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json-funcs.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "dep/json-builder.h"
#include "dep/json.h"
#include "dep/sds.h"
#include "caryll/ownership.h"
#include "otfcc/primitives.h"
#include "otfcc/vf/vq.h"
#include "otfcc/table/fvar.h"
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#define INLINE   inline /* use standard inline */


static json_valuepreserialize (MOVE json_value *x)
static json_valuejson_obj_get (const json_value *obj, const char *key)
static json_valuejson_obj_get_type (const json_value *obj, const char *key, const json_type type)
static sds json_obj_getsds (const json_value *obj, const char *key)
static char * json_obj_getstr_share (const json_value *obj, const char *key)
static json_valuejson_object_push_tag (json_value *a, uint32_t tag, json_value *b)
static double json_numof (const json_value *cv)
static json_valuejson_new_position (pos_t z)
json_valuejson_new_VQRegion_Explicit (const vq_Region *rs, const table_fvar *fvar)
json_valuejson_new_VQRegion (const vq_Region *rs, const table_fvar *fvar)
json_valuejson_new_VQ (const VQ z, const table_fvar *fvar)
json_valuejson_new_VV (const VV x, const table_fvar *fvar)
json_valuejson_new_VVp (const VV *x, const table_fvar *fvar)
VQ json_vqOf (const json_value *cv, const table_fvar *fvar)
static double json_obj_getnum (const json_value *obj, const char *key)
static int32_t json_obj_getint (const json_value *obj, const char *key)
static double json_obj_getnum_fallback (const json_value *obj, const char *key, double fallback)
static int32_t json_obj_getint_fallback (const json_value *obj, const char *key, int32_t fallback)
static bool json_boolof (const json_value *cv)
static bool json_obj_getbool (const json_value *obj, const char *key)
static bool json_obj_getbool_fallback (const json_value *obj, const char *key, bool fallback)
static json_valuejson_from_sds (const sds str)
static json_valueotfcc_dump_flags (int flags, const char *labels[])
static uint32_t otfcc_parse_flags (const json_value *v, const char *labels[])

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#define INLINE   inline /* use standard inline */

Definition at line 20 of file json-funcs.h.

Function Documentation

◆ json_boolof()

static bool json_boolof ( const json_value cv)

Definition at line 131 of file json-funcs.h.

References cv, and json_boolean.

Referenced by glyf_parse_point().

◆ json_from_sds()

static json_value* json_from_sds ( const sds  str)

Definition at line 159 of file json-funcs.h.

References json_string_new_length(), sdslen(), and str.

Referenced by fdToJson().

◆ json_new_position()

◆ json_new_VQ()

◆ json_new_VQRegion()

json_value* json_new_VQRegion ( const vq_Region rs,
const table_fvar fvar 

Definition at line 319 of file fvar.c.

References json_new_VQRegion_Explicit(), json_string_new_length(), m, sdslen(), and table_iFvar.

◆ json_new_VQRegion_Explicit()

◆ json_new_VV()

◆ json_new_VVp()

◆ json_numof()

static double json_numof ( const json_value cv)

Definition at line 62 of file json-funcs.h.

References cv, json_double, and json_integer.

Referenced by baseScriptFromJson(), json_vqOf(), and pdDeltaFromJson().

◆ json_obj_get()

◆ json_obj_get_type()

◆ json_obj_getbool()

◆ json_obj_getbool_fallback()

static bool json_obj_getbool_fallback ( const json_value obj,
const char *  key,
bool  fallback 

◆ json_obj_getint()

◆ json_obj_getint_fallback()

◆ json_obj_getnum()

◆ json_obj_getnum_fallback()

◆ json_obj_getsds()

static sds json_obj_getsds ( const json_value obj,
const char *  key 

Definition at line 40 of file json-funcs.h.

References json_obj_get_type(), json_string, key, NULL, sdsnewlen(), and v.

Referenced by fdFromJson(), otfcc_glyf_parse_glyph(), and otfcc_parseSVG().

◆ json_obj_getstr_share()

static char* json_obj_getstr_share ( const json_value obj,
const char *  key 

Definition at line 47 of file json-funcs.h.

References json_obj_get_type(), json_string, key, NULL, and v.

Referenced by baseScriptFromJson(), and otfcc_parseSVG().

◆ json_object_push_tag()

static json_value* json_object_push_tag ( json_value a,
uint32_t  tag,
json_value b 

Definition at line 55 of file json-funcs.h.

References a, b, json_object_push_length(), and tags.

Referenced by axisToJson(), json_new_VQRegion_Explicit(), and otfcc_dumpFvar().

◆ json_vqOf()

VQ json_vqOf ( const json_value cv,
const table_fvar fvar 

Definition at line 288 of file fvar.c.

References cv, iVQ, and json_numof().

Referenced by glyf_parse_point(), glyf_parse_reference(), and otfcc_glyf_parse_glyph().

◆ otfcc_dump_flags()

static json_value* otfcc_dump_flags ( int  flags,
const char *  labels[] 

◆ otfcc_parse_flags()

static uint32_t otfcc_parse_flags ( const json_value v,
const char *  labels[] 

◆ preserialize()