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aliases.h File Reference
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#define loggedStep(...)
#define logError(...)
#define logWarning(...)
#define logNotice(...)
#define logProgress(...)
#define FOR_TABLE_SILENT(name, table)
#define FOR_TABLE(name, table)   FOR_TABLE_SILENT(name, table)
#define foreach_index(item, index, vector)
#define foreach(item, vector)   foreach_index(item, __caryll_index, vector)
#define foreach_hash(id, range)   for (id = (range); id != NULL; id = id->hh.next)
#define Handle   otfcc_iHandle
#define GlyphOrder   otfcc_pkgGlyphOrder
#define ClassDef   otl_iClassDef
#define Coverage   otl_iCoverage


typedef uint8_tfont_file_pointer
typedef otfcc_GlyphHandle glyph_handle
typedef otfcc_FDHandle fd_handle
typedef otfcc_LookupHandle lookup_handle

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ ClassDef

◆ Coverage

#define Coverage   otl_iCoverage

Definition at line 58 of file aliases.h.

Referenced by Efont::OpenType::Substitution::assign(), Efont::OpenType::ClassDef::class_iterator::class_iterator(), closeRule(), consolidate_chaining(), consolidate_gsub_ligature(), consolidate_gsub_multi(), Efont::OpenType::GposSingle::coverage(), Efont::OpenType::GposPair::coverage(), Efont::OpenType::GsubSingle::coverage(), Efont::OpenType::GsubMultiple::coverage(), Efont::OpenType::GsubLigature::coverage(), Efont::OpenType::GsubContext::coverage(), Efont::OpenType::GsubChainContext::coverage(), deleteGsubLigatureEntry(), deleteGsubMultiEntry(), disposeGsubReverse(), Efont::OpenType::GsubChainContext::f3_unparse(), format3Coverage(), Efont::OpenType::operator&(), otfcc_build_chaining_classes(), otfcc_build_chaining_coverage(), otfcc_build_contextual_classes(), otfcc_build_contextual_coverage(), otfcc_build_gpos_cursive(), otfcc_build_gpos_markToLigature(), otfcc_build_gpos_markToSingle(), otfcc_build_gpos_pair_classes(), otfcc_build_gpos_pair_individual(), otfcc_build_gpos_single(), otfcc_build_gsub_ligature_subtable(), otfcc_build_gsub_multi_subtable(), otfcc_build_gsub_reverse(), otfcc_build_gsub_single_subtable(), otfcc_readGDEF(), otl_dump_chaining(), otl_gsub_dump_ligature(), otl_gsub_dump_multi(), otl_gsub_dump_reverse(), otl_gsub_parse_ligature(), otl_gsub_parse_multi(), otl_gsub_parse_reverse(), otl_parse_chaining(), otl_read_gpos_cursive(), otl_read_gpos_markToLigature(), otl_read_gpos_markToSingle(), otl_read_gpos_pair(), otl_read_gpos_single(), otl_read_gsub_ligature(), otl_read_gsub_multi(), otl_read_gsub_reverse(), otl_read_gsub_single(), otv_CursivePos_validate(), otv_MathItalicsCorrectionInfo_validate(), otv_MathKernInfo_validate(), otv_O_x_Ox(), otv_PairPos_validate(), otv_ReverseChainSingleSubst_validate(), otv_SinglePos_validate(), otv_SingleSubst_validate(), otv_u_C_x_Ox(), otv_u_O_O_O_O_x_Onx(), otv_u_O_O_x_Onx(), readChainingFormat1(), readContextualFormat1(), and writeLigCarets().


#define FOR_TABLE (   name,
)    FOR_TABLE_SILENT(name, table)

Definition at line 33 of file aliases.h.


#define FOR_TABLE_SILENT (   name,
for (int __fortable_keep = 1, __fortable_count = 0, __notfound = 1; \
__notfound && __fortable_keep && __fortable_count < packet.numTables; \
__fortable_keep = !__fortable_keep, __fortable_count++) \
for (otfcc_PacketPiece table = (packet.pieces)[__fortable_count]; __fortable_keep; \
__fortable_keep = !__fortable_keep) \
if (table.tag == (name)) \
for (int __fortable_k2 = 1; __fortable_k2; __fortable_k2 = 0, __notfound = 0)
#define name
Definition: table.h:30
unsigned long tag

Definition at line 24 of file aliases.h.

◆ foreach

#define foreach (   item,
)    foreach_index(item, __caryll_index, vector)

Definition at line 38 of file aliases.h.

◆ foreach_hash

#define foreach_hash (   id,
)    for (id = (range); id != NULL; id = id->hh.next)

Definition at line 39 of file aliases.h.

◆ foreach_index

#define foreach_index (   item,
for (size_t index = 0, keep = 1; keep && index < (vector).length; keep = !keep, index++) \
for (item = (vector).items + index; keep; keep = !keep)
static int item
Definition: brushtopbm.c:66
#define length(c)
Definition: ctangleboot.c:65
float * vector()
#define index(s, c)
Definition: plain2.h:351
Definition: mendex.h:20
Definition: sed.h:50
int keep
Definition: ttf2pfb.c:115

Definition at line 35 of file aliases.h.

◆ GlyphOrder

#define GlyphOrder   otfcc_pkgGlyphOrder

Definition at line 52 of file aliases.h.

◆ Handle

#define Handle   otfcc_iHandle

Definition at line 45 of file aliases.h.

◆ logError

#define logError (   ...)
options->logger->logSDS(options->logger, log_vl_critical, log_type_error, \
sdscatprintf(sdsempty(), __VA_ARGS__));
@ log_type_error
Definition: logger.h:13
@ log_vl_critical
Definition: logger.h:14
sds sdscatprintf(sds s, const char *fmt,...)
sds sdsempty(void)

Definition at line 11 of file aliases.h.

◆ loggedStep

#define loggedStep (   ...)
for (bool ___loggedstep_v = (options->logger->startSDS(options->logger, \
sdscatprintf(sdsempty(), __VA_ARGS__)), \
true); \
___loggedstep_v; ___loggedstep_v = false, options->logger->finish(options->logger))

Definition at line 6 of file aliases.h.

◆ logNotice

#define logNotice (   ...)
options->logger->logSDS(options->logger, log_vl_notice, log_type_info, \
sdscatprintf(sdsempty(), __VA_ARGS__));
@ log_type_info
Definition: logger.h:13
@ log_vl_notice
Definition: logger.h:14

Definition at line 17 of file aliases.h.

◆ logProgress

#define logProgress (   ...)
options->logger->logSDS(options->logger, log_vl_progress, log_type_progress, \
sdscatprintf(sdsempty(), __VA_ARGS__));
@ log_type_progress
Definition: logger.h:13
@ log_vl_progress
Definition: logger.h:14

Definition at line 20 of file aliases.h.

◆ logWarning

#define logWarning (   ...)
options->logger->logSDS(options->logger, log_vl_important, log_type_warning, \
sdscatprintf(sdsempty(), __VA_ARGS__));
@ log_type_warning
Definition: logger.h:13
@ log_vl_important
Definition: logger.h:14

Definition at line 14 of file aliases.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ fd_handle

Definition at line 47 of file aliases.h.

◆ font_file_pointer

Definition at line 41 of file aliases.h.

◆ glyph_handle

Definition at line 46 of file aliases.h.

◆ lookup_handle

Definition at line 48 of file aliases.h.