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jbib.h File Reference
#include "cpascal.h"
#include "kanji.h"
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#define DEFAULT_FILE_CODE   shift_jis
#define DEFAULT_TERM_CODE   shift_jis
#define inputlinebib(stream, a)   input_line_bib(stream, a)
#define aopenin(f, p)   a_open_in(&(f), p, FOPEN_R_MODE)
#define aopenout(f)   a_open_out(&(f), FOPEN_W_MODE)
#define putc   Fputc
#define getmlinputcodetype   getkanjiterminaltype
#define setinmlcodetype   setinkanjitype
#define mlchar   textchar
#define mlcinfo   kaninfo
#define mlcodeinfo   kanjiinfo


void input_line_bib ()
boolean a_open_in ()
boolean a_open_out ()

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ aopenin

#define aopenin (   f,
)    a_open_in(&(f), p, FOPEN_R_MODE)

Definition at line 11 of file jbib.h.

◆ aopenout

#define aopenout (   f)    a_open_out(&(f), FOPEN_W_MODE)

Definition at line 14 of file jbib.h.


#define DEFAULT_FILE_CODE   shift_jis

Definition at line 2 of file jbib.h.


#define DEFAULT_TERM_CODE   shift_jis

Definition at line 3 of file jbib.h.

◆ getmlinputcodetype

#define getmlinputcodetype   getkanjiterminaltype

Definition at line 24 of file jbib.h.

◆ inputlinebib

#define inputlinebib (   stream,
)    input_line_bib(stream, a)

Definition at line 7 of file jbib.h.

◆ mlchar

#define mlchar   textchar

Definition at line 27 of file jbib.h.

◆ mlcinfo

#define mlcinfo   kaninfo

Definition at line 28 of file jbib.h.

◆ mlcodeinfo

#define mlcodeinfo   kanjiinfo

Definition at line 29 of file jbib.h.

◆ putc

#define putc   Fputc

Definition at line 20 of file jbib.h.

◆ setinmlcodetype

#define setinmlcodetype   setinkanjitype

Definition at line 25 of file jbib.h.

Function Documentation

◆ a_open_in()

boolean a_open_in ( )

◆ a_open_out()

boolean a_open_out ( )

◆ input_line_bib()

void input_line_bib ( )