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1 /*
2  * Description: Contains declarations for generic recursive parsering
3  * routines and other help routines for parsing LaTeX code
4  *
5  * 26th June 1998 - Created initial version - fb LEG
6  * 070798 adapted Frank Barnes contribution to r2l coding conventions SAP
7  */
9 char *CurrentFileName(void);
10 int PushSource(char * filename, char * string);
11 int StillSource(void);
12 void PopSource(void);
14 char getRawTexChar(void);
15 char getTexChar(void);
16 char getNonSpace(void);
17 char getNonBlank(void);
18 int getSameChar(char c);
20 void ungetTexChar(char c);
22 void skipToEOL(void);
23 void skipSpaces(void);
26 char *getBraceParam(void);
27 char *getLeftRightParam(void);
28 char *getBracketParam(void);
29 char *getSimpleCommand(void);
30 char *getTexUntil(char * target, int raw);
31 int getDimension(void);
32 void parseBrace(void);
33 char *getDelimitedText(char left, char right, bool raw);
34 void getSection(char **body, char **header, char **label);
36 int CurrentLineNumber(void);
37 void PushTrackLineNumber(int flag);
38 void PopTrackLineNumber(void);
39 void UpdateLineNumber(char *s);
long int flag
Definition: f2c.h:53
#define s
Definition: afcover.h:80
#define c(n)
Definition: gpos-common.c:150
static const void * body(MD5_CTX *ctx, const void *data, unsigned long size)
Definition: md5.c:100
@ right
Definition: annotate.c:15
void UpdateLineNumber(char *s)
Definition: parser.c:107
void skipSpaces(void)
int CurrentLineNumber(void)
Definition: parser.c:98
void parseBrace(void)
char * getLeftRightParam(void)
char getRawTexChar(void)
char getTexChar(void)
char * CurrentFileName(void)
Definition: parser.c:121
void PopTrackLineNumber(void)
Definition: parser.c:86
void PushTrackLineNumber(int flag)
Definition: parser.c:73
int PushSource(char *filename, char *string)
Definition: parser.c:139
char * getSimpleCommand(void)
char getNonSpace(void)
void PopSource(void)
Definition: parser.c:243
int StillSource(void)
Definition: parser.c:231
void ungetTexChar(char c)
void CmdIgnoreParameter(int)
void getSection(char **body, char **header, char **label)
char * getTexUntil(char *target, int raw)
char * getBraceParam(void)
char * getBracketParam(void)
char * getDelimitedText(char left, char right, bool raw)
int getDimension(void)
void skipToEOL(void)
int getSameChar(char c)
char getNonBlank(void)
#define target(code, i)
Definition: lpeg.c:1165
char * filename[256]
Definition: pbmtopk.c:46
struct def_label label[1024]
Definition: t1part.c:286