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1 /* Header for module mtxline, generated by p2c 1.21alpha-07.Dec.93 */
2 #ifndef MTXLINE_H
3 #define MTXLINE_H
6 /* Break input up into words, classify them. Supply words and
7  information about them. */
9 #ifndef GLOBALS_H
10 #include "globals.h"
11 #endif
14 #ifdef MTXLINE_G
15 # define vextern
16 #else
17 # define vextern extern
18 #endif
21 typedef enum {
28 extern boolean bind_left[22];
30 /* changed bind_left[barword] to false */
32 vextern boolean selected[maxvoices];
37 extern void getNextMusWord(Char *buf, Char *note, music_word *nscan);
38 extern Char *MusicWord(Char *Result, short voice, short n);
43 extern void gotoBar(voice_index voice, short bar_no);
44 extern boolean endOfBar(voice_index voice, short bar_no);
45 extern Char *getBar(Char *Result, voice_index voice, short bar);
46 extern boolean upper(voice_index voice);
47 extern void clearLabels(void);
49 extern void selectVoices(Char *line);
51 extern void setVocal(voice_index voice, boolean voc);
52 extern boolean isVocal(voice_index voice);
56 extern boolean aloneOnStave(stave_index stave);
58 extern void appendNote(voice_index voice, music_word nscan);
59 extern void appendToLine(voice_index voice, Char *note);
60 extern void markBar(voice_index voice);
61 extern short numberOfBars(voice_index voice);
62 extern void barForward(voice_index voice, short nbars);
63 extern void regroup(voice_index voice);
65 extern short beatsPerLine(void);
66 extern void setExtraLength(voice_index voice, short ext);
67 extern short ExtraLength(voice_index voice);
72 extern void skipChordBar(voice_index voice);
74 extern void describeVoice(voice_index voice, Char *describe_lyr);
75 extern boolean maybeMusicLine(Char *l);
76 extern Char *musicLine(Char *Result, voice_index voice);
79 #undef vextern
81 #endif /*MTXLINE_H*/
83 /* End. */
#define message
Definition: aptex-macros.h:418
#define n
Definition: t4ht.c:1290
int w
Definition: dviconv.c:26
static int voice
voice_index0 stave[15]
Definition: globals.h:110
char stave_index
Definition: globals.h:80
char voice_index
Definition: globals.h:78
short nbars
Definition: globals.h:116
short bar_no
Definition: globals.h:116
char paragraph_index
Definition: globals.h:76
char voice_index0
Definition: globals.h:88
char paragraph_index0
Definition: globals.h:86
#define maxvoices
Definition: globals.h:34
#define buf
const int * pos
Definition: combiners.h:905
short numberOfBars(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:291
void selectVoices(Char *line)
void appendNote(voice_index voice, music_word nscan)
Definition: mtxline.c:253
boolean endOfBar(voice_index voice, short bar_no)
Definition: mtxline.c:422
music_word nextNote(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:413
paragraph_index0 chordLineNo(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:125
void setMusicLineNo(voice_index voice, paragraph_index lno)
Definition: mtxline.c:119
void resetInfo(voice_index voice, Char *buf)
stave_index voiceStave(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:159
void appendToLine(voice_index voice, Char *note)
void setChordLineNo(voice_index voice, paragraph_index lno)
Definition: mtxline.c:131
void setStavePos(voice_index voice, stave_index stave, stave_index pos)
Definition: mtxline.c:149
void barForward(voice_index voice, short nbars)
Definition: mtxline.c:297
Char * nextMusicWord(Char *Result, voice_index voice)
paragraph_index0 musicLineNo(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:113
boolean selected[15]
Char * getBar(Char *Result, voice_index voice, short bar)
void setExtraLength(voice_index voice, short ext)
Definition: mtxline.c:312
Definition: mtxline.h:21
@ barword
Definition: mtxline.h:23
@ rword
Definition: mtxline.h:23
@ texword
Definition: mtxline.h:24
@ FirstOnly
Definition: mtxline.h:24
@ rbrac
Definition: mtxline.h:22
@ rlparen
Definition: mtxline.h:22
@ other
Definition: mtxline.h:22
@ mword
Definition: mtxline.h:23
@ pmxprefix
Definition: mtxline.h:23
@ macro
Definition: mtxline.h:23
@ endmacro
Definition: mtxline.h:23
@ oword
Definition: mtxline.h:23
@ lbrac
Definition: mtxline.h:22
@ nextvoice
Definition: mtxline.h:23
@ atword
Definition: mtxline.h:24
@ err
Definition: mtxline.h:24
@ lparen
Definition: mtxline.h:22
@ rparen
Definition: mtxline.h:22
@ abcdefg
Definition: mtxline.h:22
@ zword
Definition: mtxline.h:22
@ lyrtag
Definition: mtxline.h:22
@ pmxl
Definition: mtxline.h:23
void regroup(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:185
void skipChordBar(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:81
boolean aloneOnStave(stave_index stave)
Definition: mtxline.c:810
music_word thisNote(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:404
short ExtraLength(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:322
boolean isVocal(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:143
boolean bind_left[22]
Definition: mtxline.c:12
void getNextMusWord(Char *buf, Char *note, music_word *nscan)
boolean upper(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:760
void describeVoice(voice_index voice, Char *describe_lyr)
#define vextern
Definition: mtxline.h:17
void markBar(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:279
voice_index0 findVoice(Char *w)
voice_index companion(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:171
Char * getMusicWord(Char *Result, voice_index voice)
stave_index voicePos(voice_index voice)
Definition: mtxline.c:165
void clearLabels(void)
Definition: mtxline.c:239
Char * musicLine(Char *Result, voice_index voice)
Char * MusicWord(Char *Result, short voice, short n)
void setVocal(voice_index voice, boolean voc)
Definition: mtxline.c:137
void warning3(voice_index voice, Char *message)
boolean maybeMusicLine(Char *l)
short beatsPerLine(void)
Definition: mtxline.c:59
void gotoBar(voice_index voice, short bar_no)
Definition: mtxline.c:431
void error3(voice_index voice, Char *message)
Definition: t1part.c:39
Definition: bdf.c:133
char * ext
Definition: t4ht.c:938