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getopt.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include "getopt.h"
#include <strings.h>
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#define _NO_PROTO
#define const
#define _(msgid)   (msgid)
#define SWAP_FLAGS(ch1, ch2)
#define NONOPTION_P   (argv[optind][0] != '-' || argv[optind][1] == '\0')




char * getenv ()
static char * my_index (char *str, int chr)
static void exchange (char **argv)
static char * _getopt_initialize (int argc, char **argv, char *optstring)
int _getopt_internal (int argc, char **argv, char *optstring, struct option *longopts, int *longind, int long_only)
int getopt (int argc, char **argv, char *optstring)


char * optarg
int optind = 1
int __getopt_initialized
static char * nextchar
int opterr = 1
int optopt = '?'
static enum { ... }  ordering
static char * posixly_correct
static int first_nonopt
static int last_nonopt

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ _

#define _ (   msgid)    (msgid)

Definition at line 87 of file getopt.c.


#define _NO_PROTO

Definition at line 27 of file getopt.c.

◆ const

#define const

Definition at line 38 of file getopt.c.



Definition at line 52 of file getopt.c.


#define NONOPTION_P   (argv[optind][0] != '-' || argv[optind][1] == '\0')


#define SWAP_FLAGS (   ch1,

Definition at line 282 of file getopt.c.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 185 of file getopt.c.

Function Documentation

◆ _getopt_initialize()

static char* _getopt_initialize ( int  argc,
char * *  argv,
char *  optstring 

◆ _getopt_internal()

int _getopt_internal ( int  argc,
char * *  argv,
char *  optstring,
struct option longopts,
int longind,
int  long_only 

◆ exchange()

static void exchange ( char **  argv)

Definition at line 299 of file getopt.c.

References __mempcpy, argv, bottom, first_nonopt, i, last_nonopt, len, malloc, memset(), middle, new_str(), NULL, optind, SWAP_FLAGS, and top.

Referenced by _getopt_internal().

◆ getenv()

char* getenv ( )

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◆ getopt()

int getopt ( int  argc,
char * *  argv,
char *  optstring 

Definition at line 972 of file getopt.c.

References _getopt_internal(), argc, and argv.

◆ my_index()

static char* my_index ( char *  str,
int  chr 

Definition at line 216 of file getopt.c.

References chr, and str.

Referenced by _getopt_internal(), and Efont::PsresDatabaseSection::add_section().

Variable Documentation

◆ __getopt_initialized

int __getopt_initialized

Definition at line 134 of file getopt.c.

Referenced by _getopt_internal().

◆ first_nonopt

int first_nonopt

Definition at line 249 of file getopt.c.

Referenced by _getopt_initialize(), _getopt_internal(), and exchange().

◆ last_nonopt

int last_nonopt

Definition at line 250 of file getopt.c.

Referenced by _getopt_initialize(), _getopt_internal(), and exchange().

◆ nextchar

char* nextchar

Definition at line 143 of file getopt.c.

Referenced by _getopt_initialize(), and _getopt_internal().

◆ optarg

char* optarg

Definition at line 113 of file getopt.c.

◆ opterr

int opterr = 1

Definition at line 148 of file getopt.c.

◆ optind

int optind = 1

Definition at line 128 of file getopt.c.

◆ optopt

int optopt = '?'

Definition at line 154 of file getopt.c.


ordering { ... } enum

◆ posixly_correct

char* posixly_correct

Definition at line 191 of file getopt.c.

Referenced by _getopt_initialize(), _getopt_internal(), and internal_fnmatch().