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1 extern FILE *efp;
3 extern int lines,idxcount,acc,reject;
5 extern int warn,scount,pattr[3];
7 extern struct index *ind;
9 extern char keyword[2048];
10 extern char arg_open,arg_close;
11 extern char range_open,range_close;
13 extern char preamble[2048],postamble[2048];
14 extern char setpage_prefix[2048],setpage_suffix[2048];
15 extern char group_skip[2048];
16 extern char lethead_prefix[2048],lethead_suffix[2048];
17 extern int lethead_flag;
18 extern char item_0[2048],item_1[2048],item_2[2048];
19 extern char item_01[2048],item_x1[2048],item_12[2048],item_x2[2048];
20 extern char delim_0[2048],delim_1[2048],delim_2[2048],delim_n[2048],delim_r[2048],delim_t[2048];
21 extern char suffix_2p[2048],suffix_3p[2048],suffix_mp[2048];
22 extern char encap_prefix[2048],encap_infix[2048],encap_suffix[2048];
23 extern int line_max;
24 extern char indent_space[2048];
25 extern int indent_length;
26 extern int priority;
27 extern char symbol[2048];
28 extern char symhead_positive[2048],symhead_negative[2048];
29 extern char numhead_positive[2048],numhead_negative[2048];
30 extern int symbol_flag;
31 extern int letter_head;
32 extern char atama[2048];
33 extern char page_compositor[2048],page_precedence[2048];
34 extern char character_order[2048];
char suffix_2p[2048]
Definition: scanst.c:83
FILE * efp
Definition: var.h:3
char level
Definition: afm2pl.c:1694
int verb
Definition: exvar.h:4
int indent_length
Definition: scanst.c:93
char encap
Definition: exvar.h:12
char keyword[2048]
Definition: t1part.c:256
int fsti
Definition: exvar.h:4
char range_open
Definition: var.h:14
int reject
Definition: exvar.h:3
char item_01[2048]
Definition: var.h:22
char postamble[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:13
char suffix_mp[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:21
char item_1[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:18
char preamble[2048]
Definition: scanst.c:46
char symhead_negative[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:28
int fpage
Definition: exvar.h:4
char setpage_prefix[2048]
Definition: var.h:17
char encap_prefix[2048]
Definition: var.h:25
int bcomp
Definition: exvar.h:4
char lethead_suffix[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:16
char actual
Definition: exvar.h:12
int force
Definition: exvar.h:4
char indent_space[2048]
Definition: scanst.c:94
int gflg
Definition: exvar.h:4
char delim_r[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:20
char setpage_suffix[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:14
int line_max
Definition: var.h:26
char item_12[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:19
char delim_0[2048]
Definition: var.h:23
char delim_1[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:20
char delim_2[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:20
char escape
Definition: exvar.h:12
char page_compositor[2048]
Definition: var.h:36
char symhead_positive[2048]
Definition: var.h:31
char lethead_prefix[2048]
Definition: var.h:19
char numhead_negative[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:29
char delim_t[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:20
int pattr[3]
Definition: exvar.h:5
int scount
Definition: exvar.h:5
char arg_open
Definition: var.h:13
int lethead_flag
Definition: var.h:20
char encap_infix[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:22
int prange
Definition: var.h:6
char numhead_positive[2048]
Definition: var.h:32
char atama[2048]
Definition: var.h:35
char page_precedence[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:33
int lines
Definition: var.h:5
int symbol_flag
Definition: var.h:33
char encap_suffix[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:22
struct index * ind
Definition: mkind.c:58
char item_x2[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:19
int warn
Definition: var.h:7
int lorder
Definition: exvar.h:4
char item_2[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:18
int letter_head
Definition: var.h:34
int idxcount
Definition: exvar.h:3
int debug
Definition: exvar.h:4
char item_x1[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:19
char group_skip[2048]
Definition: scanst.c:55
int priority
Definition: var.h:29
char suffix_3p[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:21
char range_close
Definition: exvar.h:11
char item_0[2048]
Definition: var.h:21
int acc
Definition: exvar.h:3
char quote
Definition: exvar.h:12
char character_order[2048]
Definition: var.h:37
char symbol[2048]
Definition: var.h:30
char delim_n[2048]
Definition: exvar.h:20
char arg_close
Definition: exvar.h:10
Definition: mendex.h:20
#define FILE
Definition: t1stdio.h:34