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gsftopk.c File Reference
#include "version.h"
#include "config.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <memory.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <setjmp.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
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struct  option
struct  p_list
struct  spacenode


#define strchr   index
#define strrchr   rindex
#define memcpy(d, s, n)   bcopy((s), (d), (n))
#define memmove(d, s, n)   bcopy((s), (d), (n))
#define memcmp(s1, s2, n)   bcmp((s1), (s2), (n))
#define dirent   direct
#define NAMLEN(dirent)   (dirent)->d_namlen
#define WIFSTOPPED(stat_val)   (((stat_val) & 0377) == 0177)
#define WIFSIGNALED(stat_val)   (((stat_val) & 0377) != 0)
#define WTERMSIG(stat_val)   ((stat_val) & 0177)
#define WEXITSTATUS(stat_val)   ((unsigned)(stat_val) >> 8)
#define FOPEN_R_MODE   "r"
#define FOPEN_RBIN_MODE   "r"
#define FOPEN_WBIN_MODE   "w"
#define NUMBER(x)   (sizeof (x) / sizeof *(x))
#define GS_PATH   "gs"
#define True   1
#define False   0
#define MAXPATHLEN   256
#define PK_PRE   (char) 247
#define PK_ID   (char) 89
#define PK_SPC   (char) 240
#define PK_POST   (char) 245
#define PK_NOP   (char) 246
#define OPT_DBG   0x101
#define BUFSIZE   512
#define lh   tfm_lengths[1]
#define bc   tfm_lengths[2]
#define ec   tfm_lengths[3]
#define nw   tfm_lengths[4]
#define gs_is_done   (gs_pid == 0)
#define ISSET(a, b)   FD_ISSET(a, b)
#define data_getc()   (data_out < data_end ? *data_out++ : data_fgetc())


typedef char Boolean
typedef int wide_bool
typedef unsigned char byte
typedef int gsf_wait_t


char * index ()
char * rindex ()
double atof ()
char * getenv ()
static void exit_toto_too (void)
static void oops (const char *message,...)
static void opt_oops (const char *message,...)
static voidxmalloc (unsigned size)
static voidxrealloc (char *oldp, unsigned size)
static char * get_one_arg (const char *src)
static RETSIGTYPE handle_sigchild (int signo)
static RETSIGTYPE handle_sigterm (int signo)
static void wait_for_gs (void)
static void data_fillbuf (void)
static byte data_fgetc (void)
static void data_ungetc (byte c)
static int data_read (byte *buf, int n)
static void data_gets (byte *buf, int n)
static const char * find_dbl_slash (const char *sp_bgn, const char *sp_end)
static void main_search_proc (char *matpos, const char *sp_pos, const char *sp_slash, const char *sp_end, wide_bool skip_subdirs, struct spacenode *space, char *spacenext)
static FILEsearch (const char *path, const char *path_var, const char *name)
static Boolean fgets_long (FILE *f)
static void getdefaults (FILE *f)
static Boolean scan_map_file (FILE *f)
static void addtodls (const char *s)
static long getlong (FILE *f)
static void expect (const char *waitingfor)
static void whitespace (void)
static int getint (void)
static void tallyup (int n)
static void pk_put_nyb (int n)
static void pk_put_long (int n)
static void pk_put_count (int n)
static void trim_bitmap (void)
static Boolean pk_rll_cvt (void)
static void pk_bm_cvt (void)
static void putshort (int w)
static void putmed (long w)
static void putlong (long w)
static void putglyph (int cc)
static void putspecl (const char *str1, const char *str2)
int main (int argc, char **argv)


static char copyright []
int errno
char progname [] = "gsftopk "
char version [] = "1.19.2"
Boolean test = 0
char * fontname
int fontlen
char * mapline = NULL
char * mapfile = NULL
char gspath [] = "gs"
Boolean dosnames = 0
Boolean quiet = 0
static const struct option options []
FILEpk_file = NULL
char * xfilename
int col = 0
const char * specinfo = ""
pid_t gs_pid = 0
const char * config_file_header_path = HEADERPATH
struct p_list psfonts_map = {NULL, "psfonts.map"}
struct p_listp_head = &psfonts_map
struct p_list ** p_tail = &psfonts_map.next
Boolean data_eof = 0
int data_fd
byte buffer [512]
bytedata_out = buffer
bytedata_end = buffer
int tfm_lengths [12]
long checksum
long design
byte width_index [256]
long tfm_widths [256]
int width
int skip
int height
int hoff
int voff
int bytes_wide
unsigned int bm_size
int pk_len
static Boolean got_sigchld = 0
static char searchpath [256+1]
struct spacenode firstnode
static jmp_buf found_env
static FILEsearchfile
static const char * searchname
static int searchnamelen
char * long_line = NULL
int long_line_len = 82
char * dlstring = NULL
unsigned int dls_len = 0
unsigned int dls_max = 0
char line [82]
static byte masks [] = {0, 1, 3, 7, 017, 037, 077, 0177, 0377}
byte flag
int pk_dyn_f
int pk_dyn_g
int base
int deltas [13]
static Boolean odd = 0
static byte part

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ bc

#define bc   tfm_lengths[2]

Definition at line 501 of file gsftopk.c.


#define BUFSIZE   512

Definition at line 477 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ data_getc

#define data_getc ( )    (data_out < data_end ? *data_out++ : data_fgetc())

Definition at line 1053 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ dirent

Definition at line 92 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ ec

#define ec   tfm_lengths[3]

Definition at line 502 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ False

#define False   0

Definition at line 383 of file gsftopk.c.


#define FOPEN_R_MODE   "r"

Definition at line 148 of file gsftopk.c.


#define FOPEN_RBIN_MODE   "r"

Definition at line 158 of file gsftopk.c.


#define FOPEN_WBIN_MODE   "w"

Definition at line 171 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ gs_is_done

#define gs_is_done   (gs_pid == 0)

Definition at line 738 of file gsftopk.c.


#define GS_PATH   "gs"

Definition at line 376 of file gsftopk.c.



Definition at line 1132 of file gsftopk.c.


#define ISSET (   a,
)    FD_ISSET(a, b)

Definition at line 966 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ lh

#define lh   tfm_lengths[1]

Definition at line 500 of file gsftopk.c.


#define MAXPATHLEN   256

Definition at line 388 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ memcmp

#define memcmp (   s1,
)    bcmp((s1), (s2), (n))

Definition at line 66 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ memcpy

#define memcpy (   d,
)    bcopy((s), (d), (n))

Definition at line 64 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ memmove

#define memmove (   d,
)    bcopy((s), (d), (n))

Definition at line 65 of file gsftopk.c.


#define NAMLEN (   dirent)    (dirent)->d_namlen

Definition at line 93 of file gsftopk.c.


#define NUMBER (   x)    (sizeof (x) / sizeof *(x))

Definition at line 362 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ nw

#define nw   tfm_lengths[4]

Definition at line 503 of file gsftopk.c.


#define OPT_DBG   0x101

Definition at line 409 of file gsftopk.c.


#define PK_ID   (char) 89

Definition at line 392 of file gsftopk.c.


#define PK_NOP   (char) 246

Definition at line 395 of file gsftopk.c.


#define PK_POST   (char) 245

Definition at line 394 of file gsftopk.c.


#define PK_PRE   (char) 247

Definition at line 391 of file gsftopk.c.


#define PK_SPC   (char) 240

Definition at line 393 of file gsftopk.c.



Definition at line 143 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ strchr

#define strchr   index

Definition at line 59 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ strrchr

#define strrchr   rindex

Definition at line 60 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ True

#define True   1

Definition at line 382 of file gsftopk.c.


#define WEXITSTATUS (   stat_val)    ((unsigned)(stat_val) >> 8)

Definition at line 139 of file gsftopk.c.


#define WIFSIGNALED (   stat_val)    (((stat_val) & 0377) != 0)

Definition at line 131 of file gsftopk.c.


#define WIFSTOPPED (   stat_val)    (((stat_val) & 0377) == 0177)

Definition at line 127 of file gsftopk.c.


#define WTERMSIG (   stat_val)    ((stat_val) & 0177)

Definition at line 135 of file gsftopk.c.

Typedef Documentation

◆ Boolean

typedef char Boolean

Definition at line 381 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ byte

typedef unsigned char byte

Definition at line 479 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ gsf_wait_t

typedef int gsf_wait_t

Definition at line 740 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ wide_bool

typedef int wide_bool

Definition at line 385 of file gsftopk.c.

Function Documentation

◆ addtodls()

static void addtodls ( const char *  s)

Definition at line 1409 of file gsftopk.c.

References dls_len, dls_max, dlstring, len, s, strcpy(), strlen(), and xrealloc().

Referenced by main().

◆ atof()

double atof ( )

Referenced by main().

◆ data_fgetc()

static byte data_fgetc ( void  )

Definition at line 1045 of file gsftopk.c.

References data_end, data_eof, data_fillbuf(), data_out, and EOF.

◆ data_fillbuf()

static void data_fillbuf ( void  )

◆ data_gets()

static void data_gets ( byte buf,
int  n 

Definition at line 1089 of file gsftopk.c.

References buf, buf_end, data_end, data_eof, data_fillbuf(), data_out, memchr(), memcpy, n, NULL, oops(), and p1.

Referenced by expect().

◆ data_read()

static int data_read ( byte buf,
int  n 

Definition at line 1065 of file gsftopk.c.

References buf, buf_end, data_end, data_eof, data_fillbuf(), data_out, memcpy, and n.

Referenced by putglyph().

◆ data_ungetc()

static void data_ungetc ( byte  c)

Definition at line 1056 of file gsftopk.c.

References c, data_out, and oops().

Referenced by getint(), and whitespace().

◆ exit_toto_too()

static void exit_toto_too ( void  )

Definition at line 533 of file gsftopk.c.

References _exit(), fclose, fprintf, GetLastError(), gs_pid, NULL, perror(), pk_file, unlink, and xfilename.

Referenced by handle_sigterm(), main(), oops(), and wait_for_gs().

◆ expect()

static void expect ( const char *  waitingfor)

Definition at line 1441 of file gsftopk.c.

References data_gets(), fgets, fputs, memcmp, NULL, oops(), fc-lang::stdout, and strlen().

Referenced by main(), and putglyph().

◆ fgets_long()

static Boolean fgets_long ( FILE f)

Definition at line 1304 of file gsftopk.c.

References f, False, fgets, len, long_line, long_line_len, NULL, strlen(), True, and xrealloc().

Referenced by getdefaults(), and scan_map_file().

◆ find_dbl_slash()

static const char* find_dbl_slash ( const char *  sp_bgn,
const char *  sp_end 

Definition at line 1149 of file gsftopk.c.

References memchr(), NULL, p, and sp_end.

Referenced by main_search_proc(), and search().

◆ get_one_arg()

static char* get_one_arg ( const char *  src)

Definition at line 662 of file gsftopk.c.

References dest, len, memchr(), memcpy, NULL, p, link_confs::src, strlen(), and xmalloc().

Referenced by getdefaults().

◆ getdefaults()

◆ getenv()

char* getenv ( )

Referenced by main(), and search().

◆ getint()

static int getint ( void  )

Definition at line 1482 of file gsftopk.c.

References c, data_eof, data_getc, data_ungetc(), i, isspace, and oops().

Referenced by putglyph().

◆ getlong()

static long getlong ( FILE f)

Definition at line 1426 of file gsftopk.c.

References f, getc, and int().

Referenced by main().

◆ handle_sigchild()

static RETSIGTYPE handle_sigchild ( int  signo)

Definition at line 724 of file gsftopk.c.

References got_sigchld, and True.

Referenced by main().

◆ handle_sigterm()

static RETSIGTYPE handle_sigterm ( int  signo)

Definition at line 731 of file gsftopk.c.

References exit_toto_too().

Referenced by main().

◆ index()

char* index ( )

Definition at line 52 of file cid.c.

Referenced by getopt().

◆ main()

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

◆ main_search_proc()

static void main_search_proc ( char *  matpos,
const char *  sp_pos,
const char *  sp_slash,
const char *  sp_end,
wide_bool  skip_subdirs,
struct spacenode space,
char *  spacenext 

◆ oops()

static void oops ( const char *  message,

◆ opt_oops()

static void opt_oops ( const char *  message,

Definition at line 608 of file gsftopk.c.

References args, exit(), fputs, message, va_end, and va_start.

Referenced by main().

◆ pk_bm_cvt()

static void pk_bm_cvt ( void  )

Definition at line 1839 of file gsftopk.c.

References bitmap, bitmap_end, bits_left, bytes_wide, n, p, pk_len, q, skip, and width.

Referenced by putglyph().

◆ pk_put_count()

static void pk_put_count ( int  n)

Definition at line 1555 of file gsftopk.c.

References n, pk_dyn_f, pk_dyn_g, pk_put_long(), and pk_put_nyb().

Referenced by pk_rll_cvt().

◆ pk_put_long()

static void pk_put_long ( int  n)

Definition at line 1545 of file gsftopk.c.

References n, and pk_put_nyb().

Referenced by pk_put_count().

◆ pk_put_nyb()

static void pk_put_nyb ( int  n)

Definition at line 1532 of file gsftopk.c.

References bitmap_end, False, n, odd, part, and True.

Referenced by pk_put_count(), pk_put_long(), and pk_rll_cvt().

◆ pk_rll_cvt()

static Boolean pk_rll_cvt ( void  )

◆ putglyph()

◆ putlong()

static void putlong ( long  w)

Definition at line 1919 of file gsftopk.c.

References pk_file, putc, and w.

Referenced by main(), and putglyph().

◆ putmed()

static void putmed ( long  w)

Definition at line 1911 of file gsftopk.c.

References pk_file, putc, and w.

Referenced by putglyph().

◆ putshort()

static void putshort ( int  w)

Definition at line 1904 of file gsftopk.c.

References pk_file, putc, and w.

Referenced by _WriteWOFFFont(), aat_dumpbsln(), aat_dumpfeat(), aat_dumplcar(), aat_dumpmorx(), aat_dumpmorx_asm(), aat_dumpmorx_ligatures(), aat_dumpmorx_substitutions(), aat_dumpopbd(), aat_dumpprop(), dump_minmax(), dump_script_table(), dumpanchor(), DumpClass(), dumpcoveragetable(), dumpdeltas(), dumpg___ContextChainClass(), dumpg___ContextChainCoverage(), dumpg___ContextChainGlyphs(), dumpg___info(), dumpgposAnchorData(), dumpgposCursiveAttach(), dumpgposdevicetable(), dumpgposkernclass(), dumpGPOSpairpos(), dumpGPOSsimplepos(), dumpGSUBligdata(), dumpGSUBmultiplesubs(), dumpGSUBsimplesubs(), DumpKernClass(), DumpLigCarets(), g___FigureExtensionSubTables(), gposdumpvaldevtab(), gposmaskeddumpdevtab(), gposvrmaskeddump(), jstf_dumplklist(), jstf_dumpmaxlookups(), mort_classes(), morx_dumpASM(), morx_dumpLigaFeature(), morx_lookupmap(), morxDumpChain(), otf_dump_dummydsig(), otf_dump_math(), otf_dumpbase(), otf_dumpgdef(), otf_dumpgpos(), otf_dumpgsub(), otf_dumpjstf(), PfEd_Colours(), PfEd_CvtComments(), PfEd_FontComment(), pfed_glyph_layer(), PfEd_GlyphComments(), pfed_guide_dump_pos_name(), PfEd_Guides(), PfEd_Layer(), PfEd_Layers(), PfEd_Lookups(), pfed_write_data(), putglyph(), tex_dump(), TeX_dumpFontParams(), TeX_dumpHeightDepth(), TeX_dumpItalicCorr(), ttf_dumpavar(), ttf_dumpcvar(), ttf_dumpfvar(), ttf_dumpgvar(), ttf_dumpkerns(), ttf_dumpsfkerns(), ttf_fftm_dump(), ttf_math_dump_glyphvariant(), ttf_math_dump_italic_top(), ttf_math_dump_mathglyphassemblytable(), ttf_math_dump_mathglyphconstructiontable(), ttf_math_dump_mathkern(), and ttf_math_dump_mathkernvertex().

◆ putspecl()

static void putspecl ( const char *  str1,
const char *  str2 

Definition at line 2041 of file gsftopk.c.

References fwrite(), NULL, pk_file, PK_SPC, putc, str1, str2, and strlen().

Referenced by main().

◆ rindex()

char * rindex ( )

◆ scan_map_file()

static Boolean scan_map_file ( FILE f)

Definition at line 1386 of file gsftopk.c.

References f, False, fclose, fgets_long(), fontlen, fontname, isspace, long_line, memcmp, and True.

Referenced by main().

◆ search()

static FILE* search ( const char *  path,
const char *  path_var,
const char *  name 

◆ tallyup()

static void tallyup ( int  n)

Definition at line 1510 of file gsftopk.c.

References base, deltas, m, and n.

Referenced by pk_rll_cvt().

◆ trim_bitmap()

static void trim_bitmap ( void  )

Definition at line 1569 of file gsftopk.c.

References bitmap_end, bytes_wide, height, hoff, mask, p, printf(), skip, voff, and width.

Referenced by putglyph().

◆ wait_for_gs()

static void wait_for_gs ( void  )

Definition at line 881 of file gsftopk.c.

References errno, exit_toto_too(), False, got_sigchld, gs_pid, oops(), perror(), status, wait(), WEXITSTATUS, WIFSIGNALED, WIFSTOPPED, and WTERMSIG.

Referenced by data_fillbuf(), and main().

◆ whitespace()

static void whitespace ( void  )

Definition at line 1466 of file gsftopk.c.

References c, data_eof, data_getc, data_ungetc(), and isspace.

Referenced by putglyph().

◆ xmalloc()

static void* xmalloc ( unsigned  size)

Definition at line 628 of file gsftopk.c.

References malloc, mem, NULL, oops(), and size.

Referenced by get_one_arg(), getdefaults(), main(), main_search_proc(), pk_rll_cvt(), and putglyph().

◆ xrealloc()

Variable Documentation

◆ base

set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set set *set set set macro pixldst op &r &cond WK op &r &cond WK op &r &cond WK else op &m &cond &ia op &r &cond WK else op &m &cond &ia elseif elseif else error unsupported base if elseif elseif else error unsupported unaligned pixldst unaligned endm macro pixst base base else pixldst base endif endm macro PF base if bpp PF set rept prefetch_distance PF set OFFSET endr endif endm macro preload_leading_step2 base if bpp ifc DST PF PF else if bpp lsl PF PF lsl PF PF lsl PF PF PF else PF lsl PF lsl PF lsl PF endif SIZE macro preload_middle scratch_holds_offset if bpp else PF PF endif endif endif endm macro preload_trailing base if bpp if bpp *pix_per_block PF PF lsl PF PF PF PF PF else PF lsl PF lsl PF PF PF base

Definition at line 1502 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by __gmp_doprnt_mpf(), __gmp_expr< mpz_t, mpz_t >::__gmp_expr(), __gmp_expr< mpq_t, mpq_t >::__gmp_expr(), __gmp_expr< mpf_t, mpf_t >::__gmp_expr(), __gmpf_get_str(), __gmpf_init_set_str(), __gmpf_inp_str(), __gmpf_out_str(), __gmpf_set_str(), __gmpfr_inp_str(), __gmpfr_out_str(), __gmpn_bc_set_str(), __gmpn_compute_powtab(), __gmpn_get_str(), __gmpn_set_str(), __gmpn_sizeinbase(), __gmpq_get_str(), __gmpq_inp_str(), __gmpq_out_str(), __gmpq_set_str(), __gmpz_get_str(), __gmpz_init_set_str(), __gmpz_inp_str(), __gmpz_inp_str_nowhite(), __gmpz_out_str(), __gmpz_set_str(), __gmpz_sizeinbase(), _base85_string_wrap_stream_close(), _base85_string_wrap_stream_write(), _base_sort(), _cairo_base64_stream_close(), _cairo_base64_stream_write(), _cairo_base85_stream_close(), _cairo_base85_stream_write(), _cairo_deflate_stream_close(), _cairo_deflate_stream_write(), _cairo_gl_context_release(), _cairo_gl_glyph_fini(), _cairo_memory_stream_copy(), _cairo_memory_stream_length(), _cairo_mempool_init(), _cairo_win32_display_surface_fill(), _cairo_win32_display_surface_glyphs(), _cairo_win32_display_surface_mask(), _cairo_win32_display_surface_paint(), _cairo_win32_display_surface_stroke(), _cairo_win32_display_surface_unmap_image(), _Gen816Enc(), _i965_device_destroy(), _init_from_image(), _SPLCopyTransformedHintMasks(), _tiffUnmapProc(), _uloc_minimizeSubtags(), _word_wrap_stream_close(), _word_wrap_stream_write(), OT::IndexSubtableRecord::add_new_record(), OT::IndexSubtableRecord::add_new_subtable(), TextPage::addChar(), addCollation(), adddyncaptures(), AddGhostSegment(), addPairPos(), adjust_varargs(), AdjustForImperfectSlopeMatch(), double_conversion::Advance(), af_latin_align_serif_edge(), afm_parser_init(), AnchorClassDecompose(), AnchorPointsDuplicate(), AnchorsAway(), ParagraphLayout::appendRun(), HTMLGen::appendSpans(), OT::ValueFormat::apply_value(), asm_aref(), asm_fuseahuref(), asm_fusexref(), asm_lea(), asm_retf(), asm_sload(), asm_strref(), asm_tvstore64(), AssignLineToPoint(), double_conversion::Bignum::AssignPowerUInt16(), associate(), b_str2int(), BaseFree(), basename(), basenamechangesuffix(), bcemit_INS(), besthyst(), Efont::CharstringInterp::blend_command(), BrotliCompressFragmentFastImpl(), build_path(), BuildLine(), AAT::ObsoleteTypes::byteOffsetToIndex(), BZ2_hbCreateDecodeTables(), cache_print_set(), cf2_doBlend(), cff_blend_doBlend(), graphite2::vm::Machine::check_final_stack(), checkBaseExtBytes(), checkBaseExtUnicode(), CheckForGhostHints(), cid_parse_dict(), circlearcto(), OT::FeatureTableSubstitutionRecord::closure_features(), OT::FeatureVariationRecord::closure_features(), graphite2::Slot::clusterMetric(), CMap_add_bfrange(), CMap_add_cidrange(), codegen(), OT::FeatureVariationRecord::collect_lookups(), OT::FeatureTableSubstitutionRecord::collect_lookups(), OT::VariationSelectorRecord::collect_mapping(), OT::VariationSelectorRecord::collect_unicodes(), OT::PairValueRecord::collect_variation_indices(), OT::ValueFormat::collect_variation_indices(), combine(), const_get(), convert_bytes_to_data(), ConvertNumericValue(), HTMLGen::convertPage(), OT::VariationSelectorRecord::copy(), OT::NameRecord::copy(), OT::EncodingRecord::copy(), OT::ValueFormat::copy_device(), create_templates_for_op(), CreateCommands(), crec_call_args(), crec_snap_caller(), dasm_encode(), digit_value_in_base(), disposeBASE(), do_thai_pua_shaping(), docall(), doreplace(), TextPage::dump(), dump_script_table(), dumpanchor(), dumpg___ContextChainClass(), dumpg___ContextChainCoverage(), dumpg___ContextChainGlyphs(), dumpgposAnchorData(), EIAddSpline(), emit_loadofs(), emit_lsptr(), emit_movmroi(), emit_storeofs(), EncMapFromEncoding(), exist_access(), expr_simple(), extension(), f__icvt(), FcCacheOffsetsValid(), FcConfigAddCache(), FcConfigParseAndLoadDir(), FcDirScanConfig(), fclosegap(), fdelsmall(), ffi_index_meta(), FigureBaseOffsets(), final_reordering_syllable_indic(), graphite2::Slot::finalise(), find(), OT::BitmapSizeTable::find_table(), FindBlues(), findlocal(), FileFinder::findMappedFile(), finishup(), finishupcid(), flagbits_to_strings(), fmtint(), forbody(), forlist(), GString::formatInt(), GString::formatUInt(), fornum(), fs_fixup_bc(), fs_fixup_line(), ft_conic_is_small_enough(), ft_conic_split(), ft_cubic_is_small_enough(), ft_cubic_split(), FT_GlyphLoader_Add(), FT_GlyphLoader_Adjust_Points(), FT_GlyphLoader_Adjust_Subglyphs(), FT_GlyphLoader_CheckPoints(), FT_GlyphLoader_CheckSubGlyphs(), FT_GlyphLoader_Rewind(), FT_Stream_OpenMemory(), ft_validator_init(), funcargs(), gabc_notes_determination__scan_buffer(), gabc_score_determination__scan_buffer(), gdImageColorReplaceArray(), gen_bitlen(), gen_cmap(), gen_numstr(), Efont::Type1CharstringGen::gen_rational(), generate(), TextPage::generateUnderlinesAndLinks(), OT::BASE::get_baseline(), AAT::opbdFormat0::get_bounds(), AAT::opbdFormat1::get_bounds(), OT::CPALV1Tail::get_color_name_id(), OT::CBDT::accelerator_t::get_extents(), OT::IndexSubtableRecord::get_extents(), OT::VariationSelectorRecord::get_glyph(), OT::IndexSubtableRecord::get_image_data(), get_item_index(), OT::MathKernInfoRecord::get_kerning(), OT::CPALV1Tail::get_palette_flags(), OT::CPALV1Tail::get_palette_name_id(), get_resname_prefix(), OT::cff1::accelerator_t::get_seac_components(), AAT::FeatureName::get_selector_infos(), OT::GlyphVariationData::tuple_iterator_t::get_shared_indices(), __gmp_expr< mpz_t, mpz_t >::get_str(), __gmp_expr< mpq_t, mpq_t >::get_str(), __gmp_expr< mpf_t, mpf_t >::get_str(), OT::IndexSubtableRecord::get_subtable(), AAT::TrackData::get_tracking(), AAT::TrackTableEntry::get_value(), AAT::LookupSegmentArray< T >::get_value(), OT::MathValueRecord::get_x_value(), OT::MathValueRecord::get_y_value(), TextPool::getBaseIdx(), getcached(), InputReader::getLine(), OlsonTimeZone::getNextTransition(), OlsonTimeZone::getPreviousTransition(), getresnameprefix(), TextPage::getText(), gmpscan(), gposExtensionSubTable(), gray_split_conic(), gray_split_cubic(), gregorio_vowel_rulefile__scan_buffer(), gsubExtensionSubTable(), get_seac_param_t::has_seac(), has_segment_link(), hb_bsearch(), hb_bsearch_impl(), hb_codepoint_parse(), hb_parse_uint(), hb_qsort(), i915_batch_add_reloc(), i965_device_flush(), i965_emit_relocation(), PageLabelInfo::indexToLabel(), inflate_table(), get_seac_param_t::init(), init_default_kanji_select(), init_edge(), init_stem_edge(), initial_reordering_consonant_syllable(), int_pow(), int_to_s(), intel_bo_create(), intel_bo_read(), intel_bo_write(), interp(), AAT::TrackData::interpolate_at(), IsBiggerSlope(), graphite2::Slot::isChildOf(), IsSplinePeak(), Type1OneMMRemover::itc_command(), Efont::CharstringInterp::itc_command(), izrule_getNextStart_68(), izrule_getPreviousStart_68(), jstf_dumplklist(), jstf_dumpmaxlookups(), graphite2::Segment::justify(), AAT::kerxTupleKern(), kpathsea_make_tex(), kpse_program_basename(), last_component(), lj_alloc_destroy(), lj_ffh_tonumber(), lj_func_newL_gc(), lj_meta_tailcall(), lj_record_idx(), lj_record_ret(), lj_strscan_scan(), CalendarAstronomer::lstToUT(), lua_equal(), lua_lessthan(), lua_setfield(), lua_settable(), luaB_tonumber(), luabytecodecall(), luacall(), luacall_vf(), luaD_poscall(), luaD_precall(), luafunctioncall(), luaK_setlist(), luaopen_base(), luatokencall(), luaV_execute(), luaV_finishOp(), main(), map_file(), map_segment(), math_log(), MathsLexicalAnalyser(), memory_close(), memory_write(), MergeDStemInfo(), Efont::CharstringInterp::mm_command(), MMMatchGlyphs(), morx_dumpLigaFeature(), morxDumpChain(), mpfr_init_set_str(), mpfr_set_str(), mpfr_strtofr(), mpn_bc_get_str(), mpn_compute_powtab_div(), mpn_compute_powtab_mul(), mpn_get_str(), mpn_get_str_other(), mpn_pow_1_highpart(), mpn_set_str(), mpq_get_str(), mpq_out_str(), mpq_set_str(), mpz_get_str(), mpz_init_set_str(), mpz_out_str(), mpz_powm(), mpz_set_str(), mpz_sizeinbase(), mrb_convert_to_integer(), mrb_cstr_to_inum(), mrb_f_integer(), mrb_fix2binstr(), mrb_fixnum_to_str(), mrb_str_format(), mrb_str_len_to_inum(), mrb_str_to_i(), mrb_str_to_inum(), mrb_vm_exec(), name_link(), new_int(), graphite2::Slot::nextInCluster(), normalize_overflow(), normalize_overflow32(), offsetTOCLookupFn(), AAT::ObsoleteTypes::offsetToIndex(), OT::OffsetTo< Type, OffsetType, has_null >::operator()(), otf_dumpbase(), otf_dumpjstf(), otfcc_buildBASE(), otfcc_dumpBASE(), otfcc_parseBASE(), otfcc_readBASE(), otl_gpos_dump_markToLigature(), OTLRemove(), otv_validate(), out_int(), output_pl(), page_setup(), ParallelToDir(), FoFiType1::parse(), PageLabelInfo::parse(), parse_args(), parse_charstrings(), parse_dict(), parse_for_iter(), parse_for_num(), parse_integer_value(), parse_string(), parse_subrs(), parseBases(), parseLanguage(), InputReader::parseUInt(), PerGlyphDefBaseline(), pfed_glyph_layer(), pfed_read_glyph_layer(), pfed_read_layer(), pfed_read_normal_contour(), pfed_read_spiro_contour(), pfed_readcolours(), pfed_readcvtcomments(), pfed_readfontcomment(), pfed_readglyphcomments(), pfed_readguidelines(), pfed_readlookupnames(), pfed_readotherlayers(), pfr_face_get_kerning(), pfr_glyph_load_rec(), pfr_lookup_bitmap_data(), pk_rll_cvt(), png_ascii_from_fp(), PointsDiagonalable(), position_around_base(), powtab_decide(), premultiply_bgra(), premultiply_data(), cff1_cs_opset_extents_t::process_seac(), process_utf_data(), ProcessGPOSGSUB(), PS_Conv_Strtol(), ps_parser_init(), PSCharStringToBB(), PSCharStringToSplines(), psdimension(), PSTCopy(), PsuedoEncodeUnencoded(), pushclosure(), qqsort(), qst(), QuickBlues(), rd_I(), CollationDataReader::read(), read_binary_data(), read_file(), readAnchorPoint(), readcffsubrs(), readcfftopdict(), readint_mrb_int(), rec_cat(), rec_mm_arith(), rec_mm_callcomp(), rec_mm_len(), RecalcT(), recff_stitch(), recff_tonumber(), redir_map(), OT::CBDT::accelerator_t::reference_png(), release_unused_segments(), reloc(), remove_sign_bits(), RemoveNextSP(), RemovePrevSP(), render_glyphs(), graphite2::Pass::resolveCollisions(), graphite2::Pass::resolveKern(), rmfiles(), Efont::CharstringInterp::roll_command(), rplglyphname(), rplstr(), RSC2PS2(), AAT::LookupFormat0< T >::sanitize(), AAT::LookupSegmentSingle< T >::sanitize(), AAT::LookupFormat2< T >::sanitize(), AAT::LookupSegmentArray< T >::sanitize(), AAT::LookupFormat4< T >::sanitize(), AAT::LookupSingle< T >::sanitize(), AAT::LookupFormat6< T >::sanitize(), AAT::LookupFormat8< T >::sanitize(), AAT::Lookup< T >::sanitize(), AAT::FeatureName::sanitize(), AAT::JustificationHeader::sanitize(), AAT::opbdFormat0::sanitize(), AAT::opbdFormat1::sanitize(), AAT::TrackData::sanitize(), AAT::FTStringRange::sanitize(), OT::VariationSelectorRecord::sanitize(), OT::EncodingRecord::sanitize(), OT::IndexSubtableRecord::sanitize(), OT::BitmapSizeTable::sanitize(), OT::SVGDocumentIndexEntry::sanitize(), OT::BaseScriptRecord::sanitize(), OT::Record< Type >::sanitize(), OT::FeatureTableSubstitutionRecord::sanitize(), OT::FeatureVariationRecord::sanitize(), OT::MarkRecord::sanitize(), OT::EntryExitRecord::sanitize(), OT::MathValueRecord::sanitize(), OT::MathKernInfoRecord::sanitize(), OT::DataMap::sanitize(), OT::NameRecord::sanitize(), OT::OffsetTo< Type, OffsetType, has_null >::sanitize(), OT::CPALV1Tail::sanitize(), AAT::TrackTableEntry::sanitize(), OT::OffsetTo< Type, OffsetType, has_null >::sanitize_shallow(), OT::ValueFormat::sanitize_value(), OT::ValueFormat::sanitize_value_devices(), OT::ValueFormat::sanitize_values(), OT::ValueFormat::sanitize_values_stride_unsafe(), scan_int(), SCMakeDependent(), segment_holding(), OT::MarkArray::serialize(), OT::CmapSubtableFormat14::serialize(), OT::Offset< Type, has_null >::serialize(), OT::OffsetTo< Type, OffsetType, has_null >::serialize(), OT::cmap::serialize(), OT::CmapSubtable::serialize(), OT::ValueFormat::serialize_copy(), OT::ChainContextFormat3::serialize_coverage_offsets(), Set_CodeRange(), __gmp_expr< mpz_t, mpz_t >::set_str(), __gmp_expr< mpq_t, mpq_t >::set_str(), __gmp_expr< mpf_t, mpf_t >::set_str(), HyperlinkManager::setBaseUrl(), Compiler::setGroupPointers(), DataDict::setTransform(), SetUpANumericValue(), SFDFixupRefs(), SFDParseBase(), SFDParseBaseScript(), SFSubTableFindOrMake(), SFSubTableMake(), sign_bits(), SinglePointStroke(), singlevaraux(), snap_stem_to_blue(), snap_to_blues(), snapshot_slots(), sort_r_simple(), SortSwath(), SPLCopyTranslatedHintMasks(), SplineCharDefaultNextCP(), SplineCharDefaultPrevCP(), SplineExpand(), SplineFigureOpticalSlope(), SplinePointListCopy(), SplinePointListCopySelected(), SplinePointListRemoveSelected(), SplinePointListShift(), SplinePointListTransform(), SplinePointListTransformExtended(), SplineSetRemoveOverlap(), SplineSetsCorrect(), Split_Bezier(), Split_Conic(), Split_Cubic(), split_mf_name(), SPNew(), SSCheck(), SSOverlapClusterCpAngles(), SSRemoveReversals(), SSRemoveStupidControlPoints(), SSRemoveTiny(), SSRemoveUTurns(), stdio_close(), stdio_flush(), stdio_write(), strip_trailing_slashes(), stripspaces(), StrokeEnd(), StrokeJoint(), strtoll(), OT::BitmapSizeTable::subset(), OT::Record< Type >::subset(), OT::FeatureTableSubstitutionRecord::subset(), OT::FeatureVariationRecord::subset(), t42_parse_dict(), table(), tallyup(), TeX_readFontParams(), TeX_readHeightDepth(), TeX_readItalicCorr(), hb_serialize_context_t::to_bias(), to_intel_bo(), to_intel_device(), toLatin(), trans2dvi(), TT_Alloc(), tt_face_get_kerning(), TT_Free(), TT_Realloc(), TTMemory_Done(), u_GFileNormalize(), u_strtol(), u_strtoul(), ucal_getTimeZoneTransitionDate_68(), ucm_checkBaseExt(), ucm_moveMappings(), ucol_openBinary_68(), uInt64_to_double(), unmap_file(), uprv_maximumPtr_68(), ures_getFunctionalEquivalent_68(), uset_serializedContains_68(), ValueChunk(), ErrorHandler::vxformat(), vzone_getNextTransition_68(), vzone_getPreviousTransition_68(), WalkSpline(), AAT::ObsoleteTypes::wordOffsetToIndex(), StringResource::writeUTF16v2(), wrt_I(), wrt_IM(), xbasename(), and yy_scan_buffer().

◆ bitmap

Definition at line 514 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_bm_cvt(), and pk_rll_cvt().

◆ bitmap_end

byte* bitmap_end

Definition at line 522 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_bm_cvt(), pk_put_nyb(), pk_rll_cvt(), putglyph(), and trim_bitmap().

◆ bm_size

unsigned int bm_size

Definition at line 521 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by putglyph().

◆ buffer

byte buffer[512]

Definition at line 482 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ bytes_wide

int bytes_wide

Definition at line 520 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_bm_cvt(), pk_rll_cvt(), putglyph(), read_GF_char(), and trim_bitmap().

◆ checksum

long checksum ( void  )

Definition at line 505 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ col

int col = 0

Definition at line 443 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by __gmpn_hgcd_matrix_update_q(), _cairo_pdf_emit_imagemask(), _write_image_surface(), addflood(), SplashOutputDev::alphaImageSrc(), TextPage::assignColumnPhysPositions(), TextPage::assignColumns(), TextPage::assignLinePhysPositions(), attrOfStr(), average_drawproc(), binhex_buffer(), bm_readbody_bmp(), bmeps_configure(), bmeps_setup(), build_channels(), TextPage::buildColumns2(), buildDefFormat(), buildField(), PSOutputDev::checkPageSlice(), TextPage::checkPointInside(), GFReader::cmdNewRow(), cmsIT8GetDataRowCol(), cmsIT8GetDataRowColDbl(), cmsIT8SetDataRowCol(), cmsIT8SetDataRowColDbl(), cmyk_ycck_convert(), collatorComparator(), OT::MarkBasePosFormat1::collect_variation_indices(), OT::MarkLigPosFormat1::collect_variation_indices(), OT::MarkMarkPosFormat1::collect_variation_indices(), color_quantize(), color_quantize3(), compute_runlengths(), convert_row(), HTMLGen::convertPage(), convertpng(), TextPage::convertPosToPointLeftEdge(), TextPage::convertPosToPointLower(), TextPage::convertPosToPointRightEdge(), TextPage::convertPosToPointUpper(), copy_pixel_rows(), decode_row(), deep_to_ppm(), direct_to_ppm(), dith_dither(), do_24_body(), do_direct_body(), do_ham_body(), do_std_body(), PSOutputDev::doImageL1(), PSOutputDev::doImageL2(), PSOutputDev::doImageL3(), drawBarcode(), TextPage::dump(), ehb_to_cmap(), encode(), encode_row(), eps_colorstring(), eps_L(), eps_polygon(), eps_setcolor(), RBBITableBuilder::exportSafeTable(), RBBITableBuilder::exportTable(), fill_rect(), RBBITableBuilder::findDuplicateSafeState(), RBBITableBuilder::findDuplicateState(), findFieldEnd(), findFieldLeft(), TextPage::findLinePoints(), TextPage::findPointInColumn(), TextPage::findPointInside(), TextPage::findPointNear(), TextPage::findWordPoints(), finish_output_bmp(), flood(), flushrow(), Bitmap::forAllPixels(), gdImageAALine(), gdImageCreateFromWBMPCtx(), gdImageHLine(), gdImageVLine(), generateSelectorData(), TextPage::generateUnderlinesAndLinks(), Matrix::get(), get_16bit_row(), get_24bit_row(), get_8bit_gray_row(), get_8bit_row(), OT::AnchorMatrix::get_anchor(), get_scaled_gray_row(), get_scaled_rgb_row(), get_text_gray_row(), get_text_rgb_row(), get_word_gray_row(), get_word_rgb_row(), SplashBitmap::getCMYKLine(), TextPage::getColumnLowerLeft(), TextPage::getColumnUpperRight(), getfaxrow(), SplashBitmap::getRGBLine(), TextPage::getText(), SplashBitmap::getXBGRLine(), glyf_parse_contours(), glyf_parse_references(), gm_readbody_bmp(), gray_rgb_convert(), grayscale_convert(), gtTileContig(), gtTileSeparate(), h2v1_merged_upsample(), h2v2_merged_upsample(), ham_to_ppm(), image_to_pnm(), SplashOutputDev::imageSrc(), HtmlFontColor::isEqual(), Page::loadThumb(), main(), make_pixel_array(), TextPage::makeWordListForChars(), SplashOutputDev::maskedImageSrc(), md2_trans(), md3_trans(), message(), null_convert(), numa2dAddNumber(), numa2dGetCount(), numa2dGetFValue(), numa2dGetIValue(), numa2dGetNuma(), oops(), output_pbm(), output_ppm(), parse_ttinstr(), pass2_fs_dither(), pass2_no_dither(), pbm_defaultfont(), pbm_dissectfont(), pbm_dumpfont(), pbm_readpbmrow(), pbm_readpbmrow_packed(), pbm_writepbmrow_packed(), pbm_writepbmrowplain(), pbm_writepbmrowraw(), pcx_16col_to_ppm(), pcx_256col_to_ppm(), pcx_truecol_to_ppm(), pdf_colorstring(), pdf_setcolor(), pfed_readcolours(), pgm_general_convolve(), pgm_horizontal_convolve(), pgm_mean_convolve(), pgm_readpgmrow(), pgm_vertical_convolve(), pgm_writepgmrowplain(), pgm_writepgmrowraw(), pk_runlengths(), pnm_backgroundxelrow(), pnm_promoteformatrow(), pnm_readpnmrow(), pnm_writepnmrow(), poles(), ppm_computecolorhash(), ppm_general_convolve(), ppm_horizontal_convolve(), ppm_mean_convolve(), ppm_readppmrow(), ppm_to_16col_pcx(), ppm_to_256col_pcx(), ppm_to_truecol_pcx(), ppm_vertical_convolve(), ppm_writeppmrowplain(), ppm_writeppmrowraw(), ppmd_filledrectangle(), ppmd_line(), preload_image(), prescan_quantize(), printStringList(), printwbmp(), ptstiff3_save_image(), put_demapped_gray(), put_demapped_rgb(), put_gray_rows(), put_pixel_rows(), putdigit(), putglyph(), quantize3_ord_dither(), quantize_fs_dither(), quantize_ord_dither(), rasterize_bezier_patch(), read_16bit(), read_8bit(), read_default(), read_ppm_map(), read_row(), read_separate(), ReadParamFile(), graphite2::Pass::readRanges(), readwbmp(), recordCompareFn(), rect(), RBBITableBuilder::removeSafeState(), RBBITableBuilder::removeState(), render_byte(), res_120x144(), res_60x72(), rgb_gray_convert(), rgb_ycc_convert(), selGetElement(), selSetElement(), Bitmap::setBits(), TensorProductPatch::setFirstMatrixColumn(), PSOutputDev::setupImage(), sq_measurecircle_drawproc(), sq_rainbowcircle_drawproc(), start_pass(), start_pass_fdctmgr(), std_to_ppm(), OT::MarkBasePosFormat1::subset(), OT::MarkMarkPosFormat1::subset(), tblCheck(), tiff2png(), TIFFReadRGBATile(), SplashOutputDev::tilingBitmapSrc(), TextPage::unrotateColumns(), TextPage::unrotateColumnsFromZero(), update_floyd_pixel(), usrc_writeArray(), usrc_writeArrayOfMostlyInvChars(), VI_AdvanceColumn(), VI_DisplayWindow(), VI_MoveToColumn(), VI_OutOfWindow(), write_pnm(), write_raw_pbm(), write_row(), PSImage::writeIdrawImage(), TextPage::writePhysLayout(), TextPage::writeReadingOrder(), TextPage::writeSimple2Layout(), writewbmp(), ycc_rgb_convert(), and ycck_cmyk_convert().

◆ config_file_header_path

const char* config_file_header_path = HEADERPATH

Definition at line 452 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by getdefaults(), and main().

◆ copyright

char copyright[]
Initial value:
"@(#) Copyright (c) 1993-1998 Paul Vojta.\n"

Definition at line 25 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ data_end

◆ data_eof

Boolean data_eof = 0

Definition at line 473 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by data_fgetc(), data_fillbuf(), data_gets(), data_read(), getint(), and whitespace().

◆ data_fd

int data_fd

Definition at line 481 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by data_fillbuf(), and main().

◆ data_out

◆ deltas

◆ design

◆ dls_len

unsigned int dls_len = 0

Definition at line 1405 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by addtodls().

◆ dls_max

unsigned int dls_max = 0

Definition at line 1406 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by addtodls().

◆ dlstring

char* dlstring = NULL

Definition at line 1404 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by addtodls(), and main().

◆ dosnames

Boolean dosnames = 0

Definition at line 417 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ errno

int errno

Referenced by data_fillbuf(), and wait_for_gs().

◆ firstnode

struct spacenode firstnode

Referenced by search().

◆ flag

Definition at line 1499 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ fontlen

int fontlen

Definition at line 413 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main(), and scan_map_file().

◆ fontname

char* fontname

Definition at line 412 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main(), and scan_map_file().

◆ found_env

jmp_buf found_env

Definition at line 1143 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main_search_proc(), and search().

◆ got_sigchld

Boolean got_sigchld = 0

Definition at line 720 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by data_fillbuf(), handle_sigchild(), and wait_for_gs().

◆ gs_pid

pid_t gs_pid = 0

Definition at line 445 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by exit_toto_too(), main(), and wait_for_gs().

◆ gspath

char gspath[] = "gs"

Definition at line 416 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by find_gs(), and main().

◆ height

int height

Definition at line 517 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_rll_cvt(), putglyph(), and trim_bitmap().

◆ hoff

int hoff

Definition at line 518 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by putglyph(), and trim_bitmap().

◆ line

char line[82]

Definition at line 1438 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ long_line

char* long_line = NULL

Definition at line 1300 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by fgets_long(), getdefaults(), main(), and scan_map_file().

◆ long_line_len

int long_line_len = 82

Definition at line 1301 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by fgets_long(), and main().

◆ mapfile

◆ mapline

◆ masks

byte masks[] = {0, 1, 3, 7, 017, 037, 077, 0177, 0377}

Definition at line 1497 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ odd

Boolean odd = 0

Definition at line 1528 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_put_nyb(), and pk_rll_cvt().

◆ options

const struct option options[]
Initial value:
= {
{"test", 't', 0 , &test, 1 },
{"mapline", 0, 1 , &mapline, 0},
{"mapfile", 0, 1 , &mapfile, 0},
{"interpreter", 'i', 1 , &gspath, 0},
{"dosnames", 0, 0 , &dosnames, 1 },
{"quiet", 'q', 0 , &quiet, 1 },
{"version", 'v', 0 , NULL, 0},
{"help", 'h', 0 , NULL, 0}}
char * mapline
Definition: gsftopk.c:414
Boolean dosnames
Definition: gsftopk.c:417
char gspath[]
Definition: gsftopk.c:416
char * mapfile
Definition: gsftopk.c:415
Boolean quiet
Definition: gsftopk.c:418
Boolean test
Definition: gsftopk.c:411
#define NULL
Definition: ftobjs.h:61

Definition at line 418 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ p_head

struct p_list* p_head = &psfonts_map

Definition at line 466 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by getdefaults(), and main().

◆ p_tail

struct p_list** p_tail = &psfonts_map.next

Definition at line 467 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by getdefaults(), and main().

◆ part

byte part

Definition at line 1529 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_put_nyb().

◆ pk_dyn_f

int pk_dyn_f

Definition at line 1500 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_put_count(), and pk_rll_cvt().

◆ pk_dyn_g

int pk_dyn_g

Definition at line 1501 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_put_count(), and pk_rll_cvt().

◆ pk_file

FILE* pk_file = NULL

Definition at line 441 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by exit_toto_too(), main(), putglyph(), putlong(), putmed(), putshort(), and putspecl().

◆ pk_len

int pk_len

Definition at line 523 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_bm_cvt(), pk_rll_cvt(), and putglyph().

◆ progname

char progname[] = "gsftopk "

Definition at line 398 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ psfonts_map

struct p_list psfonts_map = {NULL, "psfonts.map"}

Definition at line 452 of file gsftopk.c.

◆ quiet

Boolean quiet = 0

Definition at line 418 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main(), and putglyph().

◆ searchfile

FILE* searchfile

Definition at line 1144 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main_search_proc(), and search().

◆ searchname

const char* searchname

Definition at line 1145 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main_search_proc(), and search().

◆ searchnamelen

int searchnamelen

Definition at line 1146 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main_search_proc(), and search().

◆ searchpath

char searchpath[256+1]

Definition at line 1127 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by exec_command(), main(), main_search_proc(), and search().

◆ skip

int skip

Definition at line 516 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_bm_cvt(), pk_rll_cvt(), and trim_bitmap().

◆ specinfo

const char* specinfo = ""

Definition at line 444 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by add_entry(), getpsinfo(), and main().

◆ test

Definition at line 411 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ tfm_lengths

int tfm_lengths[12]

Definition at line 499 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ tfm_widths

long tfm_widths[256]

Definition at line 508 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main(), and putglyph().

◆ version

char version[] ( void  ) = "1.19.2"

Definition at line 403 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ voff

int voff

Definition at line 519 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by putglyph(), and trim_bitmap().

◆ width

int width

Definition at line 515 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by pk_bm_cvt(), pk_rll_cvt(), putglyph(), and trim_bitmap().

◆ width_index

◆ xfilename

char* xfilename

Definition at line 442 of file gsftopk.c.

Referenced by exit_toto_too(), and main().