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jdcoefct.c File Reference
#include "jinclude.h"
#include "jpeglib.h"
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struct  my_coef_controller


#define SAVED_COEFS   6 /* we save coef_bits[0..5] */
#define Q01_POS   1
#define Q10_POS   8
#define Q20_POS   16
#define Q11_POS   9
#define Q02_POS   2


typedef my_coef_controllermy_coef_ptr


static int decompress_onepass (j_decompress_ptr cinfo, JSAMPIMAGE output_buf)
static int decompress_data (j_decompress_ptr cinfo, JSAMPIMAGE output_buf)
static boolean smoothing_ok (j_decompress_ptr cinfo)
static int decompress_smooth_data (j_decompress_ptr cinfo, JSAMPIMAGE output_buf)
static void start_iMCU_row (j_decompress_ptr cinfo)
static void start_input_pass (j_decompress_ptr cinfo)
static void start_output_pass (j_decompress_ptr cinfo)
static int dummy_consume_data (j_decompress_ptr cinfo)
static int consume_data (j_decompress_ptr cinfo)
void jinit_d_coef_controller (j_decompress_ptr cinfo, boolean need_full_buffer)

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Definition at line 17 of file jdcoefct.c.

◆ Q01_POS

#define Q01_POS   1

Definition at line 390 of file jdcoefct.c.

◆ Q02_POS

#define Q02_POS   2

Definition at line 394 of file jdcoefct.c.

◆ Q10_POS

#define Q10_POS   8

Definition at line 391 of file jdcoefct.c.

◆ Q11_POS

#define Q11_POS   9

Definition at line 393 of file jdcoefct.c.

◆ Q20_POS

#define Q20_POS   16

Definition at line 392 of file jdcoefct.c.


#define SAVED_COEFS   6 /* we save coef_bits[0..5] */

Definition at line 58 of file jdcoefct.c.

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◆ my_coef_ptr

Definition at line 62 of file jdcoefct.c.

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◆ consume_data()

◆ decompress_data()

◆ decompress_onepass()

◆ decompress_smooth_data()

◆ dummy_consume_data()

static int dummy_consume_data ( j_decompress_ptr  cinfo)

Definition at line 228 of file jdcoefct.c.


◆ jinit_d_coef_controller()

void jinit_d_coef_controller ( j_decompress_ptr  cinfo,
boolean  need_full_buffer 

Definition at line 676 of file jdcoefct.c.

Referenced by master_selection(), and transdecode_master_selection().

◆ smoothing_ok()

◆ start_iMCU_row()

◆ start_input_pass()

static void start_input_pass ( j_decompress_ptr  cinfo)

Definition at line 107 of file jdcoefct.c.

References start_iMCU_row().

◆ start_output_pass()

static void start_output_pass ( j_decompress_ptr  cinfo)