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1 /* pbmfont.h - header file for font routines in libpbm
2 */
4 struct glyph {
5  int width, height;
6  int x, y;
7  int xadd;
8  char* bmap;
9 };
11 struct font {
13  int x, y;
14  struct glyph* glyph[256];
15  /* for compatibility with old pbmtext routines */
16  /* oldfont is 0 if the font is BDF derived */
18  int fcols, frows;
19 };
21 struct font* pbm_defaultfont ARGS(( char* which ));
22 struct font* pbm_dissectfont ARGS(( bit** font, int frows, int fcols ));
23 struct font* pbm_loadfont ARGS(( char* filename ));
24 struct font* pbm_loadpbmfont ARGS(( char* filename ));
25 struct font* pbm_loadbdffont ARGS(( char* filename ));
26 void pbm_dumpfont ARGS(( struct font* fn ));
27 int mk_argvn ARGS(( char* s, char* vec[], int max ));
#define s
Definition: afcover.h:80
FT_Vector * vec
Definition: ftbbox.c:469
string fn
Definition: fc-lang.py:335
struct font * pbm_loadpbmfont(char *filename)
Definition: libpbm5.c:837
void pbm_dumpfont(struct font *fn)
Definition: libpbm5.c:851
struct font * pbm_loadbdffont(char *name)
Definition: libpbm5.c:946
int mk_argvn(char *s, vec, int mk_max)
Definition: libpbm5.c:1079
struct font * pbm_defaultfont(char *name)
Definition: libpbm5.c:641
struct font * pbm_loadfont(char *filename)
Definition: libpbm5.c:811
struct font * pbm_dissectfont(bit **font, int frows, int fcols)
Definition: libpbm5.c:676
unsigned char bit
Definition: pbm.h:9
struct font *pbm_defaultfont ARGS((char *which))
static short * fcols
Definition: pbmmask.c:141
static short * frows
Definition: pbmmask.c:142
#define max(a, b)
Definition: pbmto4425.c:11
char * filename[256]
Definition: pbmtopk.c:46
Definition: pbmfont.h:11
int y
Definition: pbmfont.h:13
int x
Definition: pbmfont.h:13
bit ** oldfont
Definition: pbmfont.h:17
int fcols
Definition: pbmfont.h:18
int maxheight
Definition: pbmfont.h:12
int frows
Definition: pbmfont.h:18
int maxwidth
Definition: pbmfont.h:12
Definition: pbmfont.h:4
int width
Definition: pbmfont.h:5
int x
Definition: pbmfont.h:6
int height
Definition: pbmfont.h:5
int y
Definition: pbmfont.h:6
char * bmap
Definition: pbmfont.h:8
int xadd
Definition: pbmfont.h:7