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fixwrites.c File Reference
#include <w2c/config.h>
#include <kpathsea/c-pathmx.h>
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static void remove_newline (string s)
static char * insert_long (string cp)
static void join (string cp)
static void do_blanks (int indent)
static int whole (string cp)
static char * skip_balanced (string cp)
static int bare (string cp, char c)
static char * advance_cp (char *cp, int lefts)
int main (int argc, string *argv)


char buf [BUFSIZ]
char filename [PATH_MAX]
char args [100]
char * file
char * argp
char * as
char * cmd
int tex = false

Function Documentation

◆ advance_cp()

static char* advance_cp ( char *  cp,
int  lefts 

Definition at line 170 of file fixwrites.c.

References cp, and strchr.

Referenced by main().

◆ bare()

static int bare ( string  cp,
char  c 

Definition at line 136 of file fixwrites.c.

References c, and cp.

Referenced by main().

◆ do_blanks()

static void do_blanks ( int  indent)

Definition at line 63 of file fixwrites.c.

References i, and indent.

Referenced by main().

◆ insert_long()

static char* insert_long ( string  cp)

Definition at line 31 of file fixwrites.c.

References buf, BUFSIZ, cp, i, and strcpy().

Referenced by main().

◆ join()

static void join ( string  cp)

Definition at line 46 of file fixwrites.c.

References BUFSIZ, cp, fgets, remove_newline(), strcpy(), temp, and tp.

Referenced by main().

◆ main()

◆ remove_newline()

static void remove_newline ( string  s)

Definition at line 15 of file fixwrites.c.

References exit(), fprintf, NULL, s, strrchr, and temp.

Referenced by join(), and main().

◆ skip_balanced()

static char* skip_balanced ( string  cp)

Definition at line 112 of file fixwrites.c.

References cp, and depth.

Referenced by main().

◆ whole()

static int whole ( string  cp)

Definition at line 78 of file fixwrites.c.

References cp, and depth.

Referenced by main().

Variable Documentation

◆ argp

◆ args

◆ as

char * as

Definition at line 8 of file fixwrites.c.

Referenced by __gmpz_congruent_2exp_p(), add_signed_n(), AddAvailableProperty(), Metrics::apply_alternates_ligature(), Metrics::apply_alternates_single(), ary_shrink_capa(), asm_add(), asm_ahustore(), asm_ahuvload(), asm_aref(), asm_arithov(), asm_band(), asm_baseslot(), asm_bitop(), asm_bitshift(), asm_bnot(), asm_bor(), asm_borbxor(), asm_bror(), asm_bswap(), asm_bufhdr(), asm_bufput(), asm_bufstr(), asm_call(), asm_callid(), asm_callround(), asm_callx(), asm_callx_flags(), asm_callx_func(), asm_comp(), asm_conv(), asm_div(), asm_equal(), asm_exitstub_addr(), asm_exitstub_gen(), asm_exitstub_setup(), asm_fload(), asm_fparith(), asm_fpcomp(), asm_fpjoin_pow(), asm_fpmath(), asm_fpmin_max(), asm_fppow(), asm_fppowi(), asm_fpunary(), asm_fref(), asm_fstore(), asm_fuseabase(), asm_fuseahuref(), asm_fuseandsh(), asm_fuseandshift(), asm_fusearef(), asm_fusefref(), asm_fuseload(), asm_fuseloadk64(), asm_fuselsl2(), asm_fusemadd(), asm_fuseopm(), asm_fuseorshift(), asm_fusestrref(), asm_fusexref(), asm_fusexrefx(), asm_fxload(), asm_fxstore(), asm_gc_check(), asm_gcstep(), asm_gencall(), asm_guard(), asm_guardcc(), asm_guardcnb(), asm_guardtnb(), asm_head_lreg(), asm_head_root(), asm_head_root_base(), asm_head_side(), asm_head_side_base(), asm_hiop(), asm_href(), asm_hrefk(), asm_intarith(), asm_intcomp(), asm_intcomp_(), asm_intmin_max(), asm_intmul(), asm_intneg(), asm_intop(), asm_intop_s(), asm_ir(), asm_ldexp(), asm_lea(), asm_loop(), asm_loop_fixup(), asm_lref(), asm_max(), asm_mclimit(), asm_min(), asm_min_max(), asm_mod(), asm_mul(), asm_mulov(), asm_neg(), asm_neg_not(), asm_newref(), asm_obar(), asm_phi(), asm_phi_break(), asm_phi_copyspill(), asm_phi_fixup(), asm_phi_shuffle(), asm_pow(), asm_prof(), asm_retf(), asm_setup_call_slots(), asm_setup_regsp(), asm_setup_target(), asm_setupresult(), asm_sload(), asm_snap_alloc(), asm_snap_alloc1(), asm_snap_canremat(), asm_snap_checkrename(), asm_snap_prep(), asm_snew(), asm_sparejump_setup(), asm_stack_adjust(), asm_stack_check(), asm_stack_restore(), asm_strref(), asm_strto(), asm_sub(), asm_swapops(), asm_tail_fixup(), asm_tail_link(), asm_tail_prep(), asm_tbar(), asm_tdup(), asm_tnew(), asm_tobit(), asm_tointg(), asm_tostr(), asm_tvptr(), asm_tvstore64(), asm_uref(), asm_x87load(), asm_xload(), asm_xstore(), asm_xstore_(), SimBuffer::B::B(), blend_darken(), blend_difference(), blend_exclusion(), blend_hard_light(), blend_lighten(), blend_overlay(), blend_screen(), checkmclim(), cmsCIE2000DeltaE(), cmsIT8Alloc(), combine_atop_ca(), combine_atop_reverse_ca(), combine_xor_ca(), compare(), compare_info(), emit_addptr(), emit_branch(), emit_call(), emit_call_(), emit_cmpi(), emit_cnb(), emit_cond_branch(), emit_condbranch(), emit_d(), emit_dm(), emit_dn(), emit_dnm(), emit_dnma(), emit_dst(), emit_dta(), emit_fgh(), emit_gmrmi(), emit_gmroi(), emit_gri(), emit_jcc(), emit_jmp(), emit_kdelta(), emit_kdelta1(), emit_kdelta2(), emit_loadi(), emit_loadk(), emit_loadk64(), emit_loadofs(), emit_lsglptr(), emit_lso(), emit_lsox(), emit_lsptr(), emit_m(), emit_movmroi(), emit_movrr(), emit_mrm(), emit_n(), emit_nm(), emit_opk(), emit_rma(), emit_rmro(), emit_rmrxo(), emit_rot(), emit_rotlwi(), emit_rotr(), emit_rr(), emit_sfixup(), emit_sjcc(), emit_sjcc_label(), emit_slwi(), emit_spsub(), emit_storeofs(), emit_tab(), emit_tai(), emit_tnb(), emit_tsi(), emit_vlso(), FcSortCmpStr(), FcSortCompare(), Free_AlternateSet(), Free_AlternateSubst(), gc_each_objects(), gdImageDashedLine(), gdImageLine(), GetNumericValue(), heap_p(), lj_asm_trace(), Load_AlternateSet(), Load_AlternateSubst(), Lookup_AlternateSubst(), main(), mpfr_mpn_rec_sqrt(), noconflict(), obj_free(), pfed_readlookupnames(), ra_addrename(), ra_alloc1(), ra_alloc1z(), ra_alloc2(), ra_allocref(), ra_dest(), ra_destreg(), ra_evict(), ra_evictk(), ra_evictset(), ra_hintalloc(), ra_leftov(), ra_pick(), ra_releasetmp(), ra_rematk(), ra_rename(), ra_restore(), ra_save(), ra_scratch(), ra_scratchpair(), ra_setup(), ra_spill(), and weightAxisRegion().

◆ buf

char buf[BUFSIZ]

Definition at line 7 of file fixwrites.c.

Referenced by insert_long(), and main().

◆ cmd

char * cmd

Definition at line 8 of file fixwrites.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ file

char* file

Definition at line 8 of file fixwrites.c.

◆ filename

char filename[PATH_MAX]

Definition at line 7 of file fixwrites.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ tex