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parser.h File Reference
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char * CurrentFileName (void)
int PushSource (char *filename, char *string)
int StillSource (void)
void PopSource (void)
char getRawTexChar (void)
char getTexChar (void)
char getNonSpace (void)
char getNonBlank (void)
int getSameChar (char c)
void ungetTexChar (char c)
void skipToEOL (void)
void skipSpaces (void)
void CmdIgnoreParameter (int)
char * getBraceParam (void)
char * getLeftRightParam (void)
char * getBracketParam (void)
char * getSimpleCommand (void)
char * getTexUntil (char *target, int raw)
int getDimension (void)
void parseBrace (void)
char * getDelimitedText (char left, char right, bool raw)
void getSection (char **body, char **header, char **label)
int CurrentLineNumber (void)
void PushTrackLineNumber (int flag)
void PopTrackLineNumber (void)
void UpdateLineNumber (char *s)

Function Documentation

◆ CmdIgnoreParameter()

void CmdIgnoreParameter ( int  )

◆ CurrentFileName()

char* CurrentFileName ( void  )

purpose: returns the filename of the text being processed

Definition at line 121 of file parser.c.

References InputStackType::file_name, file_name, g_parser_depth, g_parser_stack, and s.

Referenced by diagnostics(), and PushSource().

◆ CurrentLineNumber()

int CurrentLineNumber ( void  )

purpose: returns the current line number of the text being processed

Definition at line 98 of file parser.c.

References g_parser_line.

Referenced by diagnostics(), and PushSource().

◆ getBraceParam()

◆ getBracketParam()

◆ getDelimitedText()

char* getDelimitedText ( char  left,
char  right,
bool  raw 

Referenced by CmdIndex(), CmdVerb(), and getAngleParam().

◆ getDimension()

int getDimension ( void  )

◆ getLeftRightParam()

char* getLeftRightParam ( void  )

Referenced by CmdLeftRight().

◆ getNonBlank()

◆ getNonSpace()

◆ getRawTexChar()

char getRawTexChar ( void  )

◆ getSameChar()

int getSameChar ( char  c)

Referenced by Convert().

◆ getSection()

void getSection ( char **  body,
char **  header,
char **  label 

Referenced by ConvertWholeDocument().

◆ getSimpleCommand()

char* getSimpleCommand ( void  )

Referenced by CmdIntegral().

◆ getTexChar()

◆ getTexUntil()

◆ parseBrace()

void parseBrace ( void  )

Referenced by CmdIgnoreDef(), and CmdVspace().

◆ PopSource()

◆ PopTrackLineNumber()

void PopTrackLineNumber ( void  )

purpose: restore last state of line numbers tracking in LaTeX source file

Definition at line 86 of file parser.c.

References diagnostics(), ERROR, and g_track_line_number.

Referenced by CmdMakeTitle().

◆ PushSource()

◆ PushTrackLineNumber()

void PushTrackLineNumber ( int  flag)

purpose: set whether or not line numbers should be tracked in LaTeX source file

Definition at line 73 of file parser.c.

References diagnostics(), ERROR, flag, g_track_line_number, g_track_line_number_stack, and TRACK_LINE_NUMBER_MAX.

Referenced by CmdMakeTitle(), and main().

◆ skipSpaces()

◆ skipToEOL()

void skipToEOL ( void  )

◆ StillSource()

int StillSource ( void  )

purpose: figure out if text remains to be processed

Definition at line 231 of file parser.c.

References feof, g_parser_file, and g_parser_string.

Referenced by ConvertAllttString(), and ConvertString().

◆ ungetTexChar()

◆ UpdateLineNumber()

void UpdateLineNumber ( char *  s)

purpose: advances the line number for each '
' in s

Definition at line 107 of file parser.c.

References g_parser_line, NULL, and s.

Referenced by CmdNewEnvironment(), CmdNewTheorem(), CmdTitle(), and CmdVerbatim().