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mpfr-gmp.c File Reference
#include "mpfr-impl.h"
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void mpfr_assert_fail (const char *filename, int linenum, const char *expr)
voidmpfr_allocate_func (size_t alloc_size)
voidmpfr_reallocate_func (void *ptr, size_t old_size, size_t new_size)
void mpfr_free_func (void *ptr, size_t size)
voidmpfr_tmp_allocate (struct tmp_marker **tmp_marker, size_t size)
void mpfr_tmp_free (struct tmp_marker *tmp_marker)


const struct bases mpfr_bases [257]

Function Documentation

◆ mpfr_allocate_func()

◆ mpfr_assert_fail()

void mpfr_assert_fail ( const char *  filename,
int  linenum,
const char *  expr 

Definition at line 290 of file mpfr-gmp.c.

References abort(), expr(), filename, fprintf, linenum, and NULL.

◆ mpfr_free_func()

◆ mpfr_reallocate_func()

void* mpfr_reallocate_func ( void ptr,
size_t  old_size,
size_t  new_size 

◆ mpfr_tmp_allocate()

void* mpfr_tmp_allocate ( struct tmp_marker **  tmp_marker,
size_t  size 

Definition at line 341 of file mpfr-gmp.c.

References head, mpfr_allocate_func(), and size.

◆ mpfr_tmp_free()

void mpfr_tmp_free ( struct tmp_marker tmp_marker)

Definition at line 355 of file mpfr-gmp.c.

References mpfr_free_func(), t::next, NULL, and t.

Variable Documentation

◆ mpfr_bases

const struct bases mpfr_bases[257]

Definition at line 1 of file mpfr-gmp.c.