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U_NAMESPACE_USE Namespace Reference


class  AvailableLocalesSink
class  AvailableLocalesStringEnumeration
class  LocaleFromTag


int32_t acceptLanguage (UEnumeration &supportedLocales, Locale::Iterator &desiredLocales, char *dest, int32_t capacity, UAcceptResult *acceptResult, UErrorCode &errorCode)
static UBool uloc_cleanup (void)
static void loadInstalledLocales (UErrorCode &status)
void _load_installedLocales (UErrorCode &status)
UBool uprops_cleanup ()
UBool ulayout_isAcceptable (void *, const char *, const char *, const UDataInfo *pInfo)
void ulayout_load (UErrorCode &errorCode)
UBool ulayout_ensureData (UErrorCode &errorCode)
UBool ulayout_ensureData ()
UnicodeString select (const PluralRules &rules, const Formattable &obj, const NumberFormat &fmt, UErrorCode &status)


const char ** gAvailableLocaleNames [2] = {}
int32_t gAvailableLocaleCounts [2] = {}
icu::UInitOnce ginstalledLocalesInitOnce = {ATOMIC_VAR_INIT( 0 ), U_ZERO_ERROR}
icu::UInitOnce gLayoutInitOnce = {ATOMIC_VAR_INIT( 0 ), U_ZERO_ERROR}
UDataMemorygLayoutMemory = nullptr
UCPTriegInpcTrie = nullptr
UCPTriegInscTrie = nullptr
UCPTriegVoTrie = nullptr
int32_t gMaxInpcValue = 0
int32_t gMaxInscValue = 0
int32_t gMaxVoValue = 0

Function Documentation

◆ _load_installedLocales()

void U_NAMESPACE_USE::_load_installedLocales ( UErrorCode status)

◆ acceptLanguage()

int32_t U_NAMESPACE_USE::acceptLanguage ( UEnumeration supportedLocales,
Locale::Iterator &  desiredLocales,
char *  dest,
int32_t  capacity,
UAcceptResult acceptResult,
UErrorCode errorCode 

◆ loadInstalledLocales()

static void U_NAMESPACE_USE::loadInstalledLocales ( UErrorCode status)

◆ select()

UnicodeString U_NAMESPACE_USE::select ( const PluralRules &  rules,
const Formattable &  obj,
const NumberFormat &  fmt,
UErrorCode status 

Given a number and a format, returns the keyword of the first applicable rule for the PluralRules object.

rulesThe plural rules.
objThe numeric object for which the rule should be determined.
fmtThe NumberFormat specifying how the number will be formatted (this can affect the plural form, e.g. "1 dollar" vs "1.0 dollars").
statusInput/output parameter. If at entry this indicates a failure status, the method returns immediately; otherwise this is set to indicate the outcome of the call.
The keyword of the selected rule. Undefined in the case of an error.

Definition at line 41 of file upluralrules.cpp.

References fmt, NULL, rules, status, and U_SUCCESS.

Referenced by AcceptConnections(), cff_parseSubr(), CorrectGrid(), data_fillbuf(), DeCodeStr(), find_tocode_cmap(), FontPart(), mrb_io_s_select(), OutHEX(), RevChar(), ScanChars(), socket_select(), socket_waitfd(), and uplrules_selectWithFormat_68().

◆ ulayout_ensureData() [1/2]

UBool U_NAMESPACE_USE::ulayout_ensureData ( )

Definition at line 147 of file uprops.cpp.

References errorCode, and U_ZERO_ERROR.

Referenced by getInPC(), getInSC(), getVo(), layoutGetMaxValue(), and uprops_addPropertyStarts_68().

◆ ulayout_ensureData() [2/2]

UBool U_NAMESPACE_USE::ulayout_ensureData ( UErrorCode errorCode)

Definition at line 141 of file uprops.cpp.

References errorCode, FALSE, gLayoutInitOnce, U_FAILURE, U_SUCCESS, ulayout_load(), and umtx_initOnce().

◆ ulayout_isAcceptable()

UBool U_NAMESPACE_USE::ulayout_isAcceptable ( void ,
const char *  ,
const char *  ,
const UDataInfo pInfo 

◆ ulayout_load()

◆ uloc_cleanup()

static UBool U_NAMESPACE_USE::uloc_cleanup ( void  )

◆ uprops_cleanup()

UBool U_NAMESPACE_USE::uprops_cleanup ( )

Variable Documentation

◆ gAvailableLocaleCounts

◆ gAvailableLocaleNames

const char** U_NAMESPACE_USE::gAvailableLocaleNames[2] = {}

◆ gInpcTrie

UCPTrie* U_NAMESPACE_USE::gInpcTrie = nullptr

Definition at line 53 of file uprops.cpp.

Referenced by getInPC(), ulayout_load(), uprops_addPropertyStarts_68(), and uprops_cleanup().

◆ gInscTrie

UCPTrie* U_NAMESPACE_USE::gInscTrie = nullptr

Definition at line 54 of file uprops.cpp.

Referenced by getInSC(), ulayout_load(), uprops_addPropertyStarts_68(), and uprops_cleanup().

◆ ginstalledLocalesInitOnce

icu::UInitOnce U_NAMESPACE_USE::ginstalledLocalesInitOnce = {ATOMIC_VAR_INIT( 0 ), U_ZERO_ERROR}

Definition at line 105 of file locavailable.cpp.

Referenced by _load_installedLocales(), and uloc_cleanup().

◆ gLayoutInitOnce

icu::UInitOnce U_NAMESPACE_USE::gLayoutInitOnce = {ATOMIC_VAR_INIT( 0 ), U_ZERO_ERROR}

Definition at line 50 of file uprops.cpp.

Referenced by ulayout_ensureData(), and uprops_cleanup().

◆ gLayoutMemory

UDataMemory* U_NAMESPACE_USE::gLayoutMemory = nullptr

Definition at line 51 of file uprops.cpp.

Referenced by ulayout_load(), and uprops_cleanup().

◆ gMaxInpcValue

int32_t U_NAMESPACE_USE::gMaxInpcValue = 0

Definition at line 57 of file uprops.cpp.

Referenced by layoutGetMaxValue(), ulayout_load(), and uprops_cleanup().

◆ gMaxInscValue

int32_t U_NAMESPACE_USE::gMaxInscValue = 0

Definition at line 58 of file uprops.cpp.

Referenced by layoutGetMaxValue(), ulayout_load(), and uprops_cleanup().

◆ gMaxVoValue

int32_t U_NAMESPACE_USE::gMaxVoValue = 0

Definition at line 59 of file uprops.cpp.

Referenced by layoutGetMaxValue(), ulayout_load(), and uprops_cleanup().

◆ gVoTrie

UCPTrie* U_NAMESPACE_USE::gVoTrie = nullptr

Definition at line 55 of file uprops.cpp.

Referenced by getVo(), ulayout_load(), uprops_addPropertyStarts_68(), and uprops_cleanup().