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lengths.c File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "main.h"
#include "util.h"
#include "lengths.h"
#include "parser.h"
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#define MAX_LENGTHS   50


static int existsLength (char *s)
static void newLength (char *s, int d)
void setLength (char *s, int d)
int getLength (char *s)
void CmdSetTexLength (int code)


struct {
   char *   name
   int   distance
Lengths [50]
static int iLengthCount = 0

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#define MAX_LENGTHS   50

Definition at line 34 of file lengths.c.

Function Documentation

◆ CmdSetTexLength()

◆ existsLength()

static int existsLength ( char *  s)

purpose: checks to see if a named TeX dimension exists returns: the array index of the named TeX dimension

Definition at line 44 of file lengths.c.

References i, iLengthCount, Lengths, name, NULL, s, and strstr().

Referenced by getLength(), and setLength().

◆ getLength()

int getLength ( char *  s)

purpose: retrieves a named TeX dimension

Definition at line 99 of file lengths.c.

References diagnostics(), existsLength(), i, Lengths, s, and WARNING__.

Referenced by HTMLGen::appendSpans(), TextPage::buildColumn(), TextPage::buildLine(), TextPage::buildSimple2Lines(), caryll_ElementInterfaceOf(), CmdCaption(), CmdItem(), CmdLength(), CmdList(), CmdStartParagraph(), CmdVspace(), TextPage::computeWordSpacingThreshold(), HTMLGen::convertPage(), PDFDoc::createTrailerDict(), AnnotAppearanceBuilder::drawListBox(), AnnotAppearanceBuilder::drawText(), AcroFormField::drawText(), Annot::drawText(), SysFontList::find(), HTMLGen::findDirSpan(), TextPage::findText(), TileCache::flushCache(), AnnotFreeText::generateFreeTextAppearance(), AnnotLine::generateLineAppearance(), Lexer::getChar(), LinkAction::getFileSpecName(), getFileSpecNameForPlatform(), XFAScanner::getMeasurement(), AcroFormField::getNextLine(), GlobalParams::getPopupMenuCmd(), getUTF16BE(), getUTF16LE(), getUTF8(), Gfx8BitFont::Gfx8BitFont(), TextPage::insertClippedChars(), PDFDoc::isLinearized(), AcroFormField::isValidInt(), Annot::layoutText(), LinkURI::LinkURI(), AcroFormField::load(), main(), makeDataCodewords(), MiniPS::Parser::parse1(), PrepareRtfEquation(), PushEnvironment(), OutlineItem::readItemList(), TextPage::removeDuplicates(), MiniPS::scanf_dict(), TextPage::separateOverlappingText(), TileCache::setActiveTileList(), TextPage::splitChars(), TabbingColumnPosition(), TabularColumnPosition(), AcroFormField::tokenize(), FormFieldText::tokenizeDA(), WriteHeadFoot(), TextPage::writeLinePrinter(), and WritePageSize().

◆ newLength()

◆ setLength()

void setLength ( char *  s,
int  d 

purpose: allocates (if necessary) and sets a named TeX dimension

Definition at line 84 of file lengths.c.

References d, existsLength(), i, Lengths, newLength(), and s.

Referenced by CmdLength(), CmdList(), CmdQuote(), CmdSetTexLength(), CmdThebibliography(), CmdVerse(), InitializeLatexLengths(), PopEnvironment(), setPaperSize(), setPointSize(), and setThree().

Variable Documentation

◆ distance

◆ iLengthCount

int iLengthCount = 0

Definition at line 41 of file lengths.c.

Referenced by existsLength(), and newLength().


Lengths[ 50 ] { ... } struct

◆ name

char* name

Definition at line 37 of file lengths.c.

Referenced by existsLength(), and newLength().