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out_ofm.c File Reference
#include "cpascal.h"
#include "list_routines.h"
#include "header_routines.h"
#include "manifests.h"
#include "omfonts.h"
#include "char_routines.h"
#include "ligkern_routines.h"
#include "out_ofm.h"
#include "extra_routines.h"
#include "param_routines.h"
#include "dimen_routines.h"
#include "error_routines.h"
#include "parse_ofm.h"
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#define dabs(x)   ((x)>=0?(x):-(x))


static void compute_ofm_subsizes (void)
static void output_ofm_subsizes (void)
void output_ofm_file (void)
void out_ofm (unsigned i)
void out_ofm_2 (unsigned i)
void out_ofm_4 (unsigned i)
void out_ofm_char (unsigned i)
void out_ofm_scaled (fix fval)


unsigned file_ofm_count = 0

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ dabs

#define dabs (   x)    ((x)>=0?(x):-(x))

Definition at line 172 of file out_ofm.c.

Function Documentation

◆ compute_ofm_subsizes()

static void compute_ofm_subsizes ( void  )

◆ out_ofm()

void out_ofm ( unsigned  i)

◆ out_ofm_2()

void out_ofm_2 ( unsigned  i)

Definition at line 139 of file out_ofm.c.

References file_ofm, file_ofm_count, and i.

Referenced by out_ofm_char(), output_ofm_character_info(), output_ofm_ligkern(), and output_ofm_subsizes().

◆ out_ofm_4()

◆ out_ofm_char()

void out_ofm_char ( unsigned  i)

Definition at line 158 of file out_ofm.c.

References i, internal_error_1(), ofm_level, OFM_NOLEVEL, OFM_TFM, out_ofm(), and out_ofm_2().

Referenced by output_ofm_extensible().

◆ out_ofm_scaled()

void out_ofm_scaled ( fix  fval)

Definition at line 175 of file out_ofm.c.

References dabs, design_units, out_ofm(), UNITY, warning_2(), and zround().

Referenced by output_ofm_one_parameter().

◆ output_ofm_file()

◆ output_ofm_subsizes()

static void output_ofm_subsizes ( void  )

Definition at line 92 of file out_ofm.c.

References bc, ec, font_dir, internal_error_0(), lf, lh, lk_offset, nco, ncw, nd, ne, nh, ni, nk, nkf, nkg, nki, nkm, nkp, nkr, nl, np, npc, nw, nwf, nwg, nwi, nwm, nwp, nwr, ofm_level, OFM_LEVEL0, OFM_LEVEL1, OFM_TFM, out_ofm_2(), and out_ofm_4().

Referenced by output_ofm_file().

Variable Documentation

◆ file_ofm_count

unsigned file_ofm_count = 0

Definition at line 129 of file out_ofm.c.

Referenced by out_ofm(), out_ofm_2(), and out_ofm_4().