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ignore.h File Reference
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bool TryVariableIgnore (char *command)
void Ignore_Environment (char *endstring)

Function Documentation

◆ Ignore_Environment()

void Ignore_Environment ( char *  cCommand)

purpose: function, which ignores an unconvertable environment in LaTex and writes text unchanged into the Rtf-file. parameter: searchstring : includes the string to search for example: \begin{unknown} ... \end{unknown} searchstring="end{unknown}"

Definition at line 136 of file ignore.c.

References buffer, CmdEndParagraph(), CmdIndent(), CmdStartParagraph(), ConvertString(), diagnostics(), FIRST_PAR, font, fprintRTF(), free, getTexUntil(), INDENT_INHIBIT, snprintf, and TexFontNumber().

Referenced by CallParamFunc(), and TryVariableIgnore().

◆ TryVariableIgnore()

bool TryVariableIgnore ( char *  command)

purpose : ignores variable-formats shown in file "ignore.cfg" returns : TRUE if variable was ignored correctly, otherwise FALSE

NUMBER simple numeric value

MEASURE : numeric value with following unit of measure

OTHER: ignores anything to the first character after '='

and from there to next space. eg. \setbox\bak=\hbox

COMMAND ignores anything to next '\' and from there to occurence

of anything but a letter. eg. \newbox\bak

SINGLE ignore single command. eg. \noindent

PARAMETER ignores a command with one paramter

PACKAGE does not produce a Warning message if PACKAGE is encountered

ENVCMD proceses contents of unknown environment as if it were plain latex

ENVIRONMENT ignores contentents of that environment

Definition at line 44 of file ignore.c.

References CmdIgnoreParameter(), diagnostics(), ERROR, FALSE, free, IGN_ENV_CMD, IGNORE_A, Ignore_Environment(), IgnoreCmd(), IgnoreVar(), malloc, No_Opt_One_NormParam, No_Opt_Two_NormParam, NULL, PushEnvironment(), check-static-inits::result, SearchRtfCmd(), str, strcmp(), strcpy(), strlen(), TRUE, and WARNING__.

Referenced by setDocumentOptions(), and TranslateCommand().