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cpascal.h File Reference
#include <w2c/config.h>
#include <kpathsea/getopt.h>
#include <kpathsea/progname.h>
#include <kpathsea/proginit.h>
#include <kpathsea/tex-file.h>
#include <kpathsea/variable.h>
#include "help.h"
#include "lib/lib.h"
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#define Xchr(x)   xchr[x]
#define abs(x)   ((integer)(x) >= 0 ? (integer)(x) : (integer)-(x))
#define chr(x)   (x)
#define ord(x)   (x)
#define odd(x)   ((x) & 1)
#define round(x)   zround ((double) (x))
#define trunc(x)   ((integer) (x))
#define floor(x)   ((integer)floor((double)(x)))
#define input   stdin
#define output   stdout
#define maxint   INTEGER_MAX
#define nil   NULL
#define floorunscaled(i)   ((i)>>16)
#define floorscaled(i)   ((i)&(-65536))
#define roundunscaled(i)   ((((i)>>15)+1)>>1)
#define roundfraction(i)   ((((i)>>11)+1)>>1)
#define half(i)   ( ((i)<0) ? (((i)+1)>>1) : ((i)>>1) )
#define halfp(i)   ((i) >> 1)
#define reset(f, n)   f = xfopen (n, FOPEN_R_MODE)
#define rewrite(f, n)   f = xfopen (n, FOPEN_W_MODE)
#define resetbin(f, n)   f = xfopen (n, FOPEN_RBIN_MODE)
#define rewritebin(f, n)   f = xfopen (n, FOPEN_WBIN_MODE)
#define read(f, b)   ((b) = getc (f))
#define decr(x)   --(x)
#define incr(x)   ++(x)
#define addressof(x)   (&(x))
#define makebinaryfile(arg)   (arg)
#define printreal(r, n, m)   fprintreal (stdout, r, n, m)
#define putbyte(x, f)
#define ucharcast(x)   ((unsigned char) (x))
#define int64cast(x)   ((integer64) (x))
#define stringcast(x)   ((string) (x))
#define conststringcast(x)   ((const_string) (x))
#define ustringcast(x)   ((unsigned char *) (x))
#define vgetc(f)   (void) getc (f)
#define Fputs(f, s)   (void) fputs (s, f)
#define aopenin(f, p)   open_input (&(f), p, FOPEN_RBIN_MODE)
#define aopenout(f)   open_output (&(f), FOPEN_W_MODE)
#define aclose   close_file
#define aopeninwithdirname(f, p, s)   open_input_with_dirname (&(f), p, s)
#define WRITE_OUT(a, b)
#define input2ints(a, b)   zinput2ints (&a, &b)
#define input3ints(a, b, c)   zinput3ints (&a, &b, &c)
#define xmallocarray(type, size)   ((type*)xmalloc((size+1)*sizeof(type)))
#define xreallocarray(ptr, type, size)   ((type*)xrealloc(ptr,(size+1)*sizeof(type)))
#define xcallocarray(type, nmemb, size)   ((type*)xcalloc(nmemb+1,(size+1)*sizeof(type)))
#define BIBXRETALLOCNOSET(array_name, array_var, type, size_var, new_size)
#define BIBXRETALLOC(array_name, array_var, type, size_var, new_size)
#define BIBXRETALLOCSTRING(array_name, array_var, length, size_var, new_size)
#define cinttype   int
#define cstring   string
#define constcstring   const_string
#define constw2custring   const_w2custring
#define fabs(x)   ((x) >= 0.0 ? (x) : -(x))
#define libcfree   free
#define promptfilenamehelpmsg   "(Press Enter to retry, or Control-D to exit"
#define printcstring(STR)
#define extendfilename   extend_filename
#define findsuffix   find_suffix
#define makesuffix   make_suffix
#define getoptlongonly   getopt_long_only
#define hasarg   has_arg
#define kpsebibformat   kpse_bib_format
#define kpsebstformat   kpse_bst_format
#define kpsefindfile   kpse_find_file
#define kpsefindmf   kpse_find_mf
#define kpsefindmft   kpse_find_mft
#define kpsefindofm   kpse_find_ofm
#define kpsefindovf   kpse_find_ovf
#define kpsefindtex   kpse_find_tex
#define kpsefindtfm   kpse_find_tfm
#define kpsefindvf   kpse_find_vf
#define kpseinnameok   kpse_in_name_ok
#define kpseinitprog   kpse_init_prog
#define kpsesetprogramname   kpse_set_program_name
#define kpseresetprogramname   kpse_reset_program_name
#define kpsegfformat   kpse_gf_format
#define kpselastformat   kpse_last_format
#define kpsemaketexdiscarderrors   kpse_make_tex_discard_errors
#define kpsemfformat   kpse_mf_format
#define kpsemftformat   kpse_mft_format
#define kpsempformat   kpse_mp_format
#define kpseocpformat   kpse_ocp_format
#define kpseofmformat   kpse_ofm_format
#define kpseoplformat   kpse_opl_format
#define kpseotpformat   kpse_otp_format
#define kpseoutnameok   kpse_out_name_ok
#define kpseovpformat   kpse_ovp_format
#define kpseovfformat   kpse_ovf_format
#define kpseopenfile   kpse_open_file
#define kpsepkformat   kpse_pk_format
#define kpsetfmformat   kpse_tfm_format
#define kpsevfformat   kpse_vf_format
#define kpsewebformat   kpse_web_format
#define kpsevarvalue   kpse_var_value
#define kpsesetprogramenabled   kpse_set_program_enabled
#define kpsesrccmdline   kpse_src_cmdline
#define kpsesrccompile   kpse_src_compile
#define recorderchangefilename   recorder_change_filename
#define recorderenabled   recorder_enabled
#define texmfyesno   texmf_yesno
#define link   link_var
#define getline   web2c_getline


typedef double real
typedef FILEtext
typedef unsigned char * w2custring
typedef const unsigned char * const_w2custring
typedef struct option getoptstruct


int loadpoolstrings (integer)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ abs

#define abs (   x)    ((integer)(x) >= 0 ? (integer)(x) : (integer)-(x))

Definition at line 44 of file cpascal.h.

◆ aclose

#define aclose   close_file

Definition at line 142 of file cpascal.h.

◆ addressof

#define addressof (   x)    (&(x))

Definition at line 104 of file cpascal.h.

◆ aopenin

#define aopenin (   f,
)    open_input (&(f), p, FOPEN_RBIN_MODE)

Definition at line 140 of file cpascal.h.

◆ aopeninwithdirname

#define aopeninwithdirname (   f,
)    open_input_with_dirname (&(f), p, s)

Definition at line 145 of file cpascal.h.

◆ aopenout

#define aopenout (   f)    open_output (&(f), FOPEN_W_MODE)

Definition at line 141 of file cpascal.h.


#define BIBXRETALLOC (   array_name,
do { \
BIBXRETALLOCNOSET(array_name, array_var, type, size_var, new_size); \
size_var = new_size; \
} while (0)
#define type(a)
Definition: aptex-macros.h:171
static void new_size(int size, int block)
Definition: gc.c:702

Definition at line 185 of file cpascal.h.


#define BIBXRETALLOCNOSET (   array_name,
fprintf (logfile, "Reallocated %s (elt_size=%ld) to %ld items from %ld.\n", \
array_name, (long) sizeof (type), (long) new_size, (long) size_var); \
XRETALLOC (array_var, new_size + 1, type)
FILE * logfile
Definition: autosp.c:116
#define fprintf
Definition: mendex.h:64

Definition at line 179 of file cpascal.h.


#define BIBXRETALLOCSTRING (   array_name,
fprintf (logfile, "Reallocated %s (elt_size=%ld) to %ld items from %ld.\n", \
array_name, (long) (length + 1), (long) new_size, (long) size_var); \
XRETALLOC (array_var, (new_size) * (length + 1), ASCIIcode)
#define length(c)
Definition: ctangleboot.c:65
quarterword ASCIIcode
Definition: pbmtopk.c:41

Definition at line 190 of file cpascal.h.

◆ chr

#define chr (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 46 of file cpascal.h.

◆ cinttype

#define cinttype   int

Definition at line 196 of file cpascal.h.

◆ constcstring

#define constcstring   const_string

Definition at line 202 of file cpascal.h.

◆ conststringcast

#define conststringcast (   x)    ((const_string) (x))

Definition at line 128 of file cpascal.h.

◆ constw2custring

#define constw2custring   const_w2custring

Definition at line 205 of file cpascal.h.

◆ cstring

#define cstring   string

Definition at line 200 of file cpascal.h.

◆ decr

#define decr (   x)    --(x)

Definition at line 91 of file cpascal.h.

◆ extendfilename

#define extendfilename   extend_filename

Definition at line 242 of file cpascal.h.

◆ fabs

#define fabs (   x)    ((x) >= 0.0 ? (x) : -(x))

Definition at line 211 of file cpascal.h.

◆ findsuffix

#define findsuffix   find_suffix

Definition at line 243 of file cpascal.h.

◆ floor

#define floor (   x)    ((integer)floor((double)(x)))

Definition at line 52 of file cpascal.h.

◆ floorscaled

#define floorscaled (   i)    ((i)&(-65536))

Definition at line 59 of file cpascal.h.

◆ floorunscaled

#define floorunscaled (   i)    ((i)>>16)

Definition at line 58 of file cpascal.h.



Definition at line 245 of file cpascal.h.



Definition at line 246 of file cpascal.h.

◆ Fputs

#define Fputs (   f,
)    (void) fputs (s, f)

Definition at line 136 of file cpascal.h.

◆ getline

#define getline (   void)    web2c_getline

Definition at line 310 of file cpascal.h.

◆ getoptlongonly

#define getoptlongonly   getopt_long_only

Definition at line 247 of file cpascal.h.

◆ half

#define half (   i)    ( ((i)<0) ? (((i)+1)>>1) : ((i)>>1) )

Definition at line 70 of file cpascal.h.

◆ halfp

#define halfp (   i)    ((i) >> 1)

Definition at line 72 of file cpascal.h.

◆ hasarg

#define hasarg   has_arg

Definition at line 248 of file cpascal.h.

◆ incr

#define incr (   x)    ++(x)

Definition at line 92 of file cpascal.h.

◆ input

static int input (   void)    stdin

Definition at line 53 of file cpascal.h.

Referenced by __synctex_parse_new_input(), _synctex_input_register_line(), _synctex_scanner_get_tag(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::apply(), OT::ChainRule::apply(), BrotliCompressFragmentFastImpl(), BrotliCompressFragmentTwoPassImpl(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::closure(), OT::ChainRule::closure(), OT::ChainRule::closure_lookups(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::closure_lookups(), CMap_parse(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::collect_glyphs(), OT::ChainRule::collect_glyphs(), convsample_50(), OT::ChainRule::copy(), CreateCommands(), diagnostics(), double_conversion::DiyFpStrtod(), expand(), gbase64Encode(), SplashBitmap::getCMYKLine(), SplashBitmap::getRGBLine(), SplashBitmap::getXBGRLine(), hb_subset_input_create_or_fail(), input_file(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::intersects(), OT::ChainRule::intersects(), kpathsea_getlongpath(), main(), png_text_compress_init(), ppdoc_filehandle(), ppdoc_load(), ppdoc_mem(), ppdoc_reader(), ppdoc_reader_init(), print_cmd_chr(), ReadInputFileNames(), ReadParamFile(), OT::ChainRule::sanitize(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::sanitize(), scan_hex_string(), scan_string(), CharsetMatch::set(), stringprep_profile(), double_conversion::StringToDoubleConverter::StringToIeee(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::subset(), OT::ChainRule::subset(), synctex_scanner_input_with_tag(), texFTitle(), TransliterationRule::TransliterationRule(), TT_Open_Collection(), TT_Open_Face(), IcuCApiHelper< CType, CPPType, kMagic >::validate(), VTZReader::VTZReader(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::would_apply(), and OT::ChainRule::would_apply().

◆ input2ints

#define input2ints (   a,
)    zinput2ints (&a, &b)

Definition at line 161 of file cpascal.h.

◆ input3ints

#define input3ints (   a,
)    zinput3ints (&a, &b, &c)

Definition at line 164 of file cpascal.h.

◆ int64cast

#define int64cast (   x)    ((integer64) (x))

Definition at line 126 of file cpascal.h.



Definition at line 249 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsebibformat

#define kpsebibformat   kpse_bib_format

Definition at line 250 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsebstformat

#define kpsebstformat   kpse_bst_format

Definition at line 251 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsefindfile

#define kpsefindfile   kpse_find_file

Definition at line 252 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsefindmf

#define kpsefindmf   kpse_find_mf

Definition at line 253 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsefindmft

#define kpsefindmft   kpse_find_mft

Definition at line 254 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsefindofm

#define kpsefindofm   kpse_find_ofm

Definition at line 255 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsefindovf

#define kpsefindovf   kpse_find_ovf

Definition at line 256 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsefindtex

#define kpsefindtex   kpse_find_tex

Definition at line 257 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsefindtfm

#define kpsefindtfm   kpse_find_tfm

Definition at line 258 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsefindvf

#define kpsefindvf   kpse_find_vf

Definition at line 259 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsegfformat

#define kpsegfformat   kpse_gf_format

Definition at line 264 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseinitprog

#define kpseinitprog   kpse_init_prog

Definition at line 261 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseinnameok

#define kpseinnameok   kpse_in_name_ok

Definition at line 260 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpselastformat

#define kpselastformat   kpse_last_format

Definition at line 265 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsemaketexdiscarderrors

#define kpsemaketexdiscarderrors   kpse_make_tex_discard_errors

Definition at line 266 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsemfformat

#define kpsemfformat   kpse_mf_format

Definition at line 267 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsemftformat

#define kpsemftformat   kpse_mft_format

Definition at line 268 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsempformat

#define kpsempformat   kpse_mp_format

Definition at line 269 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseocpformat

#define kpseocpformat   kpse_ocp_format

Definition at line 270 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseofmformat

#define kpseofmformat   kpse_ofm_format

Definition at line 271 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseopenfile

#define kpseopenfile   kpse_open_file

Definition at line 277 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseoplformat

#define kpseoplformat   kpse_opl_format

Definition at line 272 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseotpformat

#define kpseotpformat   kpse_otp_format

Definition at line 273 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseoutnameok

#define kpseoutnameok   kpse_out_name_ok

Definition at line 274 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseovfformat

#define kpseovfformat   kpse_ovf_format

Definition at line 276 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseovpformat

#define kpseovpformat   kpse_ovp_format

Definition at line 275 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsepkformat

#define kpsepkformat   kpse_pk_format

Definition at line 278 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpseresetprogramname

#define kpseresetprogramname   kpse_reset_program_name

Definition at line 263 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsesetprogramenabled

#define kpsesetprogramenabled   kpse_set_program_enabled

Definition at line 283 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsesetprogramname

#define kpsesetprogramname   kpse_set_program_name

Definition at line 262 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsesrccmdline

#define kpsesrccmdline   kpse_src_cmdline

Definition at line 284 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsesrccompile

#define kpsesrccompile   kpse_src_compile

Definition at line 285 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsetfmformat

#define kpsetfmformat   kpse_tfm_format

Definition at line 279 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsevarvalue

#define kpsevarvalue   kpse_var_value

Definition at line 282 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsevfformat

#define kpsevfformat   kpse_vf_format

Definition at line 280 of file cpascal.h.

◆ kpsewebformat

#define kpsewebformat   kpse_web_format

Definition at line 281 of file cpascal.h.

◆ libcfree

#define libcfree   free

Definition at line 214 of file cpascal.h.

◆ link

#define link   link_var

Definition at line 296 of file cpascal.h.

◆ makebinaryfile

#define makebinaryfile (   arg)    (arg)

Definition at line 112 of file cpascal.h.

◆ makesuffix

#define makesuffix   make_suffix

Definition at line 244 of file cpascal.h.

◆ maxint

#define maxint   INTEGER_MAX

Definition at line 55 of file cpascal.h.

◆ nil

#define nil   NULL

Definition at line 56 of file cpascal.h.

◆ odd

#define odd (   x)    ((x) & 1)

Definition at line 48 of file cpascal.h.

◆ ord

#define ord (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 47 of file cpascal.h.

◆ output

#define output   stdout

Definition at line 54 of file cpascal.h.

◆ printcstring

#define printcstring (   STR)
do { \
const_string ch_ptr = (STR); \
while (*ch_ptr) \
printchar(*(ch_ptr++)); \
} while (0)
#define STR(tok)

Definition at line 232 of file cpascal.h.

◆ printreal

#define printreal (   r,
)    fprintreal (stdout, r, n, m)

Definition at line 117 of file cpascal.h.

◆ promptfilenamehelpmsg

#define promptfilenamehelpmsg   "(Press Enter to retry, or Control-D to exit"

Definition at line 227 of file cpascal.h.

◆ putbyte

#define putbyte (   x,
do { if (putc ((char) (x) & 255, f) == EOF) \
FATAL1 ("putbyte(%ld) failed", (long) x); } while (0)
mpz_t * f
Definition: gen-fib.c:34
#define putc
Definition: jbib.h:20
#define EOF
Definition: afmparse.c:59
float x
Definition: cordic.py:15

Definition at line 120 of file cpascal.h.

◆ read

#define read (   f,
)    ((b) = getc (f))

Definition at line 87 of file cpascal.h.

◆ recorderchangefilename

#define recorderchangefilename   recorder_change_filename

Definition at line 286 of file cpascal.h.

◆ recorderenabled

#define recorderenabled   recorder_enabled

Definition at line 287 of file cpascal.h.

◆ reset

#define reset (   f,
)    f = xfopen (n, FOPEN_R_MODE)

Definition at line 79 of file cpascal.h.

◆ resetbin

#define resetbin (   f,
)    f = xfopen (n, FOPEN_RBIN_MODE)

Definition at line 81 of file cpascal.h.

◆ rewrite

#define rewrite (   f,
)    f = xfopen (n, FOPEN_W_MODE)

Definition at line 80 of file cpascal.h.

◆ rewritebin

#define rewritebin (   f,
)    f = xfopen (n, FOPEN_WBIN_MODE)

Definition at line 82 of file cpascal.h.

◆ round

#define round (   x)    zround ((double) (x))

Definition at line 49 of file cpascal.h.

◆ roundfraction

#define roundfraction (   i)    ((((i)>>11)+1)>>1)

Definition at line 61 of file cpascal.h.

◆ roundunscaled

#define roundunscaled (   i)    ((((i)>>15)+1)>>1)

Definition at line 60 of file cpascal.h.

◆ stringcast

#define stringcast (   x)    ((string) (x))

Definition at line 127 of file cpascal.h.

◆ texmfyesno

#define texmfyesno   texmf_yesno

Definition at line 288 of file cpascal.h.

◆ trunc

#define trunc (   x)    ((integer) (x))

Definition at line 50 of file cpascal.h.

◆ ucharcast

#define ucharcast (   x)    ((unsigned char) (x))

Definition at line 125 of file cpascal.h.

◆ ustringcast

#define ustringcast (   x)    ((unsigned char *) (x))

Definition at line 129 of file cpascal.h.

◆ vgetc

#define vgetc (   f)    (void) getc (f)

Definition at line 132 of file cpascal.h.


#define WRITE_OUT (   a,
if ((size_t) fwrite ((char *) &OUT_BUF[a], sizeof (OUT_BUF[a]), \
(size_t) ((size_t)(b) - (size_t)(a) + 1), OUT_FILE) \
!= (size_t) ((size_t) (b) - (size_t) (a) + 1)) \
FATAL_PERROR ("fwrite");
#define b
Definition: jpegint.h:372
#define a(n)
Definition: gpos-common.c:148
Code related to b fwrite(a, sizeof(char), b, stdout) @d C_printf(c
#define OUT_FILE
Definition: luatex.h:64
#define OUT_BUF
Definition: luatex.h:65

Definition at line 148 of file cpascal.h.

◆ xcallocarray

#define xcallocarray (   type,
)    ((type*)xcalloc(nmemb+1,(size+1)*sizeof(type)))

Definition at line 173 of file cpascal.h.

◆ Xchr

#define Xchr (   x)    xchr[x]

Definition at line 32 of file cpascal.h.

◆ xmallocarray

#define xmallocarray (   type,
)    ((type*)xmalloc((size+1)*sizeof(type)))

Definition at line 169 of file cpascal.h.

◆ xreallocarray

#define xreallocarray (   ptr,
)    ((type*)xrealloc(ptr,(size+1)*sizeof(type)))

Definition at line 171 of file cpascal.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ const_w2custring

typedef const unsigned char* const_w2custring

Definition at line 207 of file cpascal.h.

◆ getoptstruct

typedef struct option getoptstruct

Definition at line 207 of file cpascal.h.

◆ real

typedef double real

Definition at line 95 of file cpascal.h.

◆ text

typedef FILE* text

Definition at line 98 of file cpascal.h.

◆ w2custring

typedef unsigned char* w2custring

Definition at line 206 of file cpascal.h.

Function Documentation

◆ loadpoolstrings()

int loadpoolstrings ( integer  )