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gmp.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include <limits.h>
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struct  __mpz_struct
struct  __mpq_struct
struct  __mpf_struct
struct  __gmp_randstate_struct


#define __GMP_HAVE_HOST_CPU_FAMILY_power   0
#define __GMP_HAVE_HOST_CPU_FAMILY_powerpc   0
#define GMP_LIMB_BITS   64
#define GMP_NAIL_BITS   0
#define GMP_NUMB_MASK   ((~ __GMP_CAST (mp_limb_t, 0)) >> GMP_NAIL_BITS)
#define __GNU_MP__   6
#define _LONG_LONG_LIMB   1
#define __GMP_LIBGMP_DLL   0
#define __GMP_DECLSPEC
#define __GMP_MP_SIZE_T_INT   0
#define __MPN(x)   __gmpn_##x
#define __GMP_GNUC_PREREQ(maj, min)   0
#define __GMP_CAST(type, expr)   ((type) (expr))
#define __GMP_NOTHROW
#define __GMP_ABS(x)   ((x) >= 0 ? (x) : -(x))
#define __GMP_MAX(h, i)   ((h) > (i) ? (h) : (i))
#define __GMP_LIKELY(cond)   (cond)
#define __GMP_UNLIKELY(cond)   (cond)
#define __GMP_CRAY_Pragma(str)
#define mpq_numref(Q)   (&((Q)->_mp_num))
#define mpq_denref(Q)   (&((Q)->_mp_den))
#define mp_set_memory_functions   __gmp_set_memory_functions
#define mp_get_memory_functions   __gmp_get_memory_functions
#define mp_bits_per_limb   __gmp_bits_per_limb
#define gmp_errno   __gmp_errno
#define gmp_version   __gmp_version
#define gmp_randinit   __gmp_randinit
#define gmp_randinit_default   __gmp_randinit_default
#define gmp_randinit_lc_2exp   __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp
#define gmp_randinit_lc_2exp_size   __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp_size
#define gmp_randinit_mt   __gmp_randinit_mt
#define gmp_randinit_set   __gmp_randinit_set
#define gmp_randseed   __gmp_randseed
#define gmp_randseed_ui   __gmp_randseed_ui
#define gmp_randclear   __gmp_randclear
#define gmp_urandomb_ui   __gmp_urandomb_ui
#define gmp_urandomm_ui   __gmp_urandomm_ui
#define gmp_asprintf   __gmp_asprintf
#define gmp_fprintf   __gmp_fprintf
#define gmp_obstack_printf   __gmp_obstack_printf
#define gmp_obstack_vprintf   __gmp_obstack_vprintf
#define gmp_printf   __gmp_printf
#define gmp_snprintf   __gmp_snprintf
#define gmp_sprintf   __gmp_sprintf
#define gmp_vasprintf   __gmp_vasprintf
#define gmp_vfprintf   __gmp_vfprintf
#define gmp_vprintf   __gmp_vprintf
#define gmp_vsnprintf   __gmp_vsnprintf
#define gmp_vsprintf   __gmp_vsprintf
#define gmp_fscanf   __gmp_fscanf
#define gmp_scanf   __gmp_scanf
#define gmp_sscanf   __gmp_sscanf
#define gmp_vfscanf   __gmp_vfscanf
#define gmp_vscanf   __gmp_vscanf
#define gmp_vsscanf   __gmp_vsscanf
#define _mpz_realloc   __gmpz_realloc
#define mpz_realloc   __gmpz_realloc
#define mpz_abs   __gmpz_abs
#define mpz_add   __gmpz_add
#define mpz_add_ui   __gmpz_add_ui
#define mpz_addmul   __gmpz_addmul
#define mpz_addmul_ui   __gmpz_addmul_ui
#define mpz_and   __gmpz_and
#define mpz_array_init   __gmpz_array_init
#define mpz_bin_ui   __gmpz_bin_ui
#define mpz_bin_uiui   __gmpz_bin_uiui
#define mpz_cdiv_q   __gmpz_cdiv_q
#define mpz_cdiv_q_2exp   __gmpz_cdiv_q_2exp
#define mpz_cdiv_q_ui   __gmpz_cdiv_q_ui
#define mpz_cdiv_qr   __gmpz_cdiv_qr
#define mpz_cdiv_qr_ui   __gmpz_cdiv_qr_ui
#define mpz_cdiv_r   __gmpz_cdiv_r
#define mpz_cdiv_r_2exp   __gmpz_cdiv_r_2exp
#define mpz_cdiv_r_ui   __gmpz_cdiv_r_ui
#define mpz_cdiv_ui   __gmpz_cdiv_ui
#define mpz_clear   __gmpz_clear
#define mpz_clears   __gmpz_clears
#define mpz_clrbit   __gmpz_clrbit
#define mpz_cmp   __gmpz_cmp
#define mpz_cmp_d   __gmpz_cmp_d
#define _mpz_cmp_si   __gmpz_cmp_si
#define _mpz_cmp_ui   __gmpz_cmp_ui
#define mpz_cmpabs   __gmpz_cmpabs
#define mpz_cmpabs_d   __gmpz_cmpabs_d
#define mpz_cmpabs_ui   __gmpz_cmpabs_ui
#define mpz_com   __gmpz_com
#define mpz_combit   __gmpz_combit
#define mpz_congruent_p   __gmpz_congruent_p
#define mpz_congruent_2exp_p   __gmpz_congruent_2exp_p
#define mpz_congruent_ui_p   __gmpz_congruent_ui_p
#define mpz_divexact   __gmpz_divexact
#define mpz_divexact_ui   __gmpz_divexact_ui
#define mpz_divisible_p   __gmpz_divisible_p
#define mpz_divisible_ui_p   __gmpz_divisible_ui_p
#define mpz_divisible_2exp_p   __gmpz_divisible_2exp_p
#define mpz_dump   __gmpz_dump
#define mpz_export   __gmpz_export
#define mpz_fac_ui   __gmpz_fac_ui
#define mpz_2fac_ui   __gmpz_2fac_ui
#define mpz_mfac_uiui   __gmpz_mfac_uiui
#define mpz_primorial_ui   __gmpz_primorial_ui
#define mpz_fdiv_q   __gmpz_fdiv_q
#define mpz_fdiv_q_2exp   __gmpz_fdiv_q_2exp
#define mpz_fdiv_q_ui   __gmpz_fdiv_q_ui
#define mpz_fdiv_qr   __gmpz_fdiv_qr
#define mpz_fdiv_qr_ui   __gmpz_fdiv_qr_ui
#define mpz_fdiv_r   __gmpz_fdiv_r
#define mpz_fdiv_r_2exp   __gmpz_fdiv_r_2exp
#define mpz_fdiv_r_ui   __gmpz_fdiv_r_ui
#define mpz_fdiv_ui   __gmpz_fdiv_ui
#define mpz_fib_ui   __gmpz_fib_ui
#define mpz_fib2_ui   __gmpz_fib2_ui
#define mpz_fits_sint_p   __gmpz_fits_sint_p
#define mpz_fits_slong_p   __gmpz_fits_slong_p
#define mpz_fits_sshort_p   __gmpz_fits_sshort_p
#define mpz_fits_uint_p   __gmpz_fits_uint_p
#define mpz_fits_ulong_p   __gmpz_fits_ulong_p
#define mpz_fits_ushort_p   __gmpz_fits_ushort_p
#define mpz_gcd   __gmpz_gcd
#define mpz_gcd_ui   __gmpz_gcd_ui
#define mpz_gcdext   __gmpz_gcdext
#define mpz_get_d   __gmpz_get_d
#define mpz_get_d_2exp   __gmpz_get_d_2exp
#define mpz_get_si   __gmpz_get_si
#define mpz_get_str   __gmpz_get_str
#define mpz_get_ui   __gmpz_get_ui
#define mpz_getlimbn   __gmpz_getlimbn
#define mpz_hamdist   __gmpz_hamdist
#define mpz_import   __gmpz_import
#define mpz_init   __gmpz_init
#define mpz_init2   __gmpz_init2
#define mpz_inits   __gmpz_inits
#define mpz_init_set   __gmpz_init_set
#define mpz_init_set_d   __gmpz_init_set_d
#define mpz_init_set_si   __gmpz_init_set_si
#define mpz_init_set_str   __gmpz_init_set_str
#define mpz_init_set_ui   __gmpz_init_set_ui
#define mpz_inp_raw   __gmpz_inp_raw
#define mpz_inp_str   __gmpz_inp_str
#define mpz_invert   __gmpz_invert
#define mpz_ior   __gmpz_ior
#define mpz_jacobi   __gmpz_jacobi
#define mpz_kronecker   mpz_jacobi /* alias */
#define mpz_kronecker_si   __gmpz_kronecker_si
#define mpz_kronecker_ui   __gmpz_kronecker_ui
#define mpz_si_kronecker   __gmpz_si_kronecker
#define mpz_ui_kronecker   __gmpz_ui_kronecker
#define mpz_lcm   __gmpz_lcm
#define mpz_lcm_ui   __gmpz_lcm_ui
#define mpz_legendre   mpz_jacobi /* alias */
#define mpz_lucnum_ui   __gmpz_lucnum_ui
#define mpz_lucnum2_ui   __gmpz_lucnum2_ui
#define mpz_millerrabin   __gmpz_millerrabin
#define mpz_mod   __gmpz_mod
#define mpz_mod_ui   mpz_fdiv_r_ui /* same as fdiv_r because divisor unsigned */
#define mpz_mul   __gmpz_mul
#define mpz_mul_2exp   __gmpz_mul_2exp
#define mpz_mul_si   __gmpz_mul_si
#define mpz_mul_ui   __gmpz_mul_ui
#define mpz_neg   __gmpz_neg
#define mpz_nextprime   __gmpz_nextprime
#define mpz_out_raw   __gmpz_out_raw
#define mpz_out_str   __gmpz_out_str
#define mpz_perfect_power_p   __gmpz_perfect_power_p
#define mpz_perfect_square_p   __gmpz_perfect_square_p
#define mpz_popcount   __gmpz_popcount
#define mpz_pow_ui   __gmpz_pow_ui
#define mpz_powm   __gmpz_powm
#define mpz_powm_sec   __gmpz_powm_sec
#define mpz_powm_ui   __gmpz_powm_ui
#define mpz_probab_prime_p   __gmpz_probab_prime_p
#define mpz_random   __gmpz_random
#define mpz_random2   __gmpz_random2
#define mpz_realloc2   __gmpz_realloc2
#define mpz_remove   __gmpz_remove
#define mpz_root   __gmpz_root
#define mpz_rootrem   __gmpz_rootrem
#define mpz_rrandomb   __gmpz_rrandomb
#define mpz_scan0   __gmpz_scan0
#define mpz_scan1   __gmpz_scan1
#define mpz_set   __gmpz_set
#define mpz_set_d   __gmpz_set_d
#define mpz_set_f   __gmpz_set_f
#define mpz_set_q   __gmpz_set_q
#define mpz_set_si   __gmpz_set_si
#define mpz_set_str   __gmpz_set_str
#define mpz_set_ui   __gmpz_set_ui
#define mpz_setbit   __gmpz_setbit
#define mpz_size   __gmpz_size
#define mpz_sizeinbase   __gmpz_sizeinbase
#define mpz_sqrt   __gmpz_sqrt
#define mpz_sqrtrem   __gmpz_sqrtrem
#define mpz_sub   __gmpz_sub
#define mpz_sub_ui   __gmpz_sub_ui
#define mpz_ui_sub   __gmpz_ui_sub
#define mpz_submul   __gmpz_submul
#define mpz_submul_ui   __gmpz_submul_ui
#define mpz_swap   __gmpz_swap
#define mpz_tdiv_ui   __gmpz_tdiv_ui
#define mpz_tdiv_q   __gmpz_tdiv_q
#define mpz_tdiv_q_2exp   __gmpz_tdiv_q_2exp
#define mpz_tdiv_q_ui   __gmpz_tdiv_q_ui
#define mpz_tdiv_qr   __gmpz_tdiv_qr
#define mpz_tdiv_qr_ui   __gmpz_tdiv_qr_ui
#define mpz_tdiv_r   __gmpz_tdiv_r
#define mpz_tdiv_r_2exp   __gmpz_tdiv_r_2exp
#define mpz_tdiv_r_ui   __gmpz_tdiv_r_ui
#define mpz_tstbit   __gmpz_tstbit
#define mpz_ui_pow_ui   __gmpz_ui_pow_ui
#define mpz_urandomb   __gmpz_urandomb
#define mpz_urandomm   __gmpz_urandomm
#define mpz_xor   __gmpz_xor
#define mpz_eor   __gmpz_xor
#define mpz_limbs_read   __gmpz_limbs_read
#define mpz_limbs_write   __gmpz_limbs_write
#define mpz_limbs_modify   __gmpz_limbs_modify
#define mpz_limbs_finish   __gmpz_limbs_finish
#define mpz_roinit_n   __gmpz_roinit_n
#define MPZ_ROINIT_N(xp, xs)   {{0, (xs),(xp) }}
#define mpq_abs   __gmpq_abs
#define mpq_add   __gmpq_add
#define mpq_canonicalize   __gmpq_canonicalize
#define mpq_clear   __gmpq_clear
#define mpq_clears   __gmpq_clears
#define mpq_cmp   __gmpq_cmp
#define _mpq_cmp_si   __gmpq_cmp_si
#define _mpq_cmp_ui   __gmpq_cmp_ui
#define mpq_cmp_z   __gmpq_cmp_z
#define mpq_div   __gmpq_div
#define mpq_div_2exp   __gmpq_div_2exp
#define mpq_equal   __gmpq_equal
#define mpq_get_num   __gmpq_get_num
#define mpq_get_den   __gmpq_get_den
#define mpq_get_d   __gmpq_get_d
#define mpq_get_str   __gmpq_get_str
#define mpq_init   __gmpq_init
#define mpq_inits   __gmpq_inits
#define mpq_inp_str   __gmpq_inp_str
#define mpq_inv   __gmpq_inv
#define mpq_mul   __gmpq_mul
#define mpq_mul_2exp   __gmpq_mul_2exp
#define mpq_neg   __gmpq_neg
#define mpq_out_str   __gmpq_out_str
#define mpq_set   __gmpq_set
#define mpq_set_d   __gmpq_set_d
#define mpq_set_den   __gmpq_set_den
#define mpq_set_f   __gmpq_set_f
#define mpq_set_num   __gmpq_set_num
#define mpq_set_si   __gmpq_set_si
#define mpq_set_str   __gmpq_set_str
#define mpq_set_ui   __gmpq_set_ui
#define mpq_set_z   __gmpq_set_z
#define mpq_sub   __gmpq_sub
#define mpq_swap   __gmpq_swap
#define mpf_abs   __gmpf_abs
#define mpf_add   __gmpf_add
#define mpf_add_ui   __gmpf_add_ui
#define mpf_ceil   __gmpf_ceil
#define mpf_clear   __gmpf_clear
#define mpf_clears   __gmpf_clears
#define mpf_cmp   __gmpf_cmp
#define mpf_cmp_z   __gmpf_cmp_z
#define mpf_cmp_d   __gmpf_cmp_d
#define mpf_cmp_si   __gmpf_cmp_si
#define mpf_cmp_ui   __gmpf_cmp_ui
#define mpf_div   __gmpf_div
#define mpf_div_2exp   __gmpf_div_2exp
#define mpf_div_ui   __gmpf_div_ui
#define mpf_dump   __gmpf_dump
#define mpf_eq   __gmpf_eq
#define mpf_fits_sint_p   __gmpf_fits_sint_p
#define mpf_fits_slong_p   __gmpf_fits_slong_p
#define mpf_fits_sshort_p   __gmpf_fits_sshort_p
#define mpf_fits_uint_p   __gmpf_fits_uint_p
#define mpf_fits_ulong_p   __gmpf_fits_ulong_p
#define mpf_fits_ushort_p   __gmpf_fits_ushort_p
#define mpf_floor   __gmpf_floor
#define mpf_get_d   __gmpf_get_d
#define mpf_get_d_2exp   __gmpf_get_d_2exp
#define mpf_get_default_prec   __gmpf_get_default_prec
#define mpf_get_prec   __gmpf_get_prec
#define mpf_get_si   __gmpf_get_si
#define mpf_get_str   __gmpf_get_str
#define mpf_get_ui   __gmpf_get_ui
#define mpf_init   __gmpf_init
#define mpf_init2   __gmpf_init2
#define mpf_inits   __gmpf_inits
#define mpf_init_set   __gmpf_init_set
#define mpf_init_set_d   __gmpf_init_set_d
#define mpf_init_set_si   __gmpf_init_set_si
#define mpf_init_set_str   __gmpf_init_set_str
#define mpf_init_set_ui   __gmpf_init_set_ui
#define mpf_inp_str   __gmpf_inp_str
#define mpf_integer_p   __gmpf_integer_p
#define mpf_mul   __gmpf_mul
#define mpf_mul_2exp   __gmpf_mul_2exp
#define mpf_mul_ui   __gmpf_mul_ui
#define mpf_neg   __gmpf_neg
#define mpf_out_str   __gmpf_out_str
#define mpf_pow_ui   __gmpf_pow_ui
#define mpf_random2   __gmpf_random2
#define mpf_reldiff   __gmpf_reldiff
#define mpf_set   __gmpf_set
#define mpf_set_d   __gmpf_set_d
#define mpf_set_default_prec   __gmpf_set_default_prec
#define mpf_set_prec   __gmpf_set_prec
#define mpf_set_prec_raw   __gmpf_set_prec_raw
#define mpf_set_q   __gmpf_set_q
#define mpf_set_si   __gmpf_set_si
#define mpf_set_str   __gmpf_set_str
#define mpf_set_ui   __gmpf_set_ui
#define mpf_set_z   __gmpf_set_z
#define mpf_size   __gmpf_size
#define mpf_sqrt   __gmpf_sqrt
#define mpf_sqrt_ui   __gmpf_sqrt_ui
#define mpf_sub   __gmpf_sub
#define mpf_sub_ui   __gmpf_sub_ui
#define mpf_swap   __gmpf_swap
#define mpf_trunc   __gmpf_trunc
#define mpf_ui_div   __gmpf_ui_div
#define mpf_ui_sub   __gmpf_ui_sub
#define mpf_urandomb   __gmpf_urandomb
#define mpn_add   __MPN(add)
#define mpn_add_1   __MPN(add_1)
#define mpn_add_n   __MPN(add_n)
#define mpn_addmul_1   __MPN(addmul_1)
#define mpn_cmp   __MPN(cmp)
#define mpn_zero_p   __MPN(zero_p)
#define mpn_divexact_1   __MPN(divexact_1)
#define mpn_divexact_by3(dst, src, size)    mpn_divexact_by3c (dst, src, size, __GMP_CAST (mp_limb_t, 0))
#define mpn_divexact_by3c   __MPN(divexact_by3c)
#define mpn_divmod_1(qp, np, nsize, dlimb)    mpn_divrem_1 (qp, __GMP_CAST (mp_size_t, 0), np, nsize, dlimb)
#define mpn_divrem   __MPN(divrem)
#define mpn_divrem_1   __MPN(divrem_1)
#define mpn_divrem_2   __MPN(divrem_2)
#define mpn_div_qr_1   __MPN(div_qr_1)
#define mpn_div_qr_2   __MPN(div_qr_2)
#define mpn_gcd   __MPN(gcd)
#define mpn_gcd_11   __MPN(gcd_11)
#define mpn_gcd_1   __MPN(gcd_1)
#define mpn_gcdext_1   __MPN(gcdext_1)
#define mpn_gcdext   __MPN(gcdext)
#define mpn_get_str   __MPN(get_str)
#define mpn_hamdist   __MPN(hamdist)
#define mpn_lshift   __MPN(lshift)
#define mpn_mod_1   __MPN(mod_1)
#define mpn_mul   __MPN(mul)
#define mpn_mul_1   __MPN(mul_1)
#define mpn_mul_n   __MPN(mul_n)
#define mpn_sqr   __MPN(sqr)
#define mpn_neg   __MPN(neg)
#define mpn_com   __MPN(com)
#define mpn_perfect_square_p   __MPN(perfect_square_p)
#define mpn_perfect_power_p   __MPN(perfect_power_p)
#define mpn_popcount   __MPN(popcount)
#define mpn_pow_1   __MPN(pow_1)
#define mpn_preinv_mod_1   __MPN(preinv_mod_1)
#define mpn_random   __MPN(random)
#define mpn_random2   __MPN(random2)
#define mpn_rshift   __MPN(rshift)
#define mpn_scan0   __MPN(scan0)
#define mpn_scan1   __MPN(scan1)
#define mpn_set_str   __MPN(set_str)
#define mpn_sizeinbase   __MPN(sizeinbase)
#define mpn_sqrtrem   __MPN(sqrtrem)
#define mpn_sub   __MPN(sub)
#define mpn_sub_1   __MPN(sub_1)
#define mpn_sub_n   __MPN(sub_n)
#define mpn_submul_1   __MPN(submul_1)
#define mpn_tdiv_qr   __MPN(tdiv_qr)
#define mpn_and_n   __MPN(and_n)
#define mpn_andn_n   __MPN(andn_n)
#define mpn_nand_n   __MPN(nand_n)
#define mpn_ior_n   __MPN(ior_n)
#define mpn_iorn_n   __MPN(iorn_n)
#define mpn_nior_n   __MPN(nior_n)
#define mpn_xor_n   __MPN(xor_n)
#define mpn_xnor_n   __MPN(xnor_n)
#define mpn_copyi   __MPN(copyi)
#define mpn_copyd   __MPN(copyd)
#define mpn_zero   __MPN(zero)
#define mpn_cnd_add_n   __MPN(cnd_add_n)
#define mpn_cnd_sub_n   __MPN(cnd_sub_n)
#define mpn_sec_add_1   __MPN(sec_add_1)
#define mpn_sec_add_1_itch   __MPN(sec_add_1_itch)
#define mpn_sec_sub_1   __MPN(sec_sub_1)
#define mpn_sec_sub_1_itch   __MPN(sec_sub_1_itch)
#define mpn_cnd_swap   __MPN(cnd_swap)
#define mpn_sec_mul   __MPN(sec_mul)
#define mpn_sec_mul_itch   __MPN(sec_mul_itch)
#define mpn_sec_sqr   __MPN(sec_sqr)
#define mpn_sec_sqr_itch   __MPN(sec_sqr_itch)
#define mpn_sec_powm   __MPN(sec_powm)
#define mpn_sec_powm_itch   __MPN(sec_powm_itch)
#define mpn_sec_tabselect   __MPN(sec_tabselect)
#define mpn_sec_div_qr   __MPN(sec_div_qr)
#define mpn_sec_div_qr_itch   __MPN(sec_div_qr_itch)
#define mpn_sec_div_r   __MPN(sec_div_r)
#define mpn_sec_div_r_itch   __MPN(sec_div_r_itch)
#define mpn_sec_invert   __MPN(sec_invert)
#define mpn_sec_invert_itch   __MPN(sec_invert_itch)
#define __GMPZ_FITS_UTYPE_P(z, maxval)
#define __GMPN_AORS(cout, wp, xp, xsize, yp, ysize, FUNCTION, TEST)
#define __GMPN_ADD(cout, wp, xp, xsize, yp, ysize)
#define __GMPN_SUB(cout, wp, xp, xsize, yp, ysize)
#define __GMPN_AORS_1(cout, dst, src, n, v, OP, CB)
#define __GMPN_ADDCB(r, x, y)   ((r) < (y))
#define __GMPN_SUBCB(r, x, y)   ((x) < (y))
#define __GMPN_ADD_1(cout, dst, src, n, v)    __GMPN_AORS_1(cout, dst, src, n, v, +, __GMPN_ADDCB)
#define __GMPN_SUB_1(cout, dst, src, n, v)    __GMPN_AORS_1(cout, dst, src, n, v, -, __GMPN_SUBCB)
#define __GMPN_CMP(result, xp, yp, size)
#define __GMPN_COPY_REST(dst, src, size, start)
#define __GMPN_COPY(dst, src, size)   __GMPN_COPY_REST (dst, src, size, 0)
#define mpz_sgn(Z)   ((Z)->_mp_size < 0 ? -1 : (Z)->_mp_size > 0)
#define mpf_sgn(F)   ((F)->_mp_size < 0 ? -1 : (F)->_mp_size > 0)
#define mpq_sgn(Q)   ((Q)->_mp_num._mp_size < 0 ? -1 : (Q)->_mp_num._mp_size > 0)
#define mpz_cmp_ui(Z, UI)   _mpz_cmp_ui (Z,UI)
#define mpz_cmp_si(Z, UI)   _mpz_cmp_si (Z,UI)
#define mpq_cmp_ui(Q, NUI, DUI)   _mpq_cmp_ui (Q,NUI,DUI)
#define mpq_cmp_si(q, n, d)   _mpq_cmp_si(q,n,d)
#define mpz_odd_p(z)   (((z)->_mp_size != 0) & __GMP_CAST (int, (z)->_mp_d[0]))
#define mpz_even_p(z)   (! mpz_odd_p (z))
#define mpn_divmod(qp, np, nsize, dp, dsize)    mpn_divrem (qp, __GMP_CAST (mp_size_t, 0), np, nsize, dp, dsize)
#define mpz_mdiv   mpz_fdiv_q
#define mpz_mdivmod   mpz_fdiv_qr
#define mpz_mmod   mpz_fdiv_r
#define mpz_mdiv_ui   mpz_fdiv_q_ui
#define mpz_mdivmod_ui(q, r, n, d)    (((r) == 0) ? mpz_fdiv_q_ui (q,n,d) : mpz_fdiv_qr_ui (q,r,n,d))
#define mpz_mmod_ui(r, n, d)    (((r) == 0) ? mpz_fdiv_ui (n,d) : mpz_fdiv_r_ui (r,n,d))
#define mpz_div   mpz_fdiv_q
#define mpz_divmod   mpz_fdiv_qr
#define mpz_div_ui   mpz_fdiv_q_ui
#define mpz_divmod_ui   mpz_fdiv_qr_ui
#define mpz_div_2exp   mpz_fdiv_q_2exp
#define mpz_mod_2exp   mpz_fdiv_r_2exp
#define __GMP_CC   "gcc -std=gnu99"
#define __GMP_CFLAGS   "-static"
#define __GNU_MP_VERSION   6
#define __GNU_MP_VERSION_MINOR   2
#define __GMP_H__


typedef unsigned long long int mp_limb_t
typedef long long int mp_limb_signed_t
typedef unsigned long int mp_bitcnt_t
typedef __mpz_struct MP_INT
typedef __mpz_struct mpz_t[1]
typedef mp_limb_tmp_ptr
typedef const mp_limb_tmp_srcptr
typedef long int mp_size_t
typedef long int mp_exp_t
typedef __mpq_struct MP_RAT
typedef __mpq_struct mpq_t[1]
typedef __mpf_struct mpf_t[1]
typedef __gmp_randstate_struct gmp_randstate_t[1]
typedef const __mpz_structmpz_srcptr
typedef __mpz_structmpz_ptr
typedef const __mpf_structmpf_srcptr
typedef __mpf_structmpf_ptr
typedef const __mpq_structmpq_srcptr
typedef __mpq_structmpq_ptr


enum  {


void __gmp_set_memory_functions (void *(*)(size_t), void *(*)(void *, size_t, size_t), void(*)(void *, size_t))
void __gmp_get_memory_functions (void *(**)(size_t), void *(**)(void *, size_t, size_t), void(**)(void *, size_t))
void __gmp_randinit (gmp_randstate_t, gmp_randalg_t,...)
void __gmp_randinit_default (gmp_randstate_t)
void __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp (gmp_randstate_t, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int, mp_bitcnt_t)
int __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp_size (gmp_randstate_t, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmp_randinit_mt (gmp_randstate_t)
void __gmp_randinit_set (gmp_randstate_t, const __gmp_randstate_struct *)
void __gmp_randseed (gmp_randstate_t, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmp_randseed_ui (gmp_randstate_t, unsigned long int)
void __gmp_randclear (gmp_randstate_t)
unsigned long __gmp_urandomb_ui (gmp_randstate_t, unsigned long)
unsigned long __gmp_urandomm_ui (gmp_randstate_t, unsigned long)
int __gmp_asprintf (char **, const char *,...)
int __gmp_printf (const char *,...)
int __gmp_snprintf (char *, size_t, const char *,...)
int __gmp_sprintf (char *, const char *,...)
int __gmp_scanf (const char *,...)
int __gmp_sscanf (const char *, const char *,...)
void__gmpz_realloc (mpz_ptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpz_abs (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_add (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_add_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_addmul (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_addmul_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_and (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_array_init (mpz_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_size_t)
void __gmpz_bin_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_bin_uiui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_cdiv_q (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_cdiv_q_2exp (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
unsigned long int __gmpz_cdiv_q_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_cdiv_qr (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
unsigned long int __gmpz_cdiv_qr_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_cdiv_r (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_cdiv_r_2exp (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
unsigned long int __gmpz_cdiv_r_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
unsigned long int __gmpz_cdiv_ui (mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_clear (mpz_ptr)
void __gmpz_clears (mpz_ptr,...)
void __gmpz_clrbit (mpz_ptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
int __gmpz_cmp (mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_cmp_d (mpz_srcptr, double)
int __gmpz_cmp_si (mpz_srcptr, signed long int)
int __gmpz_cmp_ui (mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
int __gmpz_cmpabs (mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_cmpabs_d (mpz_srcptr, double)
int __gmpz_cmpabs_ui (mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_com (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_combit (mpz_ptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
int __gmpz_congruent_p (mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_congruent_2exp_p (mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
int __gmpz_congruent_ui_p (mpz_srcptr, unsigned long, unsigned long)
void __gmpz_divexact (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_divexact_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long)
int __gmpz_divisible_p (mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_divisible_ui_p (mpz_srcptr, unsigned long)
int __gmpz_divisible_2exp_p (mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpz_dump (mpz_srcptr)
void__gmpz_export (void *, size_t *, int, size_t, int, size_t, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_fac_ui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_2fac_ui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_mfac_uiui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_primorial_ui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_fdiv_q (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_fdiv_q_2exp (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
unsigned long int __gmpz_fdiv_q_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_fdiv_qr (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
unsigned long int __gmpz_fdiv_qr_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_fdiv_r (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_fdiv_r_2exp (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
unsigned long int __gmpz_fdiv_r_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
unsigned long int __gmpz_fdiv_ui (mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_fib_ui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_fib2_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, unsigned long int)
int __gmpz_fits_sint_p (mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_fits_slong_p (mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_fits_sshort_p (mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_fits_uint_p (mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_fits_ulong_p (mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_fits_ushort_p (mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_gcd (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
unsigned long int __gmpz_gcd_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_gcdext (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
double __gmpz_get_d (mpz_srcptr)
double __gmpz_get_d_2exp (signed long int *, mpz_srcptr)
long int __gmpz_get_si (mpz_srcptr)
char * __gmpz_get_str (char *, int, mpz_srcptr)
unsigned long int __gmpz_get_ui (mpz_srcptr)
mp_limb_t __gmpz_getlimbn (mpz_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpz_hamdist (mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_import (mpz_ptr, size_t, int, size_t, int, size_t, const void *)
void __gmpz_init (mpz_ptr)
void __gmpz_init2 (mpz_ptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpz_inits (mpz_ptr,...)
void __gmpz_init_set (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_init_set_d (mpz_ptr, double)
void __gmpz_init_set_si (mpz_ptr, signed long int)
int __gmpz_init_set_str (mpz_ptr, const char *, int)
void __gmpz_init_set_ui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int)
int __gmpz_invert (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_ior (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_jacobi (mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_kronecker_si (mpz_srcptr, long)
int __gmpz_kronecker_ui (mpz_srcptr, unsigned long)
int __gmpz_si_kronecker (long, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_ui_kronecker (unsigned long, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_lcm (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_lcm_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long)
void __gmpz_lucnum_ui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_lucnum2_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, unsigned long int)
int __gmpz_millerrabin (mpz_srcptr, int)
void __gmpz_mod (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_mul (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_mul_2exp (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpz_mul_si (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, long int)
void __gmpz_mul_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_neg (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_nextprime (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_perfect_power_p (mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_perfect_square_p (mpz_srcptr)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpz_popcount (mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_pow_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_powm (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_powm_sec (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_powm_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_probab_prime_p (mpz_srcptr, int)
void __gmpz_random (mpz_ptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpz_random2 (mpz_ptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpz_realloc2 (mpz_ptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpz_remove (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpz_root (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_rootrem (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_rrandomb (mpz_ptr, gmp_randstate_t, mp_bitcnt_t)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpz_scan0 (mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpz_scan1 (mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpz_set (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_set_d (mpz_ptr, double)
void __gmpz_set_f (mpz_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpz_set_q (mpz_ptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpz_set_si (mpz_ptr, signed long int)
int __gmpz_set_str (mpz_ptr, const char *, int)
void __gmpz_set_ui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_setbit (mpz_ptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
size_t __gmpz_size (mpz_srcptr)
size_t __gmpz_sizeinbase (mpz_srcptr, int)
void __gmpz_sqrt (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_sqrtrem (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_sub (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_sub_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_ui_sub (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_submul (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_submul_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_swap (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr)
unsigned long int __gmpz_tdiv_ui (mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_tdiv_q (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_tdiv_q_2exp (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
unsigned long int __gmpz_tdiv_q_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_tdiv_qr (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
unsigned long int __gmpz_tdiv_qr_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_tdiv_r (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_tdiv_r_2exp (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
unsigned long int __gmpz_tdiv_r_ui (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, unsigned long int)
int __gmpz_tstbit (mpz_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpz_ui_pow_ui (mpz_ptr, unsigned long int, unsigned long int)
void __gmpz_urandomb (mpz_ptr, gmp_randstate_t, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpz_urandomm (mpz_ptr, gmp_randstate_t, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpz_xor (mpz_ptr, mpz_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
mp_srcptr __gmpz_limbs_read (mpz_srcptr)
mp_ptr __gmpz_limbs_write (mpz_ptr, mp_size_t)
mp_ptr __gmpz_limbs_modify (mpz_ptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpz_limbs_finish (mpz_ptr, mp_size_t)
mpz_srcptr __gmpz_roinit_n (mpz_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpq_abs (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_add (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_canonicalize (mpq_ptr)
void __gmpq_clear (mpq_ptr)
void __gmpq_clears (mpq_ptr,...)
int __gmpq_cmp (mpq_srcptr, mpq_srcptr)
int __gmpq_cmp_si (mpq_srcptr, long, unsigned long)
int __gmpq_cmp_ui (mpq_srcptr, unsigned long int, unsigned long int)
int __gmpq_cmp_z (mpq_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpq_div (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_div_2exp (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
int __gmpq_equal (mpq_srcptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_get_num (mpz_ptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_get_den (mpz_ptr, mpq_srcptr)
double __gmpq_get_d (mpq_srcptr)
char * __gmpq_get_str (char *, int, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_init (mpq_ptr)
void __gmpq_inits (mpq_ptr,...)
void __gmpq_inv (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_mul (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_mul_2exp (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpq_neg (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_set (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_set_d (mpq_ptr, double)
void __gmpq_set_den (mpq_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpq_set_f (mpq_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpq_set_num (mpq_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpq_set_si (mpq_ptr, signed long int, unsigned long int)
int __gmpq_set_str (mpq_ptr, const char *, int)
void __gmpq_set_ui (mpq_ptr, unsigned long int, unsigned long int)
void __gmpq_set_z (mpq_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
void __gmpq_sub (mpq_ptr, mpq_srcptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpq_swap (mpq_ptr, mpq_ptr)
void __gmpf_abs (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_add (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_add_ui (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpf_ceil (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_clear (mpf_ptr)
void __gmpf_clears (mpf_ptr,...)
int __gmpf_cmp (mpf_srcptr, mpf_srcptr)
int __gmpf_cmp_z (mpf_srcptr, mpz_srcptr)
int __gmpf_cmp_d (mpf_srcptr, double)
int __gmpf_cmp_si (mpf_srcptr, signed long int)
int __gmpf_cmp_ui (mpf_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpf_div (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_div_2exp (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpf_div_ui (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpf_dump (mpf_srcptr)
int __gmpf_eq (mpf_srcptr, mpf_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
int __gmpf_fits_sint_p (mpf_srcptr)
int __gmpf_fits_slong_p (mpf_srcptr)
int __gmpf_fits_sshort_p (mpf_srcptr)
int __gmpf_fits_uint_p (mpf_srcptr)
int __gmpf_fits_ulong_p (mpf_srcptr)
int __gmpf_fits_ushort_p (mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_floor (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
double __gmpf_get_d (mpf_srcptr)
double __gmpf_get_d_2exp (signed long int *, mpf_srcptr)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpf_get_default_prec (void)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpf_get_prec (mpf_srcptr)
long __gmpf_get_si (mpf_srcptr)
char * __gmpf_get_str (char *, mp_exp_t *, int, size_t, mpf_srcptr)
unsigned long __gmpf_get_ui (mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_init (mpf_ptr)
void __gmpf_init2 (mpf_ptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpf_inits (mpf_ptr,...)
void __gmpf_init_set (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_init_set_d (mpf_ptr, double)
void __gmpf_init_set_si (mpf_ptr, signed long int)
int __gmpf_init_set_str (mpf_ptr, const char *, int)
void __gmpf_init_set_ui (mpf_ptr, unsigned long int)
int __gmpf_integer_p (mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_mul (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_mul_2exp (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpf_mul_ui (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpf_neg (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_pow_ui (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpf_random2 (mpf_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_exp_t)
void __gmpf_reldiff (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_set (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_set_d (mpf_ptr, double)
void __gmpf_set_default_prec (mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpf_set_prec (mpf_ptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpf_set_prec_raw (mpf_ptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
void __gmpf_set_q (mpf_ptr, mpq_srcptr)
void __gmpf_set_si (mpf_ptr, signed long int)
int __gmpf_set_str (mpf_ptr, const char *, int)
void __gmpf_set_ui (mpf_ptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpf_set_z (mpf_ptr, mpz_srcptr)
size_t __gmpf_size (mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_sqrt (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_sqrt_ui (mpf_ptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpf_sub (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_sub_ui (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr, unsigned long int)
void __gmpf_swap (mpf_ptr, mpf_ptr)
void __gmpf_trunc (mpf_ptr, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_ui_div (mpf_ptr, unsigned long int, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_ui_sub (mpf_ptr, unsigned long int, mpf_srcptr)
void __gmpf_urandomb (mpf_t, gmp_randstate_t, mp_bitcnt_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_add (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_add_1 (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_add_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_addmul_1 (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
int __gmpn_cmp (mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
int __gmpn_zero_p (mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_divexact_1 (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_divexact_by3c (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_divrem (mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_divrem_1 (mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_divrem_2 (mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_div_qr_1 (mp_ptr, mp_limb_t *, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_div_qr_2 (mp_ptr, mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr)
mp_size_t __gmpn_gcd (mp_ptr, mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_ptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_gcd_11 (mp_limb_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_gcd_1 (mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_gcdext_1 (mp_limb_signed_t *, mp_limb_signed_t *, mp_limb_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_size_t __gmpn_gcdext (mp_ptr, mp_ptr, mp_size_t *, mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_ptr, mp_size_t)
size_t __gmpn_get_str (unsigned char *, int, mp_ptr, mp_size_t)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpn_hamdist (mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_lshift (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, unsigned int)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_mod_1 (mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_mul (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_mul_1 (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
void __gmpn_mul_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_sqr (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_neg (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_com (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
int __gmpn_perfect_square_p (mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
int __gmpn_perfect_power_p (mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpn_popcount (mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_size_t __gmpn_pow_1 (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t, mp_ptr)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_preinv_mod_1 (mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t, mp_limb_t)
void __gmpn_random (mp_ptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_random2 (mp_ptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_rshift (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, unsigned int)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpn_scan0 (mp_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
mp_bitcnt_t __gmpn_scan1 (mp_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t)
mp_size_t __gmpn_set_str (mp_ptr, const unsigned char *, size_t, int)
size_t __gmpn_sizeinbase (mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, int)
mp_size_t __gmpn_sqrtrem (mp_ptr, mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_sub (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_sub_1 (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_sub_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_submul_1 (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t)
void __gmpn_tdiv_qr (mp_ptr, mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_and_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_andn_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_nand_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_ior_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_iorn_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_nior_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_xor_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_xnor_n (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_copyi (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_copyd (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_zero (mp_ptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_cnd_add_n (mp_limb_t, mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_cnd_sub_n (mp_limb_t, mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_sec_add_1 (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t, mp_ptr)
mp_size_t __gmpn_sec_add_1_itch (mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_sec_sub_1 (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_limb_t, mp_ptr)
mp_size_t __gmpn_sec_sub_1_itch (mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_cnd_swap (mp_limb_t, volatile mp_limb_t *, volatile mp_limb_t *, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_sec_mul (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_ptr)
mp_size_t __gmpn_sec_mul_itch (mp_size_t, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_sec_sqr (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_ptr)
mp_size_t __gmpn_sec_sqr_itch (mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_sec_powm (mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_bitcnt_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_ptr)
mp_size_t __gmpn_sec_powm_itch (mp_size_t, mp_bitcnt_t, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_sec_tabselect (volatile mp_limb_t *, volatile const mp_limb_t *, mp_size_t, mp_size_t, mp_size_t)
mp_limb_t __gmpn_sec_div_qr (mp_ptr, mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_ptr)
mp_size_t __gmpn_sec_div_qr_itch (mp_size_t, mp_size_t)
void __gmpn_sec_div_r (mp_ptr, mp_size_t, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_ptr)
mp_size_t __gmpn_sec_div_r_itch (mp_size_t, mp_size_t)
int __gmpn_sec_invert (mp_ptr, mp_ptr, mp_srcptr, mp_size_t, mp_bitcnt_t, mp_ptr)
mp_size_t __gmpn_sec_invert_itch (mp_size_t)


const int __gmp_bits_per_limb
int __gmp_errno
const char *const __gmp_version

Macro Definition Documentation


#define __GMP_ABS (   x)    ((x) >= 0 ? (x) : -(x))

Definition at line 446 of file gmp.h.



Definition at line 308 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_CAST (   type,
)    ((type) (expr))

Definition at line 322 of file gmp.h.

◆ __GMP_CC

#define __GMP_CC   "gcc -std=gnu99"

Definition at line 2326 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_CFLAGS   "-static"

Definition at line 2327 of file gmp.h.

◆ __GMP_CRAY_Pragma

#define __GMP_CRAY_Pragma (   str)

Definition at line 462 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_DECLSPEC

Definition at line 129 of file gmp.h.



Definition at line 242 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_GNUC_PREREQ (   maj,
)    0

Definition at line 297 of file gmp.h.

◆ __GMP_H__

#define __GMP_H__

Definition at line 2335 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_HAVE_HOST_CPU_FAMILY_power   0

Definition at line 41 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_HAVE_HOST_CPU_FAMILY_powerpc   0

Definition at line 42 of file gmp.h.



Definition at line 442 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_LIBGMP_DLL   0

Definition at line 61 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_LIKELY (   cond)    (cond)

Definition at line 455 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_MAX (   h,
)    ((h) > (i) ? (h) : (i))

Definition at line 447 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_MP_SIZE_T_INT   0

Definition at line 174 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_NOTHROW

Definition at line 350 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMP_UNLIKELY (   cond)    (cond)

Definition at line 456 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPN_ADD (   cout,
__GMPN_AORS (cout, wp, xp, xsize, yp, ysize, mpn_add_n, \
(((wp)[__gmp_i++] = (__gmp_x + 1) & GMP_NUMB_MASK) == 0))
#define xp
#define mpn_add_n
Definition: gmp.h:1473
#define __GMPN_AORS(cout, wp, xp, xsize, yp, ysize, FUNCTION, TEST)
Definition: gmp.h:1920
Definition: gmp.h:47
static int ysize
Definition: ppmtopjxl.c:42
static int xsize
Definition: ppmtopjxl.c:41

Definition at line 1954 of file gmp.h.

◆ __GMPN_ADD_1

#define __GMPN_ADD_1 (   cout,
)     __GMPN_AORS_1(cout, dst, src, n, v, +, __GMPN_ADDCB)

Definition at line 2067 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPN_ADDCB (   r,
)    ((r) < (y))

Definition at line 2064 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPN_AORS (   cout,

Definition at line 1920 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPN_AORS_1 (   cout,

Definition at line 1987 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPN_CMP (   result,
do { \
mp_size_t __gmp_i; \
mp_limb_t __gmp_x, __gmp_y; \
/* ASSERT ((size) >= 0); */ \
(result) = 0; \
__gmp_i = (size); \
while (--__gmp_i >= 0) \
{ \
__gmp_x = (xp)[__gmp_i]; \
__gmp_y = (yp)[__gmp_i]; \
if (__gmp_x != __gmp_y) \
{ \
/* Cannot use __gmp_x - __gmp_y, may overflow an "int" */ \
(result) = (__gmp_x > __gmp_y ? 1 : -1); \
break; \
} \
} \
} while (0)
static int size
Definition: ppmlabel.c:24

Definition at line 2076 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPN_COPY (   dst,
)    __GMPN_COPY_REST (dst, src, size, 0)

Definition at line 2130 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPN_COPY_REST (   dst,
do { \
mp_size_t __gmp_j; \
/* ASSERT ((size) >= 0); */ \
/* ASSERT ((start) >= 0); */ \
/* ASSERT ((start) <= (size)); */ \
/* ASSERT (MPN_SAME_OR_SEPARATE_P (dst, src, size)); */ \
__GMP_CRAY_Pragma ("_CRI ivdep"); \
for (__gmp_j = (start); __gmp_j < (size); __gmp_j++) \
(dst)[__gmp_j] = (src)[__gmp_j]; \
} while (0)
@ start
Definition: preamble.c:52

Definition at line 2112 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPN_SUB (   cout,
__GMPN_AORS (cout, wp, xp, xsize, yp, ysize, mpn_sub_n, \
(((wp)[__gmp_i++] = (__gmp_x - 1) & GMP_NUMB_MASK), __gmp_x == 0))
#define mpn_sub_n
Definition: gmp.h:1613

Definition at line 1957 of file gmp.h.

◆ __GMPN_SUB_1

#define __GMPN_SUB_1 (   cout,
)     __GMPN_AORS_1(cout, dst, src, n, v, -, __GMPN_SUBCB)

Definition at line 2069 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPN_SUBCB (   r,
)    ((x) < (y))

Definition at line 2065 of file gmp.h.


#define __GMPZ_FITS_UTYPE_P (   z,
mp_size_t __gmp_n = z->_mp_size; \
mp_ptr __gmp_p = z->_mp_d; \
return (__gmp_n == 0 || (__gmp_n == 1 && __gmp_p[0] <= maxval));
static gray maxval
Definition: asciitopgm.c:38
int z
Definition: dviconv.c:26
long int mp_size_t
Definition: gmp.h:175

Definition at line 1724 of file gmp.h.

◆ __GNU_MP__

#define __GNU_MP__   6

Definition at line 53 of file gmp.h.



Definition at line 2333 of file gmp.h.


#define __GNU_MP_VERSION   6

Definition at line 2330 of file gmp.h.


#define __GNU_MP_VERSION_MINOR   2

Definition at line 2331 of file gmp.h.



Definition at line 2332 of file gmp.h.

◆ __MPN

#define __MPN (   x)    __gmpn_##x

Definition at line 247 of file gmp.h.


#define _LONG_LONG_LIMB   1

Definition at line 60 of file gmp.h.

◆ _mpq_cmp_si

#define _mpq_cmp_si   __gmpq_cmp_si

Definition at line 1155 of file gmp.h.

◆ _mpq_cmp_ui

#define _mpq_cmp_ui   __gmpq_cmp_ui

Definition at line 1158 of file gmp.h.

◆ _mpz_cmp_si

#define _mpz_cmp_si   __gmpz_cmp_si

Definition at line 694 of file gmp.h.

◆ _mpz_cmp_ui

#define _mpz_cmp_ui   __gmpz_cmp_ui

Definition at line 697 of file gmp.h.

◆ _mpz_realloc

#define _mpz_realloc   __gmpz_realloc

Definition at line 619 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_asprintf

#define gmp_asprintf   __gmp_asprintf

Definition at line 535 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_errno

#define gmp_errno   __gmp_errno

Definition at line 489 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_fprintf

#define gmp_fprintf   __gmp_fprintf

Definition at line 538 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_fscanf

#define gmp_fscanf   __gmp_fscanf

Definition at line 590 of file gmp.h.


#define GMP_LIMB_BITS   64

Definition at line 43 of file gmp.h.


#define GMP_NAIL_BITS   0

Definition at line 44 of file gmp.h.



Definition at line 49 of file gmp.h.



Definition at line 46 of file gmp.h.


#define GMP_NUMB_MASK   ((~ __GMP_CAST (mp_limb_t, 0)) >> GMP_NAIL_BITS)

Definition at line 47 of file gmp.h.



Definition at line 48 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_obstack_printf

#define gmp_obstack_printf   __gmp_obstack_printf

Definition at line 543 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_obstack_vprintf

#define gmp_obstack_vprintf   __gmp_obstack_vprintf

Definition at line 548 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_printf

#define gmp_printf   __gmp_printf

Definition at line 553 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randclear

#define gmp_randclear   __gmp_randclear

Definition at line 523 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randinit

#define gmp_randinit   __gmp_randinit

Definition at line 499 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randinit_default

#define gmp_randinit_default   __gmp_randinit_default

Definition at line 502 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randinit_lc_2exp

#define gmp_randinit_lc_2exp   __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp

Definition at line 505 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randinit_lc_2exp_size

#define gmp_randinit_lc_2exp_size   __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp_size

Definition at line 508 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randinit_mt

#define gmp_randinit_mt   __gmp_randinit_mt

Definition at line 511 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randinit_set

#define gmp_randinit_set   __gmp_randinit_set

Definition at line 514 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randseed

#define gmp_randseed   __gmp_randseed

Definition at line 517 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randseed_ui

#define gmp_randseed_ui   __gmp_randseed_ui

Definition at line 520 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_scanf

#define gmp_scanf   __gmp_scanf

Definition at line 595 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_snprintf

#define gmp_snprintf   __gmp_snprintf

Definition at line 556 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_sprintf

#define gmp_sprintf   __gmp_sprintf

Definition at line 559 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_sscanf

#define gmp_sscanf   __gmp_sscanf

Definition at line 598 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_urandomb_ui

#define gmp_urandomb_ui   __gmp_urandomb_ui

Definition at line 526 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_urandomm_ui

#define gmp_urandomm_ui   __gmp_urandomm_ui

Definition at line 529 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_vasprintf

#define gmp_vasprintf   __gmp_vasprintf

Definition at line 562 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_version

#define gmp_version   __gmp_version

Definition at line 492 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_vfprintf

#define gmp_vfprintf   __gmp_vfprintf

Definition at line 567 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_vfscanf

#define gmp_vfscanf   __gmp_vfscanf

Definition at line 601 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_vprintf

#define gmp_vprintf   __gmp_vprintf

Definition at line 572 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_vscanf

#define gmp_vscanf   __gmp_vscanf

Definition at line 606 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_vsnprintf

#define gmp_vsnprintf   __gmp_vsnprintf

Definition at line 577 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_vsprintf

#define gmp_vsprintf   __gmp_vsprintf

Definition at line 582 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_vsscanf

#define gmp_vsscanf   __gmp_vsscanf

Definition at line 611 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_bits_per_limb

#define mp_bits_per_limb   __gmp_bits_per_limb

Definition at line 486 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_get_memory_functions

#define mp_get_memory_functions   __gmp_get_memory_functions

Definition at line 481 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_set_memory_functions

#define mp_set_memory_functions   __gmp_set_memory_functions

Definition at line 476 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_abs

#define mpf_abs   __gmpf_abs

Definition at line 1251 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_add

#define mpf_add   __gmpf_add

Definition at line 1254 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_add_ui

#define mpf_add_ui   __gmpf_add_ui

Definition at line 1257 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_ceil

#define mpf_ceil   __gmpf_ceil

Definition at line 1259 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_clear

#define mpf_clear   __gmpf_clear

Definition at line 1262 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_clears

#define mpf_clears   __gmpf_clears

Definition at line 1265 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_cmp

#define mpf_cmp   __gmpf_cmp

Definition at line 1268 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_cmp_d

#define mpf_cmp_d   __gmpf_cmp_d

Definition at line 1274 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_cmp_si

#define mpf_cmp_si   __gmpf_cmp_si

Definition at line 1277 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_cmp_ui

#define mpf_cmp_ui   __gmpf_cmp_ui

Definition at line 1280 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_cmp_z

#define mpf_cmp_z   __gmpf_cmp_z

Definition at line 1271 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_div

#define mpf_div   __gmpf_div

Definition at line 1283 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_div_2exp

#define mpf_div_2exp   __gmpf_div_2exp

Definition at line 1286 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_div_ui

#define mpf_div_ui   __gmpf_div_ui

Definition at line 1289 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_dump

#define mpf_dump   __gmpf_dump

Definition at line 1292 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_eq

#define mpf_eq   __gmpf_eq

Definition at line 1295 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_fits_sint_p

#define mpf_fits_sint_p   __gmpf_fits_sint_p

Definition at line 1298 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_fits_slong_p

#define mpf_fits_slong_p   __gmpf_fits_slong_p

Definition at line 1301 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_fits_sshort_p

#define mpf_fits_sshort_p   __gmpf_fits_sshort_p

Definition at line 1304 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_fits_uint_p

#define mpf_fits_uint_p   __gmpf_fits_uint_p

Definition at line 1307 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_fits_ulong_p

#define mpf_fits_ulong_p   __gmpf_fits_ulong_p

Definition at line 1310 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_fits_ushort_p

#define mpf_fits_ushort_p   __gmpf_fits_ushort_p

Definition at line 1313 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_floor

#define mpf_floor   __gmpf_floor

Definition at line 1316 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_get_d

#define mpf_get_d   __gmpf_get_d

Definition at line 1319 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_get_d_2exp

#define mpf_get_d_2exp   __gmpf_get_d_2exp

Definition at line 1322 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_get_default_prec

#define mpf_get_default_prec   __gmpf_get_default_prec

Definition at line 1325 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_get_prec

#define mpf_get_prec   __gmpf_get_prec

Definition at line 1328 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_get_si

#define mpf_get_si   __gmpf_get_si

Definition at line 1331 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_get_str

#define mpf_get_str   __gmpf_get_str

Definition at line 1334 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_get_ui

#define mpf_get_ui   __gmpf_get_ui

Definition at line 1337 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_init

#define mpf_init   __gmpf_init

Definition at line 1340 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_init2

#define mpf_init2   __gmpf_init2

Definition at line 1343 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_init_set

#define mpf_init_set   __gmpf_init_set

Definition at line 1349 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_init_set_d

#define mpf_init_set_d   __gmpf_init_set_d

Definition at line 1352 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_init_set_si

#define mpf_init_set_si   __gmpf_init_set_si

Definition at line 1355 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_init_set_str

#define mpf_init_set_str   __gmpf_init_set_str

Definition at line 1358 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_init_set_ui

#define mpf_init_set_ui   __gmpf_init_set_ui

Definition at line 1361 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_inits

#define mpf_inits   __gmpf_inits

Definition at line 1346 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_inp_str

#define mpf_inp_str   __gmpf_inp_str

Definition at line 1364 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_integer_p

#define mpf_integer_p   __gmpf_integer_p

Definition at line 1369 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_mul

#define mpf_mul   __gmpf_mul

Definition at line 1372 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_mul_2exp

#define mpf_mul_2exp   __gmpf_mul_2exp

Definition at line 1375 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_mul_ui

#define mpf_mul_ui   __gmpf_mul_ui

Definition at line 1378 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_neg

#define mpf_neg   __gmpf_neg

Definition at line 1381 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_out_str

#define mpf_out_str   __gmpf_out_str

Definition at line 1384 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_pow_ui

#define mpf_pow_ui   __gmpf_pow_ui

Definition at line 1389 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_random2

#define mpf_random2   __gmpf_random2

Definition at line 1392 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_reldiff

#define mpf_reldiff   __gmpf_reldiff

Definition at line 1395 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set

#define mpf_set   __gmpf_set

Definition at line 1398 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set_d

#define mpf_set_d   __gmpf_set_d

Definition at line 1401 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set_default_prec

#define mpf_set_default_prec   __gmpf_set_default_prec

Definition at line 1404 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set_prec

#define mpf_set_prec   __gmpf_set_prec

Definition at line 1407 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set_prec_raw

#define mpf_set_prec_raw   __gmpf_set_prec_raw

Definition at line 1410 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set_q

#define mpf_set_q   __gmpf_set_q

Definition at line 1413 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set_si

#define mpf_set_si   __gmpf_set_si

Definition at line 1416 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set_str

#define mpf_set_str   __gmpf_set_str

Definition at line 1419 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set_ui

#define mpf_set_ui   __gmpf_set_ui

Definition at line 1422 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_set_z

#define mpf_set_z   __gmpf_set_z

Definition at line 1425 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_sgn

#define mpf_sgn (   F)    ((F)->_mp_size < 0 ? -1 : (F)->_mp_size > 0)

Definition at line 2246 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_size

#define mpf_size   __gmpf_size

Definition at line 1428 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_sqrt

#define mpf_sqrt   __gmpf_sqrt

Definition at line 1431 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_sqrt_ui

#define mpf_sqrt_ui   __gmpf_sqrt_ui

Definition at line 1434 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_sub

#define mpf_sub   __gmpf_sub

Definition at line 1437 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_sub_ui

#define mpf_sub_ui   __gmpf_sub_ui

Definition at line 1440 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_swap

#define mpf_swap   __gmpf_swap

Definition at line 1443 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_trunc

#define mpf_trunc   __gmpf_trunc

Definition at line 1446 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_ui_div

#define mpf_ui_div   __gmpf_ui_div

Definition at line 1449 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_ui_sub

#define mpf_ui_sub   __gmpf_ui_sub

Definition at line 1452 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_urandomb

#define mpf_urandomb   __gmpf_urandomb

Definition at line 1455 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_add

#define mpn_add   __MPN(add)

Definition at line 1463 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_add_1

#define mpn_add_1   __MPN(add_1)

Definition at line 1468 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_add_n

#define mpn_add_n   __MPN(add_n)

Definition at line 1473 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_addmul_1

#define mpn_addmul_1   __MPN(addmul_1)

Definition at line 1476 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_and_n

#define mpn_and_n   __MPN(and_n)

Definition at line 1622 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_andn_n

#define mpn_andn_n   __MPN(andn_n)

Definition at line 1624 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_cmp

#define mpn_cmp   __MPN(cmp)

Definition at line 1479 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_cnd_add_n

#define mpn_cnd_add_n   __MPN(cnd_add_n)

Definition at line 1646 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_cnd_sub_n

#define mpn_cnd_sub_n   __MPN(cnd_sub_n)

Definition at line 1648 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_cnd_swap

#define mpn_cnd_swap   __MPN(cnd_swap)

Definition at line 1661 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_com

#define mpn_com   __MPN(com)

Definition at line 1560 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_copyd

#define mpn_copyd   __MPN(copyd)

Definition at line 1641 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_copyi

#define mpn_copyi   __MPN(copyi)

Definition at line 1639 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_div_qr_1

#define mpn_div_qr_1   __MPN(div_qr_1)

Definition at line 1510 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_div_qr_2

#define mpn_div_qr_2   __MPN(div_qr_2)

Definition at line 1513 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_divexact_1

#define mpn_divexact_1   __MPN(divexact_1)

Definition at line 1489 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_divexact_by3

#define mpn_divexact_by3 (   dst,
)     mpn_divexact_by3c (dst, src, size, __GMP_CAST (mp_limb_t, 0))

Definition at line 1492 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_divexact_by3c

#define mpn_divexact_by3c   __MPN(divexact_by3c)

Definition at line 1495 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_divmod

#define mpn_divmod (   qp,
)     mpn_divrem (qp, __GMP_CAST (mp_size_t, 0), np, nsize, dp, dsize)

Definition at line 2295 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_divmod_1

#define mpn_divmod_1 (   qp,
)     mpn_divrem_1 (qp, __GMP_CAST (mp_size_t, 0), np, nsize, dlimb)

Definition at line 1498 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_divrem

#define mpn_divrem   __MPN(divrem)

Definition at line 1501 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_divrem_1

#define mpn_divrem_1   __MPN(divrem_1)

Definition at line 1504 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_divrem_2

#define mpn_divrem_2   __MPN(divrem_2)

Definition at line 1507 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_gcd

#define mpn_gcd   __MPN(gcd)

Definition at line 1516 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_gcd_1

#define mpn_gcd_1   __MPN(gcd_1)

Definition at line 1522 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_gcd_11

#define mpn_gcd_11   __MPN(gcd_11)

Definition at line 1519 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_gcdext

#define mpn_gcdext   __MPN(gcdext)

Definition at line 1528 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_gcdext_1

#define mpn_gcdext_1   __MPN(gcdext_1)

Definition at line 1525 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_get_str

#define mpn_get_str   __MPN(get_str)

Definition at line 1531 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_hamdist

#define mpn_hamdist   __MPN(hamdist)

Definition at line 1534 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_ior_n

#define mpn_ior_n   __MPN(ior_n)

Definition at line 1628 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_iorn_n

#define mpn_iorn_n   __MPN(iorn_n)

Definition at line 1630 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_lshift

#define mpn_lshift   __MPN(lshift)

Definition at line 1537 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_mod_1

#define mpn_mod_1   __MPN(mod_1)

Definition at line 1540 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_mul

#define mpn_mul   __MPN(mul)

Definition at line 1543 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_mul_1

#define mpn_mul_1   __MPN(mul_1)

Definition at line 1546 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_mul_n

#define mpn_mul_n   __MPN(mul_n)

Definition at line 1549 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_nand_n

#define mpn_nand_n   __MPN(nand_n)

Definition at line 1626 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_neg

#define mpn_neg   __MPN(neg)

Definition at line 1555 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_nior_n

#define mpn_nior_n   __MPN(nior_n)

Definition at line 1632 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_perfect_power_p

#define mpn_perfect_power_p   __MPN(perfect_power_p)

Definition at line 1566 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_perfect_square_p

#define mpn_perfect_square_p   __MPN(perfect_square_p)

Definition at line 1563 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_popcount

#define mpn_popcount   __MPN(popcount)

Definition at line 1569 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_pow_1

#define mpn_pow_1   __MPN(pow_1)

Definition at line 1572 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_preinv_mod_1

#define mpn_preinv_mod_1   __MPN(preinv_mod_1)

Definition at line 1576 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_random

#define mpn_random   __MPN(random)

Definition at line 1579 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_random2

#define mpn_random2   __MPN(random2)

Definition at line 1582 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_rshift

#define mpn_rshift   __MPN(rshift)

Definition at line 1585 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_scan0

#define mpn_scan0   __MPN(scan0)

Definition at line 1588 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_scan1

#define mpn_scan1   __MPN(scan1)

Definition at line 1591 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_add_1

#define mpn_sec_add_1   __MPN(sec_add_1)

Definition at line 1651 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_add_1_itch

#define mpn_sec_add_1_itch   __MPN(sec_add_1_itch)

Definition at line 1653 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_div_qr

#define mpn_sec_div_qr   __MPN(sec_div_qr)

Definition at line 1682 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_div_qr_itch

#define mpn_sec_div_qr_itch   __MPN(sec_div_qr_itch)

Definition at line 1684 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_div_r

#define mpn_sec_div_r   __MPN(sec_div_r)

Definition at line 1686 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_div_r_itch

#define mpn_sec_div_r_itch   __MPN(sec_div_r_itch)

Definition at line 1688 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_invert

#define mpn_sec_invert   __MPN(sec_invert)

Definition at line 1691 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_invert_itch

#define mpn_sec_invert_itch   __MPN(sec_invert_itch)

Definition at line 1693 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_mul

#define mpn_sec_mul   __MPN(sec_mul)

Definition at line 1664 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_mul_itch

#define mpn_sec_mul_itch   __MPN(sec_mul_itch)

Definition at line 1666 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_powm

#define mpn_sec_powm   __MPN(sec_powm)

Definition at line 1674 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_powm_itch

#define mpn_sec_powm_itch   __MPN(sec_powm_itch)

Definition at line 1676 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_sqr

#define mpn_sec_sqr   __MPN(sec_sqr)

Definition at line 1669 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_sqr_itch

#define mpn_sec_sqr_itch   __MPN(sec_sqr_itch)

Definition at line 1671 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_sub_1

#define mpn_sec_sub_1   __MPN(sec_sub_1)

Definition at line 1656 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_sub_1_itch

#define mpn_sec_sub_1_itch   __MPN(sec_sub_1_itch)

Definition at line 1658 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sec_tabselect

#define mpn_sec_tabselect   __MPN(sec_tabselect)

Definition at line 1679 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_set_str

#define mpn_set_str   __MPN(set_str)

Definition at line 1594 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sizeinbase

#define mpn_sizeinbase   __MPN(sizeinbase)

Definition at line 1597 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sqr

#define mpn_sqr   __MPN(sqr)

Definition at line 1552 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sqrtrem

#define mpn_sqrtrem   __MPN(sqrtrem)

Definition at line 1600 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sub

#define mpn_sub   __MPN(sub)

Definition at line 1603 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sub_1

#define mpn_sub_1   __MPN(sub_1)

Definition at line 1608 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_sub_n

#define mpn_sub_n   __MPN(sub_n)

Definition at line 1613 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_submul_1

#define mpn_submul_1   __MPN(submul_1)

Definition at line 1616 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_tdiv_qr

#define mpn_tdiv_qr   __MPN(tdiv_qr)

Definition at line 1619 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_xnor_n

#define mpn_xnor_n   __MPN(xnor_n)

Definition at line 1636 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_xor_n

#define mpn_xor_n   __MPN(xor_n)

Definition at line 1634 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_zero

#define mpn_zero   __MPN(zero)

Definition at line 1643 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpn_zero_p

#define mpn_zero_p   __MPN(zero_p)

Definition at line 1484 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_abs

#define mpq_abs   __gmpq_abs

Definition at line 1135 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_add

#define mpq_add   __gmpq_add

Definition at line 1140 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_canonicalize

#define mpq_canonicalize   __gmpq_canonicalize

Definition at line 1143 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_clear

#define mpq_clear   __gmpq_clear

Definition at line 1146 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_clears

#define mpq_clears   __gmpq_clears

Definition at line 1149 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_cmp

#define mpq_cmp   __gmpq_cmp

Definition at line 1152 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_cmp_si

#define mpq_cmp_si (   q,
)    _mpq_cmp_si(q,n,d)

Definition at line 2271 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_cmp_ui

#define mpq_cmp_ui (   Q,
)    _mpq_cmp_ui (Q,NUI,DUI)

Definition at line 2270 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_cmp_z

#define mpq_cmp_z   __gmpq_cmp_z

Definition at line 1161 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_denref

#define mpq_denref (   Q)    (&((Q)->_mp_den))

Definition at line 468 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_div

#define mpq_div   __gmpq_div

Definition at line 1164 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_div_2exp

#define mpq_div_2exp   __gmpq_div_2exp

Definition at line 1167 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_equal

#define mpq_equal   __gmpq_equal

Definition at line 1170 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_get_d

#define mpq_get_d   __gmpq_get_d

Definition at line 1179 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_get_den

#define mpq_get_den   __gmpq_get_den

Definition at line 1176 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_get_num

#define mpq_get_num   __gmpq_get_num

Definition at line 1173 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_get_str

#define mpq_get_str   __gmpq_get_str

Definition at line 1182 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_init

#define mpq_init   __gmpq_init

Definition at line 1185 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_inits

#define mpq_inits   __gmpq_inits

Definition at line 1188 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_inp_str

#define mpq_inp_str   __gmpq_inp_str

Definition at line 1191 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_inv

#define mpq_inv   __gmpq_inv

Definition at line 1196 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_mul

#define mpq_mul   __gmpq_mul

Definition at line 1199 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_mul_2exp

#define mpq_mul_2exp   __gmpq_mul_2exp

Definition at line 1202 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_neg

#define mpq_neg   __gmpq_neg

Definition at line 1205 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_numref

#define mpq_numref (   Q)    (&((Q)->_mp_num))

Definition at line 467 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_out_str

#define mpq_out_str   __gmpq_out_str

Definition at line 1210 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_set

#define mpq_set   __gmpq_set

Definition at line 1215 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_set_d

#define mpq_set_d   __gmpq_set_d

Definition at line 1218 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_set_den

#define mpq_set_den   __gmpq_set_den

Definition at line 1221 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_set_f

#define mpq_set_f   __gmpq_set_f

Definition at line 1224 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_set_num

#define mpq_set_num   __gmpq_set_num

Definition at line 1227 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_set_si

#define mpq_set_si   __gmpq_set_si

Definition at line 1230 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_set_str

#define mpq_set_str   __gmpq_set_str

Definition at line 1233 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_set_ui

#define mpq_set_ui   __gmpq_set_ui

Definition at line 1236 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_set_z

#define mpq_set_z   __gmpq_set_z

Definition at line 1239 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_sgn

#define mpq_sgn (   Q)    ((Q)->_mp_num._mp_size < 0 ? -1 : (Q)->_mp_num._mp_size > 0)

Definition at line 2247 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_sub

#define mpq_sub   __gmpq_sub

Definition at line 1242 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_swap

#define mpq_swap   __gmpq_swap

Definition at line 1245 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_2fac_ui

#define mpz_2fac_ui   __gmpz_2fac_ui

Definition at line 748 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_abs

#define mpz_abs   __gmpz_abs

Definition at line 623 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_add

#define mpz_add   __gmpz_add

Definition at line 628 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_add_ui

#define mpz_add_ui   __gmpz_add_ui

Definition at line 631 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_addmul

#define mpz_addmul   __gmpz_addmul

Definition at line 634 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_addmul_ui

#define mpz_addmul_ui   __gmpz_addmul_ui

Definition at line 637 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_and

#define mpz_and   __gmpz_and

Definition at line 640 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_array_init

#define mpz_array_init   __gmpz_array_init

Definition at line 643 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_bin_ui

#define mpz_bin_ui   __gmpz_bin_ui

Definition at line 646 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_bin_uiui

#define mpz_bin_uiui   __gmpz_bin_uiui

Definition at line 649 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cdiv_q

#define mpz_cdiv_q   __gmpz_cdiv_q

Definition at line 652 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cdiv_q_2exp

#define mpz_cdiv_q_2exp   __gmpz_cdiv_q_2exp

Definition at line 655 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cdiv_q_ui

#define mpz_cdiv_q_ui   __gmpz_cdiv_q_ui

Definition at line 658 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cdiv_qr

#define mpz_cdiv_qr   __gmpz_cdiv_qr

Definition at line 661 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cdiv_qr_ui

#define mpz_cdiv_qr_ui   __gmpz_cdiv_qr_ui

Definition at line 664 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cdiv_r

#define mpz_cdiv_r   __gmpz_cdiv_r

Definition at line 667 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cdiv_r_2exp

#define mpz_cdiv_r_2exp   __gmpz_cdiv_r_2exp

Definition at line 670 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cdiv_r_ui

#define mpz_cdiv_r_ui   __gmpz_cdiv_r_ui

Definition at line 673 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cdiv_ui

#define mpz_cdiv_ui   __gmpz_cdiv_ui

Definition at line 676 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_clear

#define mpz_clear   __gmpz_clear

Definition at line 679 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_clears

#define mpz_clears   __gmpz_clears

Definition at line 682 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_clrbit

#define mpz_clrbit   __gmpz_clrbit

Definition at line 685 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cmp

#define mpz_cmp   __gmpz_cmp

Definition at line 688 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cmp_d

#define mpz_cmp_d   __gmpz_cmp_d

Definition at line 691 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cmp_si

#define mpz_cmp_si (   Z,
)    _mpz_cmp_si (Z,UI)

Definition at line 2269 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cmp_ui

#define mpz_cmp_ui (   Z,
)    _mpz_cmp_ui (Z,UI)

Definition at line 2268 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cmpabs

#define mpz_cmpabs   __gmpz_cmpabs

Definition at line 700 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cmpabs_d

#define mpz_cmpabs_d   __gmpz_cmpabs_d

Definition at line 703 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_cmpabs_ui

#define mpz_cmpabs_ui   __gmpz_cmpabs_ui

Definition at line 706 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_com

#define mpz_com   __gmpz_com

Definition at line 709 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_combit

#define mpz_combit   __gmpz_combit

Definition at line 712 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_congruent_2exp_p

#define mpz_congruent_2exp_p   __gmpz_congruent_2exp_p

Definition at line 718 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_congruent_p

#define mpz_congruent_p   __gmpz_congruent_p

Definition at line 715 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_congruent_ui_p

#define mpz_congruent_ui_p   __gmpz_congruent_ui_p

Definition at line 721 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_div

#define mpz_div   mpz_fdiv_q

Definition at line 2309 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_div_2exp

#define mpz_div_2exp   mpz_fdiv_q_2exp

Definition at line 2313 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_div_ui

#define mpz_div_ui   mpz_fdiv_q_ui

Definition at line 2311 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_divexact

#define mpz_divexact   __gmpz_divexact

Definition at line 724 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_divexact_ui

#define mpz_divexact_ui   __gmpz_divexact_ui

Definition at line 727 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_divisible_2exp_p

#define mpz_divisible_2exp_p   __gmpz_divisible_2exp_p

Definition at line 736 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_divisible_p

#define mpz_divisible_p   __gmpz_divisible_p

Definition at line 730 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_divisible_ui_p

#define mpz_divisible_ui_p   __gmpz_divisible_ui_p

Definition at line 733 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_divmod

#define mpz_divmod   mpz_fdiv_qr

Definition at line 2310 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_divmod_ui

#define mpz_divmod_ui   mpz_fdiv_qr_ui

Definition at line 2312 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_dump

#define mpz_dump   __gmpz_dump

Definition at line 739 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_eor

#define mpz_eor   __gmpz_xor

Definition at line 1113 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_even_p

#define mpz_even_p (   z)    (! mpz_odd_p (z))

Definition at line 2279 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_export

#define mpz_export   __gmpz_export

Definition at line 742 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fac_ui

#define mpz_fac_ui   __gmpz_fac_ui

Definition at line 745 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fdiv_q

#define mpz_fdiv_q   __gmpz_fdiv_q

Definition at line 757 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fdiv_q_2exp

#define mpz_fdiv_q_2exp   __gmpz_fdiv_q_2exp

Definition at line 760 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fdiv_q_ui

#define mpz_fdiv_q_ui   __gmpz_fdiv_q_ui

Definition at line 763 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fdiv_qr

#define mpz_fdiv_qr   __gmpz_fdiv_qr

Definition at line 766 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fdiv_qr_ui

#define mpz_fdiv_qr_ui   __gmpz_fdiv_qr_ui

Definition at line 769 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fdiv_r

#define mpz_fdiv_r   __gmpz_fdiv_r

Definition at line 772 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fdiv_r_2exp

#define mpz_fdiv_r_2exp   __gmpz_fdiv_r_2exp

Definition at line 775 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fdiv_r_ui

#define mpz_fdiv_r_ui   __gmpz_fdiv_r_ui

Definition at line 778 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fdiv_ui

#define mpz_fdiv_ui   __gmpz_fdiv_ui

Definition at line 781 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fib2_ui

#define mpz_fib2_ui   __gmpz_fib2_ui

Definition at line 787 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fib_ui

#define mpz_fib_ui   __gmpz_fib_ui

Definition at line 784 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fits_sint_p

#define mpz_fits_sint_p   __gmpz_fits_sint_p

Definition at line 790 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fits_slong_p

#define mpz_fits_slong_p   __gmpz_fits_slong_p

Definition at line 793 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fits_sshort_p

#define mpz_fits_sshort_p   __gmpz_fits_sshort_p

Definition at line 796 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fits_uint_p

#define mpz_fits_uint_p   __gmpz_fits_uint_p

Definition at line 799 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fits_ulong_p

#define mpz_fits_ulong_p   __gmpz_fits_ulong_p

Definition at line 804 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_fits_ushort_p

#define mpz_fits_ushort_p   __gmpz_fits_ushort_p

Definition at line 809 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_gcd

#define mpz_gcd   __gmpz_gcd

Definition at line 814 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_gcd_ui

#define mpz_gcd_ui   __gmpz_gcd_ui

Definition at line 817 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_gcdext

#define mpz_gcdext   __gmpz_gcdext

Definition at line 820 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_get_d

#define mpz_get_d   __gmpz_get_d

Definition at line 823 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_get_d_2exp

#define mpz_get_d_2exp   __gmpz_get_d_2exp

Definition at line 826 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_get_si

#define mpz_get_si   __gmpz_get_si

Definition at line 829 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_get_str

#define mpz_get_str   __gmpz_get_str

Definition at line 832 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_get_ui

#define mpz_get_ui   __gmpz_get_ui

Definition at line 835 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_getlimbn

#define mpz_getlimbn   __gmpz_getlimbn

Definition at line 840 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_hamdist

#define mpz_hamdist   __gmpz_hamdist

Definition at line 845 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_import

#define mpz_import   __gmpz_import

Definition at line 848 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_init

#define mpz_init   __gmpz_init

Definition at line 851 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_init2

#define mpz_init2   __gmpz_init2

Definition at line 854 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_init_set

#define mpz_init_set   __gmpz_init_set

Definition at line 860 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_init_set_d

#define mpz_init_set_d   __gmpz_init_set_d

Definition at line 863 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_init_set_si

#define mpz_init_set_si   __gmpz_init_set_si

Definition at line 866 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_init_set_str

#define mpz_init_set_str   __gmpz_init_set_str

Definition at line 869 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_init_set_ui

#define mpz_init_set_ui   __gmpz_init_set_ui

Definition at line 872 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_inits

#define mpz_inits   __gmpz_inits

Definition at line 857 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_inp_raw

#define mpz_inp_raw   __gmpz_inp_raw

Definition at line 875 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_inp_str

#define mpz_inp_str   __gmpz_inp_str

Definition at line 880 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_invert

#define mpz_invert   __gmpz_invert

Definition at line 885 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_ior

#define mpz_ior   __gmpz_ior

Definition at line 888 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_jacobi

#define mpz_jacobi   __gmpz_jacobi

Definition at line 891 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_kronecker

#define mpz_kronecker   mpz_jacobi /* alias */

Definition at line 894 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_kronecker_si

#define mpz_kronecker_si   __gmpz_kronecker_si

Definition at line 896 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_kronecker_ui

#define mpz_kronecker_ui   __gmpz_kronecker_ui

Definition at line 899 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_lcm

#define mpz_lcm   __gmpz_lcm

Definition at line 908 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_lcm_ui

#define mpz_lcm_ui   __gmpz_lcm_ui

Definition at line 911 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_legendre

#define mpz_legendre   mpz_jacobi /* alias */

Definition at line 914 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_limbs_finish

#define mpz_limbs_finish   __gmpz_limbs_finish

Definition at line 1125 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_limbs_modify

#define mpz_limbs_modify   __gmpz_limbs_modify

Definition at line 1122 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_limbs_read

#define mpz_limbs_read   __gmpz_limbs_read

Definition at line 1116 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_limbs_write

#define mpz_limbs_write   __gmpz_limbs_write

Definition at line 1119 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_lucnum2_ui

#define mpz_lucnum2_ui   __gmpz_lucnum2_ui

Definition at line 919 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_lucnum_ui

#define mpz_lucnum_ui   __gmpz_lucnum_ui

Definition at line 916 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mdiv

#define mpz_mdiv   mpz_fdiv_q

Definition at line 2299 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mdiv_ui

#define mpz_mdiv_ui   mpz_fdiv_q_ui

Definition at line 2302 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mdivmod

#define mpz_mdivmod   mpz_fdiv_qr

Definition at line 2300 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mdivmod_ui

#define mpz_mdivmod_ui (   q,
)     (((r) == 0) ? mpz_fdiv_q_ui (q,n,d) : mpz_fdiv_qr_ui (q,r,n,d))

Definition at line 2303 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mfac_uiui

#define mpz_mfac_uiui   __gmpz_mfac_uiui

Definition at line 751 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_millerrabin

#define mpz_millerrabin   __gmpz_millerrabin

Definition at line 922 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mmod

#define mpz_mmod   mpz_fdiv_r

Definition at line 2301 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mmod_ui

#define mpz_mmod_ui (   r,
)     (((r) == 0) ? mpz_fdiv_ui (n,d) : mpz_fdiv_r_ui (r,n,d))

Definition at line 2305 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mod

#define mpz_mod   __gmpz_mod

Definition at line 925 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mod_2exp

#define mpz_mod_2exp   mpz_fdiv_r_2exp

Definition at line 2314 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mod_ui

#define mpz_mod_ui   mpz_fdiv_r_ui /* same as fdiv_r because divisor unsigned */

Definition at line 928 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mul

#define mpz_mul   __gmpz_mul

Definition at line 930 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mul_2exp

#define mpz_mul_2exp   __gmpz_mul_2exp

Definition at line 933 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mul_si

#define mpz_mul_si   __gmpz_mul_si

Definition at line 936 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_mul_ui

#define mpz_mul_ui   __gmpz_mul_ui

Definition at line 939 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_neg

#define mpz_neg   __gmpz_neg

Definition at line 942 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_nextprime

#define mpz_nextprime   __gmpz_nextprime

Definition at line 947 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_odd_p

#define mpz_odd_p (   z)    (((z)->_mp_size != 0) & __GMP_CAST (int, (z)->_mp_d[0]))

Definition at line 2278 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_out_raw

#define mpz_out_raw   __gmpz_out_raw

Definition at line 950 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_out_str

#define mpz_out_str   __gmpz_out_str

Definition at line 955 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_perfect_power_p

#define mpz_perfect_power_p   __gmpz_perfect_power_p

Definition at line 960 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_perfect_square_p

#define mpz_perfect_square_p   __gmpz_perfect_square_p

Definition at line 963 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_popcount

#define mpz_popcount   __gmpz_popcount

Definition at line 968 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_pow_ui

#define mpz_pow_ui   __gmpz_pow_ui

Definition at line 973 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_powm

#define mpz_powm   __gmpz_powm

Definition at line 976 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_powm_sec

#define mpz_powm_sec   __gmpz_powm_sec

Definition at line 979 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_powm_ui

#define mpz_powm_ui   __gmpz_powm_ui

Definition at line 982 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_primorial_ui

#define mpz_primorial_ui   __gmpz_primorial_ui

Definition at line 754 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_probab_prime_p

#define mpz_probab_prime_p   __gmpz_probab_prime_p

Definition at line 985 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_random

#define mpz_random   __gmpz_random

Definition at line 988 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_random2

#define mpz_random2   __gmpz_random2

Definition at line 991 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_realloc

#define mpz_realloc   __gmpz_realloc

Definition at line 620 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_realloc2

#define mpz_realloc2   __gmpz_realloc2

Definition at line 994 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_remove

#define mpz_remove   __gmpz_remove

Definition at line 997 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_roinit_n

#define mpz_roinit_n   __gmpz_roinit_n

Definition at line 1128 of file gmp.h.


#define MPZ_ROINIT_N (   xp,
)    {{0, (xs),(xp) }}

Definition at line 1131 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_root

#define mpz_root   __gmpz_root

Definition at line 1000 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_rootrem

#define mpz_rootrem   __gmpz_rootrem

Definition at line 1003 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_rrandomb

#define mpz_rrandomb   __gmpz_rrandomb

Definition at line 1006 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_scan0

#define mpz_scan0   __gmpz_scan0

Definition at line 1009 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_scan1

#define mpz_scan1   __gmpz_scan1

Definition at line 1012 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_set

#define mpz_set   __gmpz_set

Definition at line 1015 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_set_d

#define mpz_set_d   __gmpz_set_d

Definition at line 1018 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_set_f

#define mpz_set_f   __gmpz_set_f

Definition at line 1021 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_set_q

#define mpz_set_q   __gmpz_set_q

Definition at line 1024 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_set_si

#define mpz_set_si   __gmpz_set_si

Definition at line 1029 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_set_str

#define mpz_set_str   __gmpz_set_str

Definition at line 1032 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_set_ui

#define mpz_set_ui   __gmpz_set_ui

Definition at line 1035 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_setbit

#define mpz_setbit   __gmpz_setbit

Definition at line 1038 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_sgn

#define mpz_sgn (   Z)    ((Z)->_mp_size < 0 ? -1 : (Z)->_mp_size > 0)

Definition at line 2245 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_si_kronecker

#define mpz_si_kronecker   __gmpz_si_kronecker

Definition at line 902 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_size

#define mpz_size   __gmpz_size

Definition at line 1041 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_sizeinbase

#define mpz_sizeinbase   __gmpz_sizeinbase

Definition at line 1046 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_sqrt

#define mpz_sqrt   __gmpz_sqrt

Definition at line 1049 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_sqrtrem

#define mpz_sqrtrem   __gmpz_sqrtrem

Definition at line 1052 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_sub

#define mpz_sub   __gmpz_sub

Definition at line 1055 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_sub_ui

#define mpz_sub_ui   __gmpz_sub_ui

Definition at line 1058 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_submul

#define mpz_submul   __gmpz_submul

Definition at line 1064 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_submul_ui

#define mpz_submul_ui   __gmpz_submul_ui

Definition at line 1067 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_swap

#define mpz_swap   __gmpz_swap

Definition at line 1070 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tdiv_q

#define mpz_tdiv_q   __gmpz_tdiv_q

Definition at line 1076 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tdiv_q_2exp

#define mpz_tdiv_q_2exp   __gmpz_tdiv_q_2exp

Definition at line 1079 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tdiv_q_ui

#define mpz_tdiv_q_ui   __gmpz_tdiv_q_ui

Definition at line 1082 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tdiv_qr

#define mpz_tdiv_qr   __gmpz_tdiv_qr

Definition at line 1085 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tdiv_qr_ui

#define mpz_tdiv_qr_ui   __gmpz_tdiv_qr_ui

Definition at line 1088 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tdiv_r

#define mpz_tdiv_r   __gmpz_tdiv_r

Definition at line 1091 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tdiv_r_2exp

#define mpz_tdiv_r_2exp   __gmpz_tdiv_r_2exp

Definition at line 1094 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tdiv_r_ui

#define mpz_tdiv_r_ui   __gmpz_tdiv_r_ui

Definition at line 1097 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tdiv_ui

#define mpz_tdiv_ui   __gmpz_tdiv_ui

Definition at line 1073 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_tstbit

#define mpz_tstbit   __gmpz_tstbit

Definition at line 1100 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_ui_kronecker

#define mpz_ui_kronecker   __gmpz_ui_kronecker

Definition at line 905 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_ui_pow_ui

#define mpz_ui_pow_ui   __gmpz_ui_pow_ui

Definition at line 1103 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_ui_sub

#define mpz_ui_sub   __gmpz_ui_sub

Definition at line 1061 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_urandomb

#define mpz_urandomb   __gmpz_urandomb

Definition at line 1106 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_urandomm

#define mpz_urandomm   __gmpz_urandomm

Definition at line 1109 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_xor

#define mpz_xor   __gmpz_xor

Definition at line 1112 of file gmp.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ gmp_randstate_t

typedef __gmp_randstate_struct gmp_randstate_t[1]

Definition at line 220 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_bitcnt_t

typedef unsigned long int mp_bitcnt_t

Definition at line 145 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_exp_t

typedef long int mp_exp_t

Definition at line 176 of file gmp.h.


Definition at line 163 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_limb_signed_t

typedef long long int mp_limb_signed_t

Definition at line 139 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_limb_t

typedef unsigned long long int mp_limb_t

Definition at line 138 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_ptr

typedef mp_limb_t* mp_ptr

Definition at line 166 of file gmp.h.


Definition at line 185 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_size_t

typedef long int mp_size_t

Definition at line 175 of file gmp.h.

◆ mp_srcptr

Definition at line 167 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_ptr

Definition at line 227 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_srcptr

Definition at line 226 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpf_t

typedef __mpf_struct mpf_t[1]

Definition at line 202 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_ptr

Definition at line 229 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_srcptr

Definition at line 228 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpq_t

typedef __mpq_struct mpq_t[1]

Definition at line 186 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_ptr

Definition at line 225 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_srcptr

Definition at line 224 of file gmp.h.

◆ mpz_t

typedef __mpz_struct mpz_t[1]

Definition at line 164 of file gmp.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 2316 of file gmp.h.

◆ gmp_randalg_t


Definition at line 205 of file gmp.h.

Function Documentation

◆ __gmp_asprintf()

int __gmp_asprintf ( char **  result,
const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 37 of file asprintf.c.

References ap, fmt, gmp_vasprintf, check-static-inits::result, ret, va_end, and va_start.

◆ __gmp_get_memory_functions()

void __gmp_get_memory_functions ( void **)(size_t,
void **)(void *, size_t, size_t,
void(**)(void *, size_t  

◆ __gmp_printf()

int __gmp_printf ( const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 38 of file printf.c.

References __gmp_doprnt(), __gmp_fprintf_funs, ap, fmt, ret, fc-lang::stdout, va_end, and va_start.

◆ __gmp_randclear()

void __gmp_randclear ( gmp_randstate_t  rstate)

Definition at line 34 of file randclr.c.

References RNG_FNPTR.

◆ __gmp_randinit()

void __gmp_randinit ( gmp_randstate_t  rstate,
gmp_randalg_t  alg,

◆ __gmp_randinit_default()

void __gmp_randinit_default ( gmp_randstate_t  rstate)

Definition at line 34 of file randdef.c.

References gmp_randinit_mt.

◆ __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp()

void __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp ( gmp_randstate_t  rstate,
mpz_srcptr  a,
unsigned long int  c,
mp_bitcnt_t  m2exp 

◆ __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp_size()

int __gmp_randinit_lc_2exp_size ( gmp_randstate_t  rstate,
mp_bitcnt_t  size 

Definition at line 75 of file randlc2s.c.

References __gmp_rand_lc_scheme, a, found, gmp_randinit_lc_2exp, mpz_clear, mpz_init_set_str, size, and sp.

◆ __gmp_randinit_mt()

void __gmp_randinit_mt ( gmp_randstate_t  rstate)

Definition at line 160 of file randmts.c.

References __gmp_randinit_mt_noseed(), Mersenne_Twister_Generator, and RNG_FNPTR.

◆ __gmp_randinit_set()

void __gmp_randinit_set ( gmp_randstate_t  ,
const __gmp_randstate_struct  

◆ __gmp_randseed()

void __gmp_randseed ( gmp_randstate_t  rstate,
mpz_srcptr  seed 

Definition at line 34 of file randsd.c.

References RNG_FNPTR.

◆ __gmp_randseed_ui()

void __gmp_randseed_ui ( gmp_randstate_t  rstate,
unsigned long int  seed 

Definition at line 35 of file randsdui.c.

References gmp_randseed, LIMBS_PER_ULONG, and MPZ_FAKE_UI.

◆ __gmp_scanf()

int __gmp_scanf ( const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 38 of file scanf.c.

References __gmp_doscan(), __gmp_fscanf_funs, ap, fmt, ret, va_end, and va_start.

◆ __gmp_set_memory_functions()

void __gmp_set_memory_functions ( void *)(size_t,
void *)(void *, size_t, size_t,
void(*)(void *, size_t  

◆ __gmp_snprintf()

int __gmp_snprintf ( char *  buf,
size_t  size,
const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 38 of file snprintf.c.

References __gmp_doprnt(), __gmp_snprintf_funs, ap, ASSERT, buf, d, fmt, MEM_OVERLAP_P, ret, size, strlen(), va_end, and va_start.

◆ __gmp_sprintf()

int __gmp_sprintf ( char *  buf,
const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 38 of file sprintf.c.

References __gmp_doprnt(), __gmp_sprintf_funs, ap, ASSERT, buf, fmt, MEM_OVERLAP_P, ret, strlen(), va_end, and va_start.

◆ __gmp_sscanf()

int __gmp_sscanf ( const char *  s,
const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 38 of file sscanf.c.

References __gmp_doscan(), __gmp_sscanf_funs, ap, fmt, gmp_vsscanf, ret, s, va_end, and va_start.

◆ __gmp_urandomb_ui()

unsigned long __gmp_urandomb_ui ( gmp_randstate_t  ,
unsigned long   

◆ __gmp_urandomm_ui()

unsigned long __gmp_urandomm_ui ( gmp_randstate_t  ,
unsigned long   

◆ __gmpf_abs()

void __gmpf_abs ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u 

Definition at line 34 of file abs.c.

References ABS, MPN_COPY, r, rp, size, u, and up.

◆ __gmpf_add()

◆ __gmpf_add_ui()

◆ __gmpf_ceil()

void __gmpf_ceil ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u 

Definition at line 116 of file ceilfloor.c.

References mpf_ceil_or_floor, r, and u.

◆ __gmpf_clear()

void __gmpf_clear ( mpf_ptr  x)

Definition at line 35 of file clear.c.

References __GMP_FREE_FUNC_LIMBS, PREC, PTR, and cordic::x.

◆ __gmpf_clears()

void __gmpf_clears ( mpf_ptr  x,

Definition at line 35 of file clears.c.

References __GMP_FREE_FUNC_LIMBS, ap, NULL, PREC, PTR, va_arg, va_end, va_start, and cordic::x.

◆ __gmpf_cmp()

int __gmpf_cmp ( mpf_srcptr  u,
mpf_srcptr  v 

Definition at line 34 of file cmp.c.

References ABS, cmp(), EXP, mpn_cmp, MPN_STRIP_LOW_ZEROS_NOT_ZERO, PTR, SIZ, u, up, v, and vsize.

◆ __gmpf_cmp_d()

int __gmpf_cmp_d ( mpf_srcptr  f,
double  d 

◆ __gmpf_cmp_si()

int __gmpf_cmp_si ( mpf_srcptr  ,
signed long int   

◆ __gmpf_cmp_ui()

int __gmpf_cmp_ui ( mpf_srcptr  u,
unsigned long int  vval 

Definition at line 34 of file cmp_ui.c.


◆ __gmpf_cmp_z()

int __gmpf_cmp_z ( mpf_srcptr  u,
mpz_srcptr  v 

Definition at line 34 of file cmp_z.c.

References ABS, EXP, mpf_cmp, PTR, SIZ, size, u, and v.

◆ __gmpf_div()

void __gmpf_div ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u,
mpf_srcptr  v 

Definition at line 56 of file div.c.


◆ __gmpf_div_2exp()

void __gmpf_div_2exp ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u,
mp_bitcnt_t  exp 

Definition at line 77 of file div_2exp.c.

References ABS, exp(), GMP_NUMB_BITS, MPN_COPY_INCR, mpn_lshift, mpn_rshift, r, rp, u, UNLIKELY, and up.

◆ __gmpf_div_ui()

void __gmpf_div_ui ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u,
unsigned long int  v 

◆ __gmpf_dump()

void __gmpf_dump ( mpf_srcptr  u)

Definition at line 41 of file dump.c.

References exp(), mpf_get_str, printf(), str, strlen(), and u.

◆ __gmpf_eq()

int __gmpf_eq ( mpf_srcptr  u,
mpf_srcptr  v,
mp_bitcnt_t  n_bits 

Definition at line 36 of file eq.c.

References ABS, cnt, count_leading_zeros, diff, GMP_LIMB_BITS, GMP_NAIL_BITS, GMP_NUMB_BITS, i, MIN, n_bits, p, size, u, up, v, and vsize.

◆ __gmpf_fits_sint_p()

int __gmpf_fits_sint_p ( mpf_srcptr  )

◆ __gmpf_fits_slong_p()

int __gmpf_fits_slong_p ( mpf_srcptr  )

◆ __gmpf_fits_sshort_p()

int __gmpf_fits_sshort_p ( mpf_srcptr  )

◆ __gmpf_fits_uint_p()

int __gmpf_fits_uint_p ( mpf_srcptr  )

◆ __gmpf_fits_ulong_p()

int __gmpf_fits_ulong_p ( mpf_srcptr  )

◆ __gmpf_fits_ushort_p()

int __gmpf_fits_ushort_p ( mpf_srcptr  )

◆ __gmpf_floor()

void __gmpf_floor ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u 

Definition at line 122 of file ceilfloor.c.

References mpf_ceil_or_floor, r, and u.

◆ __gmpf_get_d()

double __gmpf_get_d ( mpf_srcptr  src)

Definition at line 34 of file get_d.c.

References ABS, exp(), EXP, GMP_NUMB_BITS, mpn_get_d, PTR, SIZ, size, link_confs::src, and UNLIKELY.

◆ __gmpf_get_d_2exp()

double __gmpf_get_d_2exp ( signed long int expptr,
mpf_srcptr  src 

◆ __gmpf_get_default_prec()

mp_bitcnt_t __gmpf_get_default_prec ( void  )

Definition at line 35 of file get_dfl_prec.c.

References __gmp_default_fp_limb_precision, and __GMPF_PREC_TO_BITS.

◆ __gmpf_get_prec()

mp_bitcnt_t __gmpf_get_prec ( mpf_srcptr  x)

Definition at line 34 of file get_prc.c.

References __GMPF_PREC_TO_BITS, and cordic::x.

◆ __gmpf_get_si()

long __gmpf_get_si ( mpf_srcptr  f)

Definition at line 53 of file get_si.c.

References ABS, exp(), EXP, f, fp, GMP_NUMB_BITS, L, LONG_MAX, PTR, SIZ, and size.

◆ __gmpf_get_str()

◆ __gmpf_get_ui()

unsigned long __gmpf_get_ui ( mpf_srcptr  f)

Definition at line 74 of file get_ui.c.

References ABS, exp(), EXP, f, fp, GMP_NUMB_BITS, PTR, SIZ, and size.

◆ __gmpf_init()

void __gmpf_init ( mpf_ptr  r)

Definition at line 34 of file init.c.

References __GMP_ALLOCATE_FUNC_LIMBS, __gmp_default_fp_limb_precision, and r.

◆ __gmpf_init2()

void __gmpf_init2 ( mpf_ptr  r,
mp_bitcnt_t  prec_in_bits 

Definition at line 34 of file init2.c.


◆ __gmpf_init_set()

void __gmpf_init_set ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  s 

Definition at line 34 of file iset.c.

References __GMP_ALLOCATE_FUNC_LIMBS, __gmp_default_fp_limb_precision, ABS, MPN_COPY, r, rp, s, size, and sp.

◆ __gmpf_init_set_d()

void __gmpf_init_set_d ( mpf_ptr  r,
double  val 

Definition at line 34 of file iset_d.c.

References __GMP_ALLOCATE_FUNC_LIMBS, __gmp_default_fp_limb_precision, mpf_set_d, and r.

◆ __gmpf_init_set_si()

void __gmpf_init_set_si ( mpf_ptr  ,
signed long int   

◆ __gmpf_init_set_str()

int __gmpf_init_set_str ( mpf_ptr  r,
const char *  s,
int  base 

Definition at line 34 of file iset_str.c.

References __GMP_ALLOCATE_FUNC_LIMBS, __gmp_default_fp_limb_precision, base, mpf_set_str, r, and s.

◆ __gmpf_init_set_ui()

void __gmpf_init_set_ui ( mpf_ptr  r,
unsigned long int  val 

◆ __gmpf_inits()

void __gmpf_inits ( mpf_ptr  x,

Definition at line 35 of file inits.c.

References ap, mpf_init, NULL, va_arg, va_end, va_start, and cordic::x.

◆ __gmpf_integer_p()

int __gmpf_integer_p ( mpf_srcptr  f)

Definition at line 36 of file int_p.c.

References ABS, exp(), EXP, f, fp, PTR, SIZ, and size.

◆ __gmpf_mul()

void __gmpf_mul ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u,
mpf_srcptr  v 

Definition at line 34 of file mul.c.

References ABS, MPN_COPY, mpn_mul, mpn_sqr, r, rp, TMP_ALLOC_LIMBS, TMP_DECL, TMP_FREE, TMP_MARK, tp, u, up, v, and vsize.

◆ __gmpf_mul_2exp()

void __gmpf_mul_2exp ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u,
mp_bitcnt_t  exp 

Definition at line 71 of file mul_2exp.c.

References ABS, exp(), GMP_NUMB_BITS, MPN_COPY_INCR, mpn_lshift, mpn_rshift, r, rp, u, UNLIKELY, and up.

◆ __gmpf_mul_ui()

void __gmpf_mul_ui ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u,
unsigned long int  v 

◆ __gmpf_neg()

void __gmpf_neg ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u 

Definition at line 34 of file neg.c.

References ABS, MPN_COPY, r, rp, size, u, and up.

◆ __gmpf_pow_ui()

void __gmpf_pow_ui ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  b,
unsigned long int  e 

Definition at line 40 of file pow_ui.c.

References b, cnt, count_leading_zeros, e, GMP_LIMB_BITS, mpf_clear, mpf_get_prec, mpf_init2, mpf_mul, mpf_set, mpf_set_ui, r, and t.

◆ __gmpf_random2()

void __gmpf_random2 ( mpf_ptr  x,
mp_size_t  xs,
mp_exp_t  exp 

Definition at line 37 of file random2.c.

References _gmp_rand, ABS, exp(), EXP, GMP_NUMB_BITS, mpn_random2, PREC, PTR, RANDS, SIZ, and cordic::x.

◆ __gmpf_reldiff()

void __gmpf_reldiff ( mpf_ptr  ,
mpf_srcptr  ,

◆ __gmpf_set()

void __gmpf_set ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u 

Definition at line 34 of file set.c.

References ABS, MPN_COPY_INCR, r, rp, size, u, and up.

◆ __gmpf_set_d()

void __gmpf_set_d ( mpf_ptr  r,
double  d 

◆ __gmpf_set_default_prec()

void __gmpf_set_default_prec ( mp_bitcnt_t  prec_in_bits)

Definition at line 36 of file set_dfl_prec.c.

References __gmp_default_fp_limb_precision, and __GMPF_BITS_TO_PREC.

◆ __gmpf_set_prec()

void __gmpf_set_prec ( mpf_ptr  x,
mp_bitcnt_t  new_prec_in_bits 

Definition at line 41 of file set_prc.c.

References __GMP_REALLOCATE_FUNC_LIMBS, __GMPF_BITS_TO_PREC, ABS, MPN_COPY_INCR, PREC, PTR, sign, SIZ, size, cordic::x, and xp.

◆ __gmpf_set_prec_raw()

void __gmpf_set_prec_raw ( mpf_ptr  x,
mp_bitcnt_t  prec_in_bits 

Definition at line 36 of file set_prc_raw.c.

References __GMPF_BITS_TO_PREC, and cordic::x.

◆ __gmpf_set_q()

void __gmpf_set_q ( mpf_ptr  ,

◆ __gmpf_set_si()

void __gmpf_set_si ( mpf_ptr  ,
signed long int   

◆ __gmpf_set_str()

◆ __gmpf_set_ui()

void __gmpf_set_ui ( mpf_ptr  ,
unsigned long int   

◆ __gmpf_set_z()

void __gmpf_set_z ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpz_srcptr  u 

Definition at line 34 of file set_z.c.

References ABS, EXP, MPN_COPY, PREC, PTR, r, rp, SIZ, size, u, and up.

◆ __gmpf_size()

size_t __gmpf_size ( mpf_srcptr  f)

Definition at line 35 of file size.c.

References __GMP_ABS, and f.

◆ __gmpf_sqrt()

void __gmpf_sqrt ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u 

Definition at line 63 of file sqrt.c.


◆ __gmpf_sqrt_ui()

void __gmpf_sqrt_ui ( mpf_ptr  r,
unsigned long int  u 

◆ __gmpf_sub()

◆ __gmpf_sub_ui()

void __gmpf_sub_ui ( mpf_ptr  sum,
mpf_srcptr  u,
unsigned long int  v 

Definition at line 34 of file sub_ui.c.

References mpf_set, mpf_sub, u, v, and vv.

◆ __gmpf_swap()

void __gmpf_swap ( mpf_ptr  u,
mpf_ptr  v 

Definition at line 34 of file swap.c.

References EXP, PREC, PTR, SIZ, u, and v.

◆ __gmpf_trunc()

void __gmpf_trunc ( mpf_ptr  r,
mpf_srcptr  u 

Definition at line 38 of file trunc.c.

References ABS, exp(), EXP, MIN, MPN_COPY_INCR, PREC, PTR, r, rp, SIZ, size, u, and