char *mode)
int T1Getc (struct F_FILE *f)
int T1Ungetc (int c, struct F_FILE *f)
int T1Read (char *buffP, int size, int n, struct F_FILE *f)
int T1Close (struct F_FILE *f)
struct F_FILET1eexec (struct F_FILE *f)
static int T1Decrypt (unsigned char *p, int len)
static int T1Fill (struct F_FILE *f)
t1snap c unsigned __int64 __stdcall Int64ShllMod32 (unsigned __int64 Value, unsigned long ShiftCount)
__int64 __stdcall Int64ShraMod32 (__int64 Value, unsigned long ShiftCount)
unsigned __int64 __stdcall Int64ShrlMod32 (unsigned __int64 Value, unsigned long ShiftCount)
voidGetFiberData (void)
voidGetCurrentFiber (void)
struct segmentt1_Phantom (struct xobject *obj)
struct xobjectt1_Snap (struct segment *p)
t1stub c int xiStub (void)
void t1_DumpText (struct segment *foo)
void Display (struct _CharInfo *glyph)
int T1FillVals (struct _FontScalable *vals)
int CheckFSFormat (int format, int fmask, int *bit, int *byte, int *scan, int *glyph, int *image)
char * MakeAtom (char *p)
int GetClientResolutions (int *resP)
char * Xalloc (int size)
void Xfree (void)
int FontDefaultFormat (void)
int FontFileRegisterRenderer (void)
int GenericGetBitmaps (void)
int GenericGetExtents (void)
int FontParseXLFDName (void)
int FontComputeInfoAccelerators (void)
texfiles c unsigned long num (struct _iobuf *fp, int size)
int snum (struct _iobuf *fp, int size)
token static c double P10 (long exponent)
static int next_char (int ch)
static int add_char (int ch)
static int skip_space (int ch)
static int skip_comment (int ch)
static int add_sign (int ch)
static int add_1st_digits (int ch)
static int add_digits (int ch)
static int add_1st_decpt (int ch)
static int add_decpt (int ch)
static int add_fraction (int ch)
static int add_e_sign (int ch)
static int add_exponent (int ch)
static int add_radix (int ch)
static int add_r_digits (int ch)
static int RADIX_NUMBER (int ch)
static int INTEGER (int ch)
static int REAL (int ch)
static int HEX_STRING (int ch)
static void save_digraph (int ch)
static int STRING (int ch)
static int AAH_NAME (int ch)
static int NAME (int ch)
static int LITERAL_NAME (int ch)
static int IMMED_NAME (int ch)
static int OOPS_NAME (int ch)
static int RIGHT_ANGLE (int ch)
static int RIGHT_PAREN (int ch)
static int LEFT_BRACE (int ch)
static int RIGHT_BRACE (int ch)
static int LEFT_BRACKET (int ch)
static int RIGHT_BRACKET (int ch)
static int BREAK_SIGNAL (int ch)
static int NO_TOKEN (int ch)
void scan_token (struct ps_obj *inputP)
type1 static c int ComputeAlignmentZones (void)
static int InitStems (void)
static int FinitStems (void)
static void ComputeStem (int stemno)
static struct segmentApplyhint (struct segment *p, int stemnumber, int half)
static struct segmentApplyrevhint (struct segment *p, int stemnumber, int half)
static struct segmentFindStems (double x, double y, double dx, double dy)
static void ClearStack (void)
static void Push (double Num)
static void ClearCallStack (void)
static void PushCall (struct ps_obj *CurrStrP, int CurrIndex, unsigned short CurrKey)
static void PopCall (struct ps_obj **CurrStrPP, int *CurrIndexP, unsigned short *CurrKeyP)
static void ClearPSFakeStack (void)
static void PSFakePush (double Num)
static double PSFakePop (void)
static struct segmentCenterStem (double edge1, double edge2)
static unsigned char Decrypt (unsigned char cipher)
static int DoRead (int *CodeP)
static void StartDecrypt (void)
static void Decode (int Code)
static void DoCommand (int Code)
static void Type1Escape (int Code)
static void HStem (double y, double dy)
static void VStem (double x, double dx)
static void RLineTo (double dx, double dy)
static void RRCurveTo (double dx1, double dy1, double dx2, double dy2, double dx3, double dy3)
static void DoClosePath (void)
static void CallSubr (int subrno)
static void Return (void)
static void EndChar (void)
static void RMoveTo (double dx, double dy)
static void DotSection (void)
static void Seac (double asb, double adx, double ady, unsigned char bchar, unsigned char achar)
static void Sbw (double sbx, double sby, double wx, double wy)
static double Div (double num1, double num2)
static void FlxProc (double c1x2, double c1y2, double c3x0, double c3y0, double c3x1, double c3y1, double c3x2, double c3y2, double c4x0, double c4y0, double c4x1, double c4y1, double c4x2, double c4y2, double epY, double epX, int idmin)
static void FlxProc1 (void)
static void FlxProc2 (void)
static void HintReplace (void)
static void CallOtherSubr (int othersubrno)
static void SetCurrentPoint (double x, double y)
struct xobjectType1Char (char *env, struct XYspace *S, struct ps_obj *charstrP, struct ps_obj *subrsP, struct ps_obj *osubrsP, struct blues_struct *bluesP, int *modeP)
util c int vm_init (void)
char * vm_alloc (unsigned int bytes)
void objFormatInteger (struct ps_obj *objP, int value)
void objFormatReal (struct ps_obj *objP, double value)
void objFormatBoolean (struct ps_obj *objP, int value)
void objFormatEncoding (struct ps_obj *objP, int length, struct ps_obj *valueP)
void objFormatArray (struct ps_obj *objP, int length, struct ps_obj *valueP)
void objFormatString (struct ps_obj *objP, int length, char *valueP)
void objFormatName (struct ps_obj *objP, int length, char *valueP)
void objFormatFile (struct ps_obj *objP, struct _iobuf *valueP)

Function Documentation


static int AAH_NAME ( int  ch)

◆ add_1st_decpt()

static int add_1st_decpt ( int  ch)

◆ add_1st_digits()

static int add_1st_digits ( int  ch)

◆ add_char()

static int add_char ( int  ch)

◆ add_decpt()

static int add_decpt ( int  ch)

◆ add_digits()

static int add_digits ( int  ch)

◆ add_e_sign()

static int add_e_sign ( int  ch)

◆ add_exponent()

static int add_exponent ( int  ch)

◆ add_fraction()

static int add_fraction ( int  ch)

◆ add_r_digits()

static int add_r_digits ( int  ch)

◆ add_radix()

static int add_radix ( int  ch)

◆ add_sign()

static int add_sign ( int  ch)

◆ addcc()

void addcc ( char *  name,
int  charcode 

◆ Applyhint()

static struct segment* Applyhint ( struct segment p,
int  stemnumber,
int  half 

◆ Applyrevhint()

static struct segment* Applyrevhint ( struct segment p,
int  stemnumber,
int  half 

◆ atoo()

int atoo ( char *  oct)

◆ before()

static struct edgelist* before ( struct edgelist e)

◆ BezierTerminationTest()

curves c int BezierTerminationTest ( long  xa,
long  ya,
long  xb,
long  yb,
long  xc,
long  yc,
long  xd,
long  yd 


static int BREAK_SIGNAL ( int  ch)

◆ BuildCharStrings()

static int BuildCharStrings ( struct ps_font FontP)

◆ BuildFontInfo()

static int BuildFontInfo ( struct ps_font fontP)

◆ BuildPrivate()

static int BuildPrivate ( struct ps_font fontP)

◆ BuildSubrs()

static int BuildSubrs ( struct ps_font FontP)

◆ CallOtherSubr()

static void CallOtherSubr ( int  othersubrno)

◆ CallSubr()

static void CallSubr ( int  subrno)

◆ cedgemax()

static void cedgemax ( int  ,
pel ,

◆ cedgemin()

static void cedgemin ( int  ,
pel ,

◆ CenterStem()

static struct segment* CenterStem ( double  edge1,
double  edge2 

◆ charptr()

filenames static c char* charptr ( char *  name,
char  c 

◆ CheckFSFormat()

int CheckFSFormat ( int  format,
int  fmask,
int bit,
int byte,
int scan,
int glyph,
int image 

Definition at line 677 of file ps2pk.c.

References scan(), and Successful.

◆ ClearCallStack()

static void ClearCallStack ( void  )

◆ ClearPSFakeStack()

static void ClearPSFakeStack ( void  )

◆ ClearStack()

static void ClearStack ( void  )

◆ CollapseWhiteRun()

static void CollapseWhiteRun ( struct edgelist anchor,
short  yblack,
struct edgelist left,
struct edgelist right,
short  ywhite 

◆ ComputeAlignmentZones()

type1 static c int ComputeAlignmentZones ( void  )

◆ ComputeBounds()

static void ComputeBounds ( struct _FontInfo pInfo,
struct _CharInfo pChars,
struct _FontScalable Vals 

◆ ComputeHint()

static void ComputeHint ( struct hintsegment hP,
long  currX,
long  currY,
struct fractpoint hintP 

◆ ComputeProps()

static void ComputeProps ( struct _FontInfo pInfo,
struct _FontScalable Vals,
char *  Filename 

◆ ComputeStdProps()

static void ComputeStdProps ( struct _FontInfo pInfo,
struct _FontScalable Vals,
char *  Filename,
char *  Fontname 

◆ ComputeStem()

static void ComputeStem ( int  stemno)

◆ ConsiderContext()

static void ConsiderContext ( struct xobject obj,
double(*)  M[2] 

◆ crosses()

static int crosses ( int  h,
short *  left,
short *  right 

◆ decimal()

◆ Decode()

static void Decode ( int  Code)

◆ Decrypt()

static unsigned char Decrypt ( unsigned char  cipher)

◆ discard()

◆ Display()

void Display ( struct _CharInfo glyph)

Definition at line 419 of file t1test.c.

References data, h, i, p, printf(), and w.

◆ Div()

static double Div ( double  num1,
double  num2 

◆ DoClosePath()

static void DoClosePath ( void  )

◆ DoCommand()

static void DoCommand ( int  Code)

◆ DoRead()

static int DoRead ( int CodeP)

◆ dots()

◆ DotSection()

static void DotSection ( void  )

◆ DropSubPath()

static struct segment* DropSubPath ( struct segment p0)

◆ DumpSubPaths()

static void DumpSubPaths ( struct edgelist anchor)

◆ edgecheck()

static int edgecheck ( struct edgelist edge,
int  oldmin,
int  oldmax 

◆ edgemax()

static void edgemax ( int  ,
pel ,

◆ edgemin()

static void edgemin ( int  ,
pel ,

◆ emx_system()

int emx_system ( char *  cmd)

◆ EndChar()

static void EndChar ( void  )

Referenced by GlobAWord().

◆ equal()

◆ error()

static void error ( char *  s)

Definition at line 386 of file dvispc.c.

References Exit(), and fprintf.

Referenced by interpret(), main(), read_post(), sp_color(), sp_pdf_bann(), and sp_pdf_bcolor().

◆ eval3()

struct val* eval3 ( void  )

Definition at line 245 of file strexpr.c.

References ADD, eval4(), fatal, free_value(), cutout::l, nexttoken(), op, r, SUB, and to_integer().

Referenced by eval6(), and strexpr().

◆ eval4()

struct val* eval4 ( void  )

Definition at line 210 of file strexpr.c.

References DIV, eval6(), fatal, free_value(), cutout::l, MOD, MUL, nexttoken(), op, r, and to_integer().

Referenced by eval3().

◆ eval6()

struct val* eval6 ( void  )

Definition at line 187 of file strexpr.c.

References eval3(), fatal, LP, nexttoken(), OPERAND, RP, tokval, and v.

Referenced by eval4().

◆ extension()

char* extension ( char *  str)

Definition at line 48 of file filenames.c.

References base, IS_DIR_SEP, p, and str.

Referenced by newname().

◆ fatal()

basics c void fatal ( char *  fmt,

◆ fill()

static void fill ( char *  dest,
int  h,
int  w,
struct region area,
int  byte,
int  bit,
int  wordsize 

◆ FillHeader()

t1info static c void FillHeader ( struct _FontInfo pInfo,
struct _FontScalable Vals 

◆ FillOutFcns()

static void FillOutFcns ( struct XYspace S)

◆ fillrun()

static void fillrun ( char *  p,
short  x0,
short  x1,
int  bit 

◆ FindDictValue()

static int FindDictValue ( struct ps_dict dictP)

◆ FindFfcn()

static void FindFfcn ( double  cx,
double  cy,
long(**)(void fcnP 

◆ FindIfcn()

static void FindIfcn ( double  cx,
double  cy,
long *  icxP,
long *  icyP,
long(**)(void fcnP 

◆ FindStems()

static struct segment* FindStems ( double  x,
double  y,
double  dx,
double  dy 

◆ FinitStems()

static int FinitStems ( void  )

◆ FixSubPaths()

static void FixSubPaths ( struct region R)

◆ FlxProc()

static void FlxProc ( double  c1x2,
double  c1y2,
double  c3x0,
double  c3y0,
double  c3x1,
double  c3y1,
double  c3x2,
double  c3y2,
double  c4x0,
double  c4y0,
double  c4x1,
double  c4y1,
double  c4x2,
double  c4y2,
double  epY,
double  epX,
int  idmin 

◆ FlxProc1()

static void FlxProc1 ( void  )

◆ FlxProc2()

static void FlxProc2 ( void  )

◆ FontComputeInfoAccelerators()

int FontComputeInfoAccelerators ( void  )

Definition at line 529 of file t1test.c.

◆ FontDefaultFormat()

int FontDefaultFormat ( void  )

Definition at line 521 of file t1test.c.

◆ fontfcnA()

int fontfcnA ( char *  env,
int mode 

◆ fontfcnB()

unsigned char* fontfcnB ( unsigned char *  S,
unsigned char *  code,
int lenP,
int mode 

◆ FontFileRegisterRenderer()

int FontFileRegisterRenderer ( void  )

Definition at line 523 of file t1test.c.

◆ FontParseXLFDName()

int FontParseXLFDName ( void  )

Definition at line 528 of file t1test.c.

Referenced by ComputeStdProps().

◆ fontsize()

int fontsize ( double  x)

◆ ForceFloat()

void ForceFloat ( struct fractpoint pt,
struct XYspace S,
long  x,
long  y 

◆ FPdiv()

long FPdiv ( long  dividend,
long  divisor 

◆ FPmult()

arith c long FPmult ( long  u,
long  v 

◆ FPstarslash()

long FPstarslash ( long  a,
long  b,
long  c 

◆ FPXonly()

long FPXonly ( long  cx,
long  cy,
long  x,
long  y 

◆ FPXYboth()

long FPXYboth ( long  cx,
long  cy,
long  x,
long  y 

◆ FPYonly()

long FPYonly ( long  cx,
long  cy,
long  x,
long  y 

◆ free_value()

void free_value ( struct val vp)

Definition at line 78 of file strexpr.c.

References free, val::s, val::type, and val::u.

Referenced by eval3(), and eval4().

◆ FXonly()

long FXonly ( double  cx,
double  cy,
double  x,
double  y 

◆ FXYboth()

long FXYboth ( double  cx,
double  cy,
double  x,
double  y 

◆ FXYConvert()

void FXYConvert ( struct fractpoint pt,
struct XYspace S,
double  x,
double  y 

◆ FYonly()

long FYonly ( double  cx,
double  cy,
double  x,
double  y 

◆ GenericGetBitmaps()

int GenericGetBitmaps ( void  )

Definition at line 525 of file t1test.c.

◆ GenericGetExtents()

int GenericGetExtents ( void  )

Definition at line 526 of file t1test.c.

◆ getArray()

static int getArray ( struct ps_obj arrayP)

◆ getbit()

static short getbit ( void  )

◆ getcc()

int getcc ( char *  name)

◆ GetClientResolutions()

int GetClientResolutions ( int resP)

Definition at line 503 of file t1test.c.

Referenced by T1FillVals().

◆ GetCurrentFiber()

void* GetCurrentFiber ( void  )

◆ getenc()

void getenc ( char **  fontname,
char **  encname,
char **  ev,
int width 

◆ getEncoding()

static int getEncoding ( struct ps_obj arrayP)

◆ GetFiberData()

void* GetFiberData ( void  )

◆ getInt()

static int getInt ( void  )

Referenced by Gfx::opSetTextRender().

◆ getLiteralName()

static int getLiteralName ( struct ps_obj nameObjP)

◆ getName()

◆ getNbytes()

static int getNbytes ( int  N)

◆ getNextValue()

static int getNextValue ( int  valueType)

◆ getnyb()

static short getnyb ( void  )

◆ GetType1Blues()

static int GetType1Blues ( struct ps_font fontP)

◆ GetType1CharString()

struct ps_obj* GetType1CharString ( struct ps_font fontP,
unsigned char  code 

Definition at line 1205 of file scanfont.c.

◆ handlehuge()

static unsigned short handlehuge ( unsigned short  i,
unsigned short  k 


static int HEX_STRING ( int  ch)

◆ HintReplace()

static void HintReplace ( void  )

◆ HStem()

static void HStem ( double  y,
double  dy 


static int IMMED_NAME ( int  ch)

◆ ImpliedHorizontalLine()

static int ImpliedHorizontalLine ( struct edgelist e1,
struct edgelist e2,
int  y 

◆ Init_BuiltInEncoding()

scanfont c int Init_BuiltInEncoding ( void  )

Definition at line 440 of file scanfont.c.

◆ initFont()

int initFont ( void  )

◆ InitStems()

static int InitStems ( void  )

◆ INT()

int INT ( float  x)

◆ Int64ShllMod32()

t1snap c unsigned __int64 __stdcall Int64ShllMod32 ( unsigned __int64  Value,
unsigned long  ShiftCount 

◆ Int64ShraMod32()

__int64 __stdcall Int64ShraMod32 ( __int64  Value,
unsigned long  ShiftCount 

◆ Int64ShrlMod32()

unsigned __int64 __stdcall Int64ShrlMod32 ( unsigned __int64  Value,
unsigned long  ShiftCount 


static int INTEGER ( int  ch)

◆ is_integer()

int is_integer ( struct val vp,
int r 

Definition at line 88 of file strexpr.c.

References i, val::i, isdigit, r, val::s, s, val::type, and val::u.

Referenced by mpfr_gamma(), and to_integer().

◆ IXonly()

long IXonly ( long  cx,
long  cy,
long  x,
long  y 

◆ IXYboth()

long IXYboth ( long  cx,
long  cy,
long  x,
long  y 

◆ IXYConvert()

void IXYConvert ( struct fractpoint pt,
struct XYspace S,
long  x,
long  y 

◆ IYonly()

long IYonly ( long  cx,
long  cy,
long  x,
long  y 


static int LEFT_BRACE ( int  ch)


static int LEFT_BRACKET ( int  ch)


static int LITERAL_NAME ( int  ch)

◆ lsbf()

unsigned char lsbf ( unsigned char  u)

◆ magnification()

char* magnification ( int  dpi,
int  BDPI 

◆ main()

basename c int main ( int  ac,
string av 

© 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others. License & terms of use: http://www.unicode.org/copyright.html

COPYRIGHT: Copyright (c) 1999-2003, International Business Machines Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.

© 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others. License & terms of use: http://www.unicode.org/copyright.html

COPYRIGHT: Copyright (c) 1999-2002, International Business Machines Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.

© 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others. License & terms of use: http://www.unicode.org/copyright.html

COPYRIGHT: Copyright (c) 1999-2003, International Business Machines Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.

© 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others. License & terms of use: http://www.unicode.org/copyright.html

COPYRIGHT: Copyright (c) 1999-2002, International Business Machines Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.

Definition at line 568 of file cjpeg.c.

◆ make_int()

strexpr c struct val* make_int ( int  i)

Definition at line 38 of file strexpr.c.

References fatal, i, val::i, malloc, NULL, val::type, and val::u.

◆ make_str()

struct val* make_str ( char *  s)

Definition at line 51 of file strexpr.c.

References fatal, i, isspace, malloc, NULL, OPERATORS, pexpr, val::s, s, strchr, strcpy(), string, val::type, and val::u.

Referenced by nexttoken().

◆ MakeAtom()

char* MakeAtom ( char *  p)

Definition at line 498 of file t1test.c.

References p.

Referenced by ComputeStdProps(), and T1InitStdProps().

◆ matching()

int matching ( char *  font,
int  size 

Definition at line 34 of file flisearch.c.

References dpi, fontname, margin, size, and strcmp().

Referenced by main().

◆ memset()

bstring c int memset ( void s,
int  c,
int  length 

Referenced by __gmp_asprintf_reps(), __gmp_nextprime(), _ApproximateSplineFromPoints(), _bitmap_next_id(), _blit_texture_to_renderbuffer(), _buffer_alloc(), _cairo_base64_stream_close(), _cairo_base85_stream_close(), _cairo_bentley_ottmann_tessellate_boxes(), _cairo_bentley_ottmann_tessellate_polygon(), _cairo_drm_bo_flink(), _cairo_freelist_calloc(), _cairo_freelist_init(), _cairo_gl_composite_init(), _cairo_gl_context_destroy_operand(), _cairo_gl_context_init(), _cairo_gl_context_init_shaders(), _cairo_gl_surface_embedded_operand_init(), _cairo_hash_table_create(), _cairo_image_finish_spans_and_zero(), _cairo_image_spans(), _cairo_image_spans_and_zero(), _cairo_mempool_init(), _cairo_os2_surface_get_pixels_from_screen(), _cairo_pdf_interchange_init(), _cairo_pdf_surface_write_page(), _cairo_quartz_font_face_scaled_font_create(), _cairo_quartz_surface_create_internal(), _cairo_rtree_init(), _cairo_scaled_font_glyph_device_extents(), _cairo_scaled_glyph_lookup(), _cairo_script_context_create_internal(), _cairo_sub_font_collect(), _cairo_surface_base64_encode(), _cairo_surface_base64_encode_jpeg(), _cairo_surface_base64_encode_png(), _cairo_tag_parse_dest_attributes(), _cairo_tag_parse_link_attributes(), _cairo_type1_font_subset_init(), _cairo_win32_display_surface_create_similar_image(), _cairo_win32_scaled_font_init_glyph_metrics(), _cairo_xcb_screen_get(), _cairo_xcb_surface_create_similar_image(), _cairo_xlib_device_create(), _cairo_xlib_screen_get(), _cairo_xml_create_internal(), _cairo_xml_printf(), _cairo_xml_printf_start(), _can_composite_glyphs(), _CFFParse(), _cmsCreateGamutCheckPipeline(), _cmsHandleExtraChannels(), _cmsMallocZeroDefaultFn(), _cmsWriteAlignment(), _cmsWriteHeader(), _cmsWriteTypeBase(), _composite_glyphs(), _fill8_spans(), _fill_a8_lerp_opaque_spans(), _FindOrMakeEncoding(), _gcry_burn_stack(), _gdImageBmpCtx(), _Gen816Enc(), _get_bitmap_surface(), _getopt_initialize(), _GL_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT_PRINTF(), _hb_buffer_deserialize_json(), _hb_buffer_deserialize_text(), _heap16_take0(), _heap32_take0(), _heap64_take0(), _heap8_take0(), _inplace_opacity_spans(), _inplace_spans(), _inplace_src_opacity_spans(), _inplace_src_spans(), _InterpretPS(), _lzw_symbol_table_init(), _OTLookupCopyInto(), _pixman_implementation_create(), _ReadPSFont(), _SFReadTTF(), _SplineCharLayerFindBounds(), _synctex_malloc(), _TIFFmemset(), _ttfapprox(), _uninit_f2c(), _upload_image_inplace(), _WriteTTFFont(), aat_dumpfeat(), hb_buffer_t::add(), hb_set_t::page_t::add_range(), add_raster_data(), AddEntry(), Package::addItem(), addkernpair(), AddOTLToSllks(), align_to_width(), hb_pool_t< T, ChunkLen >::alloc(), alloc_planes(), AllocArray(), hb_serialize_context_t::allocate_size(), AllocateMemoryCell(), SplashOutputDev::alphaImageSrc(), AnchorClassDecompose(), StringAccum::append_fill(), String::append_fill(), apply_filter_TIFF2_1_2_4(), ApplyMultSubsAtPos(), ApplyTickedFeatures(), ApproximateSplineFromPointsSlopes(), aptex_program(), asm_sparejump_setup(), assign_bitvec(), AssignTTFGlyph(), AxisNameToTag(), base64_decode(), besthyst(), Bitio_New(), Bitio_Write(), bits_image_fetch_untransformed_repeat_none(), BlackPreservingKOnlyIntents(), BlackPreservingKPlaneIntents(), Splash::blitTransparent(), BlockComputeSNR(), bm_clear(), BreakSubroutine(), BrotliBuildAndStoreHuffmanTreeFast(), BrotliCreateHqZopfliBackwardReferences(), BrotliOptimizeHuffmanCountsForRle(), brw_compile_init(), bt_new_tree(), build_code(), build_path(), build_rle_packet(), BuildAndStoreBlockSplitCode(), BuildAndStoreCommandPrefixCode(), BuildAndStoreHuffmanTree(), BuildCommandLine(), buildstems(), CachedXFORM(), CachedXFORMGamutCheck(), cairo_cogl_device_create(), cairo_os2_surface_create(), cairo_qt_surface_create(), cairo_qt_surface_create_with_qimage(), cairo_qt_surface_create_with_qpixmap(), cairo_quartz_image_surface_create(), cairo_quartz_surface_create(), cairo_recording_surface_ink_extents(), cairo_truetype_font_align_output(), cairo_type1_font_erase_dict_key(), cairo_user_font_face_create(), callback_slot_new(), cc_state_emit(), ccall_set_args(), CCITTFaxEncode::CCITTFaxEncode(), cconv_array_init(), cconv_array_tab(), cconv_struct_init(), cconv_struct_tab(), cdata_index(), cdata_unm(), cff_dict_add(), cff_pack_index(), cfffigure(), Efont::OpenType::GlyphSet::change(), character_set_clear(), characters_from_lua(), check_arrival(), check_complex(), check_intptr(), check_pointer(), CheckForScriptFile(), PDFDoc::checkHeader(), CID2ChrsSubrs2(), cidfigure(), CIDFont_base_open(), CIDFont_get_usedchars(), CIDFont_get_usedchars_v(), CIDFont_type0_dofont(), CIDFont_type0_open(), CIDFont_type0_open_from_t1(), CIDFont_type0_open_from_t1c(), CIDFont_type0_t1cdofont(), CIDFont_type0_t1dofont(), CIDFont_type2_dofont(), CIDFont_type2_open(), ClassToNames(), clean_pdf_out_struct(), clean_state_log_if_needed(), hb_buffer_t::clear(), Splash::clear(), hb_vector_size_t< elt_t, byte_size >::clear(), clear_a_gstate(), clear_bits(), TileCompositor::clearBitmap(), clearGfxColor(), ClearHash(), SplashOutputDev::clearMaskRegion(), JBIG2Bitmap::clearToOne(), JBIG2Bitmap::clearToZero(), SplashClip::clipSpan(), SplashClip::clipSpanBinary(), Clp_SetOptions(), ClusterBlocks(), CMap_create_stream(), SignatureHandler::CMS_SignedDataCreate(), cmsBuildParametricToneCurve(), cmsCIECAM02Forward(), cmsCIECAM02Reverse(), cmsCreateContext(), cmsCreateExtendedTransform(), cmsIT8SaveToFile(), cmsIT8SaveToMem(), cmsMD5computeID(), cmsMD5finish(), cmsSmoothToneCurve(), cmsStageSampleCLut16bit(), collectCurrencyNames(), combine_clear(), combine_clear_ca(), CompactEncMap(), comparedata(), compile_callback(), compile_function(), Splash::composite(), composite_color_glyphs(), composite_glyphs(), composite_glyphs_via_mask(), Splash::compositeBackground(), Splash::compositeWithOverprint(), compressOrNot(), compute_owner_password_V5(), compute_user_password_V5(), ComputeIncrementsForChunky(), ComputeIncrementsForPlanar(), ComputeStdProps(), ConnectToSocket(), converte(), Splash::copyGroupBackdropRow(), CopyInputToRingBuffer(), Efont::OpenType::Coverage::Coverage(), cpal_Color_copy(), create_GIDToCIDMap(), CreateListeningSocket(), cut_pbm_swath(), cvt_unix_to_1904(), dasm_growpc(), dasm_setup(), DCTStream::DCTStream(), decode_a85(), graphite2::Face::Table::decompress(), decompress_rle_bits(), DefaultInterpolatorsFactory(), define_makeflags(), hb_set_t::page_t::del_range(), DevTabsSame(), DGifGetImageDesc(), DGifOpenFILE(), DGifSlurp(), Dict::Dict(), Directory::Directory(), do64(), do_arcfour_setkey(), do_builtin_encoding(), do_custom_encoding(), do_file(), do_final(), do_ud(), do_vf(), DoExtension(), dogetopts(), LBMRead::doit(), dotypeset(), Mapping::DoubleHash15::DoubleHash15(), dpx_file_apply_filter(), dpx_find_cmap_file(), Splash::drawAAPixel(), drawable_convert_low(), Splash::drawImageRowClipNoAlphaAA(), Splash::drawImageRowClipNoAlphaNoAA(), HtmlOutputDev::drawPngImage(), SplashOutputDev::drawSoftMaskedImage(), DummyHintmask(), MiniPS::Array::dump(), MiniPS::Dict::dump(), dump_ttinstr(), dumparabicdata(), dumpcmap(), dumpglyphs(), dumpgposAnchorData(), dumpnames(), DumpRefsHints(), dumpspace(), dvi_locate_font(), dvi_locate_native_font(), emit_sampler_channel(), emit_surface_state(), emptyIndex(), EncMapFromEncoding(), EncMapNew(), EncodeContextMap(), exchange(), Dict::expand(), JBIG2Bitmap::expand(), ExpandTabs(), graphite2::Face::Face(), fanalyzege(), fast_composite_scaled_nearest(), FcCharSetCoverage(), FcConfigParseAndLoadFromMemoryInternal(), FcDirCacheBasenameUUID(), FcDirCacheBuild(), FcFStatFs(), FcHashTableAddInternal(), FcHashTableCreate(), FcLangSetCopy(), FcLangSetCreate(), FcLangSetPromote(), FcLangSetSerialize(), FcListHashTableInit(), FcPatternCreate(), FcSerializeCreate(), fea_ApplyLookupListPair(), fea_ParseDeviceTable(), fea_ParseParameters(), fea_ParseTableKeywords(), fea_ParseTok(), fea_process_pos_pair(), fetchErrorName(), ffi_fill(), fiber_init(), FigureBaseOffsets(), FigureHintMask(), FigureStems(), FormFieldChoice::fillChoices(), filter_stream_decode_ASCII85Decode(), filter_TIFF2_apply_filter(), FindBlocks(), findcomposite(), FindFeatures(), FindFormLookupsForScript(), TextPage::findGaps(), FixupT(), FlateStream::FlateStream(), FloatXFORM(), FlushHistoryBuffer(), graphite2::Font::Font(), font_from_lua(), font_malloc_charinfo(), FormFieldChoice::FormFieldChoice(), free_block(), graphite2::Segment::freeJustify(), graphite2::Segment::freeSlot(), FVB_DeselectAll(), gabc_determine_ledger_lines(), gabc_notes_determination_ensure_buffer_stack(), gabc_score_determination_ensure_buffer_stack(), gallium_surface_create_internal(), gasp_Record_copy(), gd_strtok_r(), gdImageColorMatch(), gdImageCreateFromGifCtx(), gdImageCreateTrueColor(), gdImageTrueColorToPaletteBody(), gen4_create_sf_state(), gen4_create_wm_state(), CCITTFaxEncode::gen_memset(), GenBFrame(), general_composite_rect(), ShadingImage::generateAxialBitmap(), ShadingImage::generateGouraudTriangleBitmap(), GenPFrame(), get_avail(), get_dib_line(), hb_font_t::get_font_h_extents(), hb_font_t::get_font_v_extents(), hb_font_t::get_glyph_extents(), SimBuffer::B::getAt(), FoFiType1C::getCIDToGIDMap(), GfxCIDFont::getCodeToGIDMap(), GetConsoleInput(), getCoverageTable(), GetHashTable(), getloadavg(), StreamPredictor::getNextLine(), getprogname(), RescaleDrawImage::getRow(), SplashXPathScanner::getSpan(), SplashXPathScanner::getSpanBinary(), GetVariableArrayAsString(), GIFAnimEncode(), GIFEncode(), gimpts_drawable_extract_alpha(), gimpts_drawable_packpal(), gimpts_indexed_packpal(), gimpts_magic(), global_connect(), glyf_PostscriptHintMask_copy(), glyf_PostscriptStemDef_copy(), Efont::OpenType::GlyphSet::GlyphSet(), gm_clear(), gmp_snprintf_reps(), gmp_sprintf_reps(), ShadingImage::gouraudFillTriangle(), gposSimplePos(), gregorio_determine_next_pitch(), gregorio_snprintf(), gregorio_vowel_rulefile_ensure_buffer_stack(), gregoriotex_write_score(), group_nodes_into_DFAstates(), SimBuffer::B::grow_set0_by(), gs_load_dll(), gsfax_memset(), gtStripSeparate(), gtTileSeparate(), gz_zero(), handle_undefined(), Hash46::Hash46(), hash46_init(), hb_buffer_set_length(), hb_feature_from_string(), hb_font_get_font_h_extents_nil(), hb_font_get_font_v_extents_nil(), hb_font_get_glyph_extents_nil(), hb_memset(), hb_ot_map_builder_t::hb_ot_map_builder_t(), hb_variation_from_string(), heap16_stats(), heap32_stats(), heap64_stats(), heap8_stats(), HintMaskFromTransformedRef(), Hints::Hints(), HistogramClear(), i915_surface_glyphs(), i965_surface_glyphs(), ib_init(), SplashOutputDev::iccImageSrc(), iccp_init_iccHeader(), SplashOutputDev::imageMaskSrc(), SplashOutputDev::imageSrc(), in_xpm_reader(), inet_global_getaddrinfo(), inet_global_getnameinfo(), inet_trydisconnect(), InfoNameOTLookup(), hb_aat_map_t::init(), hb_ot_map_t::init(), init_dfa(), init_iccbased_cdata(), init_maxp(), init_node_mem(), init_pdf_out_struct(), init_pdf_struct(), init_pk_record(), init_primitives(), init_string_pool_array(), initblock(), initFD(), initFont(), initFvar(), initFvarInstance(), initHead(), initHhea(), InitialiseCharacterTypes(), initializecatcodes(), initializehjcodes(), initMaxp(), initnet(), initOS2(), initpfm(), initPost(), initRR(), initSVGAssigment(), initVhea(), install_conditionals(), intel_bo_create_for_name(), intel_bo_read(), intel_bo_write(), interp(), InterpretPS(), iof_filter_reader_new(), iof_filter_reader_with_buffer_new(), iof_filter_writer_new(), iof_filter_writer_with_buffer_new(), iof_repc(), OT::Coverage::iter_t::iter_t(), jbg_split_planes(), jbig2_encode_generic(), jbig2_pages_complete(), jbig2_produce_page(), jbig2enc_iaid(), jbig2enc_init(), jbig2enc_reset(), JPEG_info_init(), LayerDefault(), lib_read_lfunc(), lig_kern_incr(), listcmd_parser_state_new(), lj_alloc_create(), lj_cconv_ct_ct(), lj_cconv_ct_init(), lj_cf_ffi_fill(), lj_ctype_new(), lj_opt_dce(), lj_record_ins(), lj_record_ret(), lj_record_setup(), lj_state_newstate(), lj_str_resize(), lj_trace_flushall(), load_fmt_file(), load_image(), graphite2::Locale2Lang::Locale2Lang(), log_init(), lookup(), LookUpVariable(), LumMotionError(), main(), main_initialize(), Efont::OpenType::Font::make(), make_base64_dec_tab(), make_key(), make_module(), make_string(), make_tt_subset(), MakeSavedImage(), WebFont::makeUnicodeToGID(), MakeVirtualLine(), MapAddEnc(), MapDoBack(), SplashOutputDev::maskedImageSrc(), match_ctx_add_entry(), MatInverse(), mc_clear(), MD5_final(), MD5Final(), MeasureFormatCacheData::MeasureFormatCacheData(), meth_accept(), meth_bind(), meth_connect(), meth_sendto(), meth_setpeername(), meth_setsockname(), mk_hashtab(), morxDumpChain(), mpfr_fpif_read_limbs(), mpfr_get_str(), mpfr_sub1sp(), mrb_addrinfo_getaddrinfo(), mrb_calloc(), mrb_debug_context_new(), mrb_debug_delete_break(), mrb_str_format(), mrdb_state_new(), NeedsUCS2Table(), NeedsVariationSequenceTable(), new_glyph_node(), new_image_dict(), new_node(), new_operand(), Normalizer2DataBuilder::Normalizer2DataBuilder(), NullFloatXFORM(), NullXFORM(), obcopy(), one_liner(), operator<<(), Efont::OpenType::GlyphSet::operator=(), opt_ip6_setmembership(), OptimizeByComputingLinearization(), OS2FigureCodePages(), OS2FigureUnicodeRanges(), otf_dump_math(), OTF_get_variation_glyphs(), otf_load_Unicode_CMap(), otf_try_load_GID_to_CID_map(), otfcc_readPost(), otl_FeatureRef_copy(), otl_gsub_read_feat(), otl_init_chaining(), otl_LookupRef_copy(), OTLookupCopyInto(), OTLookupsCopyInto(), out_gif_write(), out_tiff_work(), out_xwd_work(), output_macbinary(), output_pl(), Package::Package(), Image::Indexed::packPal(), Efont::Cff::FDSelect::parse(), GfxGouraudTriangleShading::parse(), GfxPatchMeshShading::parse(), parse_argument(), parse_charstrings(), parse_expr(), parse_function(), parse_root(), parse_struct(), parse_subrs(), parse_type(), parse_typedef(), parse_var_assignment(), AnnotInk::parseInkList(), parserInit(), CharCodeToUnicode::parseUnicodeToUnicode(), path_new(), pattern_search(), pdf_enc_init(), pdf_enc_set_password(), pdf_font_load_pkfont(), pdf_font_open_truetype(), pdf_font_open_type1(), pdf_get_font_usedchars(), pdf_init_encoding_struct(), pdf_init_font_struct(), pdf_init_ximage_struct(), PerGlyphDefBaseline(), pfed_dump(), pfed_readotherlayers(), PickFOND(), pixman_glyph_cache_create(), pixman_transform_init_identity(), pixman_transform_init_rotate(), pixman_transform_init_scale(), pixman_transform_init_translate(), pk_decode_bitmap(), pk_decode_packed(), pk_rll_cvt(), png_calloc(), png_create_info_struct(), png_create_png_struct(), png_decompress_chunk(), png_destroy_info_struct(), png_destroy_png_struct(), png_image_finish_read(), png_image_read_init(), png_image_set_PLTE(), png_image_write_init(), png_image_write_to_memory(), png_image_write_to_stdio(), png_info_init_3(), png_read_buffer(), png_read_finish_row(), png_read_push_finish_row(), png_read_start_row(), png_realloc_array(), png_set_alpha_mode_fixed(), png_set_pCAL(), png_set_quantize(), png_write_finish_row(), PNGPredictorAuto::PNGPredictorAuto(), PNGPredictorAutoBadSigned::PNGPredictorAutoBadSigned(), PNGPredictorAutoBadUnsigned::PNGPredictorAutoBadUnsigned(), PNGPredictorAverage::PNGPredictorAverage(), PNGPredictorPaeth::PNGPredictorPaeth(), PNGPredictorUp::PNGPredictorUp(), polygon_init(), polygon_reset(), ppa_print_sweep(), ppcrypt_create(), ppref_unresolved(), PrecalculatedXFORM(), PrecalculatedXFORMGamutCheck(), Prepare(), PreparsedUCD::PreparsedUCD(), preproc_password(), privcurve_init(), process_begin(), process_init(), process_init_fd(), ProcessFunctionKey(), prune_impossible_nodes(), PSCharStringToSplines(), PSFontInterpretPS(), psscan(), PsuedoEncodeUnencoded(), push_builtin(), push_builtin_undef(), push_cdata(), putchartab(), ra_setup(), radeon_bo_map(), radeon_bo_read(), radeon_bo_write(), radial_get_scanline(), radial_write_color(), raw_glyph_node(), re_compile_fastmap(), re_compile_fastmap_iter(), re_search_internal(), re_string_construct(), re_string_reconstruct(), Read16bitTables(), Read8bitTables(), read_png(), read_raster_rle4(), read_raster_rle8(), read_tfm_info(), read_value_record(), readcffsubrs(), readdate(), Catalog::readEmbeddedFileList(), readFile(), JBIG2Stream::readGenericBitmap(), JBIG2Stream::readHalftoneRegionSeg(), OutlineItem::readItemList(), Package::readPackage(), graphite2::Pass::readRanges(), JPXStream::readTilePart(), readttfencodings(), readttfwidths(), readvaluerecord(), ReadY(), realloc_buffer(), realloc_hyphen(), RefCharFindBounds(), Mapping::DoubleHash::rehash(), RemapHintMask(), render_new(), SplashXPathScanner::renderAALine(), replace_ext(), replacefonts(), JArithmeticDecoderStats::reset(), StreamPredictor::reset(), DCTStream::reset(), reset_cur_string(), hb_vector_t< Type >::resize(), runlengthMembershipOnLine(), scaleBinaryLow(), scaleBySamplingLow(), Splash::scaleImageYdownXdown(), Splash::scaleImageYdownXup(), Splash::scaleMaskYdownXdown(), Splash::scaleMaskYdownXup(), scaleMipmapLow(), scaleSmoothLow(), scan_bbox(), scan_otl_tag(), scanner_scan(), ScanNextToken(), SCBuildDummy(), SCFigureSimpleCounterMasks(), SCInterpretPS(), scratch_alloc(), SCReinstanciateRefChar(), selectglyph(), set_array(), set_bytecode(), set_struct(), setos2(), SplashOutputDev::setSoftMask(), setup_lookup_flags(), setup_upvals(), PSOutputDev::setupImage(), SFAddGlyphAndEncode(), SFApplyFeatureFile(), SFD_GetFontMetaData(), SFD_GetFontMetaDataData_Init(), SFDefaultOS2Info(), SFDGetChar(), SFDGetHintMask(), SFDGetSpiros(), SFDGetSubrs(), SFDGetTtfInstrs(), SFDGetTtfTable(), SFDGetType1(), SFDParseJustify(), SFDReadValDevTab(), SFDSetEncMap(), SFDSizeMap(), SFDummyUpCIDs(), SFExpandGlyphCount(), SFMatchGlyphs(), sfmemset(), sha1_final(), SHA256_final(), SHA512_final(), hb_buffer_t::shift_forward(), shift_preview(), sift_states_backward(), graphite2::Silf::Silf(), slow_get_node(), snap_usedef(), SplashOutputDev::softMaskMatteImageSrc(), source_file_new(), SplashState::SplashState(), SplineAddExtrema(), SplineChar2PS2(), SplineCharLayerQuickBounds(), SplineCharQuickBounds(), SplineCharQuickConservativeBounds(), SplineFigureOpticalSlope(), SplineFont2ChrsSubrs2(), SplineFont2FullSubrs2(), SplineFontFromPSFont(), SplinePointListIsClockwise(), SplineSetFindBounds(), SplineSetsCorrect(), SplinesFromEntityChar(), SSearch(), SSRemoveColinearPoints(), stack_clear(), StartCombineServer(), StartDecodeServer(), stemstatistics(), StoreTrivialContextMap(), str_write_java(), strwrite(), t1char_encode_charpath(), tcp_create(), TestForLinear(), tex_dump(), texerror(), TIFFFetchStripThing(), TIFFInitSGILog(), SplashOutputDev::tilingPatternFill(), to_cdata(), Image::Sampled::toGray0(), Image::Sampled::toRGB0(), trace_start(), try_cast(), tryhash(), tt_build_init(), tt_build_tables(), tt_get_metrics(), ttc_prep(), TTFprocess(), Type1OpenScalable(), Type_ColorantOrderType_Read(), Type_ColorantTable_Write(), Type_Measurement_Read(), Type_MPEclut_Write(), Type_NamedColor_Read(), Type_ParametricCurve_Read(), Type_Text_Description_Write(), u_vsnprintf(), ucbuf_fillucbuf(), ucm_open(), ucm_openTable(), undump_font(), undump_luac_registers(), undump_node_mem(), undumpcatcodes(), undumphjcodes(), unicode_prepare_buckets(), UniProps::UniProps(), unixdgram_trybind(), unixdgram_tryconnect(), unixstream_trybind(), unixstream_tryconnect(), UpdateVariableStatus(), Splash::useDestRow(), ValDevTabsSame(), vdmx_Record_copy(), BasicImageScaler::vertDownscaleHorizDownscale(), ImageMaskScaler::vertDownscaleHorizDownscale(), BasicImageScaler::vertDownscaleHorizUpscaleInterp(), ImageMaskScaler::vertDownscaleHorizUpscaleInterp(), BasicImageScaler::vertDownscaleHorizUpscaleNoInterp(), ImageMaskScaler::vertDownscaleHorizUpscaleNoInterp(), VI_CreateWindowBuffers(), VI_UndoCommand(), vs_unit_state_emit(), ErrorHandler::vxformat(), win32BeginDocument(), win32SetupPrinter(), win32ShowPrintDialog(), work(), Segment::write(), write_bmp(), write_cff(), write_cid_cff(), write_metafile(), GenBuffer::Writable::write_num(), write_tiff(), writeAssemblyCode(), WriteCLUT(), PSOutputDev::writeDocSetup(), ImageOutputDev::writeImageFile(), Package::writePackage(), woff2::WriteTable(), FoFiTrueType::writeTTF(), yyensure_buffer_stack(), zeroHistogram(), zlib_deflateInit2_(), ZopfliCostModelSetFromCommands(), zzip_file_close(), and zzip_inflate_init().

◆ msg()

void msg ( char *  fmt,

◆ NAME()

static int NAME ( int  ch)

◆ NewEdge()

static struct edgelist* NewEdge ( short  xmin,
short  xmax,
short  ymin,
short  ymax,
short *  xvalues,
int  isdown 

◆ newfilledge()

static void newfilledge ( struct region R,
long  xmin,
long  xmax,
long  ymin,
long  ymax,
int  isdown 

◆ newname()

char* newname ( char *  name,
char *  ext 

◆ next_char()

static int next_char ( int  ch)

◆ next_pixel()

static int next_pixel ( void  )

Definition at line 592 of file ps2pk.c.

References bitno, BLACK, col, data, fatal, H, p_data, row, W, and WHITE.

Referenced by GIFEncodeImage(), and pk_char().

◆ nextpsname()

char* nextpsname ( void  )

◆ nextsymbol()

char nextsymbol ( void  )

◆ nexttoken()

void nexttoken ( void  )

Definition at line 165 of file strexpr.c.

References EOI, i, isspace, make_str(), NULL, OPERAND, OPERATORS, pexpr, strchr, and tokval.

Referenced by eval3(), eval4(), eval6(), and strexpr().


static int NO_TOKEN ( int  ch)

◆ num()

texfiles c unsigned long num ( struct _iobuf fp,
int  size 

◆ ObjectPostMortem()

static int ObjectPostMortem ( struct xobject obj)

◆ objFormatArray()

void objFormatArray ( struct ps_obj objP,
int  length,
struct ps_obj valueP 

Definition at line 133 of file util.c.

References ps_value::arrayP, ps_obj::data, ps_obj::len, length, NULL, OBJ_ARRAY, and ps_obj::type.

Referenced by BuildFontInfo(), and BuildPrivate().

◆ objFormatBoolean()

void objFormatBoolean ( struct ps_obj objP,
int  value 

Referenced by BuildFontInfo(), and BuildPrivate().

◆ objFormatEncoding()

void objFormatEncoding ( struct ps_obj objP,
int  length,
struct ps_obj valueP 

Definition at line 121 of file util.c.

References ps_value::arrayP, ps_obj::data, ps_obj::len, length, NULL, OBJ_ENCODING, and ps_obj::type.

Referenced by BuildFontInfo().

◆ objFormatFile()

void objFormatFile ( struct ps_obj objP,
struct _iobuf valueP 

Referenced by scan_font().

◆ objFormatInteger()

void objFormatInteger ( struct ps_obj objP,
int  value 

Definition at line 85 of file util.c.

References ps_obj::data, ps_value::integer, ps_obj::len, NULL, OBJ_INTEGER, and ps_obj::type.

Referenced by BuildFontInfo(), BuildPrivate(), and getArray().

◆ objFormatName()

void objFormatName ( struct ps_obj objP,
int  length,
char *  valueP 

◆ objFormatReal()

void objFormatReal ( struct ps_obj objP,
double  value 

◆ objFormatString()

void objFormatString ( struct ps_obj objP,
int  length,
char *  valueP 

Definition at line 146 of file util.c.

References ps_obj::data, ps_obj::len, length, NULL, OBJ_STRING, ps_obj::type, and ps_value::valueP.

Referenced by BuildFontInfo(), and FindDictValue().


static int OOPS_NAME ( int  ch)

◆ optimal_size()

int optimal_size ( int  W,
int  H,
int  cnt,
int count,
int dyn_f 

◆ OptimizeRegion()

static int OptimizeRegion ( struct region R)

◆ P10()

token static c double P10 ( long  exponent)

◆ pk1()

static void pk1 ( int  x)

◆ pk2()

static void pk2 ( int  x)

◆ pk3()

static void pk3 ( int  x)

◆ pk4()

static void pk4 ( int  x)

◆ pk_bitmap()

static void pk_bitmap ( int  width,
int  cnt,
int runlength 

◆ pk_char()

void pk_char ( int  char_code,
int  tfm_width,
int  h_escapement,
unsigned int  width,
unsigned int  height,
int  h_offset,
int  v_offset,
int(*)(void next_pixel 

◆ pk_close()

void pk_close ( void  )

Definition at line 40 of file pkout.c.

References fclose, and pkfile.

Referenced by main().

◆ pk_number()

static void pk_number ( int  x)

◆ pk_nybble()

static void pk_nybble ( int  x)

◆ pk_open()

pkout c void pk_open ( char *  pkname)

Definition at line 34 of file pkout.c.

References fatal, fopen, NULL, pkfile, pkname, and WB.

Referenced by main().

◆ pk_postamble()

void pk_postamble ( void  )

Definition at line 542 of file pkout.c.

References pk1(), pk_len, PK_NOOP, and PK_POST.

Referenced by main().

◆ pk_preamble()

void pk_preamble ( char *  comment,
float  pointsize,
int  checksum,
unsigned int  h_res,
unsigned int  v_res 

◆ pk_runlengths()

static void pk_runlengths ( int  W,
int  H,
int(*)(void next_pixel 

◆ pkbyte()

pkin static c short pkbyte ( void  )

Definition at line 47 of file loadfont.c.

References badpk(), EOF, getc, i, and pkfile.

Referenced by loadfont(), pkquad(), and pktrio().

◆ pklong()

static long pklong ( void  )

◆ pkopen()

static short pkopen ( char *  name)

◆ pkpackednum()

static unsigned short pkpackednum ( void  )

◆ pkquad()

static long pkquad ( void  )

Definition at line 57 of file loadfont.c.

References i, and pkbyte().

Referenced by loadfont().

◆ pkstring()

static void pkstring ( char *  fmt,

◆ pktrio()

static long pktrio ( void  )

Definition at line 71 of file loadfont.c.

References i, and pkbyte().

Referenced by loadfont().

◆ PopCall()

static void PopCall ( struct ps_obj **  CurrStrPP,
int CurrIndexP,
unsigned short *  CurrKeyP 

◆ ps2pk_basename()

char* ps2pk_basename ( char *  str,
char *  suffix 

◆ ps2pk_postamble()

void ps2pk_postamble ( char *  fontname,
char *  encname,
int  base_res,
int  h_res,
int  v_res,
float  pointsize,
char *  args 

Definition at line 552 of file pkout.c.

References fontname, i, magnification(), pk1(), pk4(), pk_len, PK_NOOP, PK_NUMSPC, PK_POST, pkstring(), and pointsize.

Referenced by main().

◆ ps_resource()

int ps_resource ( char *  name)

◆ PSFakePop()

static double PSFakePop ( void  )

◆ PSFakePush()

static void PSFakePush ( double  Num)

◆ Push()

◆ PushCall()

static void PushCall ( struct ps_obj CurrStrP,
int  CurrIndex,
unsigned short  CurrKey 

◆ QueryFontLib()

void QueryFontLib ( char *  env,
char *  infoName,
unsigned char *  infoValue,
int rcodeP 


static int RADIX_NUMBER ( int  ch)

◆ readFont()

int readFont ( char *  env)

◆ REAL()

static int REAL ( int  ch)

◆ remove_string()

void remove_string ( void  )

◆ reportusage()

void reportusage ( void  )

◆ resetFont()

void resetFont ( char *  env)

◆ rest()

◆ Return()

static void Return ( void  )

◆ ReverseSubPath()

static struct segment* ReverseSubPath ( struct segment p)


static int RIGHT_ANGLE ( int  ch)


static int RIGHT_BRACE ( int  ch)


static int RIGHT_BRACKET ( int  ch)


static int RIGHT_PAREN ( int  ch)

◆ RLineTo()

static void RLineTo ( double  dx,
double  dy 

◆ RMoveTo()

static void RMoveTo ( double  dx,
double  dy 

◆ RRCurveTo()

static void RRCurveTo ( double  dx1,
double  dy1,
double  dx2,
double  dy2,
double  dx3,
double  dy3 

◆ save_digraph()

static void save_digraph ( int  ch)

◆ Sbw()

static void Sbw ( double  sbx,
double  sby,
double  wx,
double  wy 

◆ scan_font()

int scan_font ( struct ps_font FontP)

Definition at line 1331 of file scanfont.c.

◆ scan_token()

◆ Seac()

static void Seac ( double  asb,
double  adx,
double  ady,
unsigned char  bchar,
unsigned char  achar 

◆ SearchDictName()

fontfcn c int SearchDictName ( struct ps_dict dictP,
struct ps_obj keyP 

◆ SearchXofY()

static short SearchXofY ( struct edgelist edge,
short  y 

◆ SetCurrentPoint()

static void SetCurrentPoint ( double  x,
double  y 

◆ skip_comment()

static int skip_comment ( int  ch)

◆ skip_space()

static int skip_space ( int  ch)

◆ snum()

int snum ( struct _iobuf fp,
int  size 

◆ splitedge()

static struct edgelist* splitedge ( struct edgelist list,
short  y 

◆ SplitPath()

static struct segment* SplitPath ( struct segment anchor,
struct segment before 

◆ StartDecrypt()

static void StartDecrypt ( void  )

◆ StepBezierRecurse()

static struct segment* StepBezierRecurse ( struct bezierinfo I,
long  xA,
long  yA,
long  xB,
long  yB,
long  xC,
long  yC,
long  xD,
long  yD 

◆ stepsize()

double stepsize ( double  x)

Referenced by pixWriteStreamBmp().

◆ strexpr()

int strexpr ( int result,
char *  expression 

Definition at line 276 of file strexpr.c.

References EOI, eval3(), val::i, nexttoken(), pexpr, check-static-inits::result, to_integer(), val::type, and val::u.

Referenced by evaluate(), and main().

◆ string()

char* string ( char *  s)


static int STRING ( int  ch)

◆ swathrightmost()

struct edgelist* swathrightmost ( struct edgelist before,
struct edgelist edge 

◆ swathxsort()

struct edgelist* swathxsort ( struct edgelist before0,
struct edgelist edge 

◆ t1_abort()

void t1_abort ( char *  str)

◆ t1_Allocate()

objects c struct xobject* t1_Allocate ( int  size,
struct xobject template,
int  extra 

◆ t1_ApplyContinuity()

◆ t1_ArgErr()

struct xobject* t1_ArgErr ( char *  str,
struct xobject obj,
struct xobject ret 

◆ t1_Bezier()

struct beziersegment* t1_Bezier ( struct segment B,
struct segment C,
struct segment D 

◆ t1_BoundingBox()

struct segment* t1_BoundingBox ( short  h,
short  w 

◆ t1_BoxClip()

struct region* t1_BoxClip ( struct region R,
short  xmin,
short  ymin,
short  xmax,
short  ymax 

◆ t1_BoxPath()

struct segment* t1_BoxPath ( struct XYspace S,
int  h,
int  w 

Definition at line 1339 of file paths.c.

References ClosePath, h, ILoc, Join, JoinSegment, Line(), LINETYPE, NULL, S, w, path::x, and path::y.

◆ t1_Bresenham()

void t1_Bresenham ( short *  edgeP,
long  x1,
long  y1,
long  x2,
long  y2 

◆ t1_ChangeDirection()

void t1_ChangeDirection ( int  type,
struct region R,
long  x,
long  y,
long  dy 

◆ t1_CloseHints()

void t1_CloseHints ( struct fractpoint hintP)

Definition at line 100 of file hints.c.

References FALSE, HintDebug, i, IfTrace3, inuse, MAXLABEL, oldHint, fractpoint::x, and fractpoint::y.

◆ t1_ClosePath()

struct segment* t1_ClosePath ( struct segment p0,
int  lastonly 

◆ t1_Consume()

void t1_Consume ( int  n,

Definition at line 924 of file objects.c.

References ap, Destroy, xobject::flag, i, ISPERMANENT, n, NULL, va_arg, va_end, and va_start.

◆ t1_Copy()

struct xobject* t1_Copy ( struct xobject obj)

◆ t1_CopyPath()

paths c struct segment* t1_CopyPath ( struct segment p0)

◆ t1_CopyRegion()

struct region* t1_CopyRegion ( struct region area)

◆ t1_CopySpace()

spaces c struct XYspace* t1_CopySpace ( struct XYspace S)

◆ t1_Destroy()

struct xobject* t1_Destroy ( struct xobject obj)

◆ t1_DropSegment()

struct segment* t1_DropSegment ( struct segment path)

◆ t1_DumpArea()

void t1_DumpArea ( struct region area)

◆ t1_DumpEdges()

void t1_DumpEdges ( struct edgelist edges)

◆ t1_DumpPath()

void t1_DumpPath ( struct segment p)

◆ t1_DumpSpace()

void t1_DumpSpace ( struct XYspace S)

◆ t1_DumpText()

void t1_DumpText ( struct segment foo)

Definition at line 41 of file t1stub.c.

References xiStub().

◆ t1_Dup()

struct xobject* t1_Dup ( struct xobject obj)

◆ t1_ErrorMsg()

char* t1_ErrorMsg ( void  )

Definition at line 1103 of file objects.c.

◆ t1_FormatFP()

void t1_FormatFP ( char *  str,
long  fpel 

◆ t1_Free()

void t1_Free ( struct xobject obj)

◆ t1_HeadSegment()

struct segment* t1_HeadSegment ( struct segment path)

◆ t1_Hint()

struct hintsegment* t1_Hint ( struct XYspace S,
double  ref,
double  width,
char  orientation,
char  hinttype,
char  adjusttype,
char  direction,
int  label 

◆ t1_ILoc()

struct segment* t1_ILoc ( struct XYspace S,
int  x,
int  y 

◆ t1_InitHints()

hints c void t1_InitHints ( void  )

Definition at line 85 of file hints.c.

References FALSE, i, MAXLABEL, and oldHint.

◆ t1_InitImager()

void t1_InitImager ( void  )

Definition at line 1121 of file objects.c.

◆ t1_InitSpaces()

◆ t1_Interior()

struct region* t1_Interior ( struct segment p,
int  fillrule 

◆ t1_Join()

struct segment* t1_Join ( struct segment p1,
struct segment p2 

◆ t1_JoinSegment()

struct segment* t1_JoinSegment ( struct segment before,
int  type,
long  x,
long  y,
struct segment after 

◆ t1_KillPath()

void t1_KillPath ( struct segment p)

◆ t1_KillRegion()

ps2pk c psargs c psearch c regions c void t1_KillRegion ( struct region area)

◆ t1_Line()

struct segment* t1_Line ( struct segment P)

◆ t1_Loc()

struct segment* t1_Loc ( struct XYspace S,
double  x,
double  y 

◆ t1_MInvert()

void t1_MInvert ( double(*)  M[2],
double(*)  Mprime[2] 

◆ t1_MMultiply()

void t1_MMultiply ( double(*)  A[2],
double(*)  B[2],
double(*)  C[2] 

◆ t1_MoreWorkArea()

void t1_MoreWorkArea ( struct region R,
long  x1,
long  y1,
long  x2,
long  y2 

◆ t1_MoveEdges()

void t1_MoveEdges ( struct region R,
long  dx,
long  dy 

◆ t1_PathDelta()

void t1_PathDelta ( struct segment p,
struct fractpoint pt 

◆ t1_PathSegment()

struct segment* t1_PathSegment ( int  type,
long  x,
long  y 

◆ t1_PathXform()

struct segment* t1_PathXform ( struct segment p0,
struct XYspace S 

◆ t1_Permanent()

struct xobject* t1_Permanent ( struct xobject obj)

◆ t1_Phantom()

struct segment* t1_Phantom ( struct xobject obj)

◆ t1_Pragmatics()

void t1_Pragmatics ( char *  username,
int  value 

◆ t1_ProcessHint()

void t1_ProcessHint ( struct hintsegment hP,
long  currX,
long  currY,
struct fractpoint hintP 

◆ t1_PseudoSpace()

void t1_PseudoSpace ( struct XYspace S,
double(*)  M[2] 

◆ t1_QueryBounds()

void t1_QueryBounds ( struct segment p0,
struct XYspace S,
double *  xminP,
double *  yminP,
double *  xmaxP,
double *  ymaxP 

◆ t1_QueryLoc()

void t1_QueryLoc ( struct segment P,
struct XYspace S,
double *  xP,
double *  yP 

◆ t1_QueryPath()

void t1_QueryPath ( struct segment path,
int typeP,
struct segment **  Bp,
struct segment **  Cp,
struct segment **  Dp,
double *  fP 

◆ t1_QuerySpace()

void t1_QuerySpace ( struct XYspace S,
double *  cxxP,
double *  cyxP,
double *  cxyP,
double *  cyyP 

◆ t1_RegionBounds()

struct segment* t1_RegionBounds ( struct region R)

◆ t1_Reverse()

struct segment* t1_Reverse ( struct segment p)

◆ t1_ReverseSubPaths()

struct segment* t1_ReverseSubPaths ( struct segment p)

◆ t1_Scale()

struct xobject* t1_Scale ( struct xobject obj,
double  sx,
double  sy 

Definition at line 757 of file spaces.c.

References ConsiderContext(), IfTrace3, M, MustTraceCalls, and Xform.

◆ t1_Snap()

struct xobject* t1_Snap ( struct segment p)

◆ t1_SortSwath()

struct edgelist* t1_SortSwath ( struct edgelist anchor,
struct edgelist edge,
struct edgelist *(*)(void swathfcn 

◆ t1_StepBezier()

struct segment* t1_StepBezier ( struct region R,
long  xA,
long  yA,
long  xB,
long  yB,
long  xC,
long  yC,
long  xD,
long  yD 

◆ t1_StepLine()

lines c void t1_StepLine ( struct region R,
long  x1,
long  y1,
long  x2,
long  y2 

◆ t1_SubLoc()

struct segment* t1_SubLoc ( struct segment p1,
struct segment p2 

◆ t1_SwathUnion()

struct edgelist* t1_SwathUnion ( struct edgelist before0,
struct edgelist edge 

◆ t1_TermImager()

void t1_TermImager ( void  )

Definition at line 1144 of file objects.c.

◆ t1_Transform()

struct xobject* t1_Transform ( struct xobject obj,
double  cxx,
double  cyx,
double  cxy,
double  cyy 

Definition at line 734 of file spaces.c.

References ConsiderContext(), IfTrace1, IfTrace4, M, MustTraceCalls, and Xform.

◆ t1_TypeErr()

struct xobject* t1_TypeErr ( char *  name,
struct xobject obj,
int  expect,
struct xobject ret 

◆ t1_UnConvert()

void t1_UnConvert ( struct XYspace S,
struct fractpoint pt,
double *  xp,
double *  yp 

◆ t1_Unique()

struct xobject* t1_Unique ( struct xobject obj)

Definition at line 751 of file objects.c.

References Copy, xobject::flag, ISPERMANENT, ON, and xobject::references.

◆ t1_UnJumble()

void t1_UnJumble ( struct region region)

Definition at line 1422 of file regions.c.

References region::anchor, edge::link, next, NULL, ON, SortSwath(), SwathUnion(), t1_abort(), VALIDEDGE, and vertjoin().

◆ t1_Xform()

struct xobject* t1_Xform ( struct xobject obj,
double(*)  M[2] 

◆ T1Close()

int T1Close ( struct F_FILE f)

Definition at line 166 of file t1io.c.

References close, f, and NULL.

◆ T1Decrypt()

static int T1Decrypt ( unsigned char *  p,
int  len 

◆ T1eexec()

struct F_FILE* T1eexec ( struct F_FILE f)

Definition at line 175 of file t1io.c.

References asc, c, c1, c2, f, feof, fread, getc, H, HighHexP, HWHITE_SPACE, i, LAST_HDIGIT, LowHexP, NULL, p, r, and T1Decrypt().

Referenced by scan_font().

◆ T1Fill()

static int T1Fill ( struct F_FILE f)

Definition at line 268 of file t1io.c.

References f, F_BUFSIZ, rc, and read.

Referenced by T1Getc(), and T1Read().

◆ T1FillFontInfo()

void T1FillFontInfo ( struct _Font pFont,
struct _FontScalable Vals,
char *  Filename,
char *  Fontname 

◆ T1FillVals()

int T1FillVals ( struct _FontScalable vals)

◆ T1Getc()

int T1Getc ( struct F_FILE f)

Definition at line 95 of file t1io.c.

References EOF, f, FIOEOF, NULL, T1Fill(), and UNGOTTENC.

◆ T1InitStdProps()

void T1InitStdProps ( void  )

Definition at line 364 of file t1info.c.

References extraProps, fontNamePropTable, i, MakeAtom(), strlen(), t, and TRUE.

Referenced by Type1RegisterFontFileFunctions().

◆ T1Open()

t1io c struct F_FILE* T1Open ( char *  fn,
char *  mode 

◆ T1Read()

int T1Read ( char *  buffP,
int  size,
int  n,
struct F_FILE f 

Definition at line 128 of file t1io.c.

References cnt, f, FIOEOF, i, n, NULL, p, size, T1Fill(), and UNGOTTENC.

◆ T1Ungetc()

int T1Ungetc ( int  c,
struct F_FILE f 

Definition at line 115 of file t1io.c.

References c, EOF, f, and UNGOTTENC.

◆ to_integer()

int to_integer ( struct val vp)

Definition at line 130 of file strexpr.c.

References free, val::i, is_integer(), r, val::s, val::type, and val::u.

Referenced by eval3(), eval4(), and strexpr().

◆ to_string()

◆ touches()

static int touches ( int  h,
short *  left,
short *  right 

◆ Type1Char()

struct xobject* Type1Char ( char *  env,
struct XYspace S,
struct ps_obj charstrP,
struct ps_obj subrsP,
struct ps_obj osubrsP,
struct blues_struct bluesP,
int modeP 

◆ Type1CloseFont()

void Type1CloseFont ( struct _Font pFont)

◆ Type1Escape()

static void Type1Escape ( int  Code)

◆ Type1GetGlyphs()

static int Type1GetGlyphs ( struct _Font pFont,
unsigned long  count,
unsigned char *  chars,
int  charEncoding,
unsigned long *  glyphCount,
struct _CharInfo **  glyphs 

◆ Type1GetInfoScalable()

int Type1GetInfoScalable ( struct _FontPathElement fpe,
struct _FontInfo pInfo,
struct _FontEntry entry,
struct _FontName fontName,
char *  fileName,
struct _FontScalable Vals 

◆ Type1OpenScalable()

t1funcs c int Type1OpenScalable ( char **  ev,
struct _Font **  ppFont,
int  flags,
struct _FontEntry entry,
char *  fileName,
struct _FontScalable vals,
unsigned long  format,
unsigned long  fmask,
double  efactor,
double  slant 

◆ Type1RegisterFontFileFunctions()

int Type1RegisterFontFileFunctions ( void  )

Definition at line 488 of file t1funcs.c.

◆ TypeFmt()

static char* TypeFmt ( int  type)

◆ UnClose()

static int UnClose ( struct segment p0)

◆ Unwind()

static int Unwind ( struct edgelist area)

◆ value_after()

encoding static c char* value_after ( char *  s,
char *  t 

◆ vertjoin()

static void vertjoin ( struct edgelist top,
struct edgelist bottom 

◆ vm_alloc()

◆ vm_init()

util c int vm_init ( void  )

Definition at line 46 of file util.c.

References FALSE, MAX_STRING_LEN, NULL, tokenMaxP, TRUE, vm_base, vm_free, vm_next, vm_next_byte, vm_size, and Xalloc().

Referenced by getNbytes(), initFont(), and scan_token().

◆ VStem()

static void VStem ( double  x,
double  dx 

◆ writeXofY()

static void writeXofY ( struct edgelist e,
int  y,
int  x 

◆ Xalloc()

char* Xalloc ( int  size)

Definition at line 509 of file t1test.c.

References malloc, and size.

Referenced by ComputeStdProps(), t1_Allocate(), Type1OpenScalable(), and vm_init().

◆ Xfree()

void Xfree ( void  )

Definition at line 516 of file t1test.c.

References free.

◆ xiStub()

t1stub c int xiStub ( void  )

Definition at line 33 of file t1stub.c.

References printf(), and t1_abort().

◆ xiTemporary()

struct xobject* xiTemporary ( struct xobject obj)