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hbf2gf.c File Reference
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "hbf.h"
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#define banner
#define TRUE   1
#define FALSE   0 \
#define STRING_LENGTH   255 \
#define VERSION
#define USAGE
#define GF_ID   131
#define PRE   247 \
#define headerstring   " hbf2gf output " \
#define BOC   67
#define BOC1   68
#define EOC   69 \
#define _2_16   65536.0
#define _2_20   1048576.0 \
#define XXX1   239
#define XXX2   240
#define XXX3   241
#define XXX4   242 \
#define YYY   243 \
#define POST   248 \
#define CHAR_LOC   245
#define CHAR_LOC0   246 \
#define POSTPOST   249
#define POSTPOST_ID   223 \
#define BLACK   1
#define WHITE   0 \
#define PIXEL_MAXVAL   255
#define SCALE   4096
#define HALFSCALE   2048 \
#define MAX_CHAR_SIZE   1023 \
#define PAINT_(x)   (x)
#define PAINT1   64
#define PAINT2   65
#define PAINT3   66 \
#define SKIP0   70
#define SKIP1   71
#define SKIP2   72
#define SKIP3   73 \
#define NEW_ROW_(x)   ((x) +74) \
#define NOOP   244 \
#define EXTENSION_LENGTH   8 \
#define GFTOPK_NAME   "gftopk"
#define PLTOTF_NAME   "pltotf"
#define OVP2OVF_NAME   "ovp2ovf" \
#define PRINTER_MIN_RES_X   50
#define PRINTER_MIN_RES_Y   50 \
#define VALID_SUBCODE   1 \
#define WRITE_BIN   "w"
#define WRITE_TXT   "w"
#define READ_BIN   "r"
#define READ_TXT   "r"


static void write_file (void)
static void write_pre (void)
static void write_data (void)
static void write_post (void)
static void fputl (long, FILE *)
static void make_pixel_array (void)
static void read_row (unsigned char *)
static void write_row (unsigned char *)
static void write_coding (void)
static void write_pl (void)
static void write_ovp (void)
static void write_job (void)
static void read_config (void)
static int fsearch (char *)
static void config_error (char *)
static char * TeX_search_version (void)
static char * TeX_search_cfg_file (char *)
static char * TeX_search_hbf_file (char *)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])


int nmb_files = -1
int unicode = 0
int testing = 0
int mf_like = 0
int file_number = 0
double x_resolution = 0.0
double y_scale = 1.0
int pk_files = 1
int tfm_files = 1
int long_extension = 1
int quiet = 0
char config_file [1024+4+1]
char output_name [255+1]
int end_of_file = 0
long char_adr [256]
long * char_adr_p
int pk_offset_x
double tfm_offset_x
int pk_offset_y
double tfm_offset_y
int input_size_x
int input_size_y
char * font_encoding
int pk_width
int pk_output_size_x
double tfm_output_size_x
int pk_output_size_y
double tfm_output_size_y
double design_size = 10.0
double target_size_x
double target_size_y
double magstep_x
double magstep_y
double slant
int rotation
double mag_x
double mag_y
int empty_char
int last_char
int dot_count
char coding [255+1]
char comment [255+1]
unsigned long checksum
long pk_total_min_x
long pk_total_max_x
long pk_total_min_y
long pk_total_max_y
int dpi_x
int dpi_y
double ppp_x
double ppp_y
unsigned char * bitmap
unsigned char * bP
unsigned char out_char [1023 *1023+1]
unsigned char * out_char_p
unsigned char pixelrow [1023]
unsigned char temp_pixelrow [1023]
unsigned char new_pixelrow [1023+1]
int curr_row
long grayrow [1023]
long s_mag_x
long s_mag_y
long s_slant
int threshold = 128
char job_extension [8+1]
char rm_command [255+1]
char cp_command [255+1]
char pk_directory [255+1]
char tfm_directory [255+1]
int ofm_file = 0
char Buffer [255+1]
int offset_x
int offset_y
HBF_CHAR user_min_char
int have_min_char = 0
HBF_CHAR min_char
HBF_CHAR max_char
char b2_codes [256]
unsigned char min_2_byte
unsigned char max_2_byte
int nmb_2_bytes = 0
char no_version_string [] = "no search library"

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ _2_16

#define _2_16   65536.0

Definition at line 50 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ _2_20

#define _2_20   1048576.0 \

Definition at line 51 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ banner

#define banner
"hbf2gf (CJK ver. 4.8.4)" \

Definition at line 1 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define BLACK   1

Definition at line 68 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define BOC   67

Definition at line 46 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ BOC1

#define BOC1   68

Definition at line 47 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define CHAR_LOC   245

Definition at line 62 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define CHAR_LOC0   246 \

Definition at line 63 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define EOC   69 \

Definition at line 48 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define EXTENSION_LENGTH   8 \

Definition at line 91 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define FALSE   0 \

Definition at line 6 of file hbf2gf.c.


1024 \

Definition at line 10 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define GF_ID   131

Definition at line 41 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define GFTOPK_NAME   "gftopk"

Definition at line 93 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define HALFSCALE   2048 \

Definition at line 73 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ headerstring

#define headerstring   " hbf2gf output " \

Definition at line 44 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define MAX_CHAR_SIZE   1023 \

Definition at line 75 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define NEW_ROW_ (   x)    ((x) +74) \

Definition at line 87 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define NOOP   244 \

Definition at line 89 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define OVP2OVF_NAME   "ovp2ovf" \

Definition at line 95 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define PAINT1   64

Definition at line 78 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define PAINT2   65

Definition at line 79 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define PAINT3   66 \

Definition at line 80 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define PAINT_ (   x)    (x)

Definition at line 77 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define PIXEL_MAXVAL   255

Definition at line 71 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define PLTOTF_NAME   "pltotf"

Definition at line 94 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define POST   248 \

Definition at line 60 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define POSTPOST   249

Definition at line 65 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define POSTPOST_ID   223 \

Definition at line 66 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define PRE   247 \

Definition at line 42 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define PRINTER_MIN_RES_X   50

Definition at line 97 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define PRINTER_MIN_RES_Y   50 \

Definition at line 98 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define READ_BIN   "r"

Definition at line 297 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define READ_TXT   "r"

Definition at line 298 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define SCALE   4096

Definition at line 72 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define SKIP0   70

Definition at line 82 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define SKIP1   71

Definition at line 83 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define SKIP2   72

Definition at line 84 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define SKIP3   73 \

Definition at line 85 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define STRING_LENGTH   255 \

Definition at line 8 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define TRUE   1

Definition at line 5 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define USAGE
"\n" \
"Usage: hbf2gf [-q] configuration_file[.cfg]\n" \
" hbf2gf [options] font_name x_resolution [y_scale | y_resolution]\n" \
" hbf2gf -t [-q] font_name\n" \
"\n" \
" Convert a font in HBF format to TeX's GF resp. PK format.\n" \
"\n" \
" -q be silent\n" \
" -p don't produce a PL file\n" \
" -g don't produce a GF file\n" \
" -n use no resolution in extension (only `.gf')\n" \
" -t test for font_name (returns 0 on success)\n" \
" --help print this message and exit\n" \
" --version print version number and exit\n" \
"\n" \

Definition at line 24 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define VALID_SUBCODE   1 \

Definition at line 100 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define VERSION
"\n" \
"Copyright (C) 1996-1999 Werner Lemberg.\n" \
"There is NO warranty. You may redistribute this software\n" \
"under the terms of the GNU General Public License\n" \
"and the HBF library copyright.\n" \
"\n" \
"For more information about these matters, see the files\n" \
"named COPYING and hbf.c.\n" \
"\n" \

Definition at line 13 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define WHITE   0 \

Definition at line 69 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define WRITE_BIN   "w"

Definition at line 295 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define WRITE_TXT   "w"

Definition at line 296 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ XXX1

#define XXX1   239

Definition at line 53 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ XXX2

#define XXX2   240

Definition at line 54 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ XXX3

#define XXX3   241

Definition at line 55 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ XXX4

#define XXX4   242 \

Definition at line 56 of file hbf2gf.c.


#define YYY   243 \

Definition at line 58 of file hbf2gf.c.

Function Documentation

◆ config_error()

static void config_error ( char *  message)

Definition at line 2115 of file hbf2gf.c.

References exit(), fprintf, and message.

Referenced by read_config().

◆ fputl()

static void fputl ( long  num,

Definition at line 985 of file hbf2gf.c.

References f, and num.

Referenced by write_data(), and write_post().

◆ fsearch()

static int fsearch ( char *  search_string)

Definition at line 1996 of file hbf2gf.c.

References Buffer, Ch, ch, count, EOF, exit(), fgetc, fprintf, getenv(), isalnum, isalpha, p, P, search_string(), STRING_LENGTH, and tolower.

Referenced by read_config().

◆ main()

◆ make_pixel_array()

◆ read_config()

◆ read_row()

static void read_row ( unsigned char *  pixelrow)

Definition at line 1221 of file hbf2gf.c.

References bitshift, bP, col, curr_row, input_size_x, input_size_y, item, offset, PIXEL_MAXVAL, pixelrow, and rotation.

Referenced by make_pixel_array().

◆ TeX_search_cfg_file()

static char * TeX_search_cfg_file ( char *  name)

Definition at line 2238 of file hbf2gf.c.

References name.

Referenced by read_config().

◆ TeX_search_hbf_file()

static char * TeX_search_hbf_file ( char *  name)

Definition at line 2243 of file hbf2gf.c.

References name.

Referenced by read_config().

◆ TeX_search_version()

static char * TeX_search_version ( void  )

Definition at line 2126 of file hbf2gf.c.

References buf, kpathsea_version_string, no_version_string, and strcpy().

Referenced by main(), and version().

◆ write_coding()

static void write_coding ( void  )

Definition at line 1270 of file hbf2gf.c.

References BLACK, count, cp, NEW_ROW_, out, out_char, PAINT1, PAINT2, PAINT_, pk_output_size_x, pk_output_size_y, skip, SKIP0, SKIP1, SKIP2, start, WHITE, cordic::x, and y.

Referenced by write_data().

◆ write_data()

◆ write_file()

◆ write_job()

◆ write_ovp()

◆ write_pl()

◆ write_post()

◆ write_pre()

static void write_pre ( void  )

Definition at line 795 of file hbf2gf.c.

References fputs, GF_ID, headerstring, localtime(), NULL, out, PRE, s, strcpy(), strlen(), time(), time_now(), and tm.

Referenced by write_file().

◆ write_row()

static void write_row ( unsigned char *  pixelrow)

Definition at line 1257 of file hbf2gf.c.

References col, out_char_p, pixelrow, pk_output_size_x, and threshold.

Referenced by make_pixel_array().

Variable Documentation

◆ b2_codes

char b2_codes[256]

Definition at line 430 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), read_config(), and write_ovp().

◆ bitmap

unsigned char* bitmap

Definition at line 369 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by make_pixel_array().

◆ bP

◆ Buffer

char Buffer[255+1]

Definition at line 409 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by fsearch().

◆ char_adr

long char_adr[256]

Definition at line 307 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by write_data(), and write_post().

◆ char_adr_p

long* char_adr_p

Definition at line 308 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by write_data(), and write_post().

◆ checksum

unsigned long checksum ( void  )

Definition at line 352 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config(), write_ovp(), write_pl(), and write_post().

◆ code

Definition at line 368 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ coding

char coding[255+1]

Definition at line 349 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config(), read_vf_di(), and write_post().

◆ comment

char comment[255+1]

◆ config

Definition at line 286 of file hbf2gf.c.

◆ config_file

char config_file[1024+4+1]

Definition at line 282 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), and read_config_file().

◆ cp_command

char cp_command[255+1]

Definition at line 399 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config(), and write_job().

◆ curr_row

int curr_row

Definition at line 381 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by make_pixel_array(), and read_row().

◆ design_size

double design_size = 10.0

Definition at line 328 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), write_ovp(), write_pl(), and write_post().

◆ dot_count

int dot_count

Definition at line 342 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by write_data().

◆ dpi_x

int dpi_x

Definition at line 359 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), write_job(), and write_post().

◆ dpi_y

int dpi_y

Definition at line 360 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), and write_post().

◆ empty_char

int empty_char

Definition at line 339 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by make_pixel_array(), and write_data().

◆ end_of_file

int end_of_file = 0

Definition at line 301 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), and write_data().

◆ file_number

int file_number = 0

Definition at line 272 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), SaveEquationAsFile(), write_file(), and write_pl().

◆ font_encoding

char* font_encoding

Definition at line 320 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config(), and write_pl().

◆ grayrow

◆ have_min_char

int have_min_char = 0

Definition at line 419 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config().

◆ hbf

HBF* hbf

Definition at line 287 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), and read_config().

◆ input_size_x

int input_size_x

Definition at line 318 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), read_config(), and read_row().

◆ input_size_y

int input_size_y

Definition at line 319 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), read_config(), and read_row().

◆ job_extension

char job_extension[8+1]

Definition at line 397 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config(), and write_job().

◆ last_char

◆ long_extension

int long_extension = 1

Definition at line 279 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), write_file(), and write_job().

◆ mag_x

double mag_x

Definition at line 336 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), and read_config().

◆ mag_y

double mag_y

Definition at line 337 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), and read_config().

◆ magstep_x

double magstep_x

Definition at line 331 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), write_job(), and write_post().

◆ magstep_y

double magstep_y

Definition at line 332 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), and write_post().

◆ max_2_byte

unsigned char max_2_byte

Definition at line 431 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by make_pixel_array(), and read_config().

◆ max_char

HBF_CHAR max_char

Definition at line 424 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), read_config(), T1_Open_Face(), T42_Open_Face(), and write_ovp().

◆ mf_like

int mf_like = 0

Definition at line 271 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), write_file(), and write_pl().

◆ min_2_byte

unsigned char min_2_byte

Definition at line 431 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), and read_config().

◆ min_char

HBF_CHAR min_char

Definition at line 424 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), T1_Open_Face(), T42_Open_Face(), write_job(), and write_ovp().

◆ new_pixelrow

unsigned char new_pixelrow[1023+1]

Definition at line 379 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by make_pixel_array().

◆ nmb_2_bytes

int nmb_2_bytes = 0

Definition at line 432 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), and write_ovp().

◆ nmb_files

int nmb_files = -1

Definition at line 266 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), and write_job().

◆ no_version_string

char no_version_string[] = "no search library"

Definition at line 441 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by TeX_search_version().

◆ offset_x

◆ offset_y

◆ ofm_file

int ofm_file = 0

Definition at line 403 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by get_ofm(), main(), ofm_get_sizes(), read_config(), read_ofm(), and write_job().

◆ out

FILE * out

Definition at line 286 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by __clip_to_surface(), _cairo_bentley_ottmann_tessellate_boxes(), _cairo_boxes_intersect(), _cairo_boxes_intersect_with_box(), _cairo_clip_intersect_boxes(), _cairo_ft_unscaled_font_create_for_pattern(), _cairo_ft_unscaled_font_create_from_face(), _cairo_ft_unscaled_font_create_internal(), _cairo_pen_find_active_ccw_vertices(), _cairo_pen_find_active_cw_vertices(), _cairo_rtree_evict_random(), _cairo_rtree_insert(), _cairo_rtree_node_insert(), _cairo_stroker_join(), _cairo_stroker_join_is_clockwise(), _cairo_xlib_screen_get(), _cairo_xlib_screen_get_visual_info(), _cairo_xlib_visual_info_create(), _cmsBuildKToneCurve(), _cmsGetFormatterAlpha(), _cmsHalf2Float(), _cmsHandleExtraChannels(), _gdImageBmpCtx(), _gdImageGifAnimAddCtx(), _gdImageGifCtx(), _gdImageWBMPCtx(), _outputs(), _project_line_x_onto_16_16(), _readencstring(), OT::HVARVVAR::_subset(), _synctex_parse_new_boundary(), _synctex_parse_new_glue(), _synctex_parse_new_hbox(), _synctex_parse_new_kern(), _synctex_parse_new_math(), _synctex_parse_new_ref(), _synctex_parse_new_rule(), _synctex_parse_new_vbox(), _synctex_parse_new_void_hbox(), _synctex_parse_new_void_vbox(), a85out(), graphite2::FiniteStateMachine::Rules::accumulate_rules(), active_edges(), ActualText::ActualText(), add_glyphs(), Metrics::add_ligature(), AddEncodedName(), UnicodeRemapping::addRemapping(), GlobalParams::addUnicodeRemapping(), aes_decode_state_data(), aes_encode_state_data(), Rule::OutputRule::appendDecoderSpec(), ZxElement::appendEscapedAttrValue(), Rule::OutputRule::appendPredictorSpec(), Rule::OutputRule::appendTransferSpec(), Metrics::apply_alternates_single(), Metrics::apply_ligature(), Metrics::apply_single(), Rule::applyProfile(), applytfmfontmapping(), PSOutputDev::asciiHexDecodeType1EexecSection(), associate(), base64_decode(), base64_encode(), BaseToBase(), bits_image_fetch_pixel_bilinear_32(), bits_image_fetch_pixel_bilinear_float(), bits_image_fetch_pixel_convolution(), bits_image_fetch_pixel_filtered(), bits_image_fetch_pixel_nearest(), bits_image_fetch_pixel_separable_convolution(), bmeps_bb(), bmeps_begin_image(), bmeps_draft(), bmeps_end_image(), bmeps_footer(), bmeps_header(), bmeps_jpg(), bmeps_jpg_bb(), bmeps_png(), bmeps_png_bb(), bmeps_pnm(), bmeps_pnm_bb(), bmeps_run(), bmeps_run_bb(), bmeps_tiff(), bmeps_tiff_bb(), bmeps_version(), BROTLI_UNALIGNED_STORE64LE(), BrotliClusterHistograms(), BrotliCompareAndPushToQueue(), BrotliHistogramCombine(), BrotliHistogramReindex(), BrotliHistogramRemap(), buf_put_be32(), buf_put_be64(), c_main(), CachedXFORM(), CachedXFORMGamutCheck(), cairo_gl_shader_get_fragment_source(), cairo_gl_shader_get_vertex_source(), cairo_truetype_font_use_glyph(), cairo_type1_font_subset_decrypt_charstring(), cairo_type1_font_subset_decrypt_eexec_segment(), cff_dict_create_operator(), cff_shrinkIL(), checkObject(), drvbase::close_output_file_and_reopen_in_binary_mode(), cmsEvalToneCurve16(), cmsJoinToneCurve(), cmsReverseToneCurveEx(), cnvSigType(), collapse_continuations(), OT::CmapSubtableFormat0::collect_unicodes(), OT::CmapSubtableFormat4::accelerator_t::collect_unicodes(), OT::CmapSubtableFormat4::collect_unicodes(), OT::CmapSubtableTrimmed< UINT >::collect_unicodes(), OT::DefaultUVS::collect_unicodes(), OT::NonDefaultUVS::collect_unicodes(), OT::CmapSubtableFormat14::collect_unicodes(), OT::VariationSelectorRecord::collect_unicodes(), OT::CmapSubtableLongSegmented< T >::collect_unicodes(), OT::cmap::accelerator_t::collect_unicodes(), OT::CmapSubtable::collect_unicodes(), OT::CmapSubtableFormat14::collect_variation_selectors(), OT::cmap::accelerator_t::collect_variation_selectors(), OT::CmapSubtableFormat14::collect_variation_unicodes(), OT::cmap::accelerator_t::collect_variation_unicodes(), combine(), commit_code(), compress(), compressOrNot(), ComputeGradientValue(), ComputeKToLstar(), iconv_wrapper::iconv::convert(), convert(), convert1(), ConvertFile::convertFile(), ConvertPathToFormat(), convertStringToHexString(), convertStringToPDFString(), convsample_40(), convsample_46(), convsample_50(), FileSystem::copy(), hb_array_t< Type >::copy(), OT::ArrayOf< Type, LenType >::copy(), CFF::CFFIndex< COUNT >::copy(), OT::VariationDevice::copy(), OT::AnchorFormat3::copy(), OT::LookupRecord::copy(), OT::ChainRule::copy(), OT::DefaultUVS::copy(), OT::NonDefaultUVS::copy(), OT::VariationSelectorRecord::copy(), OT::NameRecord::copy(), OT::EntryExitRecord::copy(), OT::MarkRecord::copy(), OT::EncodingRecord::copy(), OT::UnsizedArrayOf< Type >::copy(), PSOutputDev::copyType1PFA(), PSOutputDev::copyType1PFB(), create_composite_mask(), createCommonDataFile(), Page::createGfx(), decNumberFromString(), lz4::decompress(), Page::display(), PDFDoc::displayPage(), PDFDoc::displayPages(), PDFDoc::displayPageSlice(), Page::displaySlice(), div255(), Do_ContextPos(), Do_ContextSubst(), Do_Glyph_Lookup(), Do_String_Lookup(), dotest(), GfxColorTransform::doTransform(), draw_image_boxes(), GDISurface::drawGlyphs(), TextPage::drawSelection(), TextOutputDev::drawSelection(), AnnotAppearanceBuilder::drawSignatureFieldText(), drvCAIRO::drvCAIRO(), dtitvfmtCustomized(), dtitvfmtPreDefined(), ICUZDump::dump(), dump_bitmap(), MiniPS::dumpAdd3(), dumpsavedtable(), MiniPS::dumpScale(), dumpstoredtable(), dumpzeros(), dupcnstring(), end_box(), escapehex(), escapename(), escapestring(), DescriptionRegister::explainformats(), OT::MathGlyphPartRecord::extract(), fetch_pixel_general_32(), fetch_pixel_general_float(), fetch_pixel_no_alpha_32(), fetch_pixel_no_alpha_float(), FindAllRefs(), FindLongestMatch(), PSOutputDev::fixType1EexecSection(), PSOutputDev::fixType1Font(), fixup_var_list(), FloatXFORM(), ft_bitmap_assure_buffer(), FT_Outline_EmboldenXY(), func_abspath(), func_realpath(), gd_putout(), gdBMPPutInt(), gdBMPPutWord(), gdCtxPrintf(), gdImageBmp(), gdImageBmpCtx(), gdImageBmpPtr(), gdImageGif(), gdImageGifAnimAdd(), gdImageGifAnimAddCtx(), gdImageGifAnimAddPtr(), gdImageGifAnimBegin(), gdImageGifAnimBeginCtx(), gdImageGifAnimBeginPtr(), gdImageGifAnimEnd(), gdImageGifAnimEndCtx(), gdImageGifCtx(), gdImageGifPtr(), gdImageStringFTCircle(), gdImageWBMP(), gdImageWBMPCtx(), gdImageWBMPPtr(), gdImageXbmCtx(), Sectioner::gen(), gen_function_head(), gen_tkey(), generate(), Generate_Font(), AnnotFreeText::generateFreeTextAppearance(), AnnotLine::generateLineAppearance(), genres32(), get_filter(), iconv_wrapper::iconv::get_initial_sequence(), getAt(), GfxCalGrayColorSpace::getCMYK(), GfxCalRGBColorSpace::getCMYK(), GfxLabColorSpace::getCMYK(), GfxICCBasedColorSpace::getCMYK(), GfxImageColorMap::getCMYKByteLine(), GfxImageColorMap::getCMYKLine(), GfxDeviceGrayColorSpace::getCMYKLine(), GfxDeviceRGBColorSpace::getCMYKLine(), GfxDeviceCMYKColorSpace::getCMYKLine(), GfxICCBasedColorSpace::getCMYKLine(), GfxIndexedColorSpace::getCMYKLine(), GfxGouraudTriangleShading::getColor(), GfxPatchMeshShading::getColor(), GfxAxialShading::getColor(), GfxRadialShading::getColor(), GfxUnivariateShading::getColor(), GfxFunctionShading::getColor(), GfxImageColorMap::getDeviceNLine(), GfxDeviceGrayColorSpace::getDeviceNLine(), GfxDeviceRGBColorSpace::getDeviceNLine(), GfxDeviceCMYKColorSpace::getDeviceNLine(), GfxICCBasedColorSpace::getDeviceNLine(), GfxIndexedColorSpace::getDeviceNLine(), GfxCalGrayColorSpace::getGray(), GfxCalRGBColorSpace::getGray(), GfxLabColorSpace::getGray(), GfxICCBasedColorSpace::getGray(), GfxImageColorMap::getGrayByteLine(), GfxImageColorMap::getGrayLine(), GfxDeviceGrayColorSpace::getGrayLine(), GfxDeviceRGBColorSpace::getGrayLine(), GfxGouraudTriangleShading::getParameterizedColor(), GfxPatchMeshShading::getParameterizedColor(), GfxCalGrayColorSpace::getRGB(), GfxCalRGBColorSpace::getRGB(), GfxLabColorSpace::getRGB(), GfxICCBasedColorSpace::getRGB(), GfxImageColorMap::getRGBByteLine(), GfxImageColorMap::getRGBLine(), GfxDeviceGrayColorSpace::getRGBLine(), GfxDeviceRGBColorSpace::getRGBLine(), GfxDeviceCMYKColorSpace::getRGBLine(), GfxICCBasedColorSpace::getRGBLine(), GfxIndexedColorSpace::getRGBLine(), GfxImageColorMap::getRGBXLine(), GfxDeviceGrayColorSpace::getRGBXLine(), GfxDeviceRGBColorSpace::getRGBXLine(), GfxDeviceCMYKColorSpace::getRGBXLine(), GfxICCBasedColorSpace::getRGBXLine(), GfxIndexedColorSpace::getRGBXLine(), getText(), TextPage::getText(), GIFEncodeImage(), gifPutWord(), hb_codepoint_parse(), hb_face_collect_unicodes(), hb_face_collect_variation_selectors(), hb_face_collect_variation_unicodes(), i915_shader_linear_color(), i915_shader_radial_coord(), i915_shader_yuv_color(), inflate(), inflate_fast(), inflateBack(), inflateSync(), GfxShading::init(), GfxUnivariateShading::init(), GfxFunctionShading::init(), GfxGouraudTriangleShading::init(), GfxPatchMeshShading::init(), init_error_limit(), InitFiles(), inner_close(), inner_join(), intel_get_glyph_cache(), Efont::Type1CharstringGenInterp::intermediate_output(), intersect(), IsInflectionPoint(), join(), join_is_clockwise(), jpg_run(), kpathsea_path_search_list_generic(), Metrics::ligatures(), DescriptionRegister::listdrivers(), lj_debug_shortname(), lj_dispatch_call(), Lookup_AlternateSubst(), Lookup_ChainContextPos(), Lookup_ChainContextPos1(), Lookup_ChainContextPos2(), Lookup_ChainContextPos3(), Lookup_ChainContextSubst(), Lookup_ChainContextSubst1(), Lookup_ChainContextSubst2(), Lookup_ChainContextSubst3(), Lookup_ContextPos(), Lookup_ContextPos1(), Lookup_ContextPos2(), Lookup_ContextPos3(), Lookup_ContextSubst(), Lookup_ContextSubst1(), Lookup_ContextSubst2(), Lookup_ContextSubst3(), Lookup_CursivePos(), Lookup_LigatureSubst(), Lookup_MarkBasePos(), Lookup_MarkLigPos(), Lookup_MarkMarkPos(), Lookup_MultipleSubst(), Lookup_PairPos(), Lookup_PairPos1(), Lookup_PairPos2(), Lookup_SinglePos(), Lookup_SingleSubst(), GfxResources::lookupPattern(), GfxResources::lookupShading(), luaO_chunkid(), MacStrToUtf8(), main(), UnicodeRemapping::map(), OT::match_input(), DescriptionRegister::mergeRegister(), SplashXPath::mergeSegments(), mp_quant_block(), mp_quant_zig_block(), mp_rle_huff_block(), mp_rle_huff_pblock(), mpfr_get_f(), Mpost_QuantZigBlock(), Mpost_RLEHuffIBlock(), Mpost_RLEHuffPBlock(), Mpost_UnQuantZigBlock(), Mpost_UnQuantZigBlockLaplace(), mrb_io_s_popen_args(), SysFontInfo::mungeName1(), SysFontInfo::mungeName2(), names_dump(), new_job(), Metrics::new_ligature(), NullFloatXFORM(), NullXFORM(), oe_init(), ofm_read_simple(), operator<<(), otfcc_dumpMeta(), out_bmp_work(), out_empty_work(), out_gif89a_work(), out_gif_write(), out_jpeg_work(), out_jpegjai_work(), out_l1c_check_rule(), out_l1c_work(), out_l1tr_work(), out_l23_work(), out_l2jbin_work(), out_meta_work(), out_png_work(), out_pnm_work(), out_string(), out_tiff_work(), out_xpm_work(), out_xwd_work(), outer_close(), outer_join(), output_close(), output_dump(), output_init(), outputJavaStuff(), GfxICCBasedColorSpace::parse(), GfxIndexedColorSpace::parse(), GfxSeparationColorSpace::parse(), GfxDeviceNColorSpace::parse(), GfxPatternColorSpace::parse(), GfxFunctionShading::parse(), GfxAxialShading::parse(), GfxRadialShading::parse(), GfxGouraudTriangleShading::parse(), GfxPatchMeshShading::parse(), GfxColorSpace::parse(), GfxShading::parse(), GfxPattern::parse(), GfxShadingPattern::parse(), parse_boolean(), parse_int(), parse_integer(), parse_ofm(), UnicodeRemapping::parseFile(), pixman_composite_glyphs_no_mask(), pixman_image_composite32(), pixman_image_set_transform(), Plotter::Plotter(), pm_writebiglong(), pm_writebigshort(), pm_writelittlelong(), pm_writelittleshort(), png_build_16to8_table(), png_convert_to_rfc1123_buffer(), png_do_shift(), png_image_memory_read(), png_read_IDAT_data(), png_run(), pr_dump(), PrecalculatedXFORM(), PrecalculatedXFORMGamutCheck(), premultiply_bgra(), SimpleRuleBasedPathFilter::print(), SimpleRuleBasedPathFilter::Tree::print(), print_all_glyfs(), print_boundary_char(), print_character(), print_character_measure(), print_character_repeat(), print_characters(), print_check_sum(), print_cmap(), print_coding_scheme(), print_cvt(), print_design_size(), print_dimen_tables(), print_dir(), print_extens(), print_extensible_piece(), print_face(), print_family(), print_font_area(), print_font_at(), print_font_check_sum(), print_font_design_size(), print_font_dimension(), print_font_name(), print_fpgm(), print_gasp(), print_glyf(), print_gpos(), print_gsub(), print_hdmx(), print_head(), print_hhea(), print_hmtx(), print_kern(), print_kerning_command(), print_label_command(), print_labels(), print_ligature_command(), print_ligature_table(), print_ligkern_table(), print_loca(), print_ltsh(), print_map(), print_map_font(), print_maxp(), print_move(), print_name(), print_next_larger(), print_offset(), print_ofm_level(), print_os2(), print_parameter(), print_pclt(), print_pop(), print_post(), print_prep(), print_prologue(), print_push(), print_put_char(), print_put_rule(), print_select_font(), print_set_char(), print_set_rule(), print_seven_bit_safe_flag(), print_skip_command(), print_special(), print_special_hex(), print_stop_command(), print_table(), print_ttc(), print_var_character(), print_vdmx(), print_vhea(), print_vmtx(), print_vtitle(), Rule::printAppliers(), printCString(), printHex(), printIndent(), Image::printLoaders(), printOutAlias(), printOutBundle(), drvDXF::printPoint(), printString(), printUnicodeString(), Page::processLinks(), PDFDoc::processLinks(), project_line_x_onto_16_16(), PS_CharString(), PS_Curveto(), PS_Head(), pstoedit(), putbits(), PutEmfFile(), putmbi(), PutWmfFile(), GnomeFontInstance::rasterizeGlyphs(), TileCache::rasterizeTile(), rc4_crypt_state_data(), re_search_stub(), Subprocess::readFromPipe(), replaceFieldTypesExample(), Metrics::repoint_ligature(), graphite2::Segment::reverseSlots(), rle_compress(), MakeType1CharstringInterp::run(), Efont::Type1CharstringGenInterp::run(), Process::run(), runbyte1(), s_CFE_process(), SCOrderAP(), SearchInStaticDictionary(), selectglyph(), OT::Rule::serialize(), OT::VarRegionList::serialize(), OT::SinglePosFormat1::serialize(), OT::SinglePosFormat2::serialize(), OT::PairValueRecord::serialize(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::serialize_coverage_offsets(), OT::sbix::serialize_strike_offsets(), Ghostscript::set_stdio(), setup_tmpfile(), start_or_continue_box(), stroker_intersects_join(), OT::OffsetListOf< Type >::subset(), OT::Lookup::subset(), OT::ConditionFormat1::subset(), OT::ConditionSet::subset(), OT::AttachPoint::subset(), OT::AttachList::subset(), OT::CaretValueFormat1::subset(), OT::CaretValueFormat2::subset(), OT::CaretValueFormat3::subset(), OT::LigGlyph::subset(), OT::LigCaretList::subset(), OT::MarkGlyphSetsFormat1::subset(), OT::GDEF::subset(), OT::PairPosFormat1::subset(), OT::PairPosFormat2::subset(), OT::CursivePosFormat1::subset(), OT::MarkBasePosFormat1::subset(), OT::MarkMarkPosFormat1::subset(), OT::Sequence::subset(), OT::MultipleSubstFormat1::subset(), OT::AlternateSet::subset(), OT::AlternateSubstFormat1::subset(), OT::Ligature::subset(), OT::LigatureSet::subset(), OT::LigatureSubstFormat1::subset(), OT::ContextFormat1::subset(), OT::ContextFormat2::subset(), OT::ContextFormat3::subset(), OT::ChainContextFormat1::subset(), OT::ChainContextFormat2::subset(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::subset(), OT::gvar::subset(), OT::ChainRuleSet::subset(), OT::RuleSet::subset(), OT::PairSet::subset(), OT::RecordListOf< Type >::subset(), OT::RecordListOfFeature::subset(), OT::LookupOffsetList< TLookup >::subset(), OT::FeatureTableSubstitution::subset(), OT::FeatureVariations::subset(), OT::Script::subset(), OT::LangSys::subset(), OT::Feature::subset(), OT::SBIXStrike::subset(), OT::GSUBGPOS::subset(), OT::Record< Type >::subset(), OT::FeatureTableSubstitutionRecord::subset(), OT::FeatureVariationRecord::subset(), Efont::OpenType::Substitution::Substitution(), sweep_line_delete(), sweep_line_delete_edge(), testDrawing(), TestStaticDictionaryItem(), poppler::page::text(), TIFFWriteAnyArray(), IdentityFunction::transform(), SampledFunction::transform(), ExponentialFunction::transform(), StitchingFunction::transform(), PostScriptFunction::transform(), woff2::TransformHmtxTable(), TT_GPOS_Apply_String(), TT_GSUB_Add_String(), TT_GSUB_Apply_String(), ucnv_convert_68(), udbg_writeIcuInfo(), unescapehex(), unicodeNormalizeNFKC(), Metrics::Ligature3::unparse(), unpremultiply_bgra(), UnQuantZig(), unzzip_big_entry_fprint(), unzzip_cat(), unzzip_cat_file(), unzzip_mem_disk_cat_file(), unzzip_mem_entry_fprint(), uprv_decNumberFromString_68(), usage(), utf16be_to_utf8(), utf16le_to_utf8(), Utf8ToMacStr(), utf8toutf16be(), Efont::Cff::Dict::value(), Efont::Type1Definition::value_normalize(), CjpegEncode::P::vi_copy(), vms_strsignal(), write16(), woff2::Write255UShort(), write32(), write8(), write_coding(), write_data(), write_file(), write_job(), write_ovp(), write_pl(), write_post(), write_pre(), writeAliasTable(), writearr(), writeAssemblyCode(), writebmp(), writeCCode(), writeenc(), Encoder::writeFrom(), WebFont::writeOTF(), TextPage::writePhysLayout(), writesarr(), TextPage::writeSimple2Layout(), TextPage::writeSimpleLayout(), writetfm(), Rule::writeTTE(), WebFont::writeTTF(), Rule::writeTTM(), Rule::writeTTT(), OptionT< ValueType, ExtractorType >::writevalue(), writewbmp(), Efont::Cff::Dict::xvalue(), PSFrontEnd::yylex(), yylex(), yyparse(), zzip_cat_file(), zzip_entry_fprint(), and zzip_mem_entry_pipe().

◆ out_char

◆ out_char_p

unsigned char* out_char_p

Definition at line 375 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by make_pixel_array(), and write_row().

◆ output_name

char output_name[255+1]

Definition at line 284 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), otp_read(), read_config(), write_file(), write_job(), write_ovp(), and write_pl().

◆ pixelrow

◆ pk_directory

char pk_directory[255+1]

Definition at line 400 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config(), and write_job().

◆ pk_files

int pk_files = 1

Definition at line 277 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), read_config(), write_data(), write_file(), and write_job().

◆ pk_offset_x

int pk_offset_x

Definition at line 310 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), write_data(), and write_post().

◆ pk_offset_y

int pk_offset_y

Definition at line 314 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), write_data(), and write_post().

◆ pk_output_size_x

int pk_output_size_x

Definition at line 322 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), write_coding(), write_data(), write_post(), and write_row().

◆ pk_output_size_y

int pk_output_size_y

Definition at line 325 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), write_coding(), write_data(), and write_post().

◆ pk_total_max_x

long pk_total_max_x

Definition at line 355 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by write_post().

◆ pk_total_max_y

long pk_total_max_y

Definition at line 357 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by write_post().

◆ pk_total_min_x

long pk_total_min_x

Definition at line 354 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by write_post().

◆ pk_total_min_y

long pk_total_min_y

Definition at line 356 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by write_post().

◆ pk_width

int pk_width

Definition at line 321 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), make_pixel_array(), and write_post().

◆ ppp_x

double ppp_x

Definition at line 361 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by write_post().

◆ ppp_y

double ppp_y

Definition at line 362 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by write_post().

◆ quiet

int quiet = 0

Definition at line 280 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), write_data(), write_file(), write_job(), write_ovp(), and write_pl().

◆ rm_command

char rm_command[255+1]

Definition at line 398 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config(), and write_job().

◆ rotation

◆ s_mag_x

long s_mag_x

Definition at line 385 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), and make_pixel_array().

◆ s_mag_y

long s_mag_y

Definition at line 385 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), and make_pixel_array().

◆ s_slant

long s_slant

Definition at line 385 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), and make_pixel_array().

◆ slant

double slant

Definition at line 333 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), write_ovp(), and write_pl().

◆ target_size_x

double target_size_x

Definition at line 329 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ target_size_y

double target_size_y

Definition at line 330 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ temp_pixelrow

unsigned char temp_pixelrow[1023]

Definition at line 378 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by make_pixel_array().

◆ testing

int testing = 0

Definition at line 269 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), and read_config().

◆ tfm_directory

char tfm_directory[255+1]

Definition at line 401 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config(), and write_job().

◆ tfm_files

int tfm_files = 1

Definition at line 278 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), read_config(), and write_job().

◆ tfm_offset_x

double tfm_offset_x

Definition at line 313 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), write_ovp(), write_pl(), and write_post().

◆ tfm_offset_y

double tfm_offset_y

Definition at line 316 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), write_ovp(), and write_pl().

◆ tfm_output_size_x

double tfm_output_size_x

Definition at line 324 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), write_ovp(), write_pl(), and write_post().

◆ tfm_output_size_y

double tfm_output_size_y

Definition at line 326 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), write_ovp(), and write_pl().

◆ threshold

◆ unicode

int unicode = 0

Definition at line 267 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by _cairo_sub_font_add_glyph(), _cairo_sub_font_glyph_create(), _cairo_sub_font_glyph_lookup_unicode(), _cairo_ucs4_to_utf16(), _cairo_ucs4_to_utf8(), _cairo_utf8_get_char_validated(), _cairo_win32_scaled_font_ucs4_to_index(), _hb_fallback_shape(), _hb_glyph_info_set_unicode_props(), add_char(), AllGlyphNames(), GlyphFilter::allow(), GlyphFilter::allow_alternate(), GlyphFilter::allow_substitution(), cairo_scaled_font_text_to_glyphs_internal_cached(), cairo_scaled_font_text_to_glyphs_internal_uncached(), OT::CmapSubtableTrimmed< UINT >::collect_mapping(), OT::NonDefaultUVS::collect_mapping(), hb_utf8_t::encode(), hb_utf16_xe_t< TCodepoint >::encode(), hb_utf32_xe_t< TCodepoint, validate >::encode(), hb_latin1_t::encode(), hb_ascii_t::encode(), hb_utf8_t::encode_len(), hb_utf16_xe_t< TCodepoint >::encode_len(), fromDecimal(), hb_font_t::get_nominal_glyph(), hb_font_t::get_variation_glyph(), OT::cmap::accelerator_t::get_variation_glyph(), GfxCIDFont::getCodeToGIDMap(), handle_variation_selector_cluster(), hb_font_t::has_glyph(), hb_font_get_glyph(), hb_font_get_nominal_glyph(), hb_font_get_nominal_glyph_default(), hb_font_get_nominal_glyph_trampoline(), hb_font_get_variation_glyph(), hb_font_get_variation_glyph_default(), hb_font_get_variation_glyph_trampoline(), hb_ot_get_nominal_glyph(), hb_ot_get_variation_glyph(), hb_ot_name_convert_utf(), hb_ot_rotate_chars(), hb_ucd_combining_class(), hb_ucd_general_category(), hb_ucd_mirroring(), hb_ucd_script(), hb_unicode_mirroring_nil(), hb_unicode_funcs_t::is_variation_selector(), is_zero_width_char(), Annot::layoutText(), main(), GfxCIDFont::mapCodeToGID(), hb_utf8_t::next(), hb_utf16_xe_t< TCodepoint >::next(), hb_latin1_t::next(), hb_ascii_t::next(), hb_utf32_xe_t< TCodepoint, validate >::next(), otfcc_encodeCmapByIndex(), otfcc_encodeCmapByName(), parseCmapUnicodes(), placeOrderEntriesFromCmap(), hb_utf8_t::prev(), hb_utf16_xe_t< TCodepoint >::prev(), hb_latin1_t::prev(), hb_ascii_t::prev(), hb_utf32_xe_t< TCodepoint, validate >::prev(), psinitnames(), psreinitnames(), read_config(), twin_scaled_font_unicode_to_glyph(), unicode_init_user(), CMAPFormat4Mapper::unicodeToGlyph(), write_file(), write_job(), and write_pl().

◆ user_min_char

HBF_CHAR user_min_char

Definition at line 418 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by read_config().

◆ x_resolution

double x_resolution = 0.0

Definition at line 274 of file hbf2gf.c.

Referenced by main(), and write_file().

◆ y_scale