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1 #include <c-auto.h>
3 #include <kpathsea/config.h>
5 #include <stdio.h>
6 #include <stdlib.h>
7 #include <string.h>
9 #ifdef WIN32
10 #define nkf_open fopen
11 #define nkf_close(fp) {clear_infile_enc(fp); fclose(fp);}
12 #endif
14 struct page {
15  char *page;
16  char *enc;
17  char attr[3];
18 };
20 struct index {
21  int num;
22  char words;
23  char *org[3];
24  char *dic[3];
25  char *idx[3];
26  struct page *p;
27  int lnum;
28 };
30 /* convert.c */
31 void initkanatable(void);
32 int convert(char *buff1, char *buff2);
33 int pnumconv(char *page, int attr);
34 int dicread(const char *filename);
36 /* pageread.c */
37 int lastpage(const char *filename);
39 /* sort.c */
40 void wsort(struct index *ind, int num);
41 void pagesort(struct index *ind, int num);
42 int alphanumeric(char c);
43 int alphabet(char c);
44 int numeric(char c);
45 int japanese(char *buff);
46 int chkcontinue(struct page *p, int num);
48 /* styfile.c */
49 void styread(const char *filename);
51 /* fread.c */
52 char *mfgets(char *buf, int size, FILE *fp);
53 int idxread(char *filename, int start);
55 /* fwrite.c */
56 int fprintf2 (FILE *fp, const char *format, ...);
57 void warn_printf(FILE *fp, const char *format, ...);
58 void verb_printf(FILE *fp, const char *format, ...);
60 struct index;
61 void indwrite(char *filename, struct index *ind, int pagenum);
63 #undef fprintf
64 #define fprintf fprintf2
66 #undef fputs
67 #define fputs fputs2
static char buff[2 *10240]
Definition: genind.c:46
#define c(n)
Definition: gpos-common.c:150
small capitals from c petite p
Definition: afcover.h:72
int num
Definition: disdvi.c:621
#define buf
int japanese(char *buff)
Definition: sort.c:242
int pnumconv(char *page, int attr)
Definition: convert.c:368
int numeric(char c)
Definition: sort.c:236
void styread(const char *filename)
Definition: styfile.c:37
int dicread(const char *filename)
Definition: convert.c:68
void indwrite(char *filename, struct index *ind, int pagenum)
Definition: fwrite.c:120
void warn_printf(FILE *fp, const char *format,...)
Definition: fwrite.c:91
void wsort(struct index *ind, int num)
Definition: sort.c:14
int idxread(char *filename, int start)
Definition: fread.c:16
int lastpage(const char *filename)
Definition: pageread.c:21
int alphanumeric(char c)
Definition: sort.c:223
void verb_printf(FILE *fp, const char *format,...)
Definition: fwrite.c:105
int fprintf2(FILE *fp, const char *format,...)
Definition: fwrite.c:77
int alphabet(char c)
Definition: sort.c:230
int convert(char *buff1, char *buff2)
Definition: convert.c:201
int chkcontinue(struct page *p, int num)
Definition: sort.c:248
char * mfgets(char *buf, int size, FILE *fp)
Definition: mfileio.c:132
void pagesort(struct index *ind, int num)
Definition: sort.c:147
void initkanatable(void)
Definition: convert.c:34
char ind[999]
Definition: mkind.c:58
static int format
Definition: pbmclean.c:15
char * filename[256]
Definition: pbmtopk.c:46
#define fp
static int size
Definition: ppmlabel.c:24
integer pagenum
Definition: pscolor.c:30
Definition: mendex.h:20
char * idx[3]
Definition: mendex.h:25
char * dic[3]
Definition: mendex.h:24
char words
Definition: mendex.h:22
int lnum
Definition: mendex.h:27
struct page * p
Definition: mendex.h:26
char * org[3]
Definition: mendex.h:23
int num
Definition: mendex.h:21
Definition: mendex.h:14
char * page
Definition: mendex.h:15
char * enc
Definition: mendex.h:16
char attr[3]
Definition: mendex.h:17
#define FILE
Definition: t1stdio.h:34
@ start
Definition: preamble.c:52