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1 #ifndef GDFX_H
2 #define GDFX_H 1
4 #ifdef __cplusplus
5 extern "C" {
6 #endif
11  gdImagePtr im,
12  int cx,
13  int cy,
14  double radius,
15  double textRadius,
16  double fillPortion,
17  char *font,
18  double points,
19  char *top,
20  char *bottom,
21  int fgcolor);
25 #ifdef __cplusplus
26 }
27 #endif
29 #endif /* GDFX_H */
gdImagePtr gdImageSquareToCircle(gdImagePtr im, int radius)
Definition: gdfx.c:305
void gdImageSharpen(gdImagePtr im, int pct)
Definition: gdfx.c:446
char * gdImageStringFTCircle(gdImagePtr im, int cx, int cy, double radius, double textRadius, double fillPortion, char *font, double points, char *top, char *bottom, int fgcolor)
Definition: gdfx.c:61
BGD_DECLARE(gdImagePtr) gdImageSquareToCircle(gdImagePtr im
int radius
Definition: gdfx.h:8
int int double double double char double points
Definition: gdfx.h:18
int int cy
Definition: gdfx.h:13
int int double double textRadius
Definition: gdfx.h:15
int int double double double char double char char int fgcolor
Definition: gdfx.h:21
int int double double double char double char * top
Definition: gdfx.h:19
int int double double double fillPortion
Definition: gdfx.h:16
int int double double double char double char char * bottom
Definition: gdfx.h:20
int pct
Definition: gdfx.h:23
int cx
Definition: gdfx.h:12
Definition: pbmfont.h:11