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pdfcolor.c File Reference
#include "system.h"
#include "mem.h"
#include "error.h"
#include "dpxconf.h"
#include "dpxfile.h"
#include "pdfdoc.h"
#include "pdfdev.h"
#include "pdfresource.h"
#include "pdfcolor.h"
#include "dpxcrypt.h"
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struct  iccXYZNumber
struct  iccHeader
struct  iccbased_cdata
struct  pdf_colorspace


#define DEV_COLOR_STACK_MAX   128
#define iccNullSig   0
#define ICC_INTENT_TYPE(n)   ((int) (((n) >> 16) & 0xff))
#define check_sig(d, p, q, r, s)   ((d) && (d)->sig == ((p)<<24|(q)<<16|(r)<<8|(s)))
#define sget_signed_long(p)   ((int32_t) ((p)[0] << 24|(p)[1] << 16|(p)[2] << 8|(p)[3]))
#define sget_signed_short(p)   ((short) ((p)[0] << 8|(p)[1]))
#define get_iccSig(p)   ((iccSig) ((p)[0] << 24|(p)[1] << 16|(p)[2] << 8|(p)[3]))
#define ICC_HEAD_SECT1_START   0
#define ICC_HEAD_SECT1_LENGTH   56
#define ICC_HEAD_SECT2_START   68
#define ICC_HEAD_SECT2_LENGTH   16
#define ICC_HEAD_SECT3_START   100
#define ICC_HEAD_SECT3_LENGTH   28
#define print_iccSig(s, t)


typedef uint32_t iccSig


int pdf_color_type (const pdf_color *color)
int pdf_color_rgbcolor (pdf_color *color, double r, double g, double b)
int pdf_color_cmykcolor (pdf_color *color, double c, double m, double y, double k)
int pdf_color_graycolor (pdf_color *color, double g)
int pdf_color_spotcolor (pdf_color *color, char *name, double c)
void pdf_color_copycolor (pdf_color *color1, const pdf_color *color2)
void pdf_color_brighten_color (pdf_color *dst, const pdf_color *src, double f)
int pdf_color_is_white (const pdf_color *color)
int pdf_color_set_color (const pdf_color *color, char *buffer, size_t buffer_len, char mask)
int pdf_color_compare (const pdf_color *color1, const pdf_color *color2)
void pdf_color_clear_stack (void)
void pdf_color_set (pdf_color *sc, pdf_color *fc)
void pdf_color_push (pdf_color *sc, pdf_color *fc)
void pdf_color_pop (void)
void pdf_color_get_current (pdf_color **sc, pdf_color **fc)
static int pdf_colorspace_defineresource (const char *ident, int subtype, void *cdata, pdf_obj *resource)
static int pdf_colorspace_findresource (const char *ident, int subtype, const void *cdata)
static int iccp_version_supported (int major, int minor)
static iccSig str2iccSig (const void *s)
static void iccp_init_iccHeader (iccHeader *icch)
static void init_iccbased_cdata (struct iccbased_cdata *cdata)
static void release_iccbased_cdata (struct iccbased_cdata *cdata)
static int get_num_components_iccbased (const struct iccbased_cdata *cdata)
static int compare_iccbased (const char *ident1, const struct iccbased_cdata *cdata1, const char *ident2, const struct iccbased_cdata *cdata2)
int iccp_check_colorspace (int colortype, const void *profile, int proflen)
pdf_objiccp_get_rendering_intent (const void *profile, int proflen)
static int iccp_unpack_header (iccHeader *icch, const void *profile, int proflen, int check_size)
static void iccp_get_checksum (unsigned char *checksum, const void *profile, int proflen)
static void print_iccp_header (iccHeader *icch, unsigned char *checksum)
static int iccp_devClass_allowed (int dev_class)
int iccp_load_profile (const char *ident, const void *profile, int proflen)
static void pdf_init_colorspace_struct (pdf_colorspace *colorspace)
static void pdf_clean_colorspace_struct (pdf_colorspace *colorspace)
static void pdf_flush_colorspace (pdf_colorspace *colorspace)
pdf_objpdf_get_colorspace_reference (int cspc_id)
void pdf_init_colors (void)
void pdf_close_colors (void)


pdf_color current_fill
pdf_color current_stroke
pdf_color default_color
struct {
   int   current
   pdf_color   stroke [128]
   pdf_color   fill [128]
static unsigned char nullbytes16 [16]
struct {
   int   major
   int   minor
icc_versions []
struct {
   int   count
   int   capacity
   pdf_colorspace *   colorspaces

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ check_sig

#define check_sig (   d,
)    ((d) && (d)->sig == ((p)<<24|(q)<<16|(r)<<8|(s)))

Definition at line 653 of file pdfcolor.c.


#define DEV_COLOR_STACK_MAX   128

Definition at line 431 of file pdfcolor.c.

◆ get_iccSig

#define get_iccSig (   p)    ((iccSig) ((p)[0] << 24|(p)[1] << 16|(p)[2] << 8|(p)[3]))

Definition at line 802 of file pdfcolor.c.


#define ICC_HEAD_SECT1_LENGTH   56

Definition at line 889 of file pdfcolor.c.


#define ICC_HEAD_SECT1_START   0

Definition at line 888 of file pdfcolor.c.


#define ICC_HEAD_SECT2_LENGTH   16

Definition at line 892 of file pdfcolor.c.


#define ICC_HEAD_SECT2_START   68

Definition at line 891 of file pdfcolor.c.


#define ICC_HEAD_SECT3_LENGTH   28

Definition at line 895 of file pdfcolor.c.


#define ICC_HEAD_SECT3_START   100

Definition at line 894 of file pdfcolor.c.



Definition at line 634 of file pdfcolor.c.



Definition at line 631 of file pdfcolor.c.



Definition at line 632 of file pdfcolor.c.



Definition at line 633 of file pdfcolor.c.


#define ICC_INTENT_TYPE (   n)    ((int) (((n) >> 16) & 0xff))

Definition at line 630 of file pdfcolor.c.

◆ iccNullSig

#define iccNullSig   0

Definition at line 603 of file pdfcolor.c.



Definition at line 1559 of file pdfcolor.c.



Definition at line 1558 of file pdfcolor.c.



Definition at line 1560 of file pdfcolor.c.

◆ print_iccSig

#define print_iccSig (   s,
if ((s) == 0) {\
MESG("pdf_color>> %s:\t(null)\n", (t)); \
} else if (!isprint(((s) >> 24) & 0xff) || \
!isprint(((s) >> 16) & 0xff) || \
!isprint(((s) >> 8) & 0xff) || \
!isprint((s) & 0xff)) { \
MESG("pdf_color>> %s:\t(invalid)\n", (t)); \
} else { \
MESG("pdf_color>> %s:\t%c%c%c%c\n", (t), \
((s) >> 24) & 0xff, ((s) >> 16) & 0xff, \
((s) >> 8) & 0xff, (s) & 0xff); \
#define s
Definition: afcover.h:80
Definition: dvips.h:235

◆ sget_signed_long

#define sget_signed_long (   p)    ((int32_t) ((p)[0] << 24|(p)[1] << 16|(p)[2] << 8|(p)[3]))

Definition at line 800 of file pdfcolor.c.

◆ sget_signed_short

#define sget_signed_short (   p)    ((short) ((p)[0] << 8|(p)[1]))

Definition at line 801 of file pdfcolor.c.

Typedef Documentation

◆ iccSig

typedef uint32_t iccSig

Definition at line 562 of file pdfcolor.c.

Function Documentation

◆ compare_iccbased()

static int compare_iccbased ( const char *  ident1,
const struct iccbased_cdata cdata1,
const char *  ident2,
const struct iccbased_cdata cdata2 

◆ get_num_components_iccbased()

static int get_num_components_iccbased ( const struct iccbased_cdata cdata)

◆ iccp_check_colorspace()

int iccp_check_colorspace ( int  colortype,
const void profile,
int  proflen 

◆ iccp_devClass_allowed()

static int iccp_devClass_allowed ( int  dev_class)

Definition at line 1027 of file pdfcolor.c.

References pdf_dev_get_param(), PDF_DEV_PARAM_COLORMODE, and str2iccSig().

Referenced by iccp_load_profile().

◆ iccp_get_checksum()

static void iccp_get_checksum ( unsigned char *  checksum,
const void profile,
int  proflen 

◆ iccp_get_rendering_intent()

pdf_obj* iccp_get_rendering_intent ( const void profile,
int  proflen 

◆ iccp_init_iccHeader()

◆ iccp_load_profile()

◆ iccp_unpack_header()

◆ iccp_version_supported()

static int iccp_version_supported ( int  major,
int  minor 

Definition at line 543 of file pdfcolor.c.

References icc_versions, idx, major, minor, and pdf_get_version().

Referenced by iccp_load_profile().

◆ init_iccbased_cdata()

static void init_iccbased_cdata ( struct iccbased_cdata cdata)

Definition at line 656 of file pdfcolor.c.


Referenced by iccp_load_profile().

◆ pdf_clean_colorspace_struct()

◆ pdf_close_colors()

void pdf_close_colors ( void  )

Definition at line 1541 of file pdfcolor.c.

References cspc_cache, i, NULL, pdf_clean_colorspace_struct(), pdf_flush_colorspace(), and RELEASE.

Referenced by pdf_close_document().

◆ pdf_color_brighten_color()

void pdf_color_brighten_color ( pdf_color dst,
const pdf_color src,
double  f 

◆ pdf_color_clear_stack()

void pdf_color_clear_stack ( void  )

Definition at line 442 of file pdfcolor.c.

References color_stack, pdf_color_black, RELEASE, and WARN().

Referenced by pdf_init_device(), and spc_handler_color_default().

◆ pdf_color_cmykcolor()

int pdf_color_cmykcolor ( pdf_color color,
double  c,
double  m,
double  y,
double  k 

Definition at line 82 of file pdfcolor.c.

References ASSERT, c, k, m, NULL, PDF_COLORSPACE_TYPE_CMYK, WARN(), and y.

Referenced by do_operator(), spc_read_color_color(), and spc_read_color_pdf().

◆ pdf_color_compare()

◆ pdf_color_copycolor()

◆ pdf_color_get_current()

void pdf_color_get_current ( pdf_color **  sc,
pdf_color **  fc 

Definition at line 492 of file pdfcolor.c.

References color_stack, fc, and sc.

Referenced by pdf_dev_reset_color(), set_fillstyle(), spc_handler_pdfm_bcolor(), and spc_handler_pdfm_scolor().

◆ pdf_color_graycolor()

int pdf_color_graycolor ( pdf_color color,
double  g 

Definition at line 119 of file pdfcolor.c.


Referenced by do_operator(), spc_read_color_color(), and spc_read_color_pdf().

◆ pdf_color_is_white()

int pdf_color_is_white ( const pdf_color color)

◆ pdf_color_pop()

void pdf_color_pop ( void  )

◆ pdf_color_push()

void pdf_color_push ( pdf_color sc,
pdf_color fc 

◆ pdf_color_rgbcolor()

int pdf_color_rgbcolor ( pdf_color color,
double  r,
double  g,
double  b 

◆ pdf_color_set()

void pdf_color_set ( pdf_color sc,
pdf_color fc 

◆ pdf_color_set_color()

◆ pdf_color_spotcolor()

int pdf_color_spotcolor ( pdf_color color,
char *  name,
double  c 

Definition at line 140 of file pdfcolor.c.

References ASSERT, c, name, PDF_COLORSPACE_TYPE_SPOT, and WARN().

Referenced by spc_read_color_color().

◆ pdf_color_type()

int pdf_color_type ( const pdf_color color)

Definition at line 44 of file pdfcolor.c.

References ASSERT.

Referenced by pdf_color_set_color().

◆ pdf_colorspace_defineresource()

◆ pdf_colorspace_findresource()

int pdf_colorspace_findresource ( const char *  ident,
int  subtype,
const void cdata 

◆ pdf_flush_colorspace()

static void pdf_flush_colorspace ( pdf_colorspace colorspace)

Definition at line 1410 of file pdfcolor.c.

References ASSERT, NULL, pdf_release_obj(), pdf_colorspace::reference, and pdf_colorspace::resource.

Referenced by pdf_close_colors().

◆ pdf_get_colorspace_reference()

pdf_obj* pdf_get_colorspace_reference ( int  cspc_id)

◆ pdf_init_colors()

void pdf_init_colors ( void  )

Definition at line 1533 of file pdfcolor.c.

References cspc_cache, and NULL.

Referenced by pdf_open_document().

◆ pdf_init_colorspace_struct()

◆ print_iccp_header()

◆ release_iccbased_cdata()

static void release_iccbased_cdata ( struct iccbased_cdata cdata)

Definition at line 669 of file pdfcolor.c.

References ASSERT, check_sig, and RELEASE.

Referenced by iccp_load_profile(), and pdf_clean_colorspace_struct().

◆ str2iccSig()

static iccSig str2iccSig ( const void s)

Variable Documentation

◆ capacity

int capacity

Definition at line 1335 of file pdfcolor.c.

Referenced by _appendPrivateuseToLanguageTag(), _getBuffer(), _HashMap_const_iterator< K, V >::_HashMap_const_iterator(), _pool_alloc_from_new_chunk(), _pool_chunk_init(), U_NAMESPACE_USE::acceptLanguage(), addCollation(), U_NAMESPACE_BEGIN::MutableCodePointTrie::allocDataBlock(), allocDataBlock(), ByteSinkUtil::appendChange(), RegexCImpl::appendReplacement(), appendUTF8(), Vector< T * >::capacity(), checkArgs(), number::impl::DecimalQuantity::checkHealth(), CollationIterator::CEBuffer::ensureAppendCapacity(), TextWord::ensureCapacity(), number::impl::DecimalQuantity::ensureCapacity(), CharString::ensureCapacity(), CharString::extract(), extractPackageName(), getCodesFromLocale(), CollationData::getEquivalentScripts(), CollationFastLatin::getOptions(), gregorio_kpse_find(), FontRuns::grow(), LocaleRuns::grow(), ValueRuns::grow(), ULocRuns::grow(), idForLocale(), RunArray::init(), FontRuns::init(), LocaleRuns::init(), ValueRuns::init(), ULocRuns::init(), init_resb_result(), String::make_claim(), makeFullFilename(), makeFullFilenameAndDirs(), makeTargetName(), UTS46::mapDevChars(), _HashMap_const_iterator< K, V >::operator++(), FormattedStringBuilder::operator=(), outputChar(), outputHexBytes(), outputPtrBytes(), outputString(), outputUString(), pool_alloc(), printComments(), printNoteElements(), graphite2::Vector< T >::reserve(), resize_capa(), setCodes(), setOneCode(), CollationSettings::setReorderArrays(), HashMap< K, V >::swap(), TransliteratorSpec::TransliteratorSpec(), u_fstropen_68(), u_writeIdenticalLevelRun_68(), ubrk_getRuleStatusVec_68(), ucol_cloneBinary_68(), ucol_getShortDefinitionString_68(), ucol_normalizeShortDefinitionString_68(), ucol_sit_dumpSpecs(), ucptrie_toBinary_68(), udatpg_addPattern_68(), udatpg_getBaseSkeleton_68(), udatpg_getBestPattern_68(), udatpg_getBestPatternWithOptions_68(), udatpg_getFieldDisplayName_68(), udatpg_getSkeleton_68(), uidna_labelToASCII_68(), uidna_labelToASCII_UTF8_68(), uidna_labelToUnicode_68(), uidna_labelToUnicodeUTF8_68(), uidna_nameToASCII_68(), uidna_nameToASCII_UTF8_68(), uidna_nameToUnicode_68(), uidna_nameToUnicodeUTF8_68(), unorm2_getDecomposition_68(), unorm2_getRawDecomposition_68(), unorm2_normalize_68(), uplrules_select_68(), uplrules_selectFormatted_68(), uplrules_selectForRange_68(), uplrules_selectWithFormat_68(), uprv_itou_68(), uprv_makeDenseRanges(), ures_toUTF8String(), uscript_getCode_68(), uscript_getSampleString_68(), uscript_getScriptExtensions_68(), uspoof_serialize(), utm_hasCapacity(), utrace_format_68(), utrace_vformat_68(), utrie2_serialize_68(), utrie_serialize_68(), CollationDataWriter::write(), CollationDataWriter::writeBase(), and CollationDataWriter::writeTailoring().


color_stack { ... } struct

◆ colorspaces

pdf_colorspace* colorspaces

Definition at line 1336 of file pdfcolor.c.

◆ count

int count

Definition at line 1334 of file pdfcolor.c.


cspc_cache { ... } struct

◆ current

int current

Definition at line 434 of file pdfcolor.c.

◆ current_fill

pdf_color current_fill
Initial value:
= {
-1 ,

Definition at line 370 of file pdfcolor.c.

◆ current_stroke

pdf_color current_stroke
Initial value:
= {
-1 ,

Definition at line 379 of file pdfcolor.c.

◆ default_color

pdf_color default_color
Initial value:
= {
-1 ,
{0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0},

Definition at line 422 of file pdfcolor.c.

◆ fill

pdf_color fill[128]

Definition at line 436 of file pdfcolor.c.


icc_versions[] { ... } struct
Initial value:
= {
{0, 0},
{0, 0},
{0, 0},
{0x02, 0x10},
{0x02, 0x20},
{0x04, 0x00},
{0x04, 0x00},
{0x04, 0x20},
{0x04, 0x20},
{0x04, 0x20},
{0x04, 0x20}

Referenced by iccp_version_supported().

◆ major

◆ minor

◆ nullbytes16

unsigned char nullbytes16[16]
Initial value:
= {
0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0

Definition at line 520 of file pdfcolor.c.

Referenced by compare_iccbased(), iccp_get_checksum(), iccp_load_profile(), and print_iccp_header().

◆ stroke